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tv   Sophie Co  RT  December 7, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EST

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judge that the gallows thank you for being with us today on our program it's a pleasure welcome to los angeles or for me so let's talk about prime minister to press and present put in our set to discuss the turks trade natural gas pipeline project which actually have possible extension to greece so i understand the moscow is yet to decide whether this will go through well gary or greece how do you thing your prime minister will convince put that it is more profitable for russia to actually tilt towards grace rather than bulgaria well it's going to be the only or maybe not even the morse the important issue that. the three leaders are going to discuss and it's not the first time the venom at look we have in mind a model in which greece is becoming a hub not just of logistics interest world but also finance so we're quite open to a lot of pipelines coming going through our story and i think of this also to the
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us though for the us and for the federation we have a vent a commonality of interests there are some legal objections from brussels we've got in the visibility we'll get to brussels why do you think in european in russia should go for a grace rather than bulgaria there are many technical reasons we've got it in the feasibility aspects of the project with better possibilities for infrastructure. but ok this is up to the notion of addition to the site so ok let's talk about brussels your prime minister has also been talking to brussels about greece getting at ter stream pipeline do you think he can push it through using russell's brussels will agree and support this there is a very great similarity and i would see between the lead up with this you know so far north slim and through history so what we. always saying that whatever is going
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to happen regarding the one cup and to the other so it's not a difficult situation for us we say that to the european commission we must have the same standards so then there is hungary it's also hoping to get some benefits from the project that it's actually demanding from brussels to stop putting spokes in the wheels that's a quote do you think that's what they're doing their thing that's what brussels is doing actually putting us in there we must ask about hungary and so about that about you i know you very very kind and i'm not an observer. european union is our own home but what we were trying to do is also build bridges between european union and russia was. through with these. bags of principle with us so what they were trying to do is something which really beneficial not just for us and then also for the reasonable course of that also for the european union as well sure i mean i wouldn't expect any other answer from
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a foreign minister than this but i just you know what's the big difference with well but it's just like for for us it is interesting to observe how different members of the european union within this big e.u. family are men no ring or reacting to to this or that project especially they've got to have lines where it has when it comes to russia because you know that historically gas pipe pipelines that go from russia to europe have met opposition and resistance but first as lately south from pipeline another gas project went down thanks to ia commission's opposition. look we have some fundamental in our foreign policy perspective with the national low of utopia lower flow in. but we says that would consider that the only way to settle disputes is through a political dialogue and also by building economic ties so we regard economic diplomacy not. well complement of normal political diplomacy and as i said we did
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not consider that there was a phobia that something some minds exists is that i'd wait to treat the differences we have between the european union and russia and then there's like a german approach for instance right. for example in brussels and washington where scolding germany for building the nordstrom to germans were like you know what will take care of this on our own thank you they were very firm about that do you think greece can have same sort of position if it is pressured from brussels. not bresson brussels have legal opinions and you know you have two lawyers who maybe sometimes you've got three opinions but here it's not so much about the last but the vote that this was more about the. interests of the european union russia national interest we are very much aligned with my duvet and we are very much
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aligned in the position that whatever is going to happen with a muslim there's not any kind of reason not to be a cop and also with the extreme and whatever what either of the whatever other by applying these in the same legal position that turks are right now for russia is a hot topic that's why i'm talking about this so much ok you're saying there is no pressure from brussels just legal points of view but there's certainly a lot of. opinions coming from america for us as america says that turks train threatens europe's energy security i mean meanwhile this pipeline will be able to supply thirty one point five billion cubic meters of natural gas to europe when america tells europe not to have that does it have an understanding of europe's energy needs well and i think states have. been you know that but if you compare the let's say the amount of gas that's passing through north into the amount of gas that is going to pass through you realize that it is
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a very small percentage for the lot so even if we take into account of the american concerns what is important is the north remove it through the system so. if the political course and so father's for us so the europeans remains this isn't a force in which almost respect just our interests and also our legal framework but you know you started this interview saying that you think greece should be greece should be like a help should be multitudes of pipelines going through greece and united states is actually saying that turks trim project won't increase energy diversification meanwhile united states is offering natural gas which is more expensive what greece is getting right now do you think race is willing to pay the price gap but this is exactly versus this is why. i said that that whole because of the european you know but we're going to follow multidimensional economic political diplomacy and the one
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i'm saying we want to be a hub of many pipelines like i wouldn't mind by blackness coming from because beyond the pipelines coming from the middle east is that it used to be that i wouldn't mind those and worrying that the bush would be leaders to have energy for the united states because this is the position we have we want to be some kind of a natural beads between africa europe and this is the benefit of everybody and it's not against the interests of anybody else so i will talk a little bit about is mad and want to understand your logic a little more this isn't pipeline is also supposed to run through greece from israel right. but turks stream to you will deliver sooner and cheaper. does it make sense to have another pipeline just for diversification when you already when the needs of you know gas supply are met we are speaking about the
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economic the bloem i see and not just about the gains and losses exactly because issues like that energy security what the national economies are going to we started seeing interests legal framework european know all of that. and cannot be isolated and one of the reasons that we want to have these multidimensional economic diplomacy is exactly because we want to have at the political level a multi dimension of diplomacy also in order to what the the national interests so i think that there were a lot of quite. serious and. with ourselves when we were following this approach so just in may european commission and gaspar merged in agreement where it obliges gas from to provide as much gas as needed at competitive prices to europe so with this agreement reached with the european supply now cheap and secure
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is diversification there was to be cation still an issue yes definitely because when there's always an issue it's like if you are an investor you do not want to put all your money in you know one project you know or even in a blue chip you must have the possibility to have a diversity or for you know the sources show us any political turmoil not to have a serious impact or you're not going to. so you know sanctions are sour sore point for us for russians. european countries are united on the question of anti russian sanctions whether they're friendly towards russia or not they're all for anti russian sections but that when it comes to the as they don't mind having a pie of gas problem does it make it a little harder to argue for sanctions when you're at the same time getting i would not agree with first of all with. saying that or you're a bank i don't have the same let's see standing on that. one so this is
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a mistake all of us must speak that because i said the european union is our common home. base the diplomacy must be the one for everybody in respect the decisions for them but any time that the greece has to discuss in the order of the european union is for sure sanctions we were always saying that sections are not productive and the only productive way to incorporate into the european system of security which is we need to make good use of political dialogue so we are trying to be very very constructive or that be a real blitz with the european union and. of course i'm repeating myself this is a mistake and this is going to be respected we're going to take a break right now when we come back we'll continue talking to. foreign minister
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talking about the prospects of the turks train pipeline and many other issues stay with us. the way to the united states is dangerous for the illegal immigrants. in. this list of files but many of them look for refuge in the so-called sing three sides that refuse to share information about undocumented. with federal authorities.
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in the country with. the. what does the rise. in france tell us about the state of the neo liberal order in europe are the protests in france the largest since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight just about a hike in fuel prices and is. the right person to be president to address the problems so many in france. but all right.
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we're. going to. write down the bank. based walker. and is going to. treat their entire american old mocker no doubt these industries out for you to simply ignore. the mother of the. day into this.
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new. now we're back with alternative foreign minister of greece george. i want to talk about cyprus a little bit because it also could become another gas producer in the region has already announced plans but turkey obviously has a problem with that it says to actually stay away from cypriot gas until a political solution is found to the divided island but do you think maybe economic benefits of the drilling to can help find a political solution quicker. one think that it is true. borst two they're not going to be terrorists so for states these are the best fellow because it's only through respect that with the nice and low that we've got to have
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an organized international community so what this type of. republic is doing is exactly exercising and i it's so many lights of it are in conformity with the the not so no with the special the low of the sea and that he acts enough. is exactly not something that we can understand explained by reasons of different conflicting this is something that everybody's would reject exactly because it's in violation of it and i saw no show in this is like that that is not if it's profitable or not it is if it is legal or not so you have said i think i'm quoting here right now that i got his reaction to this issue is erratic and it's a demonstration of weakness is athens have a stronger position on this issue and play push ankara and i'm going to flatter to that end quote to you but the well for him truly did you know it's a very it's
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a it's obviously not a discussion that what they said is that i want your provocative when it is clear that you are right that i am too let's say. to protect by were this is really. pct. proof that you are not strong but you are weak in their weakness is exactly an activity i guess that i still know that there's not us that we're saying that him out of this year the european council the council of the leaders of the european union has got at that i was that illegal as contrary to the national no similar practices of of and when i was speaking about the weakness of our neighbors with which to want to have a peaceful relation is exactly a witness stand for the fact that i can against it that i follow and they release him because of these acts so another issue in relations between athens and our kara
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is the greek territorial waters because greek grace wants to extend its maritime borders according to this convention u.n. convention that would actually give it to right to do so but i've got a saying well we haven't signed this convention so they're not having any of that how far is athens willing to push with this i mean this could create a pretty nervous situation now as you said that is stemming from an international treaty that has been signed now by the but i could tell it all. over the world besides the turkey but to see exactly anything you know that they're not going low the say that the son of general acceptance of the rules is becoming not. bait that he but also gets the money. for with the course either that the us and i . respect our solve it and i'd like to expand. their thought about us but
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there's something more than that and. it's a demonstration of my claim that there are gays not acting within international no duty to be exact not the recently from right this is you know if it's not one simply they didn't the something kids said said that they have said that. because of the like us believe the possibility that the exercise of out in right the extent. that it or not all those but for that or for use of violence is against something even more fundamental the oversea that south of the the united nations because even we want to have a peaceful cooperation then the absolute necessity that can these are sniggler known is not to have the war as possibilities of politics in other means and every nation that is threatening our neighbor by war by use of violence
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by this act of putting itself out of the international legal order so according to recent reports greece is also seeking to end the to mutual assistance clause of de lisbon treaty to stress that its maritime borders are also those of the e.u. how willing do you think brussels will be to baccy on that this is. an idea of president mark wrong that we are back in she's speaking about children at their open europeans are wearing the that has as other bases this article of the three d. i've been forced to do by going to seven similarly to the other thirty five of nato who'd say it's practically that every european country would sub that attack. has the right to ask the assistance of its allies of its members of the european union we could see that us as
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a self evident. obligation of the european union to protect its borders because the borders of the european union have the borders of the members. and this is one of the reasons that we are supporting european defense capacity recently because that mccrone in that sense that our medical have spoken about the european out of me maybe it's actually to speak about that but this vision of a utopia to protect its member states and its citizens i think it's a vision of europe of the one i want to say oh well first of all you have nato what do you need your army for nato did not protect those that live in now from threats like that exactly because that is also a member of nato so do you think a european army would be an alternative to nato no european defense it is going to be complimentary to nato and will remain members of nato and one of the few members
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that satisfy your brigade soon to be two percent of the a budget for the fence a bill of this but as i said with a not to want to have i lines ideas to do this is not are basically us are not what do we want this to be friends with to get but that i suppose this respect mutual respect the fellow we cannot be friends if we do not have agreed to the rules that we're going to follow you know what i always wondered i mean you greece and turkey are both members of nato do you think that's what essentially keeps you away from a military confrontation with each other i also wonder that. dorothy. in mind that they saw that to be true said the intern in case what do we want to engage them in a dialogue. as a final goal to result. exactly by this rule
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means for political dialogue and we hope that the work on that sea of love would go and talk a bit about the my current crisis greece has been hit very hard by the looks of migrants into europe but then the e.u. turkey refugee deal sort of eased. the burden and. lighten the burden for grace can and antagonizing actually lead to the failure of this agreement do you think return of the crisis made exactly this agreement between european union to keep these are usually cooperation between european union and between us and two if you're going to be mutually beneficial. of course migration cannot be that it doesn't naturally so it is a global issue and especially within the confines of the european union must be
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true that there's a european one this is also in the. aspect. where you would think you a collective way of engaging everybody in something that we think finally would be beneficial again when everybody looking westwards now at greek economies yet to fully recover from all the bailout trauma it went through and a lot of banks are still in heavy debts are you confident in the country do you think it's steering through and staying afloat yes i would have fully recovered we cover six consecutive of course those with growth last quarter. growth of two point two percent projections for the next the reason for a growth of two point five percent and of course we've got. still in the good society they can lay some of eighty years of misery but was that going to leave all that behind us and not just the canonically get them out of the program of the program so for us as month is also
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a return to full democratic control over the fate of our nation so with other levels from the mochas the end of economy we have really don't update after all so syriza has been brought to power and raised by disillusioned voters fed up with the regular faces in politics do you think all of this and you're part of this common pan-european trend of shaking up conventional establishment. it is not the greek for those the good citizens that they are feeling. this in saying that by what's happened in europe even the european commission that's one thing it's a huge panhandler appear movement i'm confirming that and i'm saying that even the european commission you need to reset the book what the book about the future of europe say is that we are the first the generation of europeans who fears that who feel that the two of them are going to cover worse life than ours and we see this
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feeling in the that is not that evolved in france in the let's say the. reversal of the political system in the course of the be very politically stable so what is force or is that this this mother meant for the welfare state this explosion of inequalities cannot continue like that then he'll that question is this talent is going to be met by a progress of response as the one that we have trying to build a utopian alliance with other powers of the equality or the social democracy or they are going to prevail again it is that horses who do want to meet their. europe you know gordon and that's when at least the past that never existed therefore we have speaking about two europe's going to a front it's either you know the next european elections that we believe that the
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europe of progress of openness or human rights and freedoms is going to prevail so why do you think that the ingres the popular discontent movement actually resulted in a left government and then everywhere else in europe in their right trump style well it is not a universal would you have saying look at what's happened in the u.k. but even i think united states this feeling know if they're working class that their demands are not met it is. as i said. got to be faced either by the left or by that i thought i was reading them i want to the zone of. saying that for the first time with socialism is not about for the for the americans. it is something if you look at the program of course you notice on those that are going to see their political positions that some hears i go with
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because of those who sit down for those who got the word stayed with them so i thought that we're going to have enormous confidence especially those make us over the in the nasa and up the list as bosses for the big majority for the working class of the middle class tax cuts for the us thank you for this interview and good luck with everything thank you. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder of her and it be illegitimate death penalty just because they think that's a fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one
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convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people was terrifying is just no really hasn't been that we're even many victims' families want the death penalty to be abolished. the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want that's going to give them peace it's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. something seemed wrong but all wrong just don't call. me. yet to say proud disdain comes to advocate and in games from an equal to trail. when something find themselves worlds apart. choose to look for common ground.
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the maturity town the slums go in and you may never get out some sort of the most of. my teenage gang rules here. go to one of you then let the mind go you were. named you will be. told will come out. minus a murderer. but now it's looking for the. gun and well it may not be in the food.
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you know the monkey in the little musical i see. just twelve euros fifty a month. with . education reform following nationwide protests against fuel price increases which ultimately made the government.


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