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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 10, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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on r.t. . the . president on the promise is to raise the minimum wage and cut taxes after four weeks of civil unrest across france. british prime minister calls off a crucial vote in parliament after admitting she would face a major defeat prompting calls for her to resign. this government and the prime
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minister who feels it's time because of the weak prime minister members across this house don't want your deal does she not realize how much you'll take and when you take your s.b.c. make. and alleged russian agent requests to change her plea in the u.s. after initially insisting she was not guilty here and will be held on wednesday. the latest on those stories you can head to our t. dot com her name is nicky aaron she'll be here about an hour's time with a full look of your news fresh look at that stay with us now though for cross talk discussing the so-called yellow bus movement in france but if you're watching us in the u.k. political talk show renegade inc is next. hello
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and welcome to crossfire for all things are considered peter lavelle the oh that's shaped france to work or is it time to go and speaking of time to go with the vote looming is to rest amaze time up to also my palm pale wants to remake the world. cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have dimitri bobbitt she's a political analyst we spoke international and we have these and he is a professor at the higher school of economics as well as author of that it can be of western civilization and resurgence of russia are a german cross in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate i want to talk about the yellow vests first had their fourth weekend in
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the spotlight here i want to go to paris right now i want to go to exam the morrow he is the founder of the center for political strategic analysis strap poll. that be a welcome thank you for being with us ok after four weekends of this in the spotlight . we haven't seen much of the french president or heard much how there is this group of protests or riots however you want to describe it changed france over the last month or so you know actually. we called these protests in france is very important because first we. give. all taxis. to the french or the season but no depots to go do the protests because they want to leave and it's a very big problem for much of legitimacy because since the beginning it was
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it seems it's a french election twenty years of big lake of leisure. you miss you because you came through. really sure will and will you know who enter doings of the eighteen months it is you was in it who creates the illusion he didn't have the beginning of the presidency and because many of media scandals used to french people when he was also gone three. friends and there is no friend who drew in. her arms but what is only seen you did was increase in taxes so is no more men but actually it wasn't it wasn't it you made up all ok but you are right stay with us here. the office of the french presidency is very powerful it was made that way intentionally as exactly a had to say it's a question of legitimacy crisis of legitimacy where do we go from here it's a good question i think for micron like he was very late in this. more or less
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almost as an independent into this election so he was anointed by the media and the power. and i agree with what is said on that point because he was very much this very charismatic investment banker who were the media hailed as this you know defender of europe and especially europe. believed it needed a defender because we had the rise of populists when mccomas able to when it was socially recognized as he was the bork against the populist but again the problems from the global financial crisis was never solved and as we see in our go i think it's the best was able to temporarily delay what had to happen which is an upset in the french political system as well as people do want real changes so you know it's interesting to hear more is that it wasn't political parties that were. pushing this forward it wasn't trade unions it was no it wasn't institutions it was the
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lack of functioning institutions that have brought people. into the street and high prices of course the lack of funds having institutions and mccraw and neoliberal globalist policies. approval rating has fallen from some fifty five percent down the eighteen percent while polls also show that sixty eight to seventy two percent of the french people support the protests that the media is trying to create images as violent and mobs and so on when we see clearly that it is you and firemen and students out there protesting and it's not just in paris it's all across all across the country and they're not just protesting the fuel taxes and mccrone personally but they're also protesting very specific thing other things in his policy like his removal of the wealth tax with one hand in the hands an extra fuel tax to the working class and the poor all the other hand he removes taxes from
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the ultra wealthy and corporations so that we're saying is that he made that if you know if you're for saving the environment let the working class speak well absolutely he will scold the president of the reach if he is speeches last year he made a scandalous remark he said that the train stations train station so wonderful places because they you could meet people who succeed and the people who are nothing so obviously the people who succeed are the people that keep and the people who are nothing's really going to go home are you again here instead of let them eat cake if they don't want to pay my fuel taxes let them buy expensive electric cars this is exactly what the european press is the right and the girl and you know that he was mistaken would be to behave like mario and on that even though mario thought that never actually said this phrase it was ascribed this is what he's
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going to let me go back because of the exam being. maybe it's too early to say here we don't want to jump the gun but i mean if there is a crisis of legitimacy with the president of france where do we go from here i mean if he won't have the moral authority he has the legal authority let's not deny that but if he doesn't have the moral authority would he be doing the country a favor by leaving. the point the fifth republic is a very strong institution strong constitution fodder for the president so actually even if he is not popular againstand to the end. but the problem is no easy you want to be able to take any decision because you get you have to understand people going on the street and started it their walk as they work all the rest of the week so it's working people ready to no one wanted to go to the cinema so all they have time to to come on the transit easy and to work and to go out of the country eno as
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you say not only in paris but in all the big city well it's something very important up and yesterday. actually the minister of interior you sent a main of the french. troops to paris but the rest of the country was free so in a with strong and strong go that it used to be the last three weeks in model. even you know in smaller and smaller cities are out to really the security systems for ease of overload and actually can't normal or. govern the country maybe even propose on tuesday to change a prime minister but it won't turn to anything because people don't want american anymore you know mark. you started out by saying this is a protest against me of liberalism and we're saying that of it is part of why i'm not there it's
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a bread and butter issue too i mean i don't deny that obviously here but i mean. the french elites should have seen something like this coming here i mean it it's because it's it's affecting all of europe here we'll talk about brings in a couple of minutes here but this is it's not just a protest against mccrone even against the french elites it's a protest against ideology i would say yeah i mean and we are i think on the record as having you know. dick did this divide because it's not just the protesters on the far right that are protesting it's the protesters on the far left this is the. pen melancholy on forty one percent of the country during the first you know round of the french vote we're still playing out the aftermath of this french election here and moving forward the people having voted for another neoliberal central globus to stop le pen but you know they've seen the same failed policies from saar
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cozy from holland sun to right center left right fail again and again and we're going to see this play out into the next election and it is more than just a french issue right and we've talked about this right left and friends it's not just in france these yellow vest protests have spread there in belgium there the netherlands there was an attempt to storm the e.u. parliament in brussels last you know that you know over the weekend so you know what we've seen is still going to play out over the you know the days in the months of that even if mccraw and eighty nine thousand stormtroopers called into the street managed to beat back and repress the french people with but on the i'm sorry i just the way they're going to fuel it it's all if it won't go ahead i also think it's been fueled a little bit him walking this back again it's obviously this fuel tax was a mistake to begin with but by suspending it i think that for the people who were
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just seeing a march in the streets for very limited goal stay might sit on the backs of their houses for the people who have broader goals like in unseating and this would be eating pushing for huge reforms in france for them i think if they recognized. that they did they can actually make real change if they continue this force so it might intensify conflicts i mean if anything if something like this will stop. for example in russia i think that by now the americans and germans would be handing out cookies you know. victoria nuland you know or maybe you know maybe assad should be arming the modern moderate the moderate rebels. you know we've had this going on in france we're going to talk about briggs that mistake when are the european elites going to wake up their vision for the world isn't working for the majority of the people you know you're absolutely right because it's it's not the first protest actually there were electoral protests you
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know when people just didn't vote for the referendum suggested by the e.u. that you failed in france in holland in other places and now look there are liberal globalists they have lost all the charismatic leaders hillary clinton can hold on there can you have a lot of elections here if you examine the last thirty seconds go to you on this block here are you optimistic that the vest or a permanent fixture in political life in france. actually the two point that there is no political party is a can be pretend to be the leader of the. west. and that's probably a good thing yes actually because as soon as he would be a leader. or is designed. to continue learned you know. movement. clear we'll. most. of
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the president. function ok let's go ok mccomas go to leave it on that point exactly thank you very much for joining us here we're going to go to way short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion some real news with our.
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yes there is a saying. look they're going to be cheap. and then prove it come true so let's. get right to scold us comfort he said if we give them everything let's do the best. you leave this country. this is what we don't understand how we are in such a country. similar to similar. if. not that got to. do with the phone about the couple who.
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would come back to the three story. to see. the n.d.p. best to keep you glued. to the. cross talk were all things considered i'm peter lavelle we're discussing some real news. ok we just finished discussing the yellow vests where do we go from here i think we've all to germany ok. i'll give america a seat position of the leader of their. christian democratic union which still calls itself a center right party i don't know what we should call you know no deal you know we knew for a very long time and one of the most most we careen topics united talked about over
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the years is redefining our political language and i think we're at a juncture we can separate that will be an absolutely well. established during all previous segment look at the outer liberal allusion. lost in the united states merkel is leaving in dreamy it's clear that she will stop to be a chance or maybe even than two thousand and twenty one to resume a nice clean into power but she may be removed in the near future in that you really were going to talk about her you know what is interesting is that you know talking about the yellow vests and all of these are anti-establishment movements in europe even the new york times that york times for the first time to recognize the drought. in france and here is what they wrote these movement of you know vast is not focusing on race and migration and those issues don't want to be on you know what would least least of complaints it's not led by a single firebrand their leader nationalism is not on they gender and of course so
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all the author of the article is that at a loss usually when something happened in europe they said it was crazy nationalist poorly your garage and sense of loss really. did didn't you read max boot in the washington post he clearly says that this is not the french people reacting out of anger policies this is russian trolls on face well i would guess that. you know it's growing moving to because it's facebook itself that has caused most and i really didn't know the london times russian facebook is is fueling french broadcasts this is the headline that i saw it's russia and three. this is a recurring theme on this program. never look into the mirror and see your own mistakes no it must be social media it must be trolls it first be russian yes you know there is no the there is no introspection here this is one of the reasons and
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continues to roll this because it's not a minor issue which can be solved within our current political system because the entire political system since the cold war is very much been in the old brawl. format for globalism so i think the idea that it can be solved with within the current to live doesn't necessarily exist and that's also why this media are having this problem how to define it is you know is this put in again you know controlling the world you vote for the rise of it or all this racists coming out of the four for a story you know it's very hard as it did on facebook so you have all this different ways trying to explain it but at the end of the it's really. at the heart of this is the. quote it's the idea because look i mean this is what they say you know mark rohr should not be saw a rogue and well even if he wasn't a rogue and this would happen because this is kind of ingrained in the system who
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is going to be the leader of movement on the march though the minister of the interior who is no the more stern poor person of the country mr custom made is going to be the head of his party you know and let me just repeat what i would explain it was said when he said that marker on one their election just all asleep actually what happened was that mongrel had twenty four percent of the vote in the first brought all the thanks to massive. media support the media started a complaint against francois a few on who had the biggest chance what we can but who was considered rude so far because of his friendship with president putin it was like a crime you know. it's a crime now and it was there the oldest of all the was divided between three candidates so the broadest award was actually big. it was forty percent i don't know what do i see the phrase source you always just before they say that forty of our own percent of the french the same forty percent who are rated to walt for you
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know to make a protest vote in two thousand and seventeen they're radia to see their representatives or yellow vests in the u.s. be in parliament and thirteen percent of them are saying they're going to support the least or that you know this is going to be looking of of leaders and political turmoil we're going to break that we're getting there. it was a year ago two years ago that the western media proclaimed yes angela merkel the leader of the free world well that went out of fashion and then what this means time magazine gave it to mccrie magazine time magazine's cover micron is the leader of europe politico promoted him more carone is the leader of the free world the free world just what do you still markets go back to that kind of i'm going to go back to the cover of time magazine leader of the free world the subtitle was but can he lead friends interesting you know briggs didn't want to go to briggs and i
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want to go to pump a you. it looks like a lot of people are leaving ok merkel's gone. across fate is unclear right now and to resume is going to probably have a very bad day as far as hers to still claim and yes. this well they're all leaving this unclear who is going to follow them and i don't think they're going to follow. very different unless because the the ideology. system won't allow a difference and it's worth pointing out a lot of the older because the whole purpose well the whole problem of the neo liberal movement is that it doesn't have any more conservative constraints on it if you look at you know economic conservatism and political conservatism before the ninety's. did a new national identity should be preserved you need is some constraint on the way the column if i mean where we have family values like this is not the worst of it is our dangerous rhetoric so i think as long as new leadership while the new
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leadership their current leadership in europe and the united states continue to neglect this balance we had in the past between liberalism and conservatism you're going to have more of this problem enter stage mike pump a zero mark. pax americana pale tells you when you keel i c c o and comply with u.s. led world order that's a article from our t.v. here. you know if you people been saying you know they lamented the passage of the liberal order what was never very liberal was never very peaceful and it was pretty it was prosperous for a small number of people here and now pum pum pum pay a once a remake what's that we make. pompeo said that america intends to lead now and always and that's i think we can clearly see that that is a promise and a threat right now he speaking is your man marshall fund which is one of the most
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pro american led western hegemony organizations in europe and even they were a little taken aback by their weight poli very well being i know it is in even. he doesn't like we want to get rid of the un we want to get rid of the international criminal court that's not good for america we want to get rid of the i.m.f. and the world bank right i mean i don't personally have a problem with that particular part. but the people in the you may have the e.u. that's no good it doesn't say it's useless right the african union if you in africa think you know your interests best you are wrong because america knows your interests better than the african union anybody but this seems to me this is getting down to almost chaos theory because i mean we build these institutions for better or worse when they have a bald through time but it was basically to give all states nation states some kind of fourteen year one pump a which is tearing that all apart but that's what it
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recognized as being that weakness if you read so we sent you this little ball well what he sees for the whole world according to his users if you read his whole speech the main takeaway would be his argument that multilateralism is not necessarily a good thing and the argument effectively is live because because that's a barrier to his gemini whoa and it was the united states. that liberal democracies and other freedom loving countries that should not become strained or by giving a voice to the rest of the world so this is very much the concept of liberal head of money and evidence saying that only the united states has sovereignty and no one else has solved it and this is kind of the liberal version of george orwell's animal farm in which all states are equal but some states are more equal than others but i would just point out this is not a new thing though like the whole after the cold war this is essentially how europe was set up the whole idea that we should have a common european home but rather have europe led by the e.u. and nato alliance i did the liberal democracy it should run it they should not be
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constrained by others like multilateralism needs limits and this very much reads like the proposal in the two thousand and four concert of the marquesas essentially similar logic which should. be nice for she loved it but this was pretty important to put aside the international institutions like the culture of the marxist should not be constrained by the rest of the world we should have our own rules we should . not even talking. concert of democracies because the e.u. needs to go to right when it doesn't serve us interests he not only took specific shots at it but he also defended the idea of the nation state and you could almost see them choking back as he said that because the e.u. of course is a nation deconstructing machine right you know it's a supernatural great ad and we get yellow ok and we go to the well it's interesting. the bad guys to watch who prevent the brave new world from congo those
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are the only other than us actress who calls them bad actors and when she said bad actors have talked about mach roller coaster upset i mean. i don't know why liberals are going to blame the next driven leader will be ineffective she has a very bad name on their grant. or i was hoping you would say i don't know i'll read you know you know they'd use he would clinton of not being the good candidate she had so it was his miracle two point oh right yeah she's an absolute corp you go very anti russian very manipulative i mean like what what what merkel did she just . sucked in some of their ideas all of this social democratic part of the central to the left mostly of the so-called identity politics so she sucked them into a party and. destroyed the political landscape of germany and the girl who is doing the same not to lead europe doesn't need a leader we don't have a good ninety one who is weapon getting out of the. very serious thing i do always
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you can lead with all the leader you know there was a short period and it is because it is that you want the results the results are very bad there is also very bad last word that germans and the rest of european leaders what they're most shocked of is the honest the and tone of the trump administration not any huge change in policy what they lack what they've always had is the illusion that they have sovereignty that they're not just clients of the us . trump rich that mask off and lays it bare and says when you lead and you get around the big wet towel forever it's wrong that's all the time we hear many thanks and i guess here in moscow this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember.
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