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scottish m.p. is calling for the assets of journalists working for sputnik to be see around in the media around the take from the institute which. comes after sputnik publish a new leaked documents that suggest the u.k. is for the good think tank aiming to foster the russia sentiment across europe will take a look at the think tanks alleged methods. the outcry over one of germany's most acclaimed journalists expose for having fake stories for years deepens as it's alleged that he stole readers donations elected on behalf of the people featured in his article. here in moscow this is all to. do with the alleged threat of russian propaganda
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with the alleged threat of russian propaganda still being trumpeted across the worst of scottish m.p. has now issued a threat sputnik media outlets calling it a kremlin stooge bully boy who's been following this story as an internet based radio station whose u.k. headquarters are up in edge him in scotland and this liberal democrat m.s.p. alex quill hamilton has told the sunday times that any russians who live in scotland and engage in what he calls information warfare against britain or to destabilize britain should have their assets seized take a listen to what he had to say to the sunday times. organizations such as you can are to pump propaganda backed by vladimir putin and have been complicit in the cover up of events from human rights breaches to the russian invasion of crimea
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other countries have taken a tougher line on the assets of russian nationals than we have in the u.k. the u.k. government must look again at work to be done that is pretty harsh rhetoric but that would have been a hit if the sunday times hadn't printed it along with the photographs of all the people that work in the spot nick up in edinburgh it reads a bit like a wall of shame editorially there doesn't seem any reason for those photographs to be there other than sort of the newspaper outing these people as sort of being involved in anti british activities it almost reads a bit like an incitement to violence in terms of why the spotlight has foreland on the radio station up in edinburgh and sputnik well it appears that some of the reporting that they've been doing has been rubbing politicians up the wrong way in
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particular the radio station just like r.t. has reported on the leaked integrity initiative documents and they happen to reveal that the u.k. foreign office happens to be funding and anti russian public influence campaign through a british think tank and that's been quite a major story both. sputnik and c but the times article has already written off these leaks these documents about integrity initiative because they say that they come from russian hackers. to the misnamed in the times article told is that reaction. i didn't receive any requests from the times to use my name approved for oil and natural on the nord with the fact they did so overall i would say that the newspaper has been foolish and disrespectful to the staff at sputnik and r.t. and that it forms part of the ongoing and to russia done to purchase a to buy the government as a deflection tactic from rags and other issues and initially it was it was
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a bit of a shock on the other hand it's kind of hardly surprising given the nz russian sentiment there is you know travel in all your key newspapers just say we expose this integrity initiative which ruffled a few feathers people are not too happy about it and then we saw this times article carpark and make the claim that somehow this explosion of the integrity initiative by an r.t.c. suggests that it was a russian hack of the anonymous integrity initiative documents so it's i mean it's just ridiculous not nice to see your picture up there with your name except and under the headline of being part of a crime when stooge but never hand we know that we've done nothing wrong and i would say that this very much into case that we are doing something right here we have sent requests to numerous international media organizations to get their take on the story and to find out whether they think the times article met with ethical standards we await their responses. the russian embassy to the u.k.
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says that in publishing journalists data the times has followed the example of the controversial ukrainian website peacemaker embassy added the organization for security and cooperation in europe should be looking into the actions of the british newspaper peacemaker itself prince personal data of people it calls enemies of the country and its so-called blacklist has been strongly criticised after some of those named were murdered last month berlin called for the website to be shut down when it published details on former german chancellor gerhard schroeder the un says peacemaker violates the right to privacy and the presumption of innocence germiston writes a new york law believes the times article shows that anything goes when trying to shut down dissenting media. the sunday times and it says to paper the times have waged a war against russian media which is operating lawfully in this country in the u.k. for a number of years now and the intention or the aim is quite clear they want to get
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sputnik closed down and they want to get r.t. taken off there in the u.k. that's very very clear and they will do anything to try to further that that you know what's been happening is it's i would good for us call it harassment i think putting the pictures the photographs of people who work to support the on a in a newspaper like that i think is tantamount to incitement almost it might put those people's lives in danger people who work for russian media british journalists who work i think of him threaten the persecuted and i think that you know we've got to stand up against this macafee use of. steroids really what we've got at the moment . with money bashing sputnik in the times article the cited to bear nimmo defense fellow with the atlantic council and he's posted numerous sunday russia tweets in as latest article talked about alleged violations by our team and the possibility of sanctions against this channel he added that r.t. emphasizes only the kremlin position while giving little airtime to critics the
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most name already appeared in documents that showed his alleged links to the integrity initiative group that spreads anti russia sentiment but he's not alone the league paper suggests that the u.k. funded charity has been using journalists across europe to stir up until russia feeling. explains. if she were an organization it would be integrity initiative low and behold an army of propagandists disguised as anti propagandists whose job is to malign the slander be it states ideas people even british politicians our investigation has found wiring evidence the shadowy programs official twitter account has been used to attack or been the labor party and their fresh us one three quoted newspaper article calling corbin a useful idiot that goes on to state he's open visceral and best unease in how the
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kremlin course as surely as if he had been secretly peddling westminster tattle for money you can imagine the shock mr coburn must have felt when he learned through these leaks that integrity knishes eve had no operational to defame him well funded by the british government no less but slandering german corben opposition politicians isn't the only job with integrity initiative which is working to counted this information overseas by bringing together groups of experts to analyze and discuss the problem posed by russian this information the government is funding this initiative with barely two million pounds this financial year but funding covers its activity outside the u.k. and it has not found any activity within the u.k. the hacktivist group anonymous has leaked details on the operation integrity initiative functions by setting up independent clusters candidates seem to be
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hand-picked big plus a few influential charismatic but the chief requirement seems to be you've got to really hate russia the integrity initiative was set up to bring to the attention of politicians policy may. opinion leaders and other interested parties the threat posed by russia to democratic institutions in the united kingdom across europe and north america now here is what's been bugging me personally if these white knights and self professed fighters for the truth of what they say they are why are they hiding why are they trying to stay in the shadows anonymity of the team remains paramount as our activity increases we will no doubt attract unwanted attention irregardless he is how their class the system works see you have an article in the french le monde
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a harsh attack on alleged russian propaganda in france the author the french professor happens to be part of integrity initiative french cluster and at least according to the leaked lists and gets paid to trash talk russia they even boosted their grand plans when visited by a coup found the institute of statecraft which birth integrity initiative in italy and the atlantic council published a big study with help from an editor of less a very influential italian newspaper surprise more bashing russia it became increasingly evident in twenty sixteen that russian strategic narratives sometimes including dissent from asian and conspiracy theories were systematically spread in italy by the vast network of pro and five s websites and social media accounts not so much of a surprise. call binny is also listed as
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a member of the italian cluster and also gets paid for his work unfortunately according to an internal integrity initiative memo their peers to be a shortage of russian propaganda in italy. it appears that the promotional strategy to spread disinformation and to influence the italian political opinions has been limited and came much more from national populist boxes rather than from russia what a foreign country strange isn't it how they choose to keep that part secret we can go on and on about other clusters but you get the point they're pretty initiative even targets are us here at r t according to the leaked documents they have people presumably who they paid to report r t of course the british media regulator ofcom actually publishes complaints statistics only if over ten
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complaints didn't make that list it seems like integrity initiative not audience members convinced of calm to go off to sea we've all noticed how anti russian sentiment in the media has soared over the last years and saw as still we now know one of the reasons but above all these leaks and in my view tear the masks off the bol that fights russian propaganda as they claim and what's underneath is ugly. or we've asked the u.k. foreign office to comment on the integrity initiative allegations and it told us that the claims were being spread by kremlin news channels as part of russian this information campaign we spoke to piers robinson chair in politics at sheffield university he says this is much less about countering russian propaganda more about
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sowing and abetting narratives on a domestic and regional level. it seems to be just as much about promoting insuring up official u.k. policy towards russia as it is about actually countering any russian threat the u.k. government and other western governments in the us in recent years have had increasing difficulties persuading enough of their populations as to the legitimacy of the foreign policies that they have been pursuing and at the same time western countries have been going through a period of political crisis an economic crisis and i think a lot of this drive is as much about trying to shore up shakey official narratives and trying to shore up political systems in a situation of political crisis as it is actually about countering russian propaganda or i think i would suspect that's a little bit of an excuse here that really what's going on the problems much closer
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to home. were. the outcry surrounding one of germany's star journalist exposed last week as having faked stories for years is deepening class for lotus who was fired from to speak to a magazine allegedly appropriated readers donations for people featured in his articles they included often syrian children didn't ski explains. not just being accused now of being a purveyor of fake and fictitious news he's actually now being accused of embezzling money as a result of his stories the story particularly that this relates to is one from two thousand and sixteen he told a heart wrenching tale about two syrian all phones a brother or sister they were living hundreds of miles apart in different cities in two after escaping syria and they were dreaming of a life together a life together in germany and he urged his readers to donate money to try and help
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these two siblings his brother and his sister make their dreams come true and to get them to germany where the money was funneled into his private account and while it's not known how much actually went in there to spiegel is now investigating the claims that he actually embezzled that money because it turns out according to a turkish photographer who was working with him on this story that one of the children didn't even exist and the second one the brother who did exist was actually living with his mother in turkey and was and an orphan so now dispy go as far as a criminal complaint looking into that embezzle moment possibly of money. as a reaction to that story now to speak also used its front page this week to say its sorry to its readers for the fake news that it's been publishing for many many years this house is shattered the worst thing that can happen to
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a print media outlets has happened to us for years we allowed for reports to go to print for us it's particularly horrifying that managed to deceive us for so long without being uncovered well in the fallout of this scandal dispy girl is now facing other accusations notably one from the u.s. ambassador to germany who's accused the magazine of having anti american bias is for. you. his policies and certain segments of the american people it's clear that we were targeted by institutional bias the anti american bias that the magazine has exploded since the election of president trump as a worked at dispy goal for a number of years and he was considered to be such an excellent journalist that the magazine decided to make him stuff in two thousand and seventeen he's won many accolades both in germany and internationally for his work including just this december he was given the route german reporters association prize and back in two
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thousand and fourteen he even was named by c.n.n. as being journalist of the year we just spiegel is admitting that at least fourteen of his articles were fictitious they were fake it's now looking deeper into his other articles and it could be that the scale of to his deceit is far far deeper than we already know. the government has fired shots at a restaurant in brussels the security chiefs want potential terror attacks across europe bring you details right after the break. most certainly don't expect very many people will truth to be biologically go. move your body isn't working for a while also means your mind isn't working so well i believe we will have pretty
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much no why would we old people we will have a much greater number of people. the greek riots occupy wall street arab spring these are the beginnings. of the protests across europe today it was all connected it's all based on the exact same concept of bankers printing too much money creating this wealth and income gap and it's delayed or deferred you know it's true that the violence was baked into the cake and now leaders like back home are getting their just desserts .
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here's a growing of fresh attempts terrorist attacks in europe after a gunman wielding a k forty seven fired shots at a restaurant of one of the most prestigious parts of brussels police found three bullet holes in the window of the restaurant in the avenue de luise district there were injuries were reported the restaurant's been closed while police investigate the thirties have not yet identified a suspect barcelona's also an alert to the u.s. state department issued a statement warning its citizens of a terror threat washington says tourist hot spots and public areas are of particular concern. and confusion remains over last week's incident again with u.k. reports of a drone shut down the country's second largest airport police are now saying there may not have been a drone after all two suspects have been released however just after the incident in security minister ben wallace warned that the terrorist group al qaeda is resurgent planning spectacular attack. he spoke to the former british intelligence
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officer and the marshawn who thinks that western military interventions of contrary to the current fear of a terrorist attack. where as you look at the warning at barcelona from the u.s. state department that would indicate potentially that they have specific information specific intelligence that there might be some sort of operation turned there although warning tourist where going on buses and going to major tourist transport hubs i fail to see how that's going to potentially stop some sort of attack and it will probably just potentially frighten the tourists i think the support and encouragement that was tacitly given by certain western countries to the terrorists in syria allows them to build a base and sony isis had a foothold in the benghazi region and if al qaeda is resurgent then they are going to have the same so the whole of north africa now is a mess and that was created by nato intervention and this is what led partly to the migrant crisis across europe and this is leading again to terrorist bases that can strike out against europe. u.s.
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stock market has suffered its worst ever christmas eve session the dow jones lost almost three percent during monday's trading indexes now almost twenty percent lower than in september peak though the slide happened after donald trump blast out at the federal reserve of course on twitter the only problem our economy has is the food they don't have a feel for the market they don't understand this is three trade wars or strong dollars or even democrat shutdowns over borders the fed is like a powerful god for who can't school because he has no touch he caught part. u.s. president was referring to last week's hike in interest rates by the fed which functions as america's central bank stock markets on course for its worst december since the great depression and the u.s. treasury secretary has been seeking to calm the nerves of investors on sunday steve minucci in issued a statement saying quote we continue to see strong economic growth in the u.s. economy and that was after he'd held
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a meeting with the country's six largest banks seeking issuances that they have enough liquidity to keep up lending for consumers and businesses. ok let's get opinion now from a professor of political economy and the author of central bankers at the end of their ropes that is jack rasmus great to have you on jack. not so great if you're an investor at the moment i would suspect some worried people what is behind the stock market jitters is this about donald trump's route with the fed or is there more to it. well you know the stock market has been declining here for a couple months you got an exacerbation of that decline here today because of recent events one of which is secretary treasury minucci in calling this group together to discuss and to sort of calm the nervousness that's growing but of course that only increases it. makes it look like well maybe something's even more serious than it is and then last week of course it got leaked from the white house
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that trump was thinking of firing a central bank chairman powell and then pollock was raised rates late last last week as well but all these are precipitating causes the more fundamental causes of the decline in the stock market is you know the slowing global economy you can see that everywhere in financial asset prices with you know crude oil and commodities and currencies and everything and you can see it in the slowing of the u.s. economy which is becoming obvious now particularly in the construction area all the indicators a down autos are clearly a peak and are turning down and we have the rising interest rates and the question is why are rates rising well they're rising because of the massive deficits that trumped policies that created this fiscal policies has multi-trillion dollar tax cuts for businesses and investors causing big deficits now and two hundred billion
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dollars so far an increase in defense spending so the deficits are as far as the eye can see a trillion dollars and the fed has to raise interest rates to pay for those deficits to attract the capital and somehow to pay for the deficits so trump in complaining of pollen interest rates he's really pointing the finger not in self he's the one who's caused these deficits and they're going to be much bigger because my prediction is by late next year we're going to be in a recession in the u.s. now is on a sunday that you know the u.s. is already in a big financial hole in terms of national debt when time came to power he supposed to be a business and then there's this man who would understand these things easy making things worse if you think of the stans what's going on. well of course he's making things worse you know he geek complains using golf metaphors but he's been shooting double bogeys here all year long and the fiscal policy is there finally making things worse because it's not really resulting in bank lending or real investment that creates jobs most of it's going into the stock and bond markets and other
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financial markets this year one point three trillion dollars will go into stock buybacks and dividends payouts so you know all the proceeds from the stock i mean from the tax cuts are really being shuffled off into the wealthiest part of the economy the businesses corporations investors and the wealthiest one percent that's what is policy has really created in the course the symptom of that are the huge deficits debt for trillion dollars for the far as the eye can see and who's going to pay for that you know you've got it's got to sell bonds you've got to attract people to buy free for you've got to raise interest rates but their interest rates simultaneously are slowing down and really calamy so he's caught between a real rock and a hard place here and the typical trump responding to fingers that everyone else when he is really the source of this problem jack is great to speak to appreciate your input professor of political economy and the author of central bank is it into
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the writes jack resinous is my guest. i think on a u.s. aircraft carrier has entered the persian gulf for the first time since two thousand and one accompanied by a fleet of warships and what washington is calling a show of force against iran. the army and navy shows are committed to responsibility all cross the world but particularly in the gulf region you know it's very economically important area for the entire world and so we're going to continue to go wherever we can internationally national waters and we're going to you know your presence in tehran's now threatened to block the strait of hormuz the only exit from the gulf a third of all oil trade passes through the strait iran's elite revolutionary guards military force have been conducting drills near there for over a week now and it's been reported iranian ships have launched a drone and missiles close to the carrier however something tehran as denied. all this comes amid rising tensions between iran and the united states after washington
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withdrew from the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement reinstated sanctions trumped up the deal but worst. commander of iran's revolutionary guard muhammad ali just said u.s. diplomats are warships in the gulf is merely a gesture aimed at giving its allies a false sense of security professor of political science at the university of tehran gave us his view. it's part of a larger strategy of the trumpet ministration trying to pressure iran i mean this administration since taking into office nearly two years ago has been trying to pressure iran via sanction rear threats and now bringing an aircraft carrier very near to iranian waters is very provocative i think the significance is world right now are these more of a threat rather than an actual military confrontation and i think the drills in the persian gulf are essentially trying to demonstrate both to the americans and to the israelis that the uranium forces are prepared we have to remember that from the
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rain in perspective the americans in the past two decades have a tad two of iran's neighbors afghanistan and iraq and the only. tool that you won has as a deterrent for an american attack is to have a strong military ok you want reality international join me for a base in half an ounce either. i.
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think i. join me every day on the i like simon chill and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm sure i'll see you then thank. you. russia's minister of economic development mike seem thank you very much and welcome back to our team. my first question might sound a bit unusual but how does it feel to be someone who always finds himself in a position where he has to defend the ruble surely what in the deal is
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a good friends the ruble is the system of market economic incentives that were. created in russia in the past several years we are collecting of them every day it's the inflation targeting is the new fees will continue mechanism which is the least rational from the blitz you leads you on the global commodity markets and this is what's in the deal if you protects the russian currency makes it more stable because if you compare the cut institutionalization of twenty we have as if that part of it at that point of time we have no of course because of the sanctions stocks we have sharp decline in oil prices it's even the faster the what's happening in the autumn of twenty foot you but the difference is really dramatic at that point of them it was.


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