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where does that come to call russia no one's ever no one has ever heard of a country you never even heard about most. by the way bankrupt person or bother to back up about all that is there is about
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them save us see them as institutions completely divorced from your mom so. the justice department said today the inmate population of federal and state prisons in this country is at an all time high. the public sees a need for more prisons because crime is the number one concern of the people in the state. too many inmates in not enough space. another crime or another. in a country that already fed up with the start of the world and. homiletics an explosion in america went on in this country since the bush lawyers want to be one of. the. regard to our. own. show. talking new number was released today and it deserves our undivided attention
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one out of every one hundred americans is now behind bars locked up in prison or in jail. the most important thing. as to talk from your heart if you have more than one child give a like an overall message but then do an individual one to each child throw them a kiss talk to them about what you do daily the rest should be just you if you've written a poor we've had people pray we've had people saying one guy showed his little boy how to shoot a basket the creative. these are gifts to your children. the families are punished right along with. they have found people don't think so but the collateral
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consequences of somebodies incarceration affects not just that whole family but it affects the whole community and affects you as an individual or the you know whether or not and whether you know that person or not that's incarcerated. to pay inform. you should care. i have a background in film and video as a producer and i thought there's got to be something i can do so why not combine my career and my experience with the present system and come up with something for these kids. in that camera. and that they can look at and say you know this isn't your fault you did nothing wrong it means a lot and for many of these men and women it's the first time they've really taken responsibility which is huge and that's a first step in recovery of any kind anytime is to take responsibility for.
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but even with. this. ready to serve everybody. is going to go. on to do the best they can to stay out of this belief. for. good this. it's been the way. this was you guys know the numbers so can we be would so. love to. the. next chapter. from one thousand twenty to one thousand nine hundred seventy this whole half century of american history the rate of incarceration was roughly level or about one hundred ten per one hundred thousand. and this is
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a broad span of our history this is the ruling twenty's and prohibition the depression and all the social change the world war two the post-war economic boom the the the fifty's the explosion of suburbia the sixty's and all the social turbulence through this whole period the rate of incarceration is roughly level in the united states at about one hundred ten per one hundred times and this reflects you know the policies of police departments and prosecutors and judges operating all over the country in local and state level and then in the one nine hundred seventy. s. so that by now the rate of incarceration issue why just over seven hundred and. of course are issue for african-americans is over four thousand four hundred and so you have to wonder how does she why did this last century of stability get.
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this dramatic increase in. america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abusers once the federal government decided that we're going to have war on drugs they were able to then take a lot of money from the federal budget and send it out states. i realize the need. to deal with. the ministration we have increased the amount of money for handling the problem. it will be six hundred million dollars this year more money will be needed to do it virtually everybody thought the drug war was the number one . issue and so you had politicians in both parties and you know district attorneys elected sheriffs everybody wanted to get in to drug cases and get aggressive about new laws to punish them new agents to arrest the new prosecutors and dip them
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and new prisons to hold them. we move the train when i was very young we moved here we moved you know to below we used to always roll up and down the hallways of course it was the projects so sometime we will sneak up on the roof which was the top floor twelfth floor and you know look out and of course i was very scared as a young child but you know when you live in a projects it's always so much stuff that you can get into my brother was tragically killed when he was ran over by a truck and i remember pacifically going to the corner with a habanera and seeing all the blood because they left all the blood still in the street the traumatic experience of losing my only brother and that truck eggs and i know it had done something to me you know drugs from our state that time was hard all the way or because my son was doing drugs my nephews was to him drugs my
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niece was doing drugs my sisters with doing drugs it was like an epidemic. of drug abuse. and i cannot explain. i cannot explain my feelings because i'd at that time i didn't know how i felt you know i was sad because i felt like they were different in their lives but there was not the not to do about it to change their lifestyle. that was it. after my brother passed away i kind of withdrew from a lot of things i didn't talk with much of very quiet on probably as early as my teenage years. oh twelve thirteen years old you know i started sneaking a drink in a little bit here and there started smoking marijuana at a very young age i started all selling drugs in you know he came right along with.
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the family you tend to trust family when i first saw him and that was in the hallway and i used to be a hopeless for monetary and i was station right in front of his locker so when i knew that he was coming to his locker i would put my hands up in like black youth way. so he would have to say excuse me something in at that we started talking we got to know each other you know at the home many times in and out over our house. you know my home. was a really home compared to our house margaret grew up with her parents before the parents all the nice decent house oh great mother great father home something that i didn't have and i started you know just being around her a lot and being around family a lot and next thing you know you know i was pretty much you know once we started
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going to get i was pretty was there in our house and fourteen years old i was pretty much stay in there because my mom was on drugs she longs she knew i was there she really didn't have a problem with it but i kind of started you know livingness deal with morgan at a very young age. by the time i was sixteen seventeen i was fully engulfed in the drug game and fitness only was so big it was only seven point five square miles so a lot of rumors a stylist britain along to the train detectives back then they had to take to that one the high school and they kind of got to know me very well and i guess they relayed that information to the trip narcotics and they started watching me and follow me around or stuff like that and i remember the first time that they. that they raided my house i wasn't there but my mother was there and i was i think i just turned seventeen and um they locked her up and i got a phone call saying that you know your mother was locked up and they want you to
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turn yourself in. so i virtually i turned myself in a seventeen a let my mother go and first time me ever going until i went to you found because i was an eighteen i was always the juvenile still in high school and we missed the prom. when i got out i remember the detective telling me that you know as soon as i turn eighteen there's going to come back in me and if i don't straighten out my life that first spears will be none compared to other experiences in jail because then i will be over eighteen and i will be going into a dull facility most historians look at the origin of the war on drugs as something of president nixon with his speeches and his creation of of the d.n.a. and other agencies in the one nine hundred seventy s. but the reward drugs as we understand it with. enormous enormous case loads and and in and filled up prison population is really
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a feature of the one nine hundred eighty s. under president reagan drugs are menacing our society they're threatening our values and undercutting our institutions they're killing our children under reagan there was a tremendous increase in federal spending for anti drug activity cabinet level efforts and congress creating brea powerful new laws on day two of a new campaign against drugs the president backed up a tough talk with action for getting tough on drugs and we mean business it's almost like overnight we had discrete idea he would we go after the users. and that's what we did we started going after the users in a prison population sore because obviously they're far more users enter operations major operations and. we started treating sick people people who were addicted to drugs might remember talking to my grandmother and having a conversation with her about my wife and how far i had fallen she said to me you
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know tracy it will always pray for you and i'm going to pray that you change your life around. here one of the things that she said that stuck with me was dead you know god is going to find your darkest hour and only there when you realize who you truly your and i heard her but i really didn't hear her. and i left her house that they skip and then it went right back out into the streets. i remember going to new york to cobb then coming back from new york coming down route one coming through union county we had drugs in the car and we had a gun in the car. and i remember being stopped at a light and get now switching drivers i got round to the passenger side and she took the driver's seat and not knowing that it was a cop car right behind us so once again i didn't want to go to court i was going to try i told my laura that you know we just had to try to get all the charges pushed together give me one senses let me go do my time and hopefully straight up my life
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but i remember pacifically the judge sitting just telling me then element to tom loser. and he said tracy you who convicted in one thousand nine hundred begin again in one thousand nine hundred eighty he said come back before me for the third time in the third time is going to be a charge for you. i don't think the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars and. more than ten white collar crime ten. this. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent from its latest year some with four hundred to five hundred three persnickety for sure and when rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm.
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the only numbers you need remember it was one show you know for a minute the one and only. direction to a judge to sentence can be done in two ways you can say judge. here's a crime for this crime you can impose a sentence anywhere in this really from probation to some term of years imprisonment the other way is to say judge you must impose some minimum number of years. you can break into that documentary and cosseting you ass but you can have a look on our website if you want to continue watching us dot com now a major new strategic weapon called. russian service next year is the first channel
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to show unique footage from the defense ministry his first public test. night show i should. marry a phenomena to tell us more about why this is a significant moment. yes indeed ludmer putin ordered and earlier on wednesday he personally oversaw the test launch of russia's hypersonic weapon known as guard from the ministry of defense control and command center here in central moscow we know that the weapon was launched from the dme barsky missile base in the south than you will montaigne's and as kremlin reported successfully heat of the
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train target on the coup rush range on can charge could pin insulin rushes east some six thousand kilometers away just a few words about what abend guard is it is a boost glide vehicle that is lofted high into the atmosphere in then glides down at hypersonic speed had it's main feature is that unlike the fixed trajectory of ballistic missile warheads it can maneuver to avoid anti missile defenses so it is reported actually to be almost uncatchable may carry has we here to megaton warhead so strategic very powerful weapon and her earlier in march leyden reputing had announced that it would soon be deployed to be used by russia's armed forces back to you thank you maria finished for giving us an update
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on why indeed this is a significant moment for the world stability thanks very for the reporting from moscow. the u.s. defense secretary spend his christmas working at the pentagon even after donald trump's of brown decision to remove him from office two months earlier than he planned to resign james mattis wrote this holiday letter to american soldiers in this wounded washington change you hold the line storm clouds because of you you fellow citizens live so you should home. james mattis resigned last week after the u.s. president announced his decision to withdraw troops from syria he also advised to keep troops in afghanistan opposing the idea of using private contractors in war though now it seems that that's precisely what could happen next as more outgassed a half explains imagine you're sitting there on your porch reading about guns and huntin and all things good and then you see this as we are coming
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blackwater judging by the logo the infamous private security group who is trigger happy and dicks further disgrace the very name mercenary. and whatever the further. they were dead bodies everywhere are losing the argument going to be with you people in society among the dead bodies of murder mystery witness or a child who is in the middle of seven years old.
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just last week a former blackwater contractor was charged with first degree murder for his part in that slow thought it was then that things went iffy for the mercenary group which was then rebranded renamed and resold into obscurity but it's presumably back now play status. dearly in blood and treasure in time in afghanistan every prince co-founder of the original blackwater now that everyone's fearful over trumps of ghana's stalin withdrawal erik prince sees an opportunity the option i was pushing the options that were considered by some in the white house and irregular warfare option that would use capability special forces capability some
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contracted capability to strengthen to give a skeletal support structure to the afghan security forces prince is selling a new kind of war private war war waged not by governments but by corporations the plan is simple six thousand mercenaries backed up by the few thousand u.s. special forces guys give them a small air force private their force and the blue cost to about five billion dollars a year a year for reference the afghan war has cost on average five billion a month for seventeen years but the pentagon is reluctant you just can't trust national security breach these reputation to merck's the guys willing to kill for money when the american put put their mission credibility on the line privatizing it is probably not a why it's idea every prince has been absent for years he's been selling this plan
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since he found out that the president wanted to get out of afghanistan the president was right to campaign against endless wars that he resented her message to hand he's going after all the maddest for this to happen if we leave decisions on warfare soley to the pentagon we will be at war for well mr prince had been new year to you james mattis u.s. secretary of defense will leave his post on the first of january and john bolton trumps. security advisor is much more pliable there are always a lot of discussions i find help for and i'm always open to new ideas the issue here is different it's more about principles morals we know how blackwater behaved in iraq we know what they did when they had immunity they ran wild they shot and killed with abandon would you trust the same people to run an entire
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war every princes selling point may not be that he's cheap or it's that trump and the pentagon will become less accountable gotta start will no longer be entirely their responsibility if blackwater whoever al smetters up at the beyond their heads and it'll all be written off to plausible deniability and corporate bureaucracy so what do you think worth a try letting mercenaries run an entire war. in valuable that's the description given term major new strategic weapon called our own car which will enter russian service already next year r.t. is the first channel to show unique footage on the defense ministry its first full public test run.
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so the calls live to mary of phenomena to tell us more about why this is a significant moment please explain mary. just a few woods about exactly what happened we know that the hypersonic weapon known as ivan guard was launched from the base in the south the neural mountains and successfully heat a training target on the ku rush range and can chuck a pin in slane rushes east some six thousand kilometers away ludmer pulteney was overseen the test launch he was looking at the live pictures that you've just seen on our t.v. and after the launch he said that he was
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a great success and old so that he was very good a new year present for the entire nation just to remind you of the vanguard glide vehicle was among the. nuclear weapons that were put in had presented earlier in a march on other weapons saying that russia had to develop its military industry in response to america as a development in the same sphere to protect its security cora's so this is why it is important aid looks like widen their putin ones too shrewd by this launch that russia is ready to protect its borders its security and its. population lives just a few words again about the weapon itself it is a booze vehicle that is aloft and high into the atmosphere and then glides down at
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a hypersonic speed this is why obviously it is called hypersonic but its main feature is that unlike a fixed trajectory of ballistic missile warheads it can maneuver so that it is able to avoid anti missile defenses so ludmer puting repeated today after the test launch that this is a weapon cannot be into sad so it's almost uncatchable and this is its main feature and it makes it very very powerful n. very important for russia's security of course back to you thanks maria further isolation memory of reporting from moscow thank you. the u.s. congress has expressed concern over a new cooperation deal between the associated press and chinese news agency asian
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ha it's worried china might explode the american lead as an instrument of propaganda eagle it should dollar explains the u.s. government. at this time quite literally after the a pretty news agencies signed the memorandum of understanding with the chinese counterparts in who are the little law makers sent to the boss of associated press explains that senior journalists. basically all spies and shouldn't be dealt with at all. singh who are serve some of the functions of an intelligence agency by gathering information and producing classified reports for the chinese leadership on both domestic and international events because grissom and women who signed the letter seem to be a bit out of the loop though because here's a news flash a.p. and seeing who are have been partners since nineteen seventy two this memorandum is
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something of an official pinky promise to stay friends and make each other's jobs easier the recent memo of understanding updates a relationship that has been consistently the signs in one thousand nine hundred two and opens the possibility for future commercial interactions it does not include or invision any sharing for its official intelligence information or any other technology and normally this indeed would be way under the radar of the us government but this time the chinese are involved democrats and republicans often seem like they're ready to rip each other's heads off but as soon as breaching gets in the picture oh they sing in tune nine is effort over take the united states as oral preeminent superpower china is totally eating our lunch they intend not just to supply america but all countries on earth and the west china's ruthless you know how they go after us we're in a fight with china we have to ride to china tyler earlier this year the wall street
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journal reported that washington was mewling branding seen who are as a nasty foreign agent this is what happened without seeing the us this is what al-jazeera has so far been avoiding the letter to the a.p. chief seems to continue the trend when the american government tries to sketch over the media landscape the mighty still stand for now at least but the foreign agent label begins to loom over the horizon. presence the times needs paper has printed a highly controversial interview with. chechen fighting against anti-government forces in eastern ukraine they had to shake my soul patella had admitted that his fighters wage jihad in syria and that he was even part of a talent group committing atrocities in russia in particular has details. first of all we have to make it clear who these people are in these volunteer battalions fighting alongside the ukrainian army and the eastern regions of the
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country they are ethnic chechens from a few dozens to possibly more than a hundred who are absolutely frank and open about their background they've been to syria and iraq they've been taught how to kill by jihad is there and this is what the times writes about it some of the potential ians gunman admit to having home their combat skills and islamic state training camps in iraq and syria this horrible background does get a mention however what the times journalists don't bring up is some other elements of the biography of the group's commander for example being a part of the underground movement behind several terrorist attacks in russia that killed hundreds of people earlier another british newspaper reported dad's.


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