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tv   News  RT  December 27, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the co-founder of linked in apologizes for a pro-democrat operation to create fake russian bots during the alabama state election also this hour. the earth washington expresses concern over russia's newly tested hypersonic missiles saying that there are no effective countermeasures. and french judges drop a long running probe into the downing of the former presidents a plane makes the trigger point in the one nine hundred ninety four genocide and.
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broadcasting lodger refers to his moscow this is r t international i'm john thomas from atlanta to have you with us. the co-founder of social media giant linked in has apologized for funding a pro-democrat party operation which created more than a thousand fake russian language twitter accounts designed to look like they backed a republican rival last year the operation was tasked in the us was tracking fake russian accounts but turned out to be the one creating them instead archies but i've got to have comments. well that was embarrassing to say the least and here i thought you could get away with blaming russia for anything nowadays apparently not but it does set a new low for democrats making think russian bullets to win elections is the irony i find the tactics that have been recently reported highly disturbing
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for that reason i'm embarrassed by my failure to track the organization i did support more diligently as it made its own decisions to perhaps fund projects that i would reject the recap reid hoffman co-founder of linked in contributed wittingly or unwittingly money one hundred thousand dollars to a pro democrat cyber security company called new knowledge which it seems specialized in fraud and fake news lies and this information the company created fake facebook pages to confuse republican voters they created fake russian boats who were tweeted and followed through him all of the republican candidate in alabama's two thousand and seventeen special election they then publicly declared that that was proof he had ties to russia because i think russian
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bullets were retreating him. very very dirty so surprise atop a supporting more they both have a deep love of country the country's russia but still rather good question for you it's pretty alarming when a guy slips in a fluent russian or speaks fluent russian russian it everywhere year later it's moving closer into the oval office interestingly enough the democrats love to mock roy moore when he accused them of setting him up last year but it isn't interesting to. did new knowledge see jonathan morgan was also seemingly one of the must the minds behind hamilton sixty eight which claimed to track russian online influence operations russian bots real russian bots.
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ironic again that outlets including new york times washington post c.n.n. all use the hamilton sixty eight its data to accuse russian boats of sowing discord and conspiracies online wonder how much of that was fake but food for thought was more by luck than not that we found out about this quote the sea of
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n.y.t. yet how many more incidents like this could there have been that we don't and never will know anything about food for thought. russia has successfully tested a new hypersonic strategic missile named vanguard president vladimir putin called it a big event for the armed forces and the whole country as a whole earlier my colleague spoke to our tease it was done of to find out more. this launch did certainly become a top news story all over the world and those analytical pieces that have had a chance to come out there were more along the lines of why the united states should fear this missile and i should say it kind of does carry the same message that we've been that we've been seeing for months really because this evan god missile was one out of five vans two weapons unveiled by vladimir putin back this march and that's when the oil just everybody went bonkers and everybody should feel
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scared even though it has been since the message of the russian government that it is purely defensive that these weapons they are meant to defend russia not to attack any other country obviously a very important launch certainly for the security of russia or and as is said by the russian president vladimir putin he was talking about this system back in march the first of this year but what exactly is well first i would like to stop as to why exactly this new inch is important it is important because it is the final test before this missile goes into service and now let's just have a look let's enjoy how it unveiled. as for what exactly happened god is well it's just one of the most advanced weapons
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and missiles in the world here's a quick preview of what it's capable of. so it's incredibly it's incredibly precise and also it is classified as sort of a glider missile what it means is that it doesn't go beyond the earth's atmosphere it travels through it and this is what allows it to go really low like a prone sort of thing and to maneuver very unpredictably that's why everybody is so concerned that's why even the united states is saying that it apparently doesn't have any means of intercepting it but as putin has been saying since day one with the other god system this is to act as a deterrent this is
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a defensive system was was he involved in any way with the outs will final test while he is the commander in chief so he watched this final launch and also it was a bladder putin who announced that this message the russian military will get the first units of this missile as soon as next year talk to me about the balance of power here how does this new guard missile system affect global security well sure it's a missile so by definition it is designed to destroy things to obliterate them to do damage but so does pose a threat but there are two different sorts of how you can pose a threat one thing is saying look we have this new fancy mess so we're just going to attack you all now and destroy your countries and then another thing is saying look we have this new advanced weapon so we are ready to defend ourselves but only if we're faced with any aggression and this has really been the case with this. us is now leaving the iron
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a treaty what's going to happen it's hard to imagine what is the rockets are located in europe what should we do which is of course we will have to ensure our security with some concrete steps not say later. trying to get an advantage we're not trying to get an advantage but merely to seek your balance to ensure our security this is about the russian military as a whole because the country has been pushing forward its military capability all year it has been sort of the flavor of the twenty teens so to speak but it hasn't been in the offensive sort of way russia has been maintaining that it is a measure of deterrence and not of aggression. we discussed how the new weapon could affect of the balance of power with investigative journalist rick sterling. it's in the interests of the russian people the american people in the whole world to not see an increase in a new arms race the danger here is that the u.s. military establishment is going to react to this by saying well we need to poorer
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ever more money into developing our own hypersonic missile systems and we have a new new escalated arms race of course right now the united states is spending seven hundred billion dollars a year on its military which is more than the next nine countries combined so we know who is leading the way in the in the military arms race but i think russia i would assume they're hoping that this can be a reality check and bring and promote more negotiations and less military development. the u.s. government shutdown is said to continue into the new year leaving hundreds of thousands of workers unpaid artie's academy up and comments but we're just shy of a week into the government shutdown and already all over social media we're seeing heart wrenching stories from federal employees in the united states describing their hardships there's even been comparisons of u.s.
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president donald trump to the grinch that stole christmas whenever i talk about my air traffic control husband working without pay on twitter all i get is hateful remarks about how he will and won't lose and die i know that but what are we supposed to do about christmas and bills in the meantime feeling so sad for you know not really you destroyed christmas for eight hundred thousand employees no one cares about you well if my husband who works for this day doesn't get paid we won't have money to give our elderly cat his insulin shots so would have to put him down and there's no end in sight us president donald trump is saying that he will keep the governor. shutdown until he gets the money for his border wall i can tell you it's not going to be over until we. spend what are they going to go with it with the hysteria is spreading well beyond government workers we now see m s n b c
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describing and showing an old clip of film to describe what they're calling brutality and heartlessness on the part of the trumpet ministration everyone in the trumpet ministration has done everything they possibly can to make the trip more dangerous more deadly they destroy water supplies that are left in the desert by samaritans who are doing what donald trump's bible tells them to do essentially we've got a video here of members of the u.s. border patrol destroying water that's been left for those crossing the border they're pouring out water they're kicking over water jugs just destroying the water well if you look at the time stamp on that video the video was recorded in two thousand and eleven it's well over seven years old however that hasn't stopped m s n b c from running it and showing it on television somehow as an example of the brutality of the trumpet ministration some border patrol dumping water that was
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meant for desperate migrants being dumped out on the ground this is sort of extravagant cruelty is unusual for any administration but for this administration they seem to think it's effective for their base and severe dehydration which is cannot be don't with food just water when you can and yet they are out there destroying the water supply as the good samaritans put out there for people who find themselves in the situation now at this point of the government remains shutdown this is day number six of the shutdown of the u.s. federal government and the buzzword on capitol hill is division. human rights lawyer dan kovalchuk says the misuse of footage by a mess n.b.c. reflects widespread double standards in the media there is folks who are inclined to view trump is this unique evil. in the world and he certainly you know
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does a lot of terrible things but at the same time people forget how terrible obama was not integration why wasn't there a scandal again when he did forty two nath million people why wasn't there a scandal when he was instrumental in the two and honduras in two thousand and nine which has helped lead to this migration crisis obama got a pass on all of these issues and liberal decent hearted people. have decided that as long as we get rid of trump and put in some you know manila flavor. democrat in the next election that all will be right with the world but in fact. if we don't keep it in mind what obama did what end up with a president just as bad as trump though maybe better spoke. president trump has been accused of revealing classified troop movements during his visit to iraq that story much more still to come you're watching r t international.
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when our mind when the content of our mind ease changed there are. the level of the physiology that is at the level of the brain the brain as a form of plasticity can rewire itself and not just the brain but also the rest of the body responds. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us as over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten thousand eight hundred crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth if you want to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent i just want to hear some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit for sure and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china
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is building a two point one billion dollar ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remembering one one doesn't show you know or to miss the one and only. the mag this is r t international now french judges have called off a two decade long probe into the deadly attack on the former wanton president's plane which ultimately led to the genocide in one thousand nine hundred four and the investigation was a stumbling block between the two countries it was looking into several rwandan officials close to the current president in connection with the death of the country's former leader the decision comes after reports that france also rejected a bid by human rights groups to reopen a separate probe into whether the french military shared any of the blame for the
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deaths of hundreds of people they had promised to rescue. today we're being asked to leave with the people who killed our family where it's all there sorry they will do it again some people believe that i'm not one of. the fighting was triggered by the downing of a plane carrying the french back president in one thousand nine hundred ninety four hutu extremists blamed the rebels and the rebels denied involvement for the past twenty years paris has pursued those responsible for the assassination but not anymore the inquiry has reportedly been dropped over insufficient evidence. we have
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to interpret this decision by french judges as a form of resignation faced with a political context which prosecutors did not know how to fight over the years france suggested the tutsi rebels headed by the current president paul kagame they were behind the attack they even charged seven people close to the leader pull could be the physical elimination of rwanda's then president was seen as the only means to achieve his political ends a total victory this process of the massacre of the. so-called interior the rwandan government flatly denied the allegations and cut diplomatic ties with france fast forward and roh want to has some nice words for the french i think the president. has. put it. different. i think. doesn't
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open your mind to all things how times have changed the world bank considers rwanda to be more business friendly than much of the developed world and france seems to have an interest macron even back to rwanda as pick for the head of francophonie a group of french speaking countries knows he said if there were to be an african candidate to head the francophonie that would make a lot of senates i think that the rwandan foreign minister has all the expertise for that role sure france and rwanda have had their differences and twenty five years since the genocide justice has never been fully served but for the present it looks like that doesn't have to stand in the way of a little money making donald quarter. lieutenant colonel hogarth was a commander of the french foreign legion in the wrong at the time he says i'm across choice of advisor on this issue says it'll. look at it but if he does not
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know africa or its history he was a teenager during the tragic events in rwanda in one thousand nine hundred forty he alone do so because these stones to befriend kagame is rwanda and they'll suck as he is microbes advisor that are. all right and his wife have paid a surprise christmas visit to u.s. troops in iraq commentators called it a rock star and signed autographs and soldiers took selfies with the president. or. or. or or or. or
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. well it is it didn't go at all as planned the also on the agenda was a meeting with the iraqi leadership however the two sides couldn't agree on the format of the meeting which then ended up being replaced by a phone conversation head of one of the two main a blocs in iraq's parliament was not at all amused by trump's surprise visit to the country branding it a blatant violation of sovereignty. and donald trump has been accused of revealing classified navy seal deployments during his surprise visit to iraq he made the unannounced trip on christmas day several mainstream media outlets are claiming that the president may have put special ops forces in danger by posting the following a video on twitter. or
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let's cross live now to antiwar activist and former marine sniper sergio could share again thanks for being with us here on our international. thank you for you have a unique perspective on this i mean having been operative yourself so critics are saying that the president should have blurred the faces of those soldiers who are apparently from navy seal team five do you believe that this is a breach of protocol. well first off i think we need to start this conversation from the point that the troops have been put into danger since when beitar iraq and afghanistan and conducting operations around the world so that's one of the most important things number two i think it's really important for for american people to be reminded that we are in the rock and we are in syria and we are in afghanistan because back here the the the citizenship basically the people have forgotten that we're in such a long conflict that's been over over
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a decade now so i don't i mean for me the conversation need to start with why are we sending our troops there in the first place and that's the primary thing that we're putting them into danger here now the second thing is i would also say i don't know like it's first of who's assuming that it's a seal team five they look like regular soldiers so that's just the media hyping things up we know that the special forces are present in those areas and those are the mainly operating units so and so i don't really see this as this big big deal i see it more as a distraction from what's actually the president has announced last few days and i thing they just basically trying to reinforce the fact that his understanding or analysis of foreign policy is not in the place where do the big boys or grown ups
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consider themselves to be so you bring up a good point that you know people knew that the special forces were there so revealing their opera or revealing their identities wasn't necessarily putting them in danger because they weren't actually involved in combat however former intelligence officers have been quoted in the media saying that revealing the identity of these soldiers could give terrorists an incentive to capture them or go after their families or use them for propaganda purposes do you think there's any real danger of that happening. well first off if you get captured a year u.s. soldier you'd have to be special forces or aid if they'll use that as a form of propaganda anyways number one. number two. their families well their report just came out a few days ago basically saying you can find it at the end or sept basically saying that the majority of terrorists in the united states they can threaten anyone are homegrown number two i mean i just. i'm trying to find any
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historical precedence they can verify this information and taking the wart of an intelligence officer who was contributed as live to the military industrial complex and probably working or lobbying for. weapons manufacturing for me it's kind of shaky so. you kind of alluded to the fact that playing the politics with the big boys several iraqi politicians have called trump's visit an actual violation of the country's sovereignty as it happened without any consultation with the iraqi government should washington have corded this trip with baghdad. well it's a really silly statement coming from their god sure that we invaded at two thousand and three and i think it's yeah i mean there's definitely should be some kind of definite obviously we need to communicate we obviously have to follow the communication first and then figure out how we settle it and but in terms of.
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just going there in the hearing and making a big deal out of it i think it's too late for that they should go for you know this these things should have been thought open two thousand and three moon bay to the country all right anti-war activist and former marine sniper sergio kerrigan everyone's here on our team international. thank you very much all right that does it for me i will be back with more news at the top the hour watching our international stay with us. or you.
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so when you want to enjoy. them and want to listen. to the right to be honest it's like. three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested in the wives in that. area. sure. welcome to the alex salmond show and for the softest of two festive programs we thought we'd ask back a couple of our guests are over the years people made quite
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a stir. but you know it's christmas and the time for wishes so my first wish to talk to some of the people i have the monies to interview in the show for now so to make alex's wish come to me we've invited a man of many voices start of stage and screen larry smith quite welcome to the alec family show thanks for inviting me i know how this christmas feeling i think if you spent it well as in scotland and if you like a genie i will take your wish come true oftentimes we fabricate interviewed a number of people in the us and over the year and show the many people who we would like to have been to feed and i wonder if you might suggest some some people for the future that we should get on the set that alex can speak to that i think maybe the president of the united states we've had a lot of differences over the lake and i and i think you know repealing the paris club i would agree with has been really good for scotland i mean think about it blazing sun bigly sunshine on leith forest fires and then b. and those two page d.
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so it shows a proclaimers going to look like julio and then ricky it plays yes so that's a present a use admitting i was collect and pursuing my off shore wouldn't follow the sage of golf course i think hairdryers i have beach is a bad idea. i haven't been allowed to interview you but i did actually you a lot of look at this clip that was i say thank yous and i never even got so much was awful but a cup of tea suspension allen said i say to home i didn't invite him. well . it's a long walk to my front door i don't think he's fit enough he might have been ok in a golf cart or something but you know they're all for a doctor the secret service don't tell me what to get my lot here for christmas. she wanted impeachment but that's another story.


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