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tv   News  RT  February 27, 2019 6:00am-6:30am EST

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breaking news this hour. to. over a disputed kashmir capturing two pilots. coming up on the program a highly anticipated between. north korean leader kim jong get on the way. amid rising tensions at the columbia border the crisis reaches the u.n. security council. and in this body claim a deliberate humanitarian assistance is a political show let's call
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a spade a spade. was not resolving the problems of. british police forces. nation rejected out. to the world this is r.t. international and a dramatic escalation in tensions between india and pakistan this video emerged we cannot independently verify it but it is said to show one of india's two. twenty five her. claims that shotgun the warplanes in space over kashmir and arrested two pilots. we are in for more on this.
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there has been a great deal since this began since this erupted over the last number of days and indeed since february fourteenth when those. indian military police work killed conflicting information what do we know about this war for sure i suppose if we can say well what we have absolutely so we're seeing now is the culmination of tensions that have been building with more regularity in recent years and essentially things have now come to a head to the importance and consequence of how things play out from here is very significant not just because these are two very powerful countries but because they are a nuclear armed enemy is so if this does continue to spiral downwards this doesn't just impact the region this could have an effect on the whole world pakistan is claiming claiming to have shot down two indian air force jets and captured two pilots and says that it's jets have launched air strikes in the indian territory a move that they claimed was in self-defense. pakistan is
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a responsible country and we don't want to endanger lives of masses we have you know retaliated to india all being done is just what irresponsible country does for its defense our message is speace and not the war. now india however claims that these those pakistani jets had been pushed back this comes just one day off to india claims it hit a militant training camp and killed a very large number of fighters from the militant group giant a mohammed which took responsibility for that suicide bombing you mentioned earlier this month which killed forty indian troops now in a bizarre twist pakistan rejected india's claim saying that indian functions were confronted before they conducted those strikes on the training camp and actually just dropped four or five bombs in an empty field and then fled back across the border so what's making the situation all the more hard to follow is how the two sides have these conflicting media campaigns both sides are pushing their own narrative and so a single source of contradictory information online and in the news but at the core
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of it what is very clear is what we're seeing is the first of the first aerial attacks across that line of control across that delicate kashmir border since the two countries were at war in one nine hundred seventy one now speaking in the past hour the pakistani prime minister imran khan has called for a responsible approach he said noting how both of them are nuclear powers they really couldn't afford a miscalculation love spikes in tensions over kashmir they have been up and down over the years a fresh wave of violence really took hold in the summer of twenty sixteen but kashmir has always been contested territory even before india and pakistan won their independence from britain in one thousand nine hundred forty seven let's have a reminder of the significance of kashmir.
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yeah a complicated situation if you are in thank you very much for the very latest let's get some insight and this time how to say we can cross live to india to journalist and political commentator arnab neal send good to our not good to have you with us . so pockets than is seeing two indian fighter jets have been where there is this lead the situation how does india respond have the already response.
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i don't know where there will be another response from india. to response which is over as part of the pakistanis by loosely that if there is an attack on. the redo it will have to rest on and seem to want to a nuclear powers country and leaders know the stakes are very high we just can't afford a full fledged consciously so the hope is that things will not spin out of control and. both sides will sort of cut their losses. and. let's just look forward to some other means maybe we are going to end a war by other means maybe to reduce the amount to you could create economic and are because. of our deduce that you for see this happening because pakistan sees it's our space was violated once once again and that
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a strong response from the slum a bad would more than likely there not be expected. no i mean it was expected because according to pakistani cooperation rules the. military was bound to respond but suddenly in the direction of dubious for and jets had flown but that it would happen and brought do you like to be and presumably the pakistanis see it from pakistani territory and you know the line of control or . just want to see you know the shooting happened from pakistan to injury and to do indian jokes with dieted there that was probably not expected by ordinary. military presumably who disappeared at some sort of action what exactly happened there in the fog of because of the fog of far it's not very clear but i think
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everybody's getting their information from should media some of them just sort of bleeding from the. so much it does seemed no science how what one does so wrong so far and maybe the best will back and go do you see anything about the timing of what is happening now to look into that because as we said it's the biggest escalation since one thousand seventy one close to fifty years could this recent tough stance on pakistan for instance we know that there's general elections coming up prime minister nuri mahdi looking for reelection is there anything to look into that do you think. there is a lot of talk that he may have been forced by the pressures of the election but it is difficult to see because it was a gamble and you need to take such a big military action because you could always there could always be
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a backlash from the pakistanis should have been right now so it is i think it does a little fire fish to paint that he has done it for. securing an election victory because. in general i think there was a lot of anger and grief in india over the deaths off the military bully so regardless of which ever go michael was empowered there would have been forced to take some kind of action because you know i think indians do not expect. to go back to the time when there will be nor reaction but where the response was the right response. had to be debilitating the government decided that it should go ahead with that. it is difficult to frankly be critiqued i'm going to judge demand that it was done with an i.q. election because such are not taking their cue from what we're seeing so many
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contradicting reports by thier strikes in pakistan administered kashmir the pakistani military rejecting india's claims that it had a terrorist base what's your take on specter of things about one country attacking terrorist bases or are they not. dad to. want to read books come from rock star and it does seem like. there were probably camps off the group that i suppose that claimed responsibility for the attack but i don't think the indian government didn't create this make it big change that we did . this kind of thing because. it was perhaps not to escape from matter too much about do sure that we have just words of revenge. against the killings that happened kashmir but as luck would have it. we would counter attack in response to it started to mean violent did so and this has led to
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me and i'm not sure i'm sure that the indian government is also there that. there are you know it's not so easy to hit there because nobody really knows where the camps are reading concentrated in there or where there is for you know if you're not living and moral who are who are there you know india has the capacity to exactly be specifically targeted and. militants there it's not an easy thing to do i mean as you have ground intelligence it's doubtful whether india has not only delhi tense and that kind of you are right well thank you for coming on the program and sharing your take this hour journalist and political commentator our knob neil live from india. thank you. well in another development five people have reportedly been killed when an indian transport helicopter crashed in indian controlled kashmir officials are poor thought it came down due to
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a technical failure. ok that's where we leave. for now let's move on though to another big story not just of the day but for the last number of weeks violence has flared again at the venice we'd like colombia border over the blockade of humanitarian aid venezuela's government says it is taking preventative action against foreign intervention. or truckloads of aid have been a must on the border with colombia president maduro has blocked the liveries fearing the vehicles could be carving weapons the situation sparked a fiery discussion at the u.n. security council. but it is no perfectly clear that washington so aims was not
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resolving the problems of venezuela no caring for its people would work for regime change including threats to do so by military intervention the united states and the international community must support the venezuelan people as they strive to reclaim their divil accuracy let's call a spade a spade we observe how london and washington are blatantly robbing a sovereign country trying to bring it to poverty in order to act within the framework of the concept of humanitarian intervention which isn't recognized by international law to change them desirable regime there and his cronies and some in this body claim that delivering humanitarian assistance is a political show and the cover for military intervention. but it is very clear only the madeira regime is using violence only the regime has called in both its curative forces and armed gangs the man speaking on behalf of washington there is
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elliott abrams he previously served under ronald reagan and george w. bush abrams was twice convicted of a lot flee withholding information from congress over the covert seal of weapons to iran to fund nicaraguan rebels in the one nine hundred eighty s. on the issue of using humanitarian aid to provide weapons was brought up to a un security council meeting by venezuela's foreign minister his watch or. to say . in here we also have trucks and let me tell you that when the truck was inspected there wasn't just food and medicine in the truck it was a quick one for barricades it was nails. this is what was in the truck nails wire when security forces inspected this is what they found we have information from friendly countries like cuba and russia weapons are being bought in eastern europe to be given to the opposition with the aim of seizing an armed intervention in venezuela meanwhile the foreign ministers of russia india and china have held
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a joint news briefing where amongst other issues they discussed the crisis in venezuela at a trickle some of the background. whatever someone important in the west behind when as well as self-proclaimed leader one tries to give you an impression the whole world is supporting him you should remember these three countries two permanent members of the un security council and another agent or actually global powerhouse india for them nothing has changed for them the elected government of nicolas maduro is still the legitimate power in venezuela so while the top diplomats of russia india and china are together and the chinese city of gen stage of the crisis these are put in your. attempts to artificially create a pretext for military intervention but it leaves us is assuming the right to use force as little river it wants to talk all regimes but which no longer with those
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rules so reach your own conclusions which rules have the americans prepared for the latin american region. when israel as problems are purely domestic in nature and this should be resold based on the country's constitution and law everyone should refrain from interfering in domestic affairs which would. when it comes to important venezuela's neighbors believes that they should follow the example and approach of russia india and china and he believes some countries have already done so. resume is not going to. provide its territory for american aggression towards venezuela not from a single lots of american country including members of the group of i heard words of support for military intervention so it looks like we'll when it comes to venezuela both when the officials come together and talk and also when their
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diplomats make it work out the u.n. . is no on his way to a much of vaulted meeting with north korean leader kim jong un in vietnamese capital noyo it is hoped they can reach a compromise on the did nuclearized korean peninsula as well as the lifting of crippling sanctions imposed on. young just a few moments ago we were scanning through video from noyo his motorcade just went through the center of the streets they're going away from the camera that they're going towards the metropole hotel without meeting with kim jong un will take place this evening so we expect to get some pictures maybe of the two leaders meet seeing . exactly what we're going to be seeing but these are the images right now of what just coming up to twenty minutes past six in the vietnamese capital at. the table
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pictures just so we will be keeping abreast of what is going on there a lot to be discussed going through all of it a look at walt's. together. in hopefulness with the second summit with kim jong un on the rise. trump feels like he's on top of the world i do hope that very positive things are going to happen i think that it will be a very exciting couple of days but are the feelings mutual we're north korea seems to be excited and no wonder after all as stoic peace opportunity is all that's able some media reports even claim north korean leader kim said this to us top diplomat mike. i'm a father and husband and i have children and i don't want my children to carry the nuclear weapon on that back that whole life still considering criticism donald trump face over the summit from opposition at home north korea through its own state media war and the skeptics to not let this is sturrock opportunity be
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shattered but the summit does not only concern just washington in pyongyang so how do the other regional neighbors feeling about it. despite the fact japan's also over a north korean test missiles flying over it the concern over the outcome of the talks after all if a deal is struck it's unclear whether japan's concerns will be addressed what made the situation worse with the allegations that japanese prime minister abby officially requested for trump to be nominated for the nobel peace price in fact i think i can say this prime minister robbie of japan gave me the most beautiful. copy of a letter that he sent to the people who give out a thing called a nobel price he said i have nominated you or respect me in behalf of japan. i am asking them to give you the nobel peace price that that knocked over a wall for the opposition especially after prime minister's office refused to
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comment on the allegations abduction new quinn sought to mid range missile issues not to solved all i'm concerned that it would give the wrong message to north korea and the international community if we accept that the current situation deserves the nobel peace prize. south koreans president home just like his ally in washington that has also said that he is expecting great things coming out of the summit. i expect it to be a turning point that advances completed denuclearization of the korean peninsula new u.s. north korean relations and a peace regime on the korean peninsula president moon might come out as the biggest winner of these talks and in a way it seems that he's risking more than anyone else if these talks lead to a dead end after all it's this country that will be among the prime targets for the nuclear capable north korean missiles south korean foreign minister said his country is looking forward to a quote tangible and substantial results with all the hopes skepticism and fears involved coming to a specific reason there's still a chance for
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a happy conclusion well lots of questions what's going to come out of this summit brian becker from the anti war answer coalition has the view of what north korea needs before it will give up its nuclear weapons. no country disarms itself when it's al war with another especially a more powerful adversary so what the north what the north koreans are saying is let's have peace and then we can finish the process it least defining what d'you hear is ation is i think they will get rid of nuclear weapons if there is a guarantee that there's a new peace regime on the can the korean peninsula that's the missing piece here and that's what they expect to have the american government come forward and say yes we've pledged to end this war once and for all that becomes the catalyst for the new day i mean i'm going to ponder to donald trump on almost all things but i have to say that if it wasn't for donald trump i don't see this process going forward donald trump has been the most invested political figure in washington saying yeah let's have a new day let's end the korean war once and for all let's normalize relations
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between the u.s. and north korea to the extent that he can oppose the headwinds that he faces succeed in overcoming them yes there could be a new day we're in vietnam there was a new day for vietnam and us in the united states that can happen once again. at a busy news day today after the break in ninety seconds or so we're going to be looking into another story and get reaction to it officials in the u.s. say they carried out their first ever offensive cyber operation against russia and it happened last year during the midterm elections that's according to a source in the washington post with a bowl of details for you after the break. kind
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of financial survival job today was all about money laundering first to visit this cash into three different. oh good this is a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in europe something in america something overseas in the cayman islands or do we do all these banks are complicit in their tough talk or see who decide to give mccoll and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got home got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry and how about. luxury automobile again for much you know what money laundering is highly illegal here for a watch kaiser of course. make this manufacture to send to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous.
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be the one person. making all middle of the room sick.
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we start back with a story that's been generating a lot of interest in the u.k. a british police force has been found guilty of discrimination after it rejected an up look into is a white heterosexual male is the decision and reached by an employment tribunal in north west in that church are police were in the middle of a diversity drive when they turned twenty five year old matthew furlong who wanted to follow his father into the force. it is my confidence in the police force recruitment system how do i do my interview form and said i was bisexual for instance there's a strong possibility i would be working which i should police now based on a lie. cheshire police say they are aware of the tribunals this issue and have agreed to review the results matthew's lawyer says it is the first discrimination case of its kind in the united kingdom we put the issue off for debate with stephen
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morris from the democrats party firstly political and social commentator monitor. what they're doing they are blatantly discriminating against people so any trust people have in the police is going to be gone you know how can you trust them when you know full well that they are not looking to recruit the best people for the job they are just recruited based on ticking a box so in fact what we see stephen and the others who might think like him is that discrimination and treating people less favorably but for their race or their protected characteristic has been going on for decades and pretty. sad to say by white heterosexual men and they have had the jobs they've had the lion's share of income even though we monitor equal pay they will still have the lion's share and so positive action is about redressing a balance about saying that when things are in mono not a positive. result that let me off if i wanted to show them in a sure no no no sorry steve stephen i'm sorry i'll correct you on
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a matter of fact and a matter of law having taken race discrimination cases all the royal courts of justice no offense to stephen but this is now i do it well you know official i do with race relations cases on the side as a try to your employment role as a trade union. but i don't use race as a little positive if i have to screw in a huge discriminate against. these races and we've seen racism in the police force now racism is wrong it should be done on. nothing else right now if you also in positive function that's just annoyed with the late immigration stephen when we look at positive action we're talking about underrepresented minorities whether they are black whether they are muslim jewish gay bisexual transgender all the people we need policies which are in society and absolutely you are right on the employment trouble potentially is right and it's finding if they have treated him less badly but for his sex nor to doing this to. me that i was in question he was
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saying if he was he well let's see i mean appeal to things happened but the minute the finding we have is that but for the fact of his race and it being bisexual he had been he had been more likely to have got a job i agree we cannot discriminate even against which is wrong because i mean i should heterosexual men it's all about freedom of choice if people do not want to go to join the police then fine but find out the reasons why it's not purely down to the recruitment process that. people from the pain groups or the gay groups. chicago's chief of police. just see smollett the former star of t.v. show empire who is accused of staging an attack against himself at a junction so he doesn't want the case to overshadow improvements that have been made in this city adding this is personal he also promises more evidence that smaller is guilty of a criminal act we will get to this story in just a moment but some breaking news to bring you first from donald trump kim summit
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this is happening right now oh we have just met the one chick up and. when can we listen in for a little bit for a minute you know we don't have any sign right for the moment but this is what has been anticipated for quite some time they did meet back in june it was the first summit before the two a lot of questions being made up by who is going to hold the power in the stances between the two when the questions come down to denuclearize nation of the korean peninsula. is the big issue being discussed we suspect in the next hour or two just the point of no to all not split happened before in the summit donald trump. he was very adamant kim jong un would go in front of him offering him the leads of wanting to show that perhaps he is. being more open to negotiations that his previous sessions would've been with the leader of north korea and see that translators there as well as the lifting of sanctions that's
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going to be another big issue that's wat kim jong un really really wants he wants he said before he wants a more open dialogue but he is not going to beg a lot of the language like not being used but about a media scrum as you can see right now in hanoi.


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