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it's a minute so below. donald j. trump i say is. sweet. whatever he feels like saying. to his own. destruction. ya need to hit me today. just because you say what's on your mind and what you feel does not mean that you are a good still what over the truth. you
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from some weird secret service brought in itself with me always surprised if the answer to some weirdo stuff like you goes on to university of pang campus and university on fortieth street and you could make one shine you know on the bottom you want to make it could be but a project. the west will be right there are a few of these little blocks like this these little row homes you see people living on top of each other i guarantee wherever you are from russia or wherever your from the only thing i know what a row home is this is called road home. anywhere in this city and this urban in any urban area if you have an event of some light that you got people to come out with good intentions the you always got people that might not have good sense and if you live in and so much poverty did you know you guys in a ghetto and guys in other world who have things that are nice things that share list this is. when you have with the wolves in the wolves you're out in you know
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that's if danger to whoever you are whether you're a working man juggler shows like you know like right now it is cold out so you see people want stuff like this this had i don't translate all black mail so you know me i'm a musician and i'm an actor and i'm a activist so i don't want to trouble but somebody else walk in and you know it is what it is is what it is. all right now you are in east baltimore and this is all tell me all this is a mall they should be right famous like a lot of black people like myself with when i was a kid become
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a bio close. little store. pharmacies we have beauty supply stores so this was like a one stop shop like you come here and do everything it was a growing community during the seventy's and eighty's and this is all tell more. happening here like any other two nearly going to seventy's and eighty's it was a high volume of drugs and as you can see this idea became a drug trafficking in buying a. lot of drugs and with that being said some of the store was some of the buildings just deterring it because of the traffic of drugs and with that
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a little bit of violence people get shot. the crime now is undercover because. it's different drugs different drugs pills pills pills are very popular these days very popular pills are very popular people grandmothers don't feel safe walking here with groceries a mother don't feel safe would bring her son here to maybe take him to get something to eat so just over tiling things kind of deter you just one dell. told me they're going to see miles up this way to the most nicest neighborhoods of pennsylvania more grimoires make a blind. lower merion area
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a great school district. you could see blocks that way the second in one case where just a couple days ago a guard actually at the gas station got shot sixteen times because these you go up there to know marion after school programs computer. the football team stuff look like the end. they got all you got everything you got to go show for it try to play sports and even if you do you know it's so expensive you got a single mother she barely could feed these kids you know each of them oh it's three hundred dollars on a football she might say me playing for each other much difference a two mile difference to a young person this thirteen fourteen twelve nine. miles there's two million miles of a difference because because they're going to he's already looking at these like the they look at bandit is right living in a look at the way he didn't look at being this some might the second floor light is let me somebody live in it right the first floor of my not in the regulated but nobody lives some i want to second floor you know people that live around here some
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sound don't even have to go two miles that were right some people even know what little money looks like measure a kid they go to sleep at night they don't eat right and it's cool this desperate guy right here. it's not like just some. so right now you're still is baltimore this is looks old pals and projects everyone lives close together close together so everybody know each other around it as you can see is a rough neighborhood drugs police brutality high crime rate and die what we eat this is messed up we don't have good food we're all here to eat you have grocery
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stores where families like buy snacks like mills high poverty. low education rate. tain pregnancy. a lot of killings mindless shooting round here a lot of my friends lost their lives. in his neighborhood. people can't get a job they sell drugs spray here you know way for people to come boom boom boom boom boom boom. you know and that's how they make one is uncontrollable you got to survive look. look it's a jungle so an example you got to act like a lion amongst other lines that act like a beast a must of the beast so this is survival of the fit is at the rose form you have to survive people minds can expand if they're close together to fluster it it in they
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don't know how to express themselves that was cool of ballots the government designed these housing projects and they keep people suppress. i believe that the environment that you grow up in plays a huge part as to what you experience you know i as well as what you become when you grow up. oftentimes in pittsburgh people die in specific locations they utilize the flowers and the teddy bears or create
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a memorial on the spot. so hopefully as a reminder to continue to reinforce why. not going the negative route or the dark route. in my adult life i've had six friends that have been murdered via gun violence in homewood. one was working as a bartender at a local bar and a patron came in and decided to shoot him inside the bar another young woman named jenny's toe and she was murdered in a bar of the street from the y.m.c.a. because she didn't want to give her phone number to a gentleman that was there and then there's another one of our friends named frederick douglas that was murder right on on frank's on avenue not sure for what for what reason exactly but all these places are within. two minutes of the y.m.c.a. which is unique because that's where a lot of our kids go. basketball
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is a easy game for kids to pick up on because all you need is a vast. you can get lost in the game for hours or years or even a lifetime for some people like michael jordan or kobe bryant. if the columns are a motivation and more importantly gives them an opportunity to excuse. a lot of kids who look up to athletes and entertainers so even want to be rappers
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for the next le bron james or they want to be their neighborhood against them and the neighborhood drug deal that's fascinating into so kids they get a chance to see in their environment and they have options was like evil you selling crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot in order to excrete the hood. market and. it's. going to let. me go for the. soldier i got planned for today. this is some of the best of these all she. feels she. let me also so much you shall before. class was among. women so you would you guys cannot be your real bad people.
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all of the reasons were because there was division you know in the principle behind dividing that's why members were united states of america. i did states. this whole area was black so what happened was they put dead highway didn't care to put the highway right down the middle right smack down the middle. of this most prosperous inner city community called jackson ward which actually was named black wall street this was prosperous and then they divided it right here and as we crossed over into this section you want to see the transition. government housing became high crime drugs everything in addition to the highway as i mentioned some of the black owned businesses left their businesses to go to other areas this area right here and then became the ghetto this is one of the high crime
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areas right now as we see the difference here books cease government housing. no businesses. welfare food stamps you get hooked you get hooked and basically you just barely get along and you're living off of the government see blacks did better when we didn't get help. we were getting help we did better because we had to we were forced to do for ourselves where you start giving people help and paying them then this what happens these people are used to a check which is only enough for them to live in this kind of condition who wants to open up a business in a high crime area. because then you get rather. the folks who print the money when they want more money they just print more money they don't rely on workers to go and produce stuff that they have to go sell and then
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make a profit on the stuff they sell you don't see that in the car industry anymore it's become financially you don't see it on the property market anymore specify nationalize you don't see the manufacturing in the us has been exported to. china and financial eyes commodified securitized an american as a worker is completely redundant the same as they are around the world so that wages are converging and they converge at the wages in china so china wages are roughly i think four or five thousand dollars a year this is where the american wages are headed. in the need. for my dough for not sixteen months honestly did you know. just. isis fighters and no boarding
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a philippine people should. not call me ned. ninety dollars. just aren't abdulla still don't know who watch waiting for them. to. be near by and i are not easy. to pick it out i want to hear from them no money. to. keep.
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on top. there is no. there's a low blow number of opportunities here in western pennsylvania as well as so not only did our industries move but a lot of our people moved as well which forced even more businesses to basic strangely difficult to run a business in a place like home but just because one there's not a a lot of people there and then to the people there don't have the necessary means to take advantage of extra things one of the unique businesses that has been able to been a steadfast place to look to and home with i think they're you know at least fifteen years old and mr mr bundy has been there you know making. making those donuts for
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for kids to make sure that they have food before they were just cool for for generations upon generations so even in those situations where if mom and dad couldn't take care of kids knew that they could go to the bakery and grab a donut or grab something to make sure that they had so food in order to get through today so. i don't know how they did it but they found a way to be a constant presence in that neighborhood despite what has gone. on they were good or bad you know i am very compliant with home ordered. from but if you haven't read the earlier i don't see any new bridges coming in right now. big companies carrier three. from way
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maybe a major corridor here were never company called for. five hundred years you know i thought long they'd been. you know. that's just a tough par in a round the guns in murders that take place right out avenues one of the busiest roads and western pennsylvania is one of the longest and straightest rows so people arrive from the a fluent neighborhoods out on the side of western pennsylvania and they ride through homewood through traffic every single day to go to work which is crazy if you go on a news it'll say you know somebody got murdered in the home so it's not a place that you want to pull over and stop and maybe grab a donna and coffee rather than the same traffic.
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we've got here is the most number one you know most one of the capital murder. something's not so great. to talk about your food and how it impacted because you thought hostile just thought it was sixty dollars thought it was thought it was sixteen out of the gas saw you know how it all enough to sell a food amount so make a living now was there. while the slave say it's all we got what we're faced i was angry so when i saw my anger it's fun that's. hostile so the community i think about it everybody catch a head and want to cut their head which. addicts only charge for adding all you do is like controlled a lot of say the habits when we behave but our city you know is what we used to get out of poor so we want to sell goods is what. you got a. you know we know. we had
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a bottom you have to climb all the way about how old you are yet to make a name for yourself primary right now was so why capitol that is comparing it to like a war zone actually they say more people are shot in baltimore. you know if you're older in saudi arabia. it's probably crazy yeah it's all. whole crowd want to pull people risking. my senior year i found out i was having a baby by a woman that i wasn't going to marry so i dropped out of school was living out of my parents' house was broke and started dabbling in some things that i didn't need to dabble and put myself in a situation to almost be murdered in two thousand and eleven as a result of that experience that's when i made the decision to start doing what i do what i did it was a basketball team start to focus more in on my basketball career. in
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basketball it's a competition with yourself. you have the concrete yourself. it's a game where you have to learn to share and play with your teammates and more importantly compete against the other team as well as the environment. when people think about the ball they don't look at it in that aspect where you break it down because it's a personal battle it's about old amongst your team and other people. it's about almost you and the environment. it's a game of skill it's a game of aggression. and physicality where you're forced to cripple your force to shoot. or force and do a lot of things that people take for granted in every day it's. just that that passion that i've been able to maintain from much to carry over into my adulthood is what is allowed to be so much different than everybody else and create an opportunity where people say that we could hope to work to find other children in
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the province neighborhoods primarily in homes where i started the pittsburgh ball it's to teach them how to harness that energy and maintain that energy into their adulthood so then they can contain. like i said to do some of the things that i've done if not take it further and further and further. so will be sorry i was a war. losing too many people every day on every day i don't want to stick my life in philly put up are you to somebody and that's the number of followers show i said no the one who will be meaning come home us a mother who got
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a ta to see what mothers have to very deeply and that's just the thing isn't as just this plane is i can put it i don't want to see people getting chills you miss where you greet go i don't need to see people getting chills rush it. should i want to see people you choose for those. primaries based on no drug use. you know people who didn't kill for anything. ninety five percent of the crimes. or least eighty five percent of crimes is drug related. you know we're a weirdo right now currently we're number one. murder capital in united states we also number one in her way and
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addiction here. why because we have the port which is right down here will and the edge of the east coast so a lot of things come through the ports and stuff the way kids get involved with drugs. growing up in a city soon as you step outside your door. being go you're right there. actually someone i may add when you step outside your door scuse me do you know where i can use a wee for oh oh scuse me you know that's a don't. mean you know got some coke oh scuse me you know got some pills. right now in the community is going through a change because of changes going on in his community because john hopkins in a real estate value is going up so a lot of these residents is not going to be here to live too much longer are they going to bring in the good food because it's already solved everything is about
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space and right now everything so you've got well you've got wealthy people living next to like poor people. so eventually the poor people it's going to get it's going to it's not going to be around anymore. they're moving a poor people out to the county out this way so homeowners. they give them vultures in voters meaning give you access to another house if you don't have the pain the money just moved on and we did think about it you may be away from the city so right now the city is a growing. epidemic of just like well the conflict is is no inclusion for the people as they are ready. best to call flick the conflict is there's no inclusion everyone does a resident right now. they're not included in no future plans best the conflict.
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desk changing because donald trump. donald trump is sending you oh basket full of contaminated food it already had and in the end people do not like. so donald trump has really stepped in and a lot of people willy have freedom of choice you don't have a freedom of choice which you know you're eating with the government giving you can use your cause a go get food at a market male mistake yet if you're on a welfare you want to have their donald trump basket he said when you like go a basket full of food government you government get it so you can't there's no more purchase things are changing in the rich want access to the city. in with that comes. gentrification
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a lot of things giving s'posed right now you know. a lot of people go to church. and. you know they give offerings you know i'm a speaking bedouin in the religion or i'm just going from my observation but at the same time when they're in the. same people that they were a lot of dispersed. never be there for them financially and it never has. the fingers together you're going to squeeze your hand in and make sure you figure stays off your movie to go into this position and then make sure you set your hand in properly bring the gun up and keep it i'm a ok all right so the thought of it all old sea level ok
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forget what you saw in the movie sorry if you shoot the way they shoot it in movies you'll never get anything. what is do before you came here where did you were before you came here when you lived. death row in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend he is waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people that because of what they did have given up the right to live among us some even proven innocent enough to yez on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about.
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what i see images and hear things with their door. i see people who are afraid not see these young men and some women in the white supremacist group and i see those as the really scared people. scared that it loses. all they have the whole or that is the color of their skin that's all they have going for themselves through their white skin. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've matter to us with over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent in the world market rose thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two
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point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember in one one business showed you know board. one. state says all options are still on the table when it comes to venezuela the crisis hit country with more sanctions are not allowing u.s. aid convoys to enter. washington to close chinese language and cultural centers across the u.s. all forced teachers to register as foreign agents. tens of thousands of students have skipped school in france and germany to demonstrate over.


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