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on. the mountains of only grove. we're not doing that we are in the constitutional crisis it is a crisis of unprecedented levels through the maze deal rejected. rejected and no way out with the clock ticking in the u.k. parliament. over. declares washington's intention to weaponize its energy exporting clout to do what he brands. in the political leverage game. the german government reels at washington's attempts to lecture the country while remaining seemingly
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unconcerned over interference in venezuela. last year. for the toss. up close and personal with a new rocket. docket is finally out of the way he was assembled manually and it's taking to the launch site and this is the last time we see this. one construction in a horizontal position. thanks for joining us live. this morning thanks so much for joining us on the program. fate of brics it appears to be a limbo the british parliament has rejected leaving the e.u. without a deal one day after trancing prime minister to resign may's divorce agreement with
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the no alternative in place and clock ticking tensions at the house of commons fled . and let's be a nordo that we are in the constitutional crisis is shooting the house expressing its opinion on the deal the government attempted to question it is a crisis of unprecedented levels let us as a house of commons work now to find a solution to deal with the crises facing this country and the deep concerns that many people have for their livelihood for their lives their future their jobs their communities and their factories well extraordinary chaotic times taking place in the u.k. it really does seem like a very serious crisis in terms of at this point because as the deadline gets closer things just get more and more complicated just this week a series of very crucial votes taking place at the house of commons on wednesday night we saw m.p.'s reject the possibility of leaving the european union without
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a deal and this of course a became quite a significant vote with theresa made herself saying all of the previous all actions continue to be on the table the legal to forge the u.k. and. remains that the u.k. will leave without a deal. unless something else is agreed to the onus is now on every one of us in this house to find out what that is now the reasoning for this is that despite the fact that he's refused to accept the idea of leaving without a deal the problem is that unless they find an alternative or a solution that everybody agrees to within the next two weeks by the march twenty ninth deadline they will have to crash out of the european union without
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a deal that said unless an extension is agreed on and now we have a situation where to resubmit. these deal has been rejected leaving without a deal has been rejected and on thursday night m.p.'s will vote on whether or not to extend article fifty whether or not to push back the bracks a deadline of march twenty ninth and the way things stand at this particular moment all of the options still continue to be on the table but as bizarre as that sounds because there seems to be no compromise in terms of how to move forward another difficulty is that even if m.p.'s vote for an extension of the brics a deadline brussels has made it clear they're quite frustrated with the situation they want to see some kind of unified approach from london indicating exactly what they want out of bracks it we have heard. brussels save that really all
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negotiations have already wrapped up that the deal that had been presented and now rejected twice by members of parliament was the best deal possible so which way any of this is going to be moving forward continues to be anyone's guess i guess the sky's the bricks across a sling the blame on the slopes of the what turned down in st. the couple fighting like cats and suck over this whole briggs process and now basically the center of gravity the center of power has shifted the prime minister is a dead woman walking many people are saying she will be gone before too long now just to be an extension i mean even if they went ahead with mrs may's plan there isn't time to put in really necessary legislation before the twenty ninth of march seventh fortnight away and this is extraordinary situation the government has landed isn't i mean the government have made the biggest mess in history could have
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easily gone through breaks it. could've agreed to to leave on w world trade organization terms it would have been a problem i think the house of commons do not like her deal at all it's worse than being in the european union and that's what she's trying to do she's trying to make it look so bad that will continue on in the european union. breaks it count down on our. u.s. secretary of state has accused several energy exporting nations including russia of posing a threat to liberty and freedom it was one of a number of key points made during his speech at an annual energy conference in houston texas it was done of as this report. the us is out of the closet finally an official confirmation that it weaponized oil and gas and its foreign
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policy doctrine we need to continue to build our energy security in the ways of describing we need to roll up our sleeves and compete by facilitating investment all across the world and encouraging partners to buy from us and by bad actors but hold up what's with it's about bad acts as well don't you forget america is exceptional it's like no other country in the world really you so when they do it it is a canny tactic but when somebody else does it's a felony some nations are using their energy or malign amps and not to promote prosperity in the way we do here in the west. they don't have the values of freedom and liberty of the rule of law that we do and they're using their energy to destroy ours it's all the usual suspect in this being go of bodies russia is naturally there as it stands accused of plotting to turn poor old europe into a bunch of gas junkies by building
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a pipeline we don't want our european allies hooked on russian gas to the north as you through project none of the countries implicated in the project see a problem with it because if we received russian gas during the cold war not only in the d.d.r. where i live but also in west germany but i don't see why the times and situation today should be so much more us and we can no longer say that russia remains a partner but uncle sam knows best russia also apparently invaded ukraine to pillage its energy stock and we all know the story in russia that invaded ukraine to gain access to oil and gas reserves so let me get this straight russia world's number one in proven gas reserves with over fifty thousand billion cubic meters to show for it wanted some of ukraine's three hundred billion and when it comes to the black gold the might. energy empires of denmark and it's really more oil rich than ukraine could it be that someone spends so much time in iraq
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that now sees the fingerprints of its own plays everywhere now of syrian leader bashar assad also goes on from payors naughty list well this time the syrian president is guilty of wanting to explore some of syrian oil reserves which are well in syria and it is cuba of course taking advantage of venezuela by enjoying its oil not the us that outright seized all assets over venezuelan petroleum company and wired them to an account inaccessible to president maduro and remember us is special in every way so when they earn a buck in energy trade that's a force for good don't mix it up but through this here's my point. we're not just exporting american energy we're exporting our commercial value system to our friends and to our partners so trumps well marketed america first policy may need
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a little clarification it's not about america solving its problems by itself it's about america trying to solve its problems everyone else's expense pompei out seems to believe that whatever the us. is right and moral and whatever russia china or iran do is this is there really wrong and immoral but you have to remember that the foreign policy team that trumpets put together this is really an amazingly inept team and they are very bad at what they're doing no one is persuaded by its arguments russia's customers enter into the relationship voluntarily no one is corrupting anybody as they supposedly free trade free market the europeans are appalled by decision to pull out of a nuclear accord with iran they are determined to go ahead with the nord stream to pipeline. line which the u.s. opposes the no reason not to pipe in or gas from nearby russia rather than shipping
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it from the united states thousands of miles away makes no sense at all unless you're a us gas company. meanwhile the u.s. lawmakers are adopting a tougher stance on russia passing for new bills condemning voting in putin's leadership caleb moore and reports. according to some members of the u.s. congress tromp is just not hard enough on russia new legislation is required the u.s. house of representatives just passed four bills pacifically targeting russia they are mandating that no federal agency actually recognize crimea as being part of russia furthermore they are demanding that the intelligence agency dig into vladimir putin and his family's assets but that is just the tip of the iceberg resolution condemns the putin regime we speak out against strongman and dictator we will sanction them oppose strict sanctions imposed sanctions expose condemned reveal and they must be brought to account for their actions anyone who has ever
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watched mainstream media has heard that whole trouble putin montra but just in case you missed it why are you piece surrendering to putin's worldview russia's handling of the loss was an asset that seems to be. but the facts just don't add up some of the toughest sanctions ever imposed on russia were passed under the trumpet ministration treasury remains committed to talk getting russian back tend to tease this seek to profit from russia's a legal an extension and occupation of crimea sins are a clear reminded that effort seeking to normalize investment and economic relationships with those operating in crimea will not be tolerated and as subjects' to u.s. and e.u. sanctions. trump has escalated the u.s. and nato military presence in poland right on russia's doorstep and trump has presided over naval maneuvers in the black sea right near russia's sensitive
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military base. trump has authorized the sale of lethal weapons to the anti russian government based in here furthermore he directly attacked the syrian arab republic his predecessor would do neither of these things but some say it is just not far enough the rhetoric continues that somehow he's putin. well it doesn't really matter what he does he can be totally hard on russia he can be harder than obama or anybody else in russia don't want to know because it's all part of a greater playing to get out of office as all is about is really kind of a no win situation in his case the narrative is a narrative and you're going to push it no matter way it's almost like trump is being backed into a corner he has to escalate hostilities in order to disprove the constant allegations kaleb oppen r.t. new york the crew of last year's failed so using rocket launches poised to make a second attempt ahead of lift off from the baikonur cosmodrome auntie's what if checked out the preparations. another crew on the international space station.
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russian spacecraft will take three members of the fifty ninth expedition into orbit double in the station's population two of them russian. and americas nick hague will be their second take they faced it with much dignity and awe full of confidence today. there are no such incidents the thirty five years. i think even though we didn't make. it was good training for the crews we have him and for us. some one hundred percent off. the nature. of the word purpose and more to do with.
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less is where they were you think hatfields down some five hundred one of those from the one fed by from the and. they would bring their fost on lending very keen and need a lend it. given that they have one with a fifty feel warmer than a ballistic missile and many times over the force of gravity while on the ground no one was hurt either you want me there think. a lot more than they fear we have never mind how or for us really only worth it if they broke our link our dear all they found that was wrong with what. they were didn't exist.
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thursday's launch comes right after a successful test flight of america's dragon spacecraft the first commercial coud be called to ever reach the international space station marking the beginning of a new era of even space flight after. will it be a new era of global exploration further exploration of space or the era of competition between russia us and other countries it is a competition within itself to just get better and competition is only going to help us get a better future so it's actually a pretty good way to beat the general. i don't know about the competition thing but if we look at this topic a little light heartedly i'd say the shuttles deliver pretty cool things to the i
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assess the progress rockets usually take things that don't expire that quickly and with shuttles we just make some calls and in a day's time we get grapes or paper and it all looks pristine you could take a picture with those goods but for now i couldn't the oldest largest and busiest spaceport remains the only gate to a few key humans to enter the i says and things to get done just like sixty years ago when he was getting ready for the first space tourney in history. even the time the lucky please it's tender for the first time he's holding the same seven am shot the rocket is finally out of the way his symbol manually had it's taking to the long side by a train using the radio. specially designed and built for just this
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purpose and this is the last time we see this. look at these speeds to middle one construction in a horizontal position. is always to vertical position in blade to it will roar here on the ground for the last time and boost the space ship with its international crew into orbit and. the students. want to prefer sets of moves whose funding often called for more diversity on campus won't pick up what's going on there just after the short break .
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he's gone into a. fever. thank god. the traveling across america what makes america take the show the. quintessential american hero this is a point. oh . we're starting with the movie going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the b. i think i want to leave now any more of. you may be completely different in this. join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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in germany members of i'm going to michael's conservative posse have lashed out at the outspoken u.s. ambassador the rich should. the u.s. could cut down on the intelligence it shares with germany should. take part in the germany's five infrastructure project there was be to all the reports. themselves not exactly paragons of diplomatic tact. chancellor merkel is far from happy with the latest comments from washington's man in berlin on buses a richard grinnell said that should germany proceed with developing its next generation of wireless internet infrastructure alongside the chinese telecom
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company who while we're well then would be limited in the intelligence that was being shared with us from washington none of your business says angela merkel even a security particularly when it comes to the expansion of five but also elsewhere in the digital area is a very important concern for the german government so we are defining all standards for ourselves of the politicians have also been quick to condemn the us some bus that is approach the federal government is in no need of demands or tips from the american ambassador about our competency to address cyber security policies again u.s. ambassador we're now is threatening the federal government the b. and d. is supposed to buy routes from cisco rather than why wait otherwise there will be less information from banda say this is far from rich should grinnell's first rodeo since the us ambassador arrived in berlin he's heard a few things to say. the.
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german companies doing business in iran should wind down operations immediately never tell the host country what to do. we're not a banana republic. i'm accept one side tightening. terrible business when an ambassador starts to lose. she of the country that they're based in unless of course the country being lectured is venezuela where when it comes to attempting to subvert the politics and constitution of the central american nation germany going further than using the diplomatic corps and straight to the executive branch. why
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don't is now the past not talked about it and we expect him to initiate an election process a soon as possible and for this task he is the legitimate interim president from the point of view of germany and many european partners doesn't mean that germany's ambassador to caracas didn't get in on the act though in fact he was expelled from venezuela after being accused of meddling in the country's internal affairs he left with a parting shot the president maduro nicolas maduro nicolas maduro not only lacks the democratic legitimacy necessary for political reasons but he also denied the humanitarian situation that venezuela is going through which was then doubled down on by germany's foreign minister said this will in no way lead us to reconsidering or support for one as interim president was a mandate to organize free fair and independent elections anyway the support is irrefutable and it will stay this way it all leaves the u.s.
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ambassador's comments here paling into relative in significance in comparison peter all of a bill in germany is a sovereign nation and german economic policy is decided by germans in germany and not by us ambassador who thinks that he can order anyone to do what he wants that has been the way of the united states for far too long and in germany they have picked much too large a country to try this strategy german ambassador and has met with the self declared leader of the country a person. who has been elected by anyone who had them stood for. the presidential election and who now claims to be the president of a country that barely knows him and it's absolutely unacceptable for a german ambassador to meet him at the airport and to support him and to declare him the president of the country that is like if i were to care bernie sanders the
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president of the united states. shouldn't new york's sarah lawrence college demanding it cuts funding for one of its professors after the conservative academic called for a greater diversity of views on campus the protest has grown with students also calling for the college to address injustices imposed on people of color. i'm. i. live. yeah yeah yeah yeah now the politics professor talk i said to the protesters wrote an article in the new york times in which he called for greater ideological diversity in colleges and also accused his campus seven astray sion of left wing bias after this shouldn't backlash twenty seven faculty members signed a letter defending abram's thugs following the protests the president of the
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college promised to discuss the issues raised but refused to punish the professor and the students more general demands included better food options for muslims and jews at the colleges canteen plus more lectures are people of color they also want professors to undergo annual diversity training t.v. host and political commentator steve malzberg says liberals are dominating the conversation on campuses. i don't think what's happening in sarah lawrence is an isolated incident all we're seeing intolerance that has been growing on college campuses for many many years and it's called meeting in an atmosphere that makes it really impossible for a student who is not a. liberal to express himself or herself i don't mean for a student but as we've seen for a tenured member of the faculty i think college should be
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a place where you would change your ideas you you do big issues you have speakers who are conservative speakers who are liberal you go see you debate you don't shut down speakers because oh he's a conservative i don't want them on campus there is that lines for the south thanks for saying soon that all teams are national back in. it's time with more global new satellites we'll see that. the negative interest rates coming to your bank account sale is being done on the wholesale level right now between countries and now it's going to come to your local bank account so a set of getting thirty basis points on your money market fund or on your savings
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account the bank will get native three percent so that three percent will be taken out of your account and given to someone that a central bank says a systemic claim for. dream agreed to pretty. old must remember that it was most of the family. there wasn't it was bit you know much worse objectively. but there was an expectation of the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hope. there isn't today today's america was shaped by the ten principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo duo engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no i'm chomsky one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happens when you put her into the. roof. which
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is dedicated to increasing power virtue of just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. although the latest skirmish on the indian pakistani border has faded from the headlines it left the leaders on both sides with high approval ratings. in the polls lead to more risk taking when the next confrontation takes place. greetings and salutations. sophocles once famously exclaimed that i would
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prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating by all accounts most would agree with this ancient bit of wisdom by the great greek playwright except that imagine the rich and privileged parents of broadstairs who were bused the biz week for taking part in one of the worst scandals in the history of higher education here in the united states of america yes the hollowed halls of higher learning were rocked on tuesday as the us justice justice department officials laid out the scam where parents would pay a pre-determined amount of money that would go to either bribing s.a.t. or a c.t. administrators in the letting them alter students' test scores or it would go to bribing college athletic coaches who would allegedly create of fake profile of the student as an athlete regardless of their athletic ability a total of fifty indictments came down.


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