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tv   News  RT  March 20, 2019 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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in the headlines this morning brazil's president faces a political scandal after reports emerge about his ties to violent paramilitary got into the country. germany is accountable for the deadly drone strikes in yemen directed and controlled from the u.s. based on german soil in a court case won by the families of victims. and scientists democratic party claims it was only twelve years left to save the earth from global warming. good morning welcome to the program and i am here in moscow this wednesday the twentieth of march my name is kevin irwin with the r.t.
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world news update for you for the next thirty minutes starting with this the president of brazil has been dubbed the trump of the tropics for his right leading views and indeed chose the united states as a destination for his first official foreign visit to cement that relationship but while things went swimmingly overseas at home both scenario is facing a political scandal over reports service alleged ties to violent gangs caleb maupin has more on the allegations this morning. the new controversial president of brazil is on his first international trip since being elected he's visiting the united states and meeting a man who has often been compared to u.s. president donald trump now both men are known for their big mouths and their disdain for political correctness but back at home bowls in are always facing a scandal not for his words before his ties to right wing militias which the country is notorious for.
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which. earlier this month two former police officers were arrested and charged with the killing of marielle franco a left wing elected official now when the police raided the home they found one
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hundred seventeen automatic rifles as well as computers full of intelligence information on left wing journalists activists and politicians so where was this mini command center of extremism located well it turns out it was on the same block as bolton are as home in fact a photo of both sonora with one of the suspected killers has surfaced when confronted about it also narrow gave a flat out. denial the media has always criticised me they want to do simplistically a connection but i never saw the gentleman in my gated community i don't need to spend as much time to know you gauge and social life with them this is not the only tie to extremism back in january five former leaders of a right wing gang were arrested and it was revealed that the wife and daughter of one of the gang leaders was actually employed by bolsa narrow son flavio son of the brazilian leader joined his father in taking a photograph with the gang leaders at a birthday party furthermore flavio also gave an award to one of the gang members
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a medal of honor now there was an incident back in two thousand and eleven that also raise suspicion a judge was murdered after a controversial trial and we heard this interesting statement from balsa narrow son . made this judge be with god but the upset and could choose his way she said police offices and quote sessions contributed to having many enemies. so when both scenarios sat down with donald trump he had some pretty serious charges hanging over his head a lot more serious than say unreleased tax returns now both scenario before he met with donald trump sat down with another powerful u.s. entity the u.s. central intelligence agency now the cia's ties to right wing extremists and death squads in south and central america is hardly new information and at this point there got to be folks inside of trump's team who are wondering if his photo op with this rightwing brazilian counterpart is really such a good idea to look up and r.t.
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new york brazilian political analyst brutally mowed russia says even having his photo taken with the militias is a disgrace for the president. this president being seen in old photographs of teachers with militiamen with the scorn and it is at least a shift in the position of the president and the presidency is older son. will. see in relation their estate because. security policies in real is very much much more connected to the state's violence to public safety and affordable celerity himself. there's another serious area our employee called this in his self is very.
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very committed so. i would say the hard core belief there are police other news lines that came up president trump used a joint news briefing to reiterate washington's commitment to squeezing venezuela's economy. but we haven't done the toughest of sanctions as you know we've done. i would say right down the middle but we can go a lot tougher if we need to do that in the u.s. i mean to be granted sure enough no the two leaders exchanging football shirts with each other's names on probable scenario found common ground on venezuela both recognizing self declared interim president one as the country's new due to mid leader they also called on venezuela's military to switch sides well the us president once again pointed out that all options he said still are on the table for venezuela the country strongly rejected the statements major in the meeting the country's foreign ministry said it's deeply concerned about trans personal influence on the brazilian president gregory well puts
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a co-founder of the website to venezuela analysis dot com but he's trumpet bulsara want things to deteriorate further for caracas. for one thing i mean certainly the trump administration that consists of many individuals who are very eager for a military intervention and there's been a lot of talk that they might do something like that and i'm a star and intervention in venezuela but at the moment the problem is that the neighboring countries are not at all in favor of this and so the u.s. would have to go to and so they're having to weigh that ass are against each other so i'm thinking they're hoping for further deterioration of the situation in venezuela and then depending on how things go on in my push again for an actual military. present troubles he is the briefing to president nicolas maduro for choking venezuela's economy. it's happening there is a disgrace this was one of the wealthiest countries in the world and all of a sudden it's just it's grief stricken poverty stricken no food no
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water no air conditioning no anything no power for a long time last week no power and that's going to break down again because it's being held together by threats while washington claims venezuela is completely impoverished interestingly two filmmakers who spent a month shooting a documentary in caracas last year say as they saw it the situation is not as bad as it's betrayed in the western media they said their findings of my calling colin bray. that at best it's a mess that you know it may be that your for some assistance from metals on sand is that you get access to dollars from the us. into letting you know. for to pay the bills that you know is dangerous but the battle going against actually when i arrived and crackers before before actually as it sort of take a few steps back before i went to venice where there are
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a lot of people i know in the journalist community is there well actually alan maybe you should take a pause are going to venezuela you know the crime rates around us. the economic and social situation is appalling not to mention the political situation and actually when i arrived i mean life was still bustling in caracas something people were still going to jobs people were still continuing with their lives people going to find it hard to believe at the u.n. say three point four million but as wayland have fled to the country three point four million people don't leave the country if everything's ok or at least manageable well this is interesting i wonder where these figures come because according to the government in people that shooting last year seven percent of. you know school. children that particular five to seven percent are so also a hundred and twenty thousand colombe in actually settle last year in minnesota.
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hyperinflation it concentrates on those things for. things like sheep like electricity bills water bills other things give us a rounded picture of this because you spent a month in venezuela more recently than probably most of our audience did and let's face it you work in the news business you know that pictures of suffering sells more than than anything else but even in troubled countries life has a spectrum so alan give us a fuller picture then life in venezuela tough as it is how is it really. as you said it is tough i mean it is hard i would say yes this is our moment of us but i would say definitely the government has made mistakes but i would also say the u.s. sanctions and he definitely sort of feel you know the effect of u.s. sanctions in the sense of lack of u.s. dollars of lack of being able to use u.s. financial instruments and i mean i would say that people here do. you know you know
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the society functions. the german government bears legal responsibility for us drone strikes direct to the controlled from german territory that's according to a recent court ruling in a case brought by families of civilian victims in yemen dahlia holkins reports next this morning from berlin. landmark case in germany with the court in the city of months the ruling that the german government does bear at least partial responsibility for ensuring that the use of its air base in the southern city of ramstein by the united states air force does out here strictly to international law in two thousand and twelve three yemenis lost relatives five sell been. lost his brother in law asylum been out of job who was an alongside his brother will lead in a u.s. drone strike the germans through an air base on german soil were involved in these strikes and what had happened to my family and it is possible that my family would
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not have been a target of such strikes drenched an air base not provided such information the case was initially dismissed by a court in cologne back in twenty fifteen the court has now ruled that in fact the base did play a central role in facilitating the relaying of dates for drone strikes in yemen judges ordered the government to take all appropriate measures through ensure that the u.s. force was complying with international law and to press washington if necessary to get the answers they required it also ordered the government to investigate the questions and the concerns put forward by the family surrounding the legality of that airstrike that gave a sermon he addressed the killings conducted by al qaeda and challenge them to present a religious authority that is willing to debate with him so he can demonstrate to the people that this behavior of al-qaeda is wrong he was taken out by the american strike unfortunately he was not killed by al qaeda he was killed by an american
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missile germany is a country that stopped arms shipments to saudi arabia which is a key player in the yemeni conflict described as one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes of this century and also a key u.s. ally however the use of the ramstein air base for facilitating. strikes has carried on and this has come in for criticism from human rights representatives i think it is definitely constant a contradiction that the german government is saying that the arms sales to the saudis for the were in yemen have to be stopped in at the same time. do not intervene to stop the drone strikes and even via ramstein air base this court case hasn't played out entirely how the job or family wanted it to they were hoping for a complete ban on the use of ramstein air force for anything to do with u.s. drone strikes in yemen any german government has said they will look into the
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ruling they will study it carefully but this can be viewed as an important first step in perhaps looking at the legality of various international legal framework surrounding the use of ramstein air base for conducting unmanned drone strikes in the conflict. fires been raging for three days in the petrochemical plants in texas storage tanks containing highly flammable components for gasoline glue a plane that has been a place since sunday fire crews managed to get the worst of it over contain it there's now a minimal risk to save explosion not completely over though all employees been accounted for no injuries reported in authorities said monday that quality around that facility was testing pretty much within normal guidelines if schools are reopened tuesday. reasons to be cheerful wednesday morning doomsdays apparently being delayed seems claims by us democrats that quote there's only twelve years
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left in safe from global warming has been inaccurate so they say scientists say that the policies we mistakenly using those planes come pays. more. even back when t.v.'s look like that kids cartoons would portray those saving us from pollution as superheroes i am captain i want. to. be today you just can't be a successful democrat and presidential hopeful without being a bit of captain planet democrats be like how do i sound quare and make republicans look bad at the same time. thank god there is climate change the scientists are absolutely unanimous on this that we have no more than twelve years to take incredibly bold action on this crisis what the intergovernmental panel on climate
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change say is that we have twelve years twelve years and we're like the world is going to end in twelve years if we don't address climate change why this gary deadline of twelve years a few months ago u.n. environmental experts put together yet another alarming report showing the earth is continuing to heat up it's bad for the planet and everyone who lives on it some interpret it the following way experts say that we have until twenty thirty to avoid catastrophe the world has little more than a decade time is running out to prevent global warming and it says the time's up andrea that the world has to do something we're reaching the cliff edge a little faster quite a bit faster and so it snowballed into a big trendy protest children have the impression their generation could be doomed oh scientists. that we have twelve years to turn this around but suddenly there's
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that hoops moment the associated press checks what those who want to run for the white house after say for facts what was it that mr o'rourke said again the scientists are absolutely unanimous on this that we have no more than twelve years so a.p. actually got in touch with the scientists the panel did not say we have twelve years left to save the world this has been a persistent source of confusion the report never said we only have twelve years left well have a look at what they wrote on some liberal websites after the a.p. piece came out that's right on climate and the a.p. fact check is wrong it's the a.p. this is incorrect about climate. change not by rule oh sure how can a democrat candidate get something wrong especially when his party essentially chose to rely on the so-called green new deal ahead of the election it's a set of proposals to address climate change you just can't lead down your next
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generation of voters it is a matter of faith and belief by guys like bedo and others who will walk out and say the world is going to end in twelve years and not receive any pushback and there's no laughter there's no one going now you've got to be kidding me there's no one standing up to them and saying you've clearly lost your mind which you have are a bunch of coreligionists of not even going yes it's terrible it must do something elections and in this country anyway or are not about convincing middle they're about turning out your base and keeping the other guys votes home and if you want to turn out your base and you're a leftist candidate preaching about climate change and how the other side is determined to see us all die horribly that's going to do get the job done for you. eighty minutes past nine mosco tom this morning thanks for watching. after the break another prominent politician jumped ship in canada over a corruption scandal is threatening to derail the prime minister's hopes for another just one of the stories ahead.
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you know world is a big part of a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. most of us are and believe we live in a society think foremost that both are true the rich and privileged can buy access for their kids the expense of families who are hard working and on is the idea of
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marriage yet. again good morning this is us international the senior advisor to canadian prime minister justin trudeau's resigned in an ongoing corruption scandal michael wernick is the fourth senior official to step down over trudeau's alleged interference in a bribery case and involves s n c level and one of the world's largest engineering and construction firms in twenty fifteen seems the company was charged with bribery and fraud in libya that allegedly paid ninety eight million dollars in bribes to gadhafi era officials to secure lucrative contracts including the world's biggest irrigation project now the firm claims that all the people implicated in the case
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of since left the company prime minister trudeau though has been accused of pressuring the attorney general to drop the investigation it's something he denies and he denies any wrongdoing. i and my staff always acted appropriately and professionally since the allegations surfaced justin trudeau's approval rating has been hit it's fallen from forty one percent in january to thirty three percent now and that's their forecast his chances of winning in may be elections in october and the sundra bruno's an independent political analyst and thinks that the corruption scandal is another tip of the iceberg. since you know and it's hardly the only scandal and problem and then barrus meant for the government. since eleven then scandal has taken the limelight away from the way scandal fact that china is now pushing the case and they say that counters definitely influence and it's. just as with politics. trudeau has ruined his brand he's no longer the sun
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around which everyone else wants to revolve they're trying to wash away the scandals but the problems are just accumulating and he's become a liability not to mention then the budget. increasing the deficit which will play into the hands of the conservatives so the number of issues piling on the government where it's bursting. us jurys ruled that a weed killer produced by chemical giant monsanto was a major factor in causing cancer the man in california is in fact the second person to successfully sue the firm on the same allegations the latest lawsuits been brought by a guy called edwin hardman who used roundup weed killer for more than twenty five years in twenty sixteen he was diagnosed with a cancer that affects the immune system monsanto which is based in the u.s. known by the german chemical giant baird denies that the product causes cancer it contains a chemical called life it was discovered by monsanto scientists way back in one
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hundred seventy but as of course become one of the most widely used herbicides in the united states and around the world in twenty fifteen the international agency for research on cancer classified as probably carcinogenic to humans calling cavell an associate professor of political science thinks that monsanto will continue to make huge profits though as long as it has u.s. government support. monsanto and its parent company bear is making big dollars so they're making tons of money and the u.s. . agency that's supposed to regulate the agricultural chemicals serves the round the is not better mental to human you know why is it so as long as the man of the green light from the u.s. government they can market round or are own the war. moreover other
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companies in our life will say they are agricultural products and so they also are benefiting greatly. and finally there's a set of all good news bulletins twenty years ago for a fantasy book to hit it big exceptional script work and a ton of marketing work was probably sufficient but things have changed these days it's very different you're expected not only to write a new throttling story but also to address current political and social trends to make it big so what you do if your old bestseller doesn't quite measure up to standards well perhaps you could tweak it characters a tad to fit the bill. why can't you can. i come to.
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their relationship was incredibly intense it was passionate and it was enough relationship i'm less interested in the sexual side i believe there is a section i mention to this relationship. wow in another great revelation from j.k. rowling. j.k. rowling confirm some cuts in the books abuse ok everywhere except in the books of the movies there were scenes in the movie that like the time and how they remained it would have clearly shown temple was gay or just received. here or should not be . oh don't tell people to tell her own the more jerry. just remember the speed of exists and based on recent events i'm starting to think it was made by j.k. rowling.
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the. white skin was never specified molly nobs black my. mind is white through specifics now from behind a tree. you remember. a guy. essentially transgender. and i meet in a wheelchair campaign i have down syndrome what is this character is actually i don't know all of them. she pokes notes about gay relationships that's simply a fact but obviously what she does do is after a few years you know where the ticket sales are down and where they sells the books
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it out there what she does he she just comes up with a few little things to get out into the media and there's a saying look good luck to her you know this is show business and she has the rights to do that but i don't think that most people look at the reports of coke and think if one of the great works of gay liberation that is ever existed in the world i'm not like so because it's intended for children and i don't think that it's appropriate to explore very adult fables when you're dealing with children you know this needs to be and i think needs to stay is and statements and they say you know the line should not be crossed. well there you go move the times of course let's throw it up so far this wednesday for the latest check it out the door called i'm kevin now in for me the rest morning to me today of a great day. for the wealthy in america decided playing anymore we're going to just grab as much as we can of the cash out there in the system and put it offshore and that's why
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there's not twenty two trillion offshore and battle of credit in the system srong the central bank instead of punishing the banks just flooded the system with more of the fia money and then those who are the paranoid have yachts versus the have nots decided you know we're going to put more offshore so they just keep trying and shipping it off shore and it's completely bypassing the economy and so the economy is getting more starved for credit and the people are getting more rest. to get up off the ground or begin to. hurt them freeze on the sounds of. the christening essentially. which to do away from the officer. the officer did they kind of lunge for the web
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in one smiths and they would have been done. and i've. never seen any contact with . any kind of went back to where they were so the answers back here they're try again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer is gone even beyond three. bags. we shot i had to get up on soldier that i make i had a. gun i got a close and that was on bush honestly i'm not going to now go kind of once in a month. in office and there was a shot someone did not. know what to just make sure they're ok so motionless on
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his own by the ocean of the foot that it. doesn't go up on a little more so well belgium actually the heart is a little. tough the final cut just. pushed. down the line of political talk to people bullshit pull up don't let on the national. interest none of them say i'm going to mission i second for how i feel is not to mess around with the few who committed customers on the set the course and i'm sure it was never understood i'm not going home quick if you send us out not them in america i mean basically.


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