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but it was. u.s. special counsel roberts concludes a two year probe into alleged russian collusion and recommends no new indictments. the british prime minister tells a divided parliament that's a. deal could not be off the constant spying granting her extra time to get it past. the ministers and that's why you see muscling the former attorney. and canadian prime minister justin trudeau is by conservatives and accused of being a fake feminist in the wake of the corruption scandal that's rocking to topple his government.
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it's eight o'clock here in moscow and you're watching altie international live from our studio with me welcome to the program. u.s. special counsel robert mueller has finally submitted his long awaited report on and large to russian involvement in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election a confidential document has been submitted to the justice department which says has not recommended and new indictments. is in new york with the latest. report has been submitted the final report from bob mohler the special counsel appointed years ago to look into allegations that donald trump had colluded with russia during the two thousand and sixteen elections and this point no further indictments are being called for we're hearing from the white house which has spoken up and said the next steps are up to attorney general barr and we look for. rigid the
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process taking its course white house has not seen the report does not know what it contains it was simply submitted to the department of justice has long maintained there was nothing for special counsel robert mueller to find he's stood firm in saying that there was nothing to the allegations made against him let it come out let people see it that's up to the attack happened there's no collusion there was no collusion there was no obstruction there was no nothing it appears that this bob no report is a bit of a failure it hasn't turned up any big indictments related to russia collusion it's been two years long but we've already heard democratic party leaders talking about other options they have for keeping the scandal scandalous allegations related to trump and russia alive now adam schiff a democrat in congress recently floated this idea for keeping the story going i said he agreed that the counterintelligence investigation may be more important than the criminal investigation because it goes to present threat to our national
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security whether the president and anybody around him are compromised by foreign powers there's been many occasions in which the u.s. public was told that some kind of bombshell or groundbreaking revelation was about to be revealed but it seems that two years the report has finally concluded and people are waiting to see what is made public from that report after the u.s. attorney general makes that decision. and will write u.s. presidential hopeful for the libertarian party but within time will investigation has been a waste of time. what we've seen so far has been basically a joke this whole thing was supposed to find a russia russian called lucian and so far all the indictments all the guilty pleas and there have been guilty pleas and all the people found guilty in court have been found guilty of things better other than russian collusion this was supposed to be a big whole thing that was going to under under uncover some connection between trump and russia and it turns out to be just
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a bunch of petty usual nonsense just normal politics this is not russia inclusion this is a waste of time effort and energy so i expected or democrats will drag this out as much as they possibly can not because they think there's anything to be found but because they know that this trial this kind of circus is helping to energize the democratic base helping them to say look trump is really bad for these reasons. and a petition calling for braggs it to be cancelled has reached nearly four million signatures since wednesday setting a record for the parliament website and comes amid increasing uncertainty of the future of the u.k. is divorced from the on thursday british prime minister tries to make it was in brussels to negotiate an extension to the withdrawal deadline leaders agreed to a two week delay until may the twenty second parliament passes have twice rejected as a deal if not have only until april the twelfth to propose
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a new plan however the prime minister has said a fresh vote may not take place next week as expected into even further disarray following all the twists and turns of this saga has probably. remember that simpsons episode where bart touching the electrified cup. and i was like i was imagining that's again have breakfast you can use to the right two hundred. the nose to the left four hundred and thirty two eyes to the right. two hundred forty two moves to the left three hundred nineteen one so the no no no no you have it the woman tasked with leading the country at its greatest hour since world war two hasn't got many people queuing up to defend britain's
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departure from the e.u. is likely to be delayed and the wheels are falling off the brags that bus but if you think about it to reason may wasn't the one that called the referendum in the first place a certain previous prime minister dead and she has hammered out that deal with the e.u. like she was supposed to but the politicians in parliament won't sign off on it because some of them are hard bragg's it is that want to stick it to brussels and many of them remain is that want to stick with brussels and pleasing the politicians in a predominantly remain a parliament while carrying out the will of the people is turning into an impossible task the prime minister must bring sixty votes prime minister what changed can i ask the minister if she will make a statement to most forced. to brussels she is the roadblock to this house reaching majority something she's like the time she couldn't get out of this car carrying
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the poisoned brags that chalice our prime minister is trying to sing around the continent in pursuit in search of warm words when she can get out of the car to hear the schoolyard taunting hasn't stopped. you might recall from previous comments i made about cricket that one of my cricket heroes was always geoffrey boycott and what do you know about geoffrey boycott geoffrey boycott stuck to it and he got the runs in the end she may still be the captain but her team have denounced her broken her. bat and are still standing how to play against crossroads all the while demanding that she win when will she develop a backbone and stand up to do was to take this mission to disaster week reach reach even donald trump has had a day i'm surprised the hell barely it's all gone voices of support are rare i don't always agree with her but i know her to be
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a woman of coverage and i feel sorry with her this morning let down by the disloyalty of so many of her colleagues but i also feel sorry for her because we have actually given her an impossible task for critics though there's no excusing mazed bungled bragg's it with public anger over brags that running high laughing at the prime minister has become a national pastime. come with me and together let's see the. me. what's. the plan. and the very thing that. the. governor. and who can forget
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the best one liner she's at a deliberate bricks it means bricks it years from now to reason may is likely to be seen as the brag that my minister and her legacy depends on it how message to the people of britain is that she is trying her hardest to deliver britain's departure from the e.u. is this i am absolutely sure you the public have had enough your taj of the infighting your charge of the political games and the arcane procedural rounds tired of m.p.'s talking about nothing else but bricks it when you have real concerns about our children schools a national health service knife crime. you want this stage of the bricks process to be over and done with i agree on your side she might be forgiven for wondering if there is anyone left on her as a professor of european law francesca believes that the bridge that process has
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gridlocked u.k. politics with no end in sight. this is symptomatic of politics politics in the u.k. is basically stalled i actually think it's quite fascinating that she's going to try and sneak her deal through as one of the seven rich variations on it now obviously i i don't think that can be stopped but she still intent on trying to push through or do europe has been defeated torrents record turned i think that we have this through very very serious crisis it's as if the referendum in two thousand and sixteen froze over it's really it's become the totem that nobody could contradict it was in two thousand and sixty said we're leaving and of course we need to really to read. through it then everybody else to make you know what
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exactly. a canadian opposition lawmaker has last time to at the prime minister calling him a fake feminist in a fiery parliamentary session michelle rand paul accused justin trudeau of silencing powerful women in an ongoing corruption scandal. the use of the term feminist break i ask one more time if this prime minister stuck to them and that's why you see what muscling the former attorney. the former attorney general who the lawmaker just mentioned is one of four top officials to have resigned in a bribery case this shaken the canadian government jody wilson raible says she was pressures by a trudeau to drop an investigation into canadian engineering giant s. and c. level in the company is also one of the world's largest construction firms in twenty fifteen s.n.c. lublin was charged with bribery and fraud in libya it's allegedly paid ninety eight
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million dollars to gadhafi era officials to secure lucrative contracts including the world's biggest irrigation project. in the wake of the scandal trudeau's approval ratings have slumped from forty one percent in january down to thirty three percent this month and led to widespread calls for his resignation the canadian prime minister has denied any wrongdoing insisting he was safeguarding the interests of fent. i and my staff always acted appropriately and professionally we of course had discussions about the potential loss of nine thousand jobs in communities across the country we spoke to canadian and journalist lauren something he says just in two days have been in some claims have been used to school political points. is not about holding true to one's values it is not about actually having a code of ethics it is about winning elections government has made it such
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a priority they have used accusations of sexism they have used the term feminist to prop up their party so much that their other conservatives are almost forced to bring this up in the conversation because they've made it such an important political debate so if your party is going to be about equality half women half men in the parliament that is going well then be prepared for that to be used as a weapon against you trudeau when you don't live up to your own values this will certainly make it a closer election than i initially thought and i think the conservatives could have a chance at taking things if trudeau continues down this road of scandal after scandal. france is bracing for a now the weekend of yellow vest protests but that's the difference this time around a french army general says soldiers may open fire if lives to put a risk on. points from paris. another week and other protests but this
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time opening fire at crowds is apparently an option seen you do so you order the soldiers a strictly set out extremely precise they have different modes of action to face all threats that you could go as well as a player viable to get there or someone else's life is that this saturday over five thousand armed soldiers will be in the streets parisians are divided over the prospect with some calling it catastrophic believe me i think this is an extreme measure obviously this will not solve everything but at least it will help to avoid further destruction i don't don't know i don't think anything good will come of the government's decision to use their army but if you ask for what they did last saturday they burned down restaurants and so on i think this is a necessary measure so. it's not the army's mission shows the failure of the government and the failure of our petition is so you know. i think if the army opens file it will prove that crisis management was not sufficient so i think that
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bringing in the army as a way of responding to the crisis but it's not a solution to the problem the politicians from across the political spectrum have reacted with anger to this latest measure it's a serious mistake imagine them standing in front of the national assembly or elysee palace and a horse descend on them what happens to them will they be fired will people be killed in thirty seventeen the amount of demonstrators mechanism is fracturing france and sending it into they're. just it from a sheep mentality issue michael this time you have gone too far mr macro you have to know how not to push the entire country into a settling of schools it's time to return to more proportional methods the whole world would be horrified to learn that here in france we're using the same methods that we condemn when they are used in other countries. and this into putting soldiers on the streets in order to prevent another wave of violence the. range president has decided to close several iconic lead marks including this famous
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avenue. on saturday anyone protesting here will face a fine to up to one hundred thirty five euros it will pull of these announcements and not the result of powerlessness but rather a public order response to this precise reality holder who look and. it seems to be going up security on the streets is the only solution to this crisis that i'm in i am a crown can see and she's now turning his attention to other challenges today bricks it for me is not a technical negotiations it's a political lesson before anything else we have to acknowledge that china has been playing on our divisions i believe that when anyone brings their domestic problems
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or divisions to the european council it is a waste of time and i don't have time to waste. the nineteenth weekends of protests just now here at the french capital as braced for a fresh outpouring of anger and the protesters have adopted the slogan the war has been declared. coming up in just a minute donald trump takes the pressure off north korea by revoking the latest u.s. sanctions on the state. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the multiple different clubs on one hand it is logical to go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people. what not
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to give you. i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you can think i was going to go. by the way what is the flooding here. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. very dramatic developments only closely. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. welcome back to the program the impartiality of u.k.
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immigration officials has been called into question after it was revealed that they used bible quotes to reject any reagan asylum seeker. in the verticals chapter twenty six god states you will pursue your enemies and they will fall by the sword before you the book of revelation is filled with imagery of revenge destruction death and violence these examples are inconsistent with your claim that you converted to christianity after discovering it is a peaceful religion the church of england was left unimpressed saying it was concerned that asylum seekers fate might be decided by a misunderstanding of sacred texts the home office says the rejection letter was an anomaly not in line with its general policies and that it will work on training at star the latest figures show that a silent up concerns are rejected first time around we spoke with a chairman of an immigration consultancy firm ali he thinks that the home office is looking for excuses to turn down refugees. it is surprising that the home
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office should behave that way but you know unfortunately in some respects it's not surprising because they are quite unreasonable around help for. looking for excuses to turn down asylum cases even cases which many people would consider to be quite genuine so you know the unfortunate there we are the home office. quite inventive in a way and can come up with you know a whole range of reasons to fuse asylum you know which can be completely unjustified you know unfortunately governments want to have been tough on immigration for sure that's what's happening so perhaps it's not just the home office officials fault was also the government's for for encouraging officials to be nasty and helpful. they as president has ordered his treasury tech
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cancel additional sanctions against north korea announced the decision over twitter earlier though u.s. national security advisor john bolton noted the importance of the measures against north korea transposition comes after the withdrawal of north korean style from the into korean liaison office. on north korea informed us this morning that it would staff from the liaison office on instructions from a superior authority through its staff so the north said it doesn't mind the south remaining in the office and that it will modify on further practical matters in the future our government finds the north decision with rebel and it is hoped that the north returns its staff to the liaison office or normal operation as it was agreed between the two countries on the entire korean liaison office was opened in september twenty eighth as a sign of warming times between seoul n.p.r. it takes regular communications on various issues and can diffracted be used as an
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end. it's still not clear whether the withdrawal of the north korean staff is connected with sanctions or whether troubles decision is somehow related saying that trump cares about the relationship with north korea. will then i think a couple of weeks we will hear back from the north korean side as to how they would like to proceed for the the ball really resides on the north korean side on how they will respond after hanoi and i think donald trump is going a little way out a little out of his way to ensure that he doesn't mess things up u.s. north korea talks sayat of very delicate fears are the spoiling of time north korea essentially has to get back to the u.s. side wants to go forward and dark rum doesn't want to do that in a negative direction by imposing a new whole set of sanctions and that's why he's kind of trying to ensure that at least at the leader to leader level there's good communication and a good relationship because he believes north korea is
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a top down society and of kim jong un can take that strategic decision which he needs to make it will unlock the door to of very positive relationship and positive denuclearization related negotiations. social media network instagram plans to block anti vaccine hashtags after a backlash against medical misinformation the network says it's committed to fighting misinformation as possible work to address health related misinformation on instagram we're looking at ways to minimize recommendations of this content and accounts the post at the cross instagram the company's decision comes after america's biggest outbreak of measles in recent years medical data indicates the number of cases grew significantly in twenty eighteen one of the main reasons is thought to be the large number of unvaccinated people. no make is a public health advocates have been pushing the country's largest social media
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companies to take stronger action against content besides instagram facebook plans to reduce the role of groups that spread misinformation about vaccinations he said it's also pulling as from. claiming they violate its policies accounts harmful or dangerous acts. we discuss the issue with radio host and political commentator he things says social media users should have access to all sides of an elegant. i am concerned deeply concerned that instagram has put itself in the position of not only rendering expertise on what looks to me like a medical matter but also in the position of judging what people should hear and what they should not hear you know a free country in a free world in a modern world we should all get to hear all the sides of every argument and we should all be allowed to make up our own mind i'm closer to pro-vaccine that anti-christ but i would very much like to know that nothing is being kept from me
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while i finish making up my mind instagram's put itself in the position of doing exactly that keeping information from me and if i were a parent with a young child it's information i would be vitally concerned about so yeah that's very troubling. professor laurence tribe has become popular on twitter with his conspiracy theories mostly about u.s. president donald trump however this is not a problem for t.v. news channels who keep infantino.
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among those killed in the tragic plane crash is today so again millions of papadopoulos friend who e-mailed krishna and is said to be behind one of the most salacious claims in the dossier on trump's involvement with russia probably just coincidence. i don't know trump and the murderous saudi prince bin sound that coconspirator is david hackett in a failed criminal plot some thought canal and it still just faisal as owner of the washington post says. the banon now being investigated for obstruction the source says he physically threatened white house staff and.
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i'm joined now by one of the foremost legal experts in the united states lawrence tribe so sir you say trouble must be impeached he is also the co-author of two and a presence in the power of impeachment professor tribe thank you very much for joining us tonight. and we know that. a lot of the different news stations you're very anti trump and and anti his whole agenda and so this kind of. drive statement in his story all right into the narrative where they can twist it and portray. her tray the you know basically post it out there even though even though in the main we're camped out later on the headline is what catches the attention and even if it's proven later not to be true. still the headline without there and
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that was the whole intent democratic party looking for anything they can do to posture themselves to make him look bad running into two thousand and twenty or what i honestly do not think it will help the democrats anything i think it will. the detriment of them relying on their sources to rely on tribe state and i think it undermines. trust in the media and i think it undermines trust them up in the political party with well. much more to come here on. thirty minutes with more news updates but up next it's black line.
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breaks. to get up off the ground. sounds a. little way from. the obviously did they kind of lunge for the web. and they will happen. i never saw any contact with. any kind of went back to where they were back here again fifteen feet apart at this point.
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all power to the people on the evil i would kill the people i will be below par a lot of good people i'll have a. good day when you step out subtly stowers you must realize that you are fighting a war a war against four hundred years of racism of all pressure yet you all know.


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