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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  March 28, 2019 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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the election day. referred to the right figure that's true. we have as many people undecided but it will continue to be the case right until the day of the election was not difficult problem when yup it also looks like ukraine's western. also decided on the same because none of the candidates have been able to get the west's indorsement so far is because the choice is too broad or there's any other reason for that why western partners of ukraine are so undecided because they were not like that five years ago there was no situation today is very different. talk about the second round of election only folk and it is have the chances to pass selenski. these four candidates. you mentioned the opinion polls so these that your sociology but this very morning
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one of the forums. social sciences published results of an opinion poll shows a. very small difference between them in terms of voice and. this. is also trailing behind but ever so slightly today there is a battle for the second place and that battle the struggle will be very tight. for reasons why there was hasn't decided. to support. what i think the us has decided but it keeps silent about that. is as follows. there are three candidates in place as a bat selenski to my. only. one candidate. these four is
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associated with the self. region of ukraine is all for magic normal relations with russia that is boy i knew well different from the other three and that is why he receives no attention from the weiss that's the reason why the west keeps silent some say they. are ok with a view of the freakout to decide that is why they do not want to. the whole process by choosing some. particular candidate. because if they place their bets on one and the other wins that would be a problem i think that's the reason we. just mentioned the west or the united states probably already they probably already know. she's in the same is right now israel is have any problem in tory election campaign you have
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a daughter the situation is. there's board it's a little. support from the trunk from the president transferred ministration and with that into background president poroshenko attempt to win sympathy. and not yield in result and trump's attitude seems to be less than lukewarm is that anything personal between trump and poroshenko do you think. i for one think. if you would ask me. to trump administration support in ukraine i would say it's not. because it's based on fact couple of days ago very same prosecutors general. a number of things about the u.s. ambassador in ukraine and a number of things. and those stories started it. let's.
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take. no one looked into this even though the opposition platform for life and i personally said back then that the head of the national anti-corruption body should be taken to court that's what we said but no one paid attention. on the decision of the district court of december last year. and legally intervened in. the company he accused. the fourth legal. money in the ukraine. with the date the information was published even though the investigation is not exist and there is no investigation but all the data all the information has been leaked to mass media for instance. the court ruled back then that those actions
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were against the law and those two. citizens they damaged crane's foreign policy interests and they interfere in the u.s. election that's what the course. of the last two years is a different. being very popular the investigation into. russia's intervention. pretty much what you see in the report has not been published at the time but this is not just information from mass media talk about no that came from ukraine's court. should matter for anyone to say. but no one paid attention and we do know about the actions of. his company and the election and you asked was. a prosecutor general he sure.
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when he was. no way he had position in mind. it was not new back then it was the us would not support him during the election. it was supposed someone else and he saw what i think thought that the us would support zelinsky that's my opinion. but i didn't what then is this move me my administration was made. for us some of. your fond of each made quite a few strong statements about elections in ukraine don't you think it's out both the united states and russia are using basically the same rhetoric when speaking about the ukraine's elections. are concerned they are skeptical don't you think. it's an interesting fact that i'm stuffed or all these years the positions of the united states and russia i actually do the same. you know i really think so
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but. what we see is a very tough and dirty campaign the current authorities they use their resources and the president uses these resources to. every mechanism they can reach out to is a bribe. they. begin you. want and that will happen on the thirtieth of. the vote counting will be underway i mentioned a number of candidates right but you should understand that two of the candidates. were registered just candidates on the technically superficially good why would they need them only for one purpose. so that. it would be possible to play. planned to correct the right people to all the
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polling stations. that would give the forces a counter force is not to have a lever of the vote count and influence the brought our calls the outcomes of election polls started with building that foundation for the vote rigging and of course everyone knew that it was impossible not to notice that there was that foundations in the walls were constructed and the roof will be put on top of it and that will happen after the election is i volunteered for to. do yes of course took notice of it and russia noticed no surprises here. quite skeptical about. tymoshenko and also selenski all these candidates are basically given a choice between the present is can you clear and understandable to people yet loath to some future with some hope what do you think you crave me and society is
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no craving what is most important that people want what is the things we want. it's very simple. take the recent opinion polls over the last year maybe two or three years then we will see that most of the ukrainians have certain expectations. expectations from the future presidents and. she should do the first to the ukrainians who want to see. know how to stay. still majority of the ukrainians believe that this is not the problem number one and ukraine second. terror of genocide is because all that and. is a second problem shows of its breath and scope all about the even come of our people and there are many more reasons there is no end to this. problems the
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government authorities they do what they can. stay in power and over the last year did so many things things as bad as no other government did before i'll give you a number of. prices and. meat for example they. rose by three hundred fifty percent can you imagine that if we take bread for hungry vegetables up to four hundred percent rise in prices we'll take care of gas terrorists. arise. central heating. and that's how much the prices. have gone up the income the lowest in. europe as well as bunch and retirement benefits the lowest in europe the g.d.p.
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per capita again. the last in europe we are the poorest country in europe and that's what we became thanks to that government we have the government the authority is still struggle still want to remain in office these other things which. our people are preoccupied with. there are these three candidates. so good well and very much skeptical about. why. that's simple because they are they say. they want to become part of nato but no one wants nato they want to become part of the e.u. but. it's not for us because free trade zone has already our economy and has into the situation we are in now these three candidates other people who think that. but you're in the donbas can be achieved through sanctions
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sanctions against russia but if we see sanctions against russia. well nothing will happen. we want to. leave their position. we want to you gave us a special status we want to guarantee these people security and this way we want to bring them back to ukraine but these three candidates they want to expose more pressure on him and the russia for political and military means and as they say the new york's no use expect anything from them winning you know this they do that deliberately they have their money fast and they know that nothing day i propose will be done but we have the real program makes things better well we have to take a short break now but we will be back in just a few moments stay tuned. for
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. join me every thursday on the alex salmond shore and i'll be speaking to a guest of the world of politics. i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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an officer has been told to get up off the ground and the officer began to head them down to. democrats on the sounds of kind of fighting into a grown man like wrestling essentially the officer burly guy go through his window on. the visual twisted away from the officer holding the toys out of his crib. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then what happened on three swung at the officers hands didn't hit him i never saw any contact between the two any kind went back to where they were so the officers back here there try again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and aimed it on three.
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welcome back to worlds apart will be i discuss the crane's upcoming elections with a prominent ukrainian politician. supports your candidate it's understandable that you support him for going to u.t. boy but as far as i understand he's don't see top counted a race is rated for four third depending on the poll why do you think this position is not really popular with the ukrainians it is this is the go team in the if you take the situation with you because should you be dong bass. for the majority of people unfortunately. but let me conclude my last thought. that those who propose that i needed they are smart people but they actually propose things in such
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a way as to never actually also deliver on their promises they want to win their voters now and then you could lose people who leave all the territories ukraine does not control to spoil i mean the dawn bass they are not voting they will not vote for these three candidates and that is why is these three candidates who they're quite convincing what it comes to reaching out to their basis has been out there that people. believe that it is russia to be blamed and the count to four inches are not to be blamed people they trust these three candidates is just a future mistake on their part but that's true i mean if these people vote for one of these three candidates they will not see peace. because neither of the three would be no one would be so they don't need that piece that's the main reason i mean the last loss in a sense got i mean you mentioned all the difficulties the ukrainian votes have to
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face in the selection process and it's quite obvious that millions of ukrainian citizens will not be able to vote in this election those who live in the east. and since so many voters will not be part of it will be legitimate. i think this is not possible. today they did not give you to vote to just three million people who work in russia they have to work in russia because the current authorities refused to give them jobs here in the ukraine and. the like today people who live on this uncontrolled terraces of ukraine they cannot vote those who believe in this. again we see that russia's observers were not allowed to. all these events they just go to show that these
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election cannot be seen as legitimate but you want that done why do you insist on participating in this election and promoting your candidate in that case there is not usually but that's part of the position of principle we do not want to sit idly we do not want to lose hope we will continue to fight will fight for our voters will fight for the interests of the southeast and the ukraine for the russian speaking population of your grade will be fighting against. who started the genocide in criminal law fullness and total lawlessness in the ukraine. if we do not do that there will be no one else to do no political power to help people who work in russia. to get the right to vote because these are what do you want to see in this spot is they know that those who work in poland or in russia will not vote for the current afford of those who leave these uncontrolled they will not vote for
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the current but human they know it. but we need these people we care for them because what we want to do is to give them their constitutional rights we want them to be full fledged citizens nationals of ukraine if not for us then who would do that. because it allows you already mentioned several times this term terry of genocide hughes to say how difficult it is for citizens or ukraine to live they pay for gas they pay for utilities and as far as i know your. russian prime minister was in part. about the supplies of gas from russia to ukraine i see. my question is about after everything that's been between russia and ukraine will these two countries be able to separate economics and politics because you know russia has been accused of using its energy resources to exert
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influence and to put pressure on the neighboring countries and that you think it's still possible to separate economics and politics interrelations between our two countries. but as a nice thought on a. good girl first. i'm convinced that this can be done of course i can. i think that this should be done regardless of what you can do that. it's really we really need to care about the people of the countess or she. told tales about the jobs about. anything they promise a lot but they may fail to deliver when we went to moscow to. conduct talks. about the interests of people and. the current authorities they say that ukraine has finally became independent from russian
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gas but it buys the very same gas russia's gas but at high prices and these prices they are a burden on the people the source is robbing people the terrorists they have gone up by a thousand percent as i said. if the current authorities. do not do that. well they will be discredit again let me return to my. visit to moscow do not represent the official sources we went there to give people the signal that there is an opportunity to talk to russia's authorities to negotiate with the leadership of gas problem we demonstrated that it is possible to come to terms with them with mr miller for instance and we showed the people that we can. put down the prices by twenty five percent and that is
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a very clear. i think very clear signal to the people of ukraine to the voters and the current authorities it's hard to them to. do anything to counter what we did well they can start a criminal investigation because of. illegal border crossing you know that. suggests. the door busters given some special status and that again was taken as an evidence starts another criminal case that's what they do but they do not want to do is to lower the prices for gas. heater for everything which they can do that. surely no. one of the most sensitive issues that relations between russia and ukraine. are not course for naser membership and they have been changes to ukrainian constitutions
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constitution that kept the country's course for. the possible to just continue developing the economic ties and just ignore that out has. been tried in that i am myself as an expert on constitutional law and it's not the final law in ukraine. i mean these are madmen you can write anything you want. any of course you want to she doesn't matter. well none of the twenty eight. members of nato want to buy tickets for the fight for the war against russia washington for instance they have here is still with external control over ukraine and they use ukraine as a means of fighting russia. but americans they do not want to accept ukraine into
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nato because all these disputed. border. plus states that agreement which was dropped the agreements on borders and let's say. the fact that ukraine is the only country in europe which still fails to agree on borders and we have very long borders was russia and this question is still undecided. so all in all i do not think that. would do anything to help ukraine became part of it can make some statements very good statements and everything but it will become part of it no. still there is quite a large. number of ukrainians from forty to seventy percent according to different . support that they consider russian to be. what do you think you can exchange and what should be done for that to change. what
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first and foremost i should say that that opinion he's changing it's not seventy percent no. i can tell you that it was never true not even the fifty percent supported ukraine's. dissipation in ney's is a parisian and its inclusion in nato lower than that we have a lot of opinions polls and they conducted such opinion polls to show that it never had been the case at this point between forty and forty four percent of people support nature's inclusion in eight. to thirty six percent are against this you see there is no overwhelming majority here. and. i've introduced
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a number of. bad on russia's cultural products movies t.v. programs. of russian. goodness they were good but what we see now is that. fifty four to fifty nine percent think that this is bad news against the constitution of ukraine two years ago it was different. now let's understand of all the more you balance things the more people want back at two hundred ninety there is a response to that russophobia. and then to russian he's serious because i dare is another thing. i like to mention in may two thousand. the ukrainians were. very positive about russia. and we had forty seven percent of people having very good attitude towards russia
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a deuce points to could see fifty seven percent of the ukrainians are very positive about russia they have very positive attitude people. have very bad attitude towards russia they're only twenty nine percent of them the situation is changing with the rest of the that's an argument for me that's what we are doing we are fighting for the people. we are promoting our candidate we are very active and we will be very active to follow mentary action because we fight for the interests of people. who will be people who do not agree with that criminal but it is. very much against russia. the truth thank you very much for your time and i really hope that russians and ukrainians will understand each other and forgive each other one fine day you know i do believe this will happen i encourage our viewers to keep this conversation going in our social media pages and hope to see you again same place same time here on the walls
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a part of. private companies that have got a lot of v.c. venture capital funding are ready to go public this year i saw the list they're all going out of forty fifty sixty seventy billion dollars valuation so the prediction here is that it will be the. this cycle you're going to. like two thousand and one style crash. due to the fact that there's nothing to support the valuations of these companies and very quickly will crash.
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in on the phone line smoke fight still make a name for the million mark the moment the one who's been brought up on whom to november comes down to a phone call from something a. lot of fun. just nothing. she was even. remotely i just. don't bombard from the sun on my book you go google british course that's one of our family. i mean you got.
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to. listen to it. and now it's one of the poorest countries of the was this morning did a slip of the president exposes real for this by the way. in a long campaign to bomb us drugmaker returned billions of dollars of the budget deal to charge for the medicine. that led to this thursday a turkish merchant ship and its crew have been hijacked by a group of rescued migrants from the mediterranean vessels now reportedly heading to europe. the u.s. faces isolation and criticism in the u.n. security council after washington recognizes israel's rule over the golan heights a disputed area that straddles syria jordan and lebanon. my country's government
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considers this decision as a unit.


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