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stories from archie international the u.k. has left limbo as the original date. fails for a third time to force her deeply unpopular divorce deal through parliament. the hoax is dead it claims complete vindication after it is revealed to be highly anticipated a report found no evidence of collusion with russia in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election. and in today's news exit polls in ukraine suggest president poroshenko is heading for a runoff battle having come second to a t.v. comedians.
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are broadcasting live in moscow recapping our week's top stories with our weekly program this is our internet. right friday was supposed to go down in history as the day that britain finally divorced from the european union but all that has been turned on its head after teresa mayes withdrawal agreement suffered a third of defeat. looks back stuttering brags. finally the date is march twenty ninth one thousand nine hundred eighty at least story for britain marking its departure from the european union. or. a day like any other except with less clarity about what happens next in the very day the twenty sixteen referendum shocked the world the u.k. has to leave the european union. ah article fifty
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was triggered on march twenty ninth two years ago the article fifty process is now underway and in accordance with the wishes of the british people the united kingdom is leaving the european union so many promises made and shattered since then it's within our grasp to leave with a deal on the twenty ninth of march on the twenty ninth of march the twenty ninth of march for the deal with a deal on the twenty ninth of march we will be leaving the e.u. on the twenty ninth of march two thousand nine hundred eleven pm a declaration made no once not twice but prime minister in this house has said on one hundred eight times that we will be leaving the european union on the twenty ninth of march what do you think the days going to be remembered by now how we didn't leave here. today we were supposed to leave in the european union but we're not. personally as opposed to. here is a day i don't think we should blame twenty ninth for the mess that we've made of
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bricks march twenty ninth well it's a perfectly good day would personally like to come up with a new day. has got the whole idea of the nine yeah entry visa to leave the european union whether you agree with the enormous the democratic choice march twenty ninth was meant to be the grand departure of the u.k. from the e.u. with hopes of a brand new future ahead instead breck's it is now a saga so lengthy and convoluted it's hard to keep track of all the plot twists with the deadline of the final chapter now postponed due to chaos how this all plays out is only yet to be figured out reporting from london and. with our team meanwhile to mark the day that should have been a museum in southwest england decided to bring out a banksy classic for public display the controversial work by the celebrated british street artist all that monkeying around. well here are some of the
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thousands who turned out for the so-called march to leave that demonstration outside parliament on friday afternoon many had planned to come anyway to celebrate britain leaving the e.u. instead they rallied to vent their anger over the country's a faltering departure police arrested five people at those demonstrations. i was through was. i. i i. i i can you of today when a royal will i mean this madness that's the route to us about this is not no do it is even going to do you to your tombs true brazil that's what we voted for and we knew exactly what we were voting for in two thousand and sixty so i think our child has sought that's spent elsewhere beyond the european union you know where we can engage in free trade arrangements with a having speed confined to accost to syria but european commission want off thirty
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nine billion pounds they would do everything to keep us in this is not a deal worth it it's a very bad deal for her but she has been stitched up by the e.u. it's a bad deal we should leave without a deal on w t o terms international relations professor alan scared says trace amaze days as it leader are numbered. well she's very vulnerable she's already said she's going to go. nearly everyone is expecting a tory did she predicted in the near future she said she would go motors to be today if a deal would pass with which was and she still a rod but she's lost all real authority. and majority in the coleman and control what happens in the house of commons she can't control her own cabinet members who is just way inverted please so she really is a lame duck prime minister however. you know she's. could remain there
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until december but that depends where the cabinet together decide to tell her to go all together. after another stinging defeat theresa may hopes to bring her deal to parliament for a fourth attempt that vote might happen within the next twenty four hours and will likely dictate not only the future of bragg's it but the prime ministers as well. breaks it countdown. right two years of investigation and one key revelation donald trump did not collude with russia in the two thousand and sixteen election the four page summary of special counsel robert miller's report says that no further indictments will be made that has led the president to claim total exoneration. now despite that the report does not maintain that the kremlin carried out cyber activities aimed at influencing the
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election but according to the u.s. secretary of state that is not the full extent of moscow's meddling in american affairs by pompei or claimed on wednesday that russia has interfered in every u.s. presidential vote since two thousand and four years are there with commentary. for two years they dug and dug investigated and questioned as sad as it may be trump is not a russian agent who so they think but fishery russia gave collusion was a hook for the style if you only knew just how much could lose and that was in the past do you believe russia interfered with the twenty six thousand u.s. general election yes they did in the two thousand and twelve and the two thousand and eight thank you and the two you didn't read or that's a bold claim especially given the evidence he mentioned he didn't mention any evidence begs the question of course why washington waited for more than
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a decade to say so but there could be a simple explanation the presidents before trump were get this compromised agents russian agents and contrary to mr pompei oh i have evidence it's so obvious if you think about it let's go back russia meddled and one year election for barack obama how else could you explain the bombers little microphone slip where he was caught red handed reporting to putin. for that it was george bush who russia put into the white house twice. in two thousand and two thousand and four look at them together putin and bush all
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that touching and feeling hugs and shakes romantic almost and don't get me started about the eyes and looked the man in the eye i. was able to. get a sense of his soul and you want to tell me that bush wasn't a russian stooge come on get real as red as a cherry and that's just the last few presidents this meddling goes back decades reagan who presided over the collapse of the u.s.s.r. was also compromised this is all just part of the plan i mean what kind of sick man a traitor makes a whole beat of collecting and translating russian jew and then posting about it the story was an american in a russian arguing about their two countries and the americans said look in my
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country i can walk into the oval office i can pound the president's desk and say mr president i don't like the way you're running our country and a russian said i can do this i can go into the criminal to the general secretary's office pound is disconcerting mr general secretary i don't like the way president reagan is running used by the. russian meddling is obvious it is going on for more than one hundred years abraham lincoln surprise was a russian agent why do you think russia sent two fleets of warships to new york and san francisco in a show of support for him and the unionists during the american civil war the coming of the russian fleets was decisive in helping lincoln get through the last and most serious threat of anglo-french intervention you don't hear much about that and for good reason you need to leave evidence lying about i say that. lincoln rest in peace lennon's blessings be upon him there you have it concrete proof of
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president after president being russian agents you got it right this the pompei oh about the whole russia meddling. donald trump a broke with fifty years of u.s. foreign policy on monday by formally recognizing the occupied golan heights as sovereign israeli territory the controversial announcement was made during a meeting with israel's prime minister who loud it is the decision of presidential proclamation recognizing israel's sovereign right over the golan heights. this president ladies and gentlemen this is truly a story. you're proclamation comes at a time with a girl alone is more important than ever for security when iran is trying to establish bases in syria to strike at israel. the strategic territory which belongs
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to syria and also borders jordan and lebanon was seized by israel in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and then formally annexed in one thousand nine hundred eighty one the move was never accepted by the international community. well the signing triggered a wave of protests across syria on tuesday including in aleppo and damascus in the country's two largest cities the government who described the move as a blatant attack on the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity. also drew
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the ire of u.n. security council members even washington's closest allies have emphatically rejected the decision saying it sets a dangerous precedent. this decision is of critical critical strategic and security importance to the state of israel the decision by the united states to recognize israeli seventy over the golan heights is in contravention of security council resolution four nine seven. we are concerned that this unique lateral decision not only complicates the prospect of finding a comprehensive settlement in the middle east could lead to instability in the region and trumpeted in this tradition apparently wants to show some generosity towards israel we would suggest the americans not to lay their hands on what is not theirs. either it will always be either heard of sovereign territory this is their plate or many other it has taken before all showed their willingness of the
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united states to honor reality on the ground. we asked israeli scholar mordechai and investigative journalist mike ready for their views on. there's a couple of things you say one that that just said really talking just precedent to anyone any country can take another land by force but it's also i can trump look very only solution is to he's on his own here really this is israel and one or two other countries in the u.s. of course all the large movement countries have rejected this this move as has the e.u. for instance as well as the people of golan the thousands of people from the druze i think syrian troops have had no say on this matter told them so they're now still living on alcohol a territory which has now been recognized by the most imperialist power on the planet we are only been in control of the golan heights for fifty two years. it's
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actually a heaven on earth unlike the rest of syria which became where is there. some kind of a good thing for the existence and everybody else josel it was also not recognized as the easily copied so what was our the jewish people but. all it did for more than flee thousand years so what do we need this mission of the world. still to come after the break of us protesters rally for a twenty five consecutive weekend in france and life appears to be imitating art for the front runners and ukraine's presidential race stay with us. manufacture consent to stick to the public will. win the ruling classes and
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protect themselves. with the final merry go round deficit be the one percent. the room six. shows seem wrong. just don't all. get to shape out to stay active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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combat this is the week we are to international and ukraine is counting the votes after polls closed on sunday in the first round of its presidential election exiting polling suggest voters have knocked president bush and go back to second place setting him on a course for a runoff battle with a t.v. comedian with no political experience earlier my colleague combray discussed the returns with host of archie's political talk show worlds apart. that's a pretty interesting picture of bret many would say that it was kind of expected that the fact that the incumbent president according to exit polls a number of exit polls i have to say managed to get around seventeen eighteen percent of the vote many people would say that that's quite a victory for patrol poroshenko because only a few weeks ago he was facing approval ratings in single digits he managed to grow it quite a bit to around sixteen seventeen seventeen percent which is not very impressive
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but still it was enough to get into according to exit polls to get into the runoff which serves the stage for a pretty interesting second round. so that it's a success to be this far short of the fifty percent mark to avoid a runoff but that's you know that's what the ukrainian politics is like it's like a pendulum i mean we have we have many many examples in history one of president would secure a major victory like the top five years ago he won the elections in the first round five years ago i think fifty three percent of the vote and now he is struggling to get into the second term and that happened to many of his predecessors as well so that's pretty normal for ukraine and what's his second round going to look like because it's not like he's up against an established politician here this is somebody who didn't even have any policies well we don't even know whether he is against one politician or several of them because there have been some speculations that lansky may be in consultations with the.
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former prime minister who tried for the third time to get into presidency a third time wasn't doesn't seem like lucky for her but if she joins forces with. it's going to be a very very interesting combination because. he has a lot of support among younger voters many of them deciding in the east of the country she's polling well with the older electorate so that would be quite a combination. mr poroshenko the photon is what about the process itself how is polling day gone well there have been some reports of irregularities nothing really criminal even though there have been i think nine thousand criminal cases opened but nothing that would call. both into question i have to say that outside the regulated regularities there has been quite a few of novelties in the during this election process the candidates really push
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the electoral law to the limits of what they can see beyond that because for example saturday was supposed to be a day of silence with all complaining supposed to be suspended but it began with the incumbent president taking part in the widely televised prayer praying for the wisdom of the ukrainian people believe it or not he is main contender is the lansky who as you mentioned is most famous for his part in the t.v. series now the channel that where she actually has a contract with decided to run the series for the whole day so it was from the morning till be through the evening he's face on the screens on these suppose it's . for the twenty of consecutive weekend a yellow vest protesters in france have rallied against the government recent measures to ban protests in specific areas of the capital like the iconic. and other major cities apparently of little fact officials claim around thirty thousand
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protesters turned out nationwide while organizers for the figure more than one hundred thousand there were clashes with police and tear gas was used to disperse some rallies dozens of arrests were made in perth violence also broke out in the southern city of. we asked some of the protesters why despite a dialogue and some concessions they are still furious with the government. we have to express our discontent especially about the purchasing power of retired people which is unacceptable. i.
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was forty seven go out and help with our salaries this patrol crisis democracy or climate change post. quote you. did it the best way we will to decrease in the value added in the cities like food so people could have higher. so both distributions and equal justice. we are here every saturday we will be here until the end its. light aircraft has crashed near frankfurt in central germany killing all three people onboard including the co owner of one of the largest of one of russia's biggest airlines as seven. who was one of russia's wealthiest businesswoman was traveling with her father on board the single engine six seater aircraft which came down around twenty two kilometers south of frankfurt not a plane had earlier taken off from cannes in the south of france it is not yet
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known how the flight got into trouble it was a further tragedy when two people died nearby after their car was hit on by a police vehicle responding to the air crash. venezuela top several of our bulletins last week after russian military planes touched down with around one hundred troops according to moscow their presence in the country is allowed under an agreement struck almost eighteen years ago with caracas but did not really satisfy washington president trump and other u.s. officials say russia should have then his leave of venezuela or face the consequences. yes you know. see. the all options are out. just so you understand all options are on. the people who's using the russians to support his dust group attempt to keep the venezuelan people from hearing into him president maduro calls for hands off on his
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way out while he invites security forces from cuba and russia so he and his cronies can keep plundering venezuela it is time for venezuelan institutions to stanford or sovereignty russia and cuba hands off and as well as supporters of the venezuelan president nicolas maduro and opposition leader juan wydow held rival rallies on saturday in the capital caracas that is amid the south american country experiencing a series of nationwide blackouts which have hit water transportation and telecommunications services a spokesman for the red cross says that the power outages are a primary cause of for concern and aggravate the humanitarian situation in the country. it's interesting that it's. going to some difficulties and needs are going to be. the last few days when each point i mean forward because we need your money. for the international federation of red cross and you mean for the hour we want to have and swearing also because it's going to be
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getting sort of biased problem unfortunately you have to want to imagine that we did and we could probably really crazy the for instance also a little bit of credibility these means that they're going to associate ignore the audiences for instance just you example the nazi whereby you know where they're almost one position they're probably in water but then we decided to focus our circles on it because we're going to go for the police i mean it's it's. when we know how to deal with it and also because when one hears of it and it's sort of i don't know the moment it does that are they going to be nice or pretty and while we were there or. there's a for me i'm one of the weekly in thirty four and a half minute stay with us.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy fun cation let it be an arms race. be any dramatic develop in the only person and interview i'll see you. will be successful thirty k. to kill time time to just sit down and talk. and what politicians do to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be present. for something want to. what's it like to be cross the saliva of a forty three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. first city. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've matter to us and over one
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trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent employment market rose thirty percent somewhat four hundred to five hundred three first circuit first second and fifth when rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one business showed you know bored to miss the one and only boom box.
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there. are. there are. not. everyone's story is different are going to half is there for a young know what's actually going to hit you. like i was pretty comfortable in my life before this happened. earthenware dobbs ferry. got me into
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this. you know i was a middle child. i'm sorry he was the day. this is some day he was doing to just you know make sure he kept money in his pocket. illicit i we had to look out for anything but nothing happened to to the bait. i just hope that people can understand that he was a person who didn't deserve to die who didn't deserve to be shot fourteen times.
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already. died trade links and radio part. car i was like most of the battery we were as i come at the park the sound is. not really our ordinary you know. what he looked like to me that day i was just a student nearing the end of the semester and which is am the park taking a break a waltz right across the street here came up this way. i'm sure was laying right here like a little better ole in a backpack his head was here and his feet are pointing west the person i was working with that day called the police because they were concerned about him being so close to business. the first officers approached him they sat at my they talked and then they left my car personally i have a right to call again and i said you know if he was doing something illegal they wouldn't have just walked away and left him there.


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