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breaks it heads for yet another cliffhanger more delays with the u.k.'s prime minister saying that she'll seek a further extension to the withdrawal period offering to sit down with the leader of the opposition to try and break the deadlock. spang struggles with an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants arriving by sea of people smuggling reveals in a rare interview just how lucrative the business of human trafficking it's. over. two thousand. people four thousand. one hundred fifty plus one. fifty. two fifty or so everybody on financing terrorism hungry
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says that it has caught a senior islamic state commander he was posing as a refugee he'd been issued with a prepaid debit card under a new scheme to help you comes. great to have your company this is. the u.k. prime minister's offer to sit down with the leader of the opposition jeremy corbyn in a bid to break the brig's it in pass treason may also announce that she'll try to go take further short extension of the withdrawal period with e.u. leaders the next week's european council meeting. breaks down the latest twists and turns of bragg's it. prime minister to resign may holding marah thin seven hour talks with cabinet members and coming out of it an essential the putting all the onus on the leader of the opposition which are the core because she can't find the
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way forward her party is in the tourist divided over drags it as it is that i have a party as well suited to not as extreme an extent but still both parties divided on this issue and so in order to try to find a way through she gave a speech to the nation and essentially offered to sit down with the leader of the opposition germy called and try to find the path of a q the process that the house of commons has tried surely has not come up with an answer. so today i'm taking action to break the logjam i'm offering to sit down with the leader of the opposition and to try to agree a plan that we would both stick to appear that this is an attempt a political attempt to try to put all the onus on mr corbin to say well we're headed for a no deal. on april twelfth and if we don't find a way forward it will be because you didn't want to find a way forward but we've been hearing from mr corbett himself this evening and he's saying that if only to represent the views of perhaps remain those or other people
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who voted for the labor party at the last election he was willing to sit down with the prime minister we recognise that she has made the move i recognise my responsibility to represent the people that supported labor in the last election and the people who didn't support labor but nevertheless want certainty and security for their own future and that's the basis on which we are the meat and we'll have those discussions but the prime minister is insisting that her withdrawal agreement that's been rejected three times already by parliament is the only deal on the table so it remains to be seen what exactly she wants to speak to mr corbett about he's whipped his m.p.'s to vote against the deal all three times he supports a customs union where. as the prime minister doesn't and on a number of issues when it comes to briggs that they just don't see eye to eye so unless the prime minister is willing to shift and her position it remains to be seen exactly what she hopes to achieve anything from these talks. not everybody
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though was impressed by trees a maze announcement down in streets an official resident laurie the cat shared his feline insight suggesting bats the pm is shifting blame to labor for her own mishandling of bragg's it. political commentator klezmer r.t. feels that the pm has moved to reach out across the aisle maybe too little too late . i think it seems very baffling to me that after seven hours with a couple of the best you can agree to a saga a conversation with the leader of the opposition in. parliament in general i've had two years to greet some sort of move forward only if you include all of the actual voting in the in the civil rights we see from out there there is no cohesive idea of what to do moving forward so the most that we can expect in my opinion out of these talks is more delay more confusion the real thing in which we need to do is really find out what is the main. main way forward in speaking to the leader of the
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of the opposition such a late stage i don't think will not prove any any useful fruit. spain witness the record number of migrant arrivals by sea with many of them helped to cross by people smugglers and was claimed to be the first ever interview with human trafficking from morocco and i'm told investigative journalist lauren southern moving people from north africa to europe is a hugely lucrative business. how do people get the space very people have to get have to spend a lot of more new day how to spend two thousand you know four thousand you for four thousand you know over two thousand for a few how much money can you make. from the door to space where you know. every person you can have two thousand two thousand factory to four thousand. the totality fifty person you have to cut fifty person to fifty
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person everybody and by two thousand five hundred you know two thousand five. hundred have a lot of money. earlier we spoke with lawrence of the new film that interview with the moroccan smuggler she shared her findings on how the human trafficking business works. now the moroccan man we assume at the moment is someone that would have connections within the moroccan government or be able to ensure that the coast guard would leave because we were told multiple times by people on the ground that there is a cut that people on the coast moroccan coast guard receive to stop patrolling certain areas so that boats can leave from spain so this is a quite. intelligent business this isn't just a few people fleeing their country desperately getting on dinghies trying to get to spain this is a very structured business and at times he's saying it's around five hundred to
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a thousand people imagine how much money you're making it's one hundred thirty thousand euros per boat i mean you could ten boats in a day you're making one point three million dollars why is no one talking about this massive criminal syndicate it's crazy to me to to think that anyone has been portraying this as well certainly on the moroccan or turkish side of libyan side as a humanitarian aid crisis this is almost entirely a business and anyone you speak to on the ground migrant trafficker or otherwise will tell you this is a business they are not looking to help people they don't care if you're persecuted they don't care about your race religion your gender in fact women are turned away often in some of these camps. spain is be one of the major gateways to europe from africa the international organization for migration claims so far this year alone five thousand six hundred migrants have arrived in spain via the sea twenty eight
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hundred sixty five thousand made the crossing of the spanish coast guard struggling to cope with the massive influx or and so then the game believes that the authorities don't know how to deal with the crisis. there's not much the authorities can do i don't doubt that some want to do something about this however most of these migrants and this causes chaos for both the spanish and for the migrants themselves on the advice of traffickers are told to throw their passports into the sea or destroy them before entering spain and we actually saw it with our own eyes passports that had been ripped up on the ground in these camps in morocco in the reason they do this is so that once they set foot in spain they have no way of being deported but what this also achieves is that there is no way of processing these migrants they can't be imagine how long it takes to process a person that has offered all of their history their passport their work their banking records it still takes five six seven years to get citizen citizenship in
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a country a person rocking up with not even a passport how are they supposed to get processed how are they supposed to get a job or become a citizen or even be seen as a refugee so the police can't deal with this influx of people because they can't even identify who they are and the migrants cannot become a part of the european system because on the advice of these traffickers they threw out their passports assuming they would be entering a europe that is far more they imagine is far more wealthy and far more like paradise than it actually is the reality is these people end up on the streets in france they end up on the streets in italy in spain unable to get a job unable to join the actual society because they can't be processed as citizens so the police can do what they want but there's not much they can achieve when these people cannot be identified. and going governments claiming
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a suspect to this than to europe as a refugee and was given a prepaid debit card by the european union because issue some sixty four thousand such cards to new come as peter all of the reports. imagine a suspected islamic terrorist receiving aid money meant for refugees not just any terrorist a senior eisel commander and not just the monthly payments of five hundred euros on his debit card that's well over today's gross minimum wage in hungary these prepaid cards are issued to a joint project between the united nations and the european union that's supposed to be a strict screening process in place to make sure that only those eligible have access to the funds but this wouldn't be the first time that a suspected terrorist hiding among refugees inadvertently being given taxpayer money.
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the european commission insists that the prepaid debit cards are not just handed out to anyone that they know exactly who these cards are being distributed to and check up on their status on a monthly basis so hungry is wondering why did brussels not know that they were funding a suspected terrorist this not only creates another pole factor it also raises serious security concerns the citizens of europe have a right to know the problem of how to provide much needed funding and aid to refugees in europe isn't an easy one to solve but it's cases like these that fuel the popularity of m t immigration parties across the continent and with new
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parliamentary elections coming up next month question is will the establishment parties dealt another blow because laps of the territory that so-called isis was holding it will generate more people trying to get in through amounts why very carefully orchestrated an internationally coordinated this is where international cooperation is key i think the threat for a period of time will grow because foreign fighters will start to come back but i think what we're seeing now with. so-called isis and with al qaida is we're seeing a time of transition they will transition into something different this is a very very dangerous and very difficult period we need to monitor the transition very closely to be able to identify and track known just how to sort of coming through and to run intelligence operation. as they're trying to identify those norm terrorists that are potentially coming in through europe and elsewhere in the world
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. the united states supreme court has turned down an appeal from a death row inmate who asked for a painless execution a judge explained the ruling citing the constitution. the eighth amendment does not guarantee a prisoner a painless death something that of course isn't guaranteed to many people including most victims of capital crimes. the prisoner in question russell buckelew is a convicted murderer who was sentenced to death back in one thousand nine hundred seventy s. lawyers say that he has a rare condition that would cause tumors in his throat to burst after lethal injection they say the process would result in an extremely painful death in violation of his constitutional rights. or buckley asked to be executed instead with gas but that request has been turned down if the injection is the most common form of capital punishment in the u.s. it's done in three stages first comes the says that if is injected then a paralytic drug is administered that can cause suffocation the third injection
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stops the heart but there's no guarantee of a quick death and in some cases the process can last for several hours according to official statistics only seven percent of all injection executions a botched and cause unnecessary suffering. i don't know if it was humane or not that's all you could do we could either not watch or you could. look at this execution that was clearly not going as planned. so at the point of decision was made to insert one central line into the growing
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area which is what they did. i can understand. not even mining to read about these things francis let alone have to be in the room or watson this was my to the execution to see it was by far believe the trouble i used with a colleague last night was that by far is the most wise that i could sing. jerry givens former chief of the state's prison a suggestion or now an advocate for the abolition of the death penalty think the situation cannot be regulated by the supreme court. supreme court don't have to carry out the executions the people that have to carry out the executions is the war and it's up to the pain to condemn only suffer for a moment for short period of time into the chemicals kicking in the electricity
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kick into whatever what have you but the people that have to live with this the rest of our lives but this pain inside of them. is the people that parodies things out and we don't consider that and i don't know why they don't consider that dealing with. inexperienced people to corrode a professional test when you dealing with medications and syringes things of that nature you tell them by medical personnel training personnel experience personnel but they can't be involved in stuff like this because it's against their code of ethics so you can't have that person so you get inexperienced people doing. these things that will cause them to make mistakes and you can blame them for that and staying with l.t. international more news coming up after this short break. after
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the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the hope the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective and i'm used to surprising people and i saw why not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways of that slide here. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show
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and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics school business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back the british foreign secretary jeremy hunt is under fire after reaching a deal with germany over the export of weapons components to saudi arabia like london has bound all arms sales to riyadh but the loophole was was found to sell parts ultimately just into the kingdom through the u.k. one of the reasons ourselves to the saudis are controversial is its involvement in neighboring yemen.
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and. the leader of the who three rebel says that the u.k. foreign secretary cannot be both a peace broker and arm cells. if it wasn't for the joint british us saudi in u.a.e. naval forces the existing famine and the tragic humanitarian situation wouldn't reach such critical levels the saudi led coalition backed by britain commits war crimes and does not abide by has britain claims the most stringent guidelines for the export of weapons in the world and reports adding context to a tragic reality the u.k.'s man on sunday has reveals that at least five british
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special force commandos were wounded in gun battles as part of the secrets military campaign in north in yemen believed to be part of the special boat service it said that they are now back in britain recovering to spark the controversy you case forces the relentlessly fighting alongside child soldiers here in the u.k. the news triggered protests. some condemnation from an m.p. with the war in yemen already and it's here i'm here to express my outrage of the complicity of the british government of the war british soldiers were fighting alongside indentured child soldiers who are forced to fight in the yemen this is a war crime this is a crime almost against humanity and britain has been complicit in it and we must say no more inside westminster the shadow foreign secretary is questioning the scope of britain's involvement if the forces are not just
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a party to this conflict but witnesses to war crimes when pressed on the issue mark fields from the u.k. foreign office said he would seek to get to the bottom of the allegations but khan's comment on the presence of u.k. soldiers on the ground as for the ministry of defense they apparently don't comment on the special forces but with a little sign of an answer to the conflicts we asked people here in london what they think about the crisis in yemen i'm very surprised that the troops are getting involved and didn't know that typical of them to be saying. you know that they're. trying to be many conflict defusing the many conflicts you know there is or have anybody personally no i don't think they should be doing that it should be. you know internally but i also understand yemen is you know phenomenally complicated situation some people we asked were unsure about the you case exact mission in yemen but then on the air you want to ask the secretary of state for defense what
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recent assessment he has made of the effectiveness of operations involving british forces in the yemen in the last six months. with civilians bearing the brunt of the crisis and millions on the brink of famine doubts is again being cast on the u.k.'s role and whether it's his party to the conflicts commission sethi. writer and commentator says that the british public should be horrified. this is the first evidence that that's there are troops on the ground fighting alongside the saudi forces and the saudi backed militia and this bloody war i believe it is it is at disasters to be honest for the british people to pay for this war to from their own pockets actually from their own taxes and finance a war which is you know well a war crime is committed in yemen and to nadab their players special forces
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participating with the saudi who are very good at sort of who are actually the party which bombing hospitals schools i believe this war actually wouldn't be ended either by peace or by war because there is a store made there so the british government should actually use its knowledge to put pressure on saudi arabia in order to stop this war because the saudis centered their water plays there so they sent also personnel they composed a coalition and all of the five it's all hoping to win it and few weeks time but it's that i've gone for now four years if there's the fifty years and it's. the u.k. daily mail says its report has prompted a u.n. investigation we have asked us to comment on this. on t.v. acts eight activists in the united states has suggested that they are being
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persecuted like jews during the holocaust even donning a star of david to make their point after unvaccinated children were banned from entering certain public places. how are we going to know if you know actually how we're going to arrest you. if you want to just say well we did the last time so for you. there's an excuse and york right now there never thought this moment will come. are you still with you the polish holocaust museum has lashed out at the use of the star of david the symbol used to label jews during the holocaust museum accuse the activists of belittling one of the darkest pages in history. instrumental lazing the freed history. instrumental lazing the freed of jews who were persecuted by hateful anti-semitic ideology and murdered in extermination
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camps like all schwartz with poisonous gas in order to argue against vaccination that save human lives is a symptom of intellectual and moral degeneration according to the us government agency that deals with diseases in twenty eight teen the country suffered seventeen outbreaks of measles the cases were registered mainly among unvaccinated people in the orthodox jewish community the number of cases this ship almost four hundred and expected to rise and the very rough of its jewish community adviser says that the way the star of david was used by the anti vaccine activist cheapened its meaning. you know star for the jewish people is about remembrance for us you know it's to mark people because of where they are we paid the jewish people paid a terrible price because of the say you know star drew another jew you don't you have no right to use these symbols because you make them becoming part of we cannot forget when children women and people were in visual style what
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happened to them and what happened to them to have this too has to be burns to be sent to a guest chambers so if people are doing so even jews they are doing a terrible mistake on for me to a terrible abuse and i think it's. it's it's a view that should be punished by law. this is national thanks for staying with us i'm off for now my colleague don hawkins up in the run up to that i would just over thirty minutes. desperate for a single purpose. they have a superman. they start training very young. eight months of intensive school.
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rats. and they save lives. i do think the numbers mean something they've matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent world market thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and fifth when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business show you know ford the mid one and only boom box.
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i mean more to gain is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful agency in this county for you'll be to stay if you look at it from the analogy. marc was the day that when he was fighting that alliance. going to his being the sheriff's most contentious critics say he is the first time i noticed something was in hawaii. in fleece work pretty much when i first started the corruption in palm beach county is not something that you can smell it seems like it's a nod and a wink it wasn't what i wanted to do the shootings in this county then some states have had collectively drug and went to his website began featuring comments about god just family the show it's like that man in your squash you like a bug you know i wish you'd stop then you should say and i'm left with stuff i believe what i'm doing also it's ok you know it's your funeral f.b.i. raided p.b.s.
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and critics in the house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia political. men they know bad wolf. when the whole make just manufacture come sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round the time we can all middle of the room sick. i mean really really.
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gone out it was hard but. make the best of how you. come up i mean it's a way.


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