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the u.s. ramps up the pressure on iran designating to run the leads military force the revolutionary guards as a terrorist organization. or that move is welcomed by israel's prime minister who's facing a tough race in his country's general election on tuesday some see it as don't translate his gifts to benjamin netanyahu the u.s. leader recognized jerusalem and the golan heights as thought for an israeli territory. italy's combative interior minister forms an alliance of right wing nationalist parties that think he aims to shake up the e.u. after next month the election. is.
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a very warm welcome to you watching r.t. international with me if you are in our top story this hour in an unprecedented foreign policy move the trumpet ministration has designated iran's revolutionary guard as a foreign terrorist organization the us president announced the decision on monday repeating accusations that the elite force both finances and promote terrorism today i am formally announcing my administration's plan to designate iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps the i.r.g.c. including its qods force as a foreign terrorist organization. let's go live to the u.s. now into artie's caleb moore can find out more caleb good to see you could you give us more details please. well this designation will actually be the first time that the u.s. government has maimed and especially named part of a government as a terrorist entity will be designating
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a century one of the key military organizations in iran as a foreign terrorist organization now the statement from donald trump that basically accuses iran of not only being a state sponsor of terrorism but it says that the islamic revolutionary guard corps actively participates in finances promotes terrorism as a tool of statecraft now these accusations were that echoed by u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o m and he said that this designation was essentially a message to the iranian government this is mike pompei o. the leaders of iran are record peers not revolutionaries the iranian people deserve better than to be governed by this kind of hypocritical and corrupt officials with this designation we are sending a clear signal a clear message to iran's leaders. including his band of thugs that the united states is bringing all pressure to bear to stop the regime's behavior we ask that our allies and partners around the world do the same. now at this point we've
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already heard iranian officials speaking up and saying that it is actually u.s. forces in the middle east that should be designated as terrorists now when it appeared that this designation as a terrorist organization when it appeared that the islamic revolutionary guard corps was going to be designated as such there was there was talk and we heard from zarif the foreign minister of iran he reacted saying that this was essentially another potential disaster for washington d.c. . netanyahu first says who have lung. disease nation of the g.c. fully understand its consequences for u.s. forces in the region in fact they seek to drive the u.s. into a quagmire on its behalf. should my better than to be conned into another us disaster . now at this point it's important to to note that that trumpet ministration has distinguished itself with
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a harsh stance against iran while predecessor obama was open to negotiations and the p five plus one nuclear deal the troubled ministration seems to be doing the opposite and engaging in rather rather harsh rhetoric and moves in sanctions against iran let's review some of what the trumpet ministration has done. everywhere we go in the middle east it's a rare ran around spread death destruction and chaos behind every problem is array and the world's leading state sponsor of terror of iran's leaders so. death. and destruction. now it's important to note that a number of members of iran's revolutionary guard corps have actually died in the fight against the i still terrorist organization in syria so it's important to note at this point an organization that was very key in the fight against the ice still terrorist menace at this point that organization has been designated itself as
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terrorist by the u.s. state department. kenneth thanks for bringing us up to speed on the latest on the nazis caleb maupin speaking to us live from new york now let's bring in a gas and it's going on this side of the stuff the host chesham now welcome to the program great to have you with us now it does seem that this move has been planned for some time so what do you make of the timing of donald trump's declaration. hello and thanks for having me well you know the i.r.g.c. has been a main party income batting terrorist groups and i elating them in the region now any move against the i.r.g.c. would mean reinvigorating terrorist groups like al and i so or and now that the iraq upon the human is thinking of expelling a u.s. army troops from iraq it seems that the u.s. which has declared
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a withdrawal from syria as well is sending the message to tehran that if the us is not given a share in the middle east then the us is ready to turn the table over in the meantime tomorrow will have elections in israel this seems to be also a move in support of the israeli premier trump has done anything for netanyahu and this is yet another move to show his fervent support strong support for netanyahu in the hole that netanyahu would reciprocate that and support trump in next year's elections it's one extreme though isn't it given the how the islamic revolutionary guard has such a massive influence in iran so it does look as though washington is effectively declaring the whole country a terrorist organization. well this is the first time that they are doing so and they have so the president already the iranian supreme national security council issued
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a statement seconds ago declaring that the u.s. sent from now on the u.s. sent come in the region and all its affiliated units army units and personnel will be there as a native as a terrorist group meaning that they are enemy number one of iran now we need to remember that when the u.s. targets a state or a group as a sponsor of terrorism on their for his then szell executive order one three two two for all or it designates a group or military force as terrorists there are two sets of repercussions economic repercussions are roughly the same especially considering that i.r.g.c. has also been targeted by cats like russia and north korea therefore all the economic pressures and sanctions that could have been levied in imposed against the iran and i r g c they have already been imposed against this military national military force and there is nothing much left for you know all this moves to
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accomplish but the military and the security report cautions and consequence is would be grave because once this order of trump which happens to be very logical is communicated to the u.s. army they would target the i.r.g.c. in the region and it would definitely defend itself both sides have boots on the ground in the middle east syria iraq and also in the persian gulf and then we would imagine the situation could spiral out of control as a result of the smallest and the slightest mistake or misfire and then you could see the crude up lies the skyrocketing prices would be the initial outcome in other wars the regional countries not just iran or to us it region and the whole world should pay. the price for donald trump iliza illegal decisions and. i believe another you know desired impact but washington is you know
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pushing the region especially those neighboring states that have wide trade with iran into an atmosphere and climate of increasing instability so that they reduce economic cooperation with tehran and also doing the same thing to the iranian market that the mystic market. by pretending that war is in the offing so what is this donald trump is further pushing the whole ward in the region and iran into instability but this time what is desired by them that is pushing to iran towards the negotiating table seems to be impossible yeah i as a matter of fact this decision could be a game changer but not in the way desired by donald trump but by pushing the current limbo in the status of a first between the two sides into escalating tensions and probably war was ending
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the table assigning a real undeclared the u.s. forces in the middle east a terrorist organization to say similarly what right does iran have to do this. well you know when the precedent you know here has been said by washington we need to remember that iran is a responsible party iran is still under the nuclear deal after the us defined its undertakings and drop the nuclear deal iran is not receiving anything any economic merits under the deal still it is in full compliance with its terms and obligations under the nuclear deal according to the i.a.e.a. they have issued fourteen reports confirming that this shows that iran is a responsible party iran has been fighting off i still you know as a matter of you know at the end of two or three years of war alongside russia syria and back the tehran and seize all its force they could and i
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a late i still which was borne by the united states and its allies at mit at the joe biden once you know acknowledged that i saw was a creation of u.s. allies in the region specially sold the arabia you were talking about so basically iran is a responsible party but it is forced to provide a response it cannot stand still and be targeted by the us it is forced to defend itself this is the united states that is a stablish descent in the persian gulf which is iran's region and the united states military troops are thousands of miles away from home and they are endangering iran's interests thank you for sharing your insight with us political analyst. and we appreciate it. now the israeli prime minister has frankston triumphal designated me and rainy and revolutionary guns as
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a terrorist group saying it serves the interests of both israel and the u.s. washington's move comes less than twenty four hours before israelis had to the polls full the general election. the main rivals are incumbent leader benjamin netanyahu and former chief of staff for the israeli military benny gantz he claims netanyahu has been at the helm for too long that it's time for him to step aside however the current prime minister could see his chances boosted with the u.s. president on his side. for many years we failed to acknowledge the obvious the plain reality that israel's capital is jerusalem i will sign a presidential proclamation recognizing israel's sovereign right over the golan heights. the chicks of us movement encourages jewish people to leave the democrat policy total disrespect
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republicans are waiting with open arms remember jerusalem u.s. embassy and the horrible iran you could deal us and israel have always had a special relationship and a very strong relationship probably the strongest relationship of any united states ally is with israel so the fact that americans see benjamin it and you know as as a important figure and they see the israel relationship as important that might influence some voters to vote for president trump at the same time israelis view america in the highest the seam and the highest regard and they very much rely on the united states and president trump is very popular so the fact that president trump has visited here the fact that president trump has moved the embassy to jerusalem the fact that president trump has canceled the iranian nuclear agreement the fact that president trump has recognized the golan heights and just the fact that president trump likes to tweet positive support for israel and for that and you know can be
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significant in people deciding who they're going to vote for in israel. and he were a skeptic alliance is uniting within the e.u. zone border with italian interior minister evolving to create a you were peon spring this comes just a month before you were up the parliamentary elections. so there were. we are working towards building a new european dream which for me has become a nightmare. into focus families work security environmental protection and the future of young people will do it as an alternative movement. many people are hoping they will gain a number of additional any peace in the european parliament that will allow them to have some sort of powerhouse that we haven't seen from euro skeptic parties in the past. as he was launching this cross party this year a skeptic party across europe today was talking about working towards common
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ideologies which is in this sense the defense of europe something they believe the european parliament hasn't done very well in the past and the polls are showing that they all likely to increase the number of seats that they hold at next month's european elections let's take a listen now to what else mathias salvini had to say today you'll not find any extremists or veterans at this table the only nostalgics are those in power in brussels today instead we're ready to build a new future this is the path to save europe because those who are sinking in the dream are the bureaucrats the bankers the do gooders who've been government for too long so who are the key players in this particular bloc well today it was of course . with the league in italy but also the finns party were taking part alternative for germany and the danish people's party and we already know for the last week
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that nothing in the pens national rally in france is also on board with this new idea has also been traversing across europe trying to get other politicians to join in as well reaching out to the hungary's viktor orban and also to politicians in spain the netherlands and elsewhere across europe so the vision he's put forward is that potential. they can get at least ten parties to join forces potentially up to twenty of the elections and they're hoping that they can gain enough any peace to make a group of about a hundred and fifty peace all from parties are they going to multiculturalism immigration and against the e.u. as it currently stands. it is the technocrats in brussels driving europe into a ditch and we will declare war on the. political forces in the brussels bubble want to present a christian culture for the not so secretive reason that if the masses of migrants and other countries drive back christianity then along with christianity it will be
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possible to eliminate individual nations the language you use is the language of division is that what france wants it but not at all what divides friends is the massive influx of migrants so we know joins them together what their common interests are but water the problems that they face going ahead well many of these parties don't agree on all issues and as such in previous european parliament that's meant that they haven't been able to join together to create one large group in fact they've small formed smaller groups which perhaps haven't had the power they will like to have there are issues such as russia which divide them for example we know that salvini from the league has praised president putin very often he's called for the end of sanctions on russia but that's not the view from the governing people. and let's also take a listen to what alternative germany said some of the issues that they face. we are
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dealing with very different parties they all have identical or similar positions on migration policy but a very different in other areas we must find a common platform if we don't find it will be ineffective we need to cooperate on key issues to strongly enforce our policy which is not possible with individual parties well if the polls all right and we all go and see a rise in the number of nationalist and populist parties from the right. get seats in the with election and they can form this essential super group in the us me european parliament ascension this is going to entirely shake up politics in the parliament as we know it coming up after a very short break all the latest on the deadly violence in libya stay tuned.
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as we continue to grow online with our online identities and personas you will continue to see this mixture of physical crime and internet crime and the two will melt to a point where they're almost indistinguishable if you can't really distinguish them at all. but saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime happens each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight percent world market those thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three first second per second and this one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only
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number you need to remember one one business show you know ford the mid one and only boom but. welcome back to putin has met with the turkish president to. talk to the focus on the situation in syria the leaders are now giving a live press conference and make going to take you back to. the head of the turkish isa two to four stand that. side the plans for the implementation of the memorandum of understanding a copper ration in the field of standardize ation. and compliance assessment.
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your. director general of the road should direct the rest of the fun. deputy. of the. treasury of turkey head of the sovereign for. the creation of. the first of the far. over all capital of. good will you offer them a putin the russian president and his turkish counterpart are currently signing a bilateral agreement when the press conference starts we will take you there live with the latest but for now going over to libya at least forty six militants have been killed and scores more injured in fighting near the libyan capital the violence has been intensifying since thursday when forces loyal to general khalifa
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haftar launched an offensive and to seizing tripoli from the un backed government there well the united nations earlier called for a short ceasefire to allow for civilians to be evacuated but clashes continued despite that the organization says two thousand eight hundred people have fled the area libya's prime minister has accused the rebel general who backs a rival government in the eastern city of tom brokaw of attempting a coup both sides have targeted each other with air strikes well libya has been divided since two thousand and eleven and the death of leader moammar gadhafi the country is now split between the u.n. backed government in tripoli in the west and the rival government in the east tobruk city of the city of tobruk well adding to all this there are also other militant groups active there including i saw where the international community is deeply concerned over the recent escalation including the. excuse me and. hitting
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the united states have temporarily with draw in their forces from the ground they say the situation is just too dangerous and too unpredictable washington's urged the rebels to immediately holt's the military action against the tripoli government insisting that the crisis can only be solved through diplomacy that represents a market shift in the position of the white house eighty years ago. the market i think has lost legitimacy to lead and he must lead. we came we saw him he died. during the world you would get rid of a dictator but you would choose freedom. thank you very much. but i'm a person has met with the turkish president in moscow for bilateral talks with
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a focus on the situation in syria where the leaders are now giving a press conference and as promised we can go there live. complied with the shared we're working our d. v stream we are playing at this point the sea bad. with the. with the beacon continental part of the pipeline and very soon it is to be commissioned very soon and its output is going to be expanded the second pipeline that work will be which are completed and that will make it possible to transit workers to deliver the gas to europe these project complies with every version usually stand the environmental protection standards that it does still stand that it serves to ensure there exists a party of europe and the region as a whole also we have a lot of. potential in the high tech machine agriculture.
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sector all that we discussed today. but it's the business that you now are meeting with the business plan and. i would use the union so disgustingly copper a should rush the field just mail tree corporation namely the codgers to deliver to turkey as four hundred tribes and try. they are defense instead we discussed other projects in the field of me if a cop or a said to you certainly we paid it your attention to detail card text people to people relations of that track we have a place the russian turkish social forum. you could use the directors or heads of russian
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a turkish universities mad to exchange experience and knowledge show me small school so the number of turkish will join. though is for a short trading ad a reciprocal move turkey to see more of russian tourists for the same kind of trading we also have a lot of opportunities in the sector for tourism a lot of russian tourists are coming not only to discourage turkish results but also to the historical sites sites of the supporters to turkey which is russia get ready to be first in terms of the number of tourists last year which six million people from russia. resorts we do appreciate the efforts of turkey to choose safety and security of russia. for holidays and we are determined to work further order alleviating the current. terms of the visa
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regime we are to live to a new visas regulations for professional drivers and i believe that these measures serve to ensure better trust not to stay between our nations this carter like to highlight the fact that we do think it is reported to conduct successfully the exchange here of culture a leg which it will be open with we what default the four points of the bolshoi theatre called the troy. cd and syria was a model of. the points about on our agenda today we will continue our effective kark aeration together that iran working. on the basis of the acid of last fall which. is the dearest almost that is from syria now we need to be sure safety here are the ground that we need to force the political. situation settled by the
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when accordance with the twenty two fifty four resolution of the old security council and he. kardex we agree to coordinate our efforts with the united nations syria the government of syria the opposition so that syria cheever the early start of the work of the constitutional committee we discussed the situation will either be escalations over further prospects to play badly so should. i do hope that our joint efforts world help to dog allies is a shared a decidedly it is collation so another round it and that will allow was to finally ready kate every last bit of terrorism the same time we need to remember bob to preserve a shred of serious. sovereignty only the country should not be divided. we sure which area the aid and support. we need to rebuild syria to help it create
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recreate the infrastructure hospitals schools water their supply infrastructure. to national community every background should contribute to this work only together had they had create the atmosphere which would be favorable probably so in them temporarily displaced persons said refugee so that they could come back hope they would like to say that this session of the corporation could meet in our bilateral talks i believe very very successful and useful i'm sure that the regime is which if today will help us to build up our cooperation across the board in every field and every area and again i would like to thank. our. colleagues for a very productive work today thank you. so. so you mr president my dear friend the.
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ministers and loads and loads of journalists so you lay. this in a gentleman. greetings. to all of you who gathered here and i serve the first of all i would like to express my gratitude to. mr putting my friends for me personally for the hospitality and welcoming us here today when he finished a console with the musician. at the top level. operation committee we discuss different aspects of our cooperation for sure. and also between the delegations where they go to be on the other hand.


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