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tv   News  RT  April 13, 2019 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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headlines this hour which even the sun charged in the u.s. with conspiracy to hack government computers washington is now again raising the issue of his alleged links to russia. over seventy people are reportedly killed in libya in a week as the international community remains split over how to deal with the escalating conflict in the country and the german justice minister is rounded on after giving an interview to r.t. which she mentions close ties between moscow. and maintain close ties with russia russia was and always will be our partner.
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although the welcome has just gone nine o'clock this saturday morning here in moscow you're watching r.t. international. now after his dramatic arrest we can lease from sanjay is now facing a charge of conspiracy to hack a u.s. government computer but washington appears to have more beef that with the secrecy activist. when he was the cia the cia director said we keep leaks state house intelligence service often abetted by state actors like russia which strongly agree with for the justice department is now seeking extradition of well it's not been charged with anything crusher related. looks now whether the alleged collusion may nevertheless become part of the case against a cell which. it did say it years ago a son that the united states wanted him that's why he was in the ecuadorian embassy
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and he was right america is seeking extradition and if you watch enough t.v. you surely know why his russian connections can we address the question at hand and that is whether or not you can say definitively that russia had no part in this. was trying to sabotage the twenty six thousand election and have these facts in front of them saw assad as an agent agent or at least since that russia is using wiki leaks as a delivery vehicle for hacked e-mails and other information it was everywhere on every pundit slips for years assad's weekly spew to russia meddling echoed and echoed by everyone important enough to be on camera like us leaders it's time to call out wiki leaks for what it really is a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like russia they've acted in concert with the russians to interfere on our elections to help
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you pack into a look at information from the russians at least in a way to disrupt our campaigns and twenty sixteen i don't think that's it's not right to legal and i hope mr and as much as possible gestures should come to cuba and so forth is for. russian meddling and what you do by their word he's a covert taiji be asset of a secret mission to topple the united states is if you watch enough t.v. if you don't if you actually read the indictment against him the charges not to mention of russia not a mention of elections of meddling e-mails or grand plots to topple the united states his crime allegedly was that he worked with chelsea manning to obtain classified documents that showed us. human rights abuses in iraq and afghanistan the u.s.
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government house to. state all the charges they tend to charge mr sashi with extraditions to. feel to you mr sargent's us that ransom. about united states government or their charters just consider this if the us had any of it anything tying has signed to russia or meddling or conspiracy do you think they would have shown it to mentioned it this is it this is the unique charge he faces and because of how extradition works they can't add any more charges if they get him. the extradition work. needs to go at that stage but except charge aside for example. the extradition court u.k. not extradite somebody to wes you know the charges that are probably going to. not
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exist there's no charge. so the extradition court makes very clear we're only going to extradite on those charges are sent to us and. we just i guess direct your sosh. states. which are on the. balance six are going by what lawyers and experts are saying the u.s. doesn't have a steep precedent where journalists can be jailed for posting classified material no matter how vital like the manning files.
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this remarkable as it may be the u.s. is now saying that exposing u.s. human rights abuses wanted murder committed by the u.s. military exposing that is more serious than the abuses and murder themselves chilled formally bradley manning was freed by a bomb up but judging by the toxicity on t.v. in washington. shouldn't be too hopeful but you never know trump is trump wiki leaks i love wiki leaks. state police forcibly remove tucson's from the equator. an embassy in london as we saw it came after king stripped him of his that chlorine citizenship and revoked his asylum which was granted almost seven years ago ecuador says the sanch violate the terms of his asylum in multiple ways the country's former foreign minister ricardo patino claims
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the current ecuadorian government has struck a deal with washington partly the president of ecuador has reached an agreement with the u.s. they agreed to loan us from the international monetary fund and in exchange they agreed to things hand over julian a songe and the process of the latin american integration moreno has betrayed his homeland your loud british police to enter our embassy the embassy which we've been defending since two thousand and twelve it's clear that the death penalty still exists in the us i repeat it's public information they commit barbaric acts of torture against those they consider an enemy clearly julian assange is an enemy to them that's exactly why we gave him political asylum. laws he's going underground spokesperson just long time legal advisers geoffrey robertson he explained why he believes the breach of bio was not the real reason behind the arrest you can watch
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the full interview later on saturday. the home secretary said to germany ahead of the release of further or further arrest of said he's right be facing justice in the u.k. where he's not facing justice in the u.k. other than for breach of bail which is a very minor offense usually dealt with by a guy or a few weeks in prison these politicians so maybe he will stir up the judges to give him a couple of months but the justice that he's facing in is justice or in justice in america which wants him and has charges really for up to forty five years imprisonment the trump argument is this that the first amendment which protects journalists for him asli only apprise to
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american journalists and doesn't apply to any foreign journalist even those working for american papers in fact given goodale who was the hero of the pentagon papers case he was the lawyer for the new york times he came out of retirement be up a day and he said the case however much you dislike. his case is the most important for media freedom since the pentagon papers case where one of the biggest revelations of the leaks published by a science concerned alleged us war crimes in afghanistan the international criminal court has been looking into similar accusations for a while now but has just decided not to open an investigation into the matter the i.c.c. claims that doing so now would be counterproductive. the judges decided that investigation into the situation in afghanistan at this stage would not serve the interests of justice the i.c.c.
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noted the lack of cooperation that the prosecutor has received which is likely to go skate. should an investigation be authorized hampering the chances of successful investigation and prosecution of the us president or trump ale the decision is quote a major international victory for the rule of law the us has refused to sign up to the i.c.c. slamming the court is exercising unaccountable powers of prosecution the i.c.c. says there are reasonable grounds to suspect war crimes were committed in afghanistan that is based on a preliminary investigation into the issue and in two thousand and six washington recently revoked an entry visa for the prosecutor responsible for human rights watch slammed the court's decision saying it is a devastating blow for the victims of atrocities in afghanistan antiwar activists. says the i.c.c. has no power against the us i don't think that an entity like an i.c.c.
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would be able to bring those charges to the front and i think it will look back at the new take on yugoslavia taken small countries in africa maybe countries in latin america become trees and south asia but taking on the united states i mean i i mean you i guess the president to that would be the case with the signs right now this is this is not only a down it's down but we have to look at did they do they do anything about iraq you know there was a legal occupation with the invasion just like a pianist in this case is not the first case that points that out i think i think there's quite a few cases and there's quite a few precedents to show that i.c.c. is actually not capable of. bringing the real actors sort of western countries had to mons to the table and actually charging them with crimes.
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seventy five people have been killed in over three hundred twenty wounded in libya in the last ten days that's according to the. world health organization the country's ongoing civil war has been escalating after general wholly for huffed whose forces control eastern libya ordered his army to march on the capital the u.n. is calling on all parts fight seventeen civilian casualties so far with seven fatalities including three medical staff at least five ambulances have been hit since the onset of the conflict we continue to call for a humanitarian pause to allow people to safely evacuate and emergency services to get through and for all parties to abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law meanwhile thousands of libyans have been gathering in tripoli to protest against renewed fighting in and around the city libya has been in turmoil since the ousting of the market daffy twenty eleven since then the country has seen assessing up of say rival governments one backed by the un in tripoli and the based
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in total. platies party boycott looks back now at have the civil war in libya began in her latest edition of in case you missed it. cia stooges competing colonialists a powerless u.s. and billions of barrels of the black stuff in case you missed it the looming civil war in libya has this year old. cousin the lady i still had freedom and prosperity in libya back in twenty eleven creating a glorious last civil. like this and slave trade turns out i was wrong. not the business and i'm of the revolution to get rid of this guy and the more you know this one shares up i just look at them like a little despotic because they're in the. general. and his self-proclaimed libyan national army. apparently
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fought for colonel moammar gadhafi and then turned against him before going into exile in the u.s. but twenty years in langley virginia where the cia is based. how is that significant seriously i am trying to record something here. where was i after is no launched a military offensive and the place to take control of the whole country is off with their reassuring promise that security comes just as politics second. housetop wants to defeat the government of national accord which is really a selfless or national or in accord with anything but it's got one thing on its side the recognition that the us is the service that seems easy enough international condemnation of nato for half dollars bill says everything gets better it works every time the plan has everyone's best the oil interests up top.
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so while the u.n. officially recognizes the tripoli government the french egypt and the saudis have been funding and backing general ham who also got a personalized guided tour of a russian aircraft oh. quite a geopolitical because currently all the sides are doing the only thing me down do when they can't do anything calling. for a strange kind of dialogue my advice to anyone who lives in a corrupt sandy country with a serious amount of oil is to leave here just very back. the you meanwhile is demanding that general have tossed stops his military operation against the tripoli government. the military attack launched by the enemy on tripoli and the subsequent escalation in and around the capital are in danger and civilians including migrants and refugees and disrupting un led political
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process with the risk of serious consequences for libya and the wider region including the terrorist threat. but the block does seem to be split over the issue france reportedly blocked in early east eight when calling on the leader of the libyan national army to pull back his troops paris is all assets in eastern libya and has been providing military help to her after italy has criticised france's stands. it would be very serious of france for economical commercial reasons had blocked an e.u. initiative to bring peace to libya and would support a party that is fighting as minister of the interior i would not stand by and watch something that the two thousand and eleven nato led military intervention in libya promoted by then french president nicolas sarkozy was triggered more by economic and commercial interests than what humanitarian concerns well a former deputy speaker of the belgian parliament lode finish things the split in
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the oval libya is linked to geo political of france and italy in a lesson manager brown's was the one country don't start of the war on libya in the first place for the same reason that there were there but they do not supporting the guy that they think will protect their interests ironically enough this man and those leading the libyan national army is a former gadhafi goalie or a true madonna got to disagree with him and left the country for us in several years this man is just as a reliable as any other military dictator i mean it just shows that when it goes really comes down to democracy human rights and so on he's just irrelevant. nice to come this hour with religious violence on the rise in france we look at whether the media has skewed perceptions of the issue we'll have a look at that story because of the just.
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you know world of big. logs and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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again out of german media outlets and politicians have friended on the country's justice minister after she gave an interview to. the. ties with russia with more his. or the german justice minister catarina bali is found herself in hot water according to some lost on the political sea according to others it's scary to see how you can completely lose your political compass in no time well what heinous
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act did she commit she spoke to the media or as some would have you believe the wrong type of media this is all come about after ms barley gave an interview to r.t. german language sister service. member has learned that we maintain close ties with russia russia was and always will be our partner however that doesn't mean we don't take issue with certain things but then that's a natural part of any relationship. nordstrom to is a private enterprise and we as a government do not interfere i also do not consider it appropriate to comment on u.s. plans in any way. europe has external and internal enemies these include all who seek to weaken at first of all of course these are the e.u. countries that want to become nation states again and stop their usual cooperation with us in order to pursue their selfish national interests heaven forfend
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a german politician give an interview to a russian news outlet about issues that affect both nations the minister must be out of her mind according to the german tabloid press justice minister caterina barely wants to join the european parliament for the s.p.d. and has given many interviews so far so good but why she took questions from the kremlin propaganda portal russia today is not comprehensible to many in political circles. while the c.d.u. is fighting for every euro to strengthen europe's security the s.p.d. european candidate for the rino barley gives interviews the russian state propaganda that is twenty four seven to weaken europe because they're in a barely of the europe in the un through body all smiled in and friendly to those who want to send you a plummeting into chaos with their education freedom of the press sorry make that freedom to talk to the press as long as it's the ones the chairman tabloids approve
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of. speaker oliver now religious violence and is on the rise in france but the spike in attacks against minorities however the line share of the incidents in the country target christians something the mainstream media's coverage does seem to mrs charlotte devinsky now explains. anti religious attacks are taking place on an almost daily basis in fronts but while some incidents seem to attract a lot of attention others are largely being ignored according to the french observer. for be summary twenty nineteen was the worst month for churches in france and state began collecting data in two thousand and fifteen but in addition to churches other public christian symbols have also been targeted for example summit crosses on mountaintops public crucifixes been destroyed or vandalized and public
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statues of jesus and the virgin mary have been decapitated or destroyed and according to the observatory in france anti christian attacks have sharply risen since the beginning of twenty nineteen this is paris is historic seoul suit peace last month a fire here briefly caught the attention of the media. it didn't take long for an investigation to say the attack was deliberate and cause nearly a million euro receive damage but take a closer look at how it was reported by some news wires the headline reads the church briefly catches fire. almost a month later the story doesn't appear to have been updated suggesting that
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a deliberate attack on one of paris is the largest churches just wasn't backed newsworthy at the same time other anti religious attacks not only make the headlines they state. the latest official figures from the french government gave us a better insight into what's happening in twenty eighteen there was a sharp rise in the number of anti sematic incidents five hundred forty one that's up seventy four percent compared with twenty seventeen the incidents were broken down showing what they were related to including murder violence and threats anti muslim acts to it at one hundred a low since twenty ten meanwhile the number of anti christian acts reached one thousand and sixty three a slight increase compared with the previous year no further detail was. what was shocking to me was the almost casual way that the ministry described it saying
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quote the number of anti-christian acts is stable over the year when the interior minister downplays or. seems to sideline the acts against christians it fuels the assumption that only minority religions deserve protection unquestionably the increase in anti-semitic attacks is of serious concern but by many as minimizing the number of anti-christian incidents and providing no details the government signals in a not so subtle way that this is less important it's unclear who is carrying out these attacks or why they are taking place but there's real concern that the way that the french government and the media generally underplay them means that they could be being significantly underreported meaning the true scale is still unknown so it didn't ski r.t.
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paris thanks for watching that brings you up to date so far with what's happening in the world we're back again in just over. there are millions of people in america and around the world while better educated than ray dahlia but in order to succeed on wall street you need to complete lack of empathy this is driven in study after study after study re deleo has no consideration about the effect he's having of society and the the ruination of the lives that he's contributing to by being a leak on the system with his hedge fund best lack of empathy and play there that takes a certain kind of myopia and stupidity to work yourself into the state. the
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business model of facebook is to pressure people to continue communicating through facebook and giving facebook personal information this is what makes facebook a surveillance monster show facebook does not have users facebook has used it's people that facebook users. thank you who are who you are thank you was the third act of the night this is a comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents. thank you for joining me while the entire country focuses on trump and his book blue marie very few seem to care that are organized murder machines continue
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their work around the world that's the term i like to use instead of military organized human murder machine that has a nice ring to it just kind of rolls off the tongue got this. thanks doesn't really tearing sound so boring and but. it. sounds like a super lame millipede you met at a party at military over there is an accountant if i hear one more capital gains tax joe i'm going to kill myself. so let's just go on with organized human murder machine show a ten months ago i covered how twenty one trillion dollars had gone unaccounted for at the pentagon over the past twenty years don't try to think about the number twenty one trillion because you'll pass out and hit your head on a desk ok if your salary is forty thousand dollars a year in order to earn a twenty one trillion it would take you five hundred and twenty five million years
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. you can't even enjoy the new jet ski you bought because you're a brain in a jar. since i last brought you that report there has been a little more coverage of it the nation magazine did an article for did another article in just a few weeks ago and that tell you wrote about it in-depth in rolling stone then in a few a few months ago i brought you another report about the huge number of whistleblowers who have been retaliated against at the pentagon according to the government accountability office the. g.a.o. but you already know all this i've covered it before so why am i bringing it up again well now the g.a.o. has come out with a new report showing the total number of whistleblower complaints over the past five years at the department of defense sorry organized human murder machine and it's nearly of thousands. oh i'm sorry pearlie the wrong it's ten thousand whistleblowers come what what i'm trying to do what oh oh oh.
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