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by being on the system with. that's a lack of empathy there that takes a certain kind of myopia and stupidity to work yourself. in the science charged in the u.s. with conspiracy to government computers the issue of his alleged links to russia is once again being raised in washington. police used tear gas against yellow verse protesters in the twenty second consecutive weekend of demonstrations against the government. the german justice minister is roundly criticised after giving an interview to auntie's german sister channel in which she mentions close ties between burley in the moscow. and. close ties with russia russia was and always will be our partner.
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it's great to have you with us this hour it's great to have you with us this hour midnight here in moscow this is r.t. . and computer but it appears that washington has another axe to grind at least judging by the vice president's words on friday. when he was the cia director he called weekly leaks state house intelligence service often abetted by state actors like russia we strongly agree with the justice department is now seeking extradition it might just have been a slip of the tongue. hasn't been charged with anything brush of related but his alleged links to the kremlin have been on the minds of the media and political chase for quite some time. takes a look at whether alleged collusion might still become part of the case against the wiki leaks. it is say it years ago that the united states
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wanted him that's why he was did states wanted him that's why he was in the ecuadorian embassy. and he was right america is seeking extradition and if you watch enough t.v. you surely know why his russian connections can we address the question at hand and that is whether or not you can say definitively that russia had no part in this. was trying to sabotage the twenty six thousand election and have these facts in front of them saw assad as an agent agent or at least a provocateur or a collaborator with the russian government tonight there is growing evidence that russia is using wiki leaks as a delivery vehicle for hacked e-mails and other information it was everywhere on every pundit slips for years assad's weekly spew to russia meddling echoed and echoed by everyone important enough to be on camera like us need is
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it's time to call out wiki leaks for what it really is a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like russia they've acted in concert with the russians to interfere on our elections to help you pack into took that information from the russians at least in a way to disrupt our campaigns and twenty sixteen i don't think that's that's not right to legal and i hope mr and as much as possible gestures should come to cuba and so forth is for all. russians meddling in what you do by their word he's a covert taiji be asset of a secret mission to topple the united states that is if you watch enough t.v. if you don't if you actually read the indictment against in the charges no mention of russia not a mention of elections of meddling e-mails or grand plots to topple the united states his crime allegedly was that he worked with chelsea manning to obtain
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classified documents that showed us human rights abuses in iraq and afghanistan. in the u.s. government house to. state all the charges they tend to charge mr sashi with. extradition still. feel to you mr sargent's us that ransom on a power point united states government or bring the charges just consider this if the u.s. had any of it anything tying assigned to russia or meddling or conspiracy do you think they would have shown it to mention that you know this is it this is the unique charge he faces and because of how extradition works they can't add any more charges if they get him. the extradition order. needs to go
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at that stage but except charges are for example. the extradition court u.k. not extradite somebody to wes if the charges that are probably going to. now exist there's no charge. so the extradition court makes very clear we're only going to extradite on those charges are sent to us and. we just i guess direct your sosh. states with iraq. are on the. balance six are going by what lawyers and experts are saying the u.s. doesn't have much of a case and that is found guilty it sets a nasty precedent where journalists can be jailed for posting classified material no matter how vital like the manning files.
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this remarkable as it may be the u.s. is now saying that exposing us human rights abuses wanted murder committed by the u.s. military exposing that is wrong with serious than the abuses and murder themselves chilled formally bradley manning was freed by a bomb but judging by the toxicity on t.v. in washington. shouldn't be too hopeful the. you never know trump is trump wiki leaks i love what you like. on thursday police
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forcibly removed julian assange from the ecuadorian embassy in london came to pivot his ecuadorian citizenship and revoked his asylum granted almost seven years ago says that a sancia violated the terms of his asylum in numerous ways independent journalist and a close friend of junior songs smith says that we can leave who knows isn't the same man to trade by the media. judeans a very robust and strong person physically quite large and mentally but he has been under the most a nervous strain i mean physically had lost a lot of weight mentally he was still the same julian of course but you could see that he's a man who suffered he all know we can do this for example the embassy used to close down and you could see that he didn't like being alone rattling around the place he hasn't been outside the ecuadorians were in the last year under the regime of merino were monitoring him inside the embassy to an extraordinary degree there were
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two cameras in every room except the lavatory even the kitchen one also he was gagged he was well speak to journalists and the other thing is there's a tension right took a tale this is quite difficult to see and julian has expected to be thrown out of the embassy since before christmas he was just waiting for it to happen but i didn't think he expected to be dragged out in this way the way it happened was to patrol him to help portray him as a fugitive rather than allowing him to walk out himself with dignity people consider much more of a threat than you really is you know the district judge and the magistrate court that he went into after straight after being taken by the police and described him as a narcissist i mean the judge had met him once in the courtroom but day i mean that's a savage thing to say about somebody you know today what people are talking about the talking about the welfare of the cats i mean you couldn't make it out so we're hungry for news no talk about a cat they'll talk about silly stuff about him. you know apparently. the unclean or something like that i mean it's extraordinary how journalists are able to distract
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themselves what's really important and really important to the future of journalism . french police fired tear gas and yellow vests protesters who were thrown rocks and bottles on the first weekend after a controversial anti right law came into force new rules ban demonstrators from hiding their faces. was i was i was i i. clashes have erupted in paris where police used tear gas against the protesters and a seven people have been detained and thirty thousand protested across the country with around five thousand of those in the capital i.
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on the rally turned violent in the southern city of st louis where officers moved in after protesters are reportedly trying to build barricades a number of demonstrators were said to have been injured more than twenty were detained it's the twenty second consecutive weekend of anti-government rallies in france of us movement began in november as a rally against fuel price hikes and a call for president mathurin to resign so professor french and francophone studies at the university of nottingham paul smith thinks that despite president michael's ratings going up he won't win back his full support. oddly enough over the last few weeks he's poll ratings been going up both for him and his prime minister eight bush leaf and i think that there is a sense in that because the bonus you know whatever other politicians a little more over media commentators say that was actually kind of gave a framework to the discontent and it provided that they are late for the discontented old people to participate and in that sense it's
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a massive success but part of the problem is the budget is so you're missing the contributions of so disparate that bringing out altogether and turning that into something is going to be very difficult so paradoxically you know looking at the the news looking at the footage you know i think that he's enormously popular but. the next two three weeks all going to be an up and in fact the european elections are going to be absolutely critical. meanwhile religious violence in france is on the increase with a spike in attacks against minorities but the majority of incidents in the country target christians something much of the media seems to overlook charlotte explains . anti religious attacks are taking place on an almost daily basis in france but while some incidents seem to attract a lot of attention others are largely being ignored according to the french
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observer. for me so mary twenty nineteen was the worst month for churches in france and state began collecting data in twenty fifteen but in addition to churches other public christian symbols have also been targeted for example some across as on mountaintops public crucifixes been destroyed or vandalized and public statues of jesus and the virgin mary have been decapitated or destroyed and according to the observatory in france anti christian attacks have sharply risen since the beginning of twenty nineteen this is paris is historic seoul suit peace last month a fire here briefly caught the attention of the media. it didn't take long for an investigation to say the attack was deliberate and cause nearly a million euros in damage but take
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a closer look at how it was reported by some news wires the headline reads the church briefly catches fire. almost a month later the story doesn't appear to have been updated suggesting that a deliberate attack on one of paris is largest churches just wasn't backed newsworthy at the same time other anti religious attacks not only make the headlines they stay. the latest official figures from the french government to give us a better insight into what's happening in twenty eighteen there was a shop brides in. a number of anti sematic incidents five hundred forty one that's up seventy four percent compared with twenty seventeen the incidents were broken down showing what they were related to including murder violence and threats
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anti muslim acts to it at a hundred a low since twenty ten meanwhile the number of anti christian acts reached one thousand and sixty three a slight increase compared with the previous year no further detail was. what was shocking to me was the almost casual way that the ministry described it saying quote the number of anti-christian acts is stable over the year when the interior minister downplays or. seems to sideline the acts against christians it fuels the assumption that only minority religions deserve protection unquestionably the increase in anti-semitic attacks is of serious concern but by many minimizing the number of anti-christian incidents and providing no details the government signals in a not so subtle way that this is less important it's unclear who is carrying out
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these attacks or why they are taking place but there's real concern that the way that the french government and the media generally underplay them means that they could be being significantly underreported meaning the true scale is still unknown so what do you can ski r.t. paris. well the german justice minister has come under fire for giving an interview to artsy deutsch will explain what was said after the break. when lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the frame
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a merry go round lifts only the one percent. nor middle of the room. the real news is. the world. those are the gate have to be changed and we are still living with a historical legacy sophie decimalization most of there was a legal frameworks in investment work all of them are designed for industrial face a stick watch and now we are moving ahead and i think the problem is that our concepts are lagging behind. the.
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german media and politicians are rounded on the country's justice minister after she gave an interview to ati's german sister channel in a seven minute appearance katherina bali touched on a number of issues concerning europe including germany's relations with russia peter all of the reports from berlin. or the german justice minister catarina bali is found herself in hot water according to some lost on the political sea according to others it's curious to see how you can completely lose your political compass in no time well what heinous act did she commit she spoke to the media or as some would have you believe the wrong type of media this is all come about after ms barley gave an interview to r.t. german language sister service. number has learned that we maintain close ties with russia russia was and always will be our partner however that doesn't mean we don't take issue with certain things but then that's
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a natural part of any relationship. nordstrom to is a private enterprise and we as a government do not interfere i also do not consider it appropriate to comment on u.s. plans in any way. europe has external and internal enemies these include all who seek to weaken at first of all of course these are the e.u. countries that want to become nation states again and stop their usual cooperation with us in order to pursue their selfish national interests heaven forfend a german politician give an interview to a russian news outlet about issues that affect both nations the minister must be out of her mind according to the german tabloid press justice minister caterina barely wants to join the european parliament for the s.p.d. and has given many interviews so far so good but why she took questions from the
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kremlin propaganda portal russia today is not comprehensible to many in political circles while the c.d.u. is fighting for every euro to strengthen europe's security the s.p.d. european candidate for the rino barly gives interviews the russian state propaganda that is twenty four seven to weaken europe. because the rena barely of the european the un through body all smiling and friendly to those who want to send your plummeting into chaos with their education freedom of the press sorry make that freedom to talk to the press as long as it's the ones that you haven't tabloids approve of. spanish primary school has burned peoples for reading little red riding hood and sleeping beauty because they like a balanced gender perspective those two traditional fairy tales are among thirty percent of the books available for that age group that have been labeled toxic two hundred titles have been removed from the library at tabor school in barcelona is
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the latest such move in the catalan capital where gender commissions are currently reviewing similar cases we asked locals in barcelona for their thoughts. but only if the tale that all of us were raised with and were not traumatized it warms you not to get close to strangers i think to remove it it's a bit absurd so that no i think it's a delicate topic in so far as you can't reinterpret when these books were written it's from a historical time it's a matter of tradition one is obviously we have to do a lot of things to make society go forward but i don't know if this should be one of them. has been really with them since i was a child and i don't feel stereotyped or harmed by those books i don't think there are such a harmful thing for a key it's one that should never be conditions the way kids think the kids see women girls the other gender is a bit protected relative to man i think we have to teach them from childhood that there is no subordinate relationship between one and the other wellness and these are tales that have always existed they can be adapted to can be explained i think
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we shouldn't be censored you know it's part of the culture it has nothing to do with gender. as you just are now takes a look at just how far this reevaluation of classic works could go. once upon a time in a land far away you lived a girl and she was strong and independent and grew up to be superwoman like that story of course you do there's nothing little about this red riding hood of the twenty first century not like the old version banned in one of barcelona's primary schools for exposing children to falls gender perspectives matter of fact whereas better when you need them the wolves go to her and carry by x. had he's barely filled with stones and tossed out to die in agony if that's not animal cruelty i don't know what is another fairy tale bound in that school look at the ugly reality of sleeping beauty.
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he beheld her charms and felt his blood course hockley through his vague he lifted her is dom's and carried her to a bed they gathered the first fruits of love leaving her on the bed he returned to his own kingdom where pressing business of his realm he for a time thought no more about this incident now last nine months to lead livid two beautiful children one of need of a good. well excuse me does this start with once upon a rape did they really live happily ever after i mean really you know what let's stay on the subject a girl is given away to slavery by her own father sounds familiar. but you say you've got daughters i will forgive you on condition that one of them
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comes willingly and suffer for you well first the title is out right misleading there's at least two beasts and the bigger one i would argue is the father and yes i would like someone on this egregious human trafficking case asap. india i'm looking at you unicef or how about this plot the protagonist turns halfway through the story murdered his friend has his feet burned while alive is hanged and left for dead. understanding said one to the other there's nothing left to do now but to hang him to hang him repeated the other they tied pinocchio's hands behind his shoulders and slipped the noose around his neck three group high limb of the joint oak tree they pulled us to the fore marionette of the. spear. that's the original for you before
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being whitewashed by disney and if little red riding hood is a bad gender example for kids no way this tale can be under the p.g. thirteen mark and with aladin i think the deal was if you wish is not a t.v. show for movies and the seven video games i mean where's the genie's union when you need it and who knows how many more evils lurk under the guise of harmless children's books. i'm just saying with the saving up about with updates for you at the top of the. match geysers financial survival guide liquid assets those that you can convert into cash quite easily. to keep in mind though as if i'm a new inflation watch guys or ford. i'd say the number. they've matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more
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than ten white collar crime happens each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the old rich eight point six percent world market most thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and this one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a work but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business showed you know for the mid one and only boom but. us veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going out for the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got
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this memo from the circulated branches off that says we're going to attack and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the walls with them money those with dad lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war and surely we can risk some discomfort for an easy. the business model of facebook is to pressure people to continue communicating through facebook and giving facebook personal information and this is what makes facebook a surveillance monster the sole facebook does not have users facebook has used people that facebook use it's.
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i'm not sure that you know what you're going underground special in the week the british authorities after nearly seven years of arbitrary detention captured the founder of wiki leaks coming up on the show when one publication publishes a dynamite story other publications don't have a story and so they try and undermine the story in some way they have to write something so they will often do that. and then unfortunately a lot. of those people who are too close to the very powers that they should be trying to hold to account if we go back and look at what the u.s. military robert gates and general martin said about our publications that are of creating hypotheticals that maybe they would cause harm. our publications
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documented their involvement in a case by case level in the deaths of more than twenty thousand people in afghanistan and more than a hundred and eight thousand people in iraq those are the stakes that we were talking about. not only the dissolution of two societies but the deaths of over one hundred thousand people and so when you want to distract from this you just made the same accusation to the so the person that is making accusation against you. it's sort of it's akin to the kindergarten rhetoric the founder of wiki leaks julian signs there speaking to going underground from the ecuadorian embassy before we go to daddy street chambers in london to speak to julian's lawyer geoffrey robertson q.c. about the legal and human rights implications of the case i'm joined now from sydney in australia by legendary journalist and filmmaker john pilger john welcome to going underground you've said the arrest of julian a songe by british authorities is a warning to all journalists explain it it's
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a warning from history. it's a stark warning. anybody watching that shocking image of julianne being forced out of the embassy by half a dozen police and pushed into a van will know that if that can happen to somebody for using journalism to let us know the truth that can happen to anybody and if julian. is in braz he's in prison now but if he's on the way to an american prison well the principle is unaltered on the way to an american prison could be a host of other editors if they push their luck catherine via of the guardian the editor of the new york times and i don't say that lightly the lead lawyer of the new york times asserted if julian and wiki leaks can be prosecuted so can the
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editors of those newspapers that carried their work this is an us this is the north of salt on journalism but you know it more than that it's an assault on citizenship because it can happen to anybody right across the world it is saying that international law doesn't apply julian was an a credited. beneficiary of the whole notion of of of asylum. the united nations working party on aba tree detention made that absolutely clear and it was clear in couple months to which britain is a signatory now if that can be torn up if a regime as mired in in mercan corruption as the lenin merino regime in ecuador is today can call.


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