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in a phone call that lasted more than an hour the mere putin spoke to his u.s. counterpart about pressing global issues among the rest of venezuela the situation surrounding north korea and the possibility of a new nuclear. prisons in the u.s. surface over the venezuela crisis is a congresswoman blames u.s. policy for helping to devastate the country but the secretary of state slams comments are discussed. elsewhere france's interior minister is accused of lying to claiming made a protesters attacked the staff of paris hospital. and facebook because again sparks cries of censorship after prominent anti establishment figures from its
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platform branding the day. good evening you're watching international. russian president vladimir putin talk to his u.s. counterpart donald trump in a phone call initiated by the white house the u.s. president claimed that the talks were positive had a very good talk with president putin probably over an hour and we talked about many things venezuela was one of the topics we're talking about a nuclear agreement where we make less and they make lasts and china is frankly also we just got the possibility of a three way deal or sort of a two way deal. and i've already spoken to them they very much would like to be a part of that deal so a long talk from the first but when you think of it and realize that it is the two
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leaders of two of the world's superpowers discussing the most pressing issues on the agenda well it doesn't sound like that long anymore so what did they talk about we do know that the talk was highly heavily dominated by the situation in venezuela certainly a lot for the two leaders to discuss as personally it's not just two leaders but two geo political rivals in this sense because russia of course is supporting nicolas maduro the incumbent president saying that he is the legitimate ruler who was elected and washington supporting one why dole and trying to oust nicolas maduro so obviously vladimir putin and donald trump try to look for common ground and we do know that they have agreed at least on one thing and that is if any transition of power was to take place in venezuela it should be very very peaceful soul no arms no interventions nothing of the sort it seems that lattimer putin and donald trump do see eye to eye on that also they discussed the situation in north
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korea and that is particularly interesting putting put in context because vladimir putin did me to north korea's supreme leader kim jong on just last week and we also know that. did somewhat to vent his frustration with the way washington chooses to do diplomacy with his country and vladimir putin apparently made something of a promise to pass those concerns to the american side of course no way of telling whether or not that was done during that phone conversation also the situation in ukraine got into the spotlight during the talk and worldwide i'm appalled and did make an emphasis of the minsk agreement should be implemented that there should be more focus on how these agreements are. being implemented and it is of course something known as the minsk peace process and which is an internationally recognized and agreed on road map to restoring peace in ukraine to ending this
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bloody civil war that is basically tearing the country apart all saw the situation around the release of the report could not be overlooked that the two leaders briefly discussed this but the key word is briefly as apparently they chose not to focus on that to have a leap now both washington and moscow have said that they are finding this phone conversation to be a very productive one and indeed it is a very interesting introduction to the upcoming meeting of the country's two top diplomats circular and america's might come pay or said to talk to each other as soon as of the next week in finland and saw maybe something else will come out of today's phone conversation after those talks. so this primadonna joins me on the line again good evening to you brian let's talk first of all i think because it's the most pressing issue of conversation i think for the president venezuela obviously the backing different. people on opposite sides here
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how on earth could they come to some kind of agreement over that as well. well look there are three major if you like external disputes with your dividing the united states and russia moment they are venezuela syria and ukraine as the syrian ukraine go back to twenty thirteen twenty fourteen and then where as well you could say the russian psych got the upper hand in syria but the american side probably got the upper hand in ukraine and now the latest battleground is going to a risk of backing the government of nicolas maduro the elected government that the united nations recognizes as is china by the way backing them and the americans are backing their own opposition bigger guys so you know there's been a lot of rhetoric this week i mean for example john bolton who's the defense advisor security advisor to get me to strum he said during the week you know the risk the russians should be there because i quote this is our hemisphere it's not where the russians ought to be in syria now if you look at that from moscow it's
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very cute when the very next day meaning yesterday the personnel from the united states one hundred first airborne unit i arrived in sorry right in ukraine first training exercise and so basically washington saying to russia stay out of our hemisphere but it's ok for us to base that the send soldiers directly to the country the borders of ukraine where the ongoing dispute this is why you know trump is called now on and afterwards people are seeing his comments afterwards with the slovenian prime minister tonight presents night in washington and he's made it sound like you know that that is not going to be quite happy kind of let them do what they want them venezuela i mean this is not going to happen i mean the fact is that there are these three matters what moscow one was free to choose to be those collective you know what russia is recognizing its sovereignty and in this case you know. according to the united nations according to all international law a man who is the president of venezuela matter what you think and if the americans
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are planning that summons speculates the muslim kind of operation there i mean that will be that will come through the internet. the law and russia may i can't say for sure but you would imagine her she would try to take some steps. to limit the efficiency of money american action there and then we're going to come back to ukraine again there's a new president there is as we know from you know the ukrainians because any election. it's been ukrainian interference in american politics more than russian interference and of course american parents and ukraine and there's a whole lot of issues of building a woman the years. and the fact is that you know as i mentioned there you're like. the kremlin will be wondering how much it's already done from what he has to make decisions that is the problem you know the problem is like how much authority does he have i mean you know he the kremlin putin can make a deal with trauma but can trump get it should congress and the inertia.
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politically clear the opposition to. double trouble having any kind of business with russia russia's been toxic ever since the u.s. presidential election that mean that any deal involving the u.s. and russia. would have to clearly have the upper hand in any deal he would have to look as if he and the united states come out the big. that's a really interesting question because the fact is you're right you're completely wrong to me the only way because of the fact that so many people in america bizarrely think that trump is somehow compromised by russia which in turn has forced him to be far more hardline and russia than his predecessor but i hope obama was which is probably why. the election my main benefit russia overall at the point is that the only way to is going to be able to get it through with russia is if it looks like a complete victory for the united states and also that's probably going to be on except the bill in the in moscow so i mean as i said earlier what they're basically trying to do here in russia as far as i can see as far as the russian russian
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expert community and you know political class are saying is to try to stop relations getting any worse because as i mentioned like i mean it was a situation where on american primetime television yesterday you know meghan mccain and john mccain's daughter described moscow's decision safe and if you go on twitter right now you just type into the search bar you see how so names in america famous keep six essentially accusing some of treason just for talking to. i mean we reached a stage now where the present united states is not able to talk to the president of the country which is that has the second most powerful military in the world and the sixth largest economy in the world and they can talk to each other without being attacked from all sides in the united states mean elements within his own who would be a star of the republicans you know i am certain elements within the republican party that a lot of the opposition. will the findings of the report which don't trump as. enthusiastic to keep repeating to everybody no collision the finding he says does
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that embolden him now we see him increasingly look to how public with with the russian leader. great minds well let's just take it further right you mentioned today and mention. the american america that they discussed the idea of some kind of tripartite you know nuclear treaty with china. russia united states i mean as you know a few months ago the americans pulled out of the i.m.f. which was in the start agreement dating back to be a nice that had limited you know warhead numbers between them russian and one and america i mean such a deal would be amazing for trump to be a huge win but the problem is the russians have to kind of take a leap of faith and say can this guy actually get this through his own congress and that's the problem i mean you know so does not mean the thing about i mean what i mean from the midterms point of view from his reelection prospects it would look at amazing if you sat down together with the presidency in china and see if you think with president putin and russia on this freedom sat together i would have deal with
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you know curtailed you know the danger from you can whether you would look at maine i'm sure you'd be delighted to take part in because the russians consistently said they don't want an arms race but the problem is with so much when it's a russian hysteria and growing up into a china this period of latin america get it through and that's the problem and then you see for example the europeans to who could offer a kind of counterweight here they're just gone missing i mean there are so consumed with bricks and various other stuff that they're now completely irrelevant despite the fact that the european union is you know one of the top three world economies there in total which china in the united states is that the way that the over his biggest critics but i do what they are most afraid of meeting with the chinese leader with that with the russian leader until he gets to a point where even the democrats will say actually the sky isn't falling and they all thinking regularly well it's a bit like you know when you're younger every teenager and you like a girl and the only way to get her in the end is pretend that you're not interested in you know. like i mean the only way you can really do this feared that he played
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a really hard ball with russia over the last huge sanctions on russia you know he sent lethal weapons to ukraine's one supporter i mean. he's come across its policy towards russia has been so hard line at this stage i mean it no matter what the public perception of the facts of the matter are he has put stringent sanctions on russia he's. he supported ukraine every bit of the way he's you know now he's got involved in all kinds of stuff expanding nato into that into montenegro now perhaps into north macedonia if the point now is that you know if he turns around and gets a deal it's a huge win for trump as you said you said it would have to look at the win for the united states it would have to look like the united states are completely worn here and russia has in some way surrendered i mean you know you're in russia long enough to i mean putin has his own people to worry about i mean you know putin has his own electorate worried by his own approval ratings if it looks like a surrender by russia i mean that's going to be politically disastrous for putin at
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home as well especially you know facing into actions in a couple years time and facing into you know what will likely be a pirate transition in russian twenty twenty four new imagine the blood in your boot in hopes that whoever he recommends as his successor will become the next russian president once you've perceived to be a surrender to the americans i mean that's not going to help those election prospects i don't really see how a deal can be done here i mean i think the atmosphere in america is so toxic lee and i russian and you know i do as i said before i do feel the kremlin in my respects just trying to keep the relationship going so as not to make things any more. mention points there are i think we are who is appreciate that journalist brian with all my guests this hour thanks pon my pleasure. and as we mentioned earlier trump and putin also the issue of venezuela the u.s. president emphasized that it was a positive conversation saying both want positive development that despite their differences america supports the self-proclaimed venezuelan president hugo i don't
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russia stands behind the elected president nicolas maduro. same with venezuela democrat congresswoman all she blamed u.s. policies for the devastation seen in the country but they were words that didn't go down well with washington officials a lot of the policies that we have put in place has kind of helped lead the devastation in venezuela particular bullying in the use of sanctions to eventually into the and. make change really does not help the people of countries like venezuela for a member of congress who frankly one who sets an important national security committee to make a statement blaming america first this way it's not only ignorant it's disgusting congresswoman doesn't know what she's talking about. in january the u.s. impose strict sanctions on venezuela's biggest oil producer according to u.s.
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national security advisor john bolton the sanctions will freeze seven billion dollars worth of company assets and lead to a loss in all exports of more than eleven billion over the next year the top administration has been piling on the pressure. the brutal repression of the venezuelan people must stand that most people are starving they have no food they have no water and this was once one of the wealthiest countries in the world so we wish them well we'll be there to help and we are there to help. and this where the president nicolas maduro claims of the opposition attempt to talk straight. into ousted from power but military forces remain loyal to the president while hundreds of thousands of people marched in a show of support for people dying soon clashes between antigovernment protesters and police we discussed the ongoing crisis we've got a look career cabrera an associate professor at george mason university. truth that with sanctions who who are software and write
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a country that that's that's interested in intervening in another country for the sake of man teaming the geopolitical interests or the natural resources or controlling the natural resources and exercising pressure through sanctions put people under extreme stress however at the same time or maurice not mentioning of the harm that mother or himself and here's a group of corrupt military officials has done to venice well here we. two groups have been supported by two big powers that are really explaining the whole thing but not i mean no side can can can be at the center either you pretty spry american intervention or are you pretty safe or you support the other the the other side. they did buy the region so you know a lot of maher is you know is showing that there is at the bishan also within the
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united states regarding the approach of the united states itself so the united states with its approach is also debating of the country. france's interior minister is being branded a liar claiming anticapitalist attacked stuff for the paris hospital during a may day rally that turned ugly but videos and eyewitness accounts of the incidents just they were actually taking cover from riot police who were far into gas reports from the french capital. violence or may the first has been well documented in one of the most shocking stories that emerge from that violence with these allegations particularly by frances interior minister that actually some of the reuters and those protesters were trying to attack a hospital trying to attack the staff and trying to enter into that hospital this particular hospital was actually a surgical intensive care unit and there was descriptions of the patients inside
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saying that they were in quite a carry situation many of them were into baited someone ventilated and that the staff at whom rickly tried to fight off that attack of those protesters entering into the site this is what france's interior minister had to say about that event. the. hospital was attacked its medical staff were attacked and the police officers sent to protect them was hurt unshakable faith in our security services they are the pride of the republic well that's his version of events but in a twist going on here social media has been flooded with videos showing exactly what happened on the ground in that hospital and actually what we've seen from those videos and social media some of which were actually taken by members of staff inside the hospital don't show what the interior minister said happened in fact what they show is that the c.r.s. the security forces with charging at protesters those protesters were fleeing from
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the security services and as such they were seeking refuge inside the hospital not just for that charge but also because of the tear gas that had been deployed in the area so a very different version of events and as such opposition politicians here in france have described christopher kasten a as being a liar and some of them have even called for his resignation. if it was a deliberate lie in turn and soley to deliver and turn issues social movement then the interior minister should be fired without doing. kristoff. shamelessly and manipulated the press to spread these lies enough was enough given the facts he has no choice but to resign well in other developments coming out of that may day protests in france it's also a message that this video showing the police officers actually picking up paving
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stones from the road and throwing that towards protesters now we know that this is a weapon of arsenal that the protesters have used for many months during the yellow vest protests and indeed on the may day but this is the first time in paris we've seen evidence of the police using what essentially is an sanctioned weapon against the protesters it begs the question whether the police are the ones who inciting the violence and instead of trying to control the situation they're actually poor ring oil on the fire meanwhile hospital staff spoken to the media describing the moment when mayday protesters rushed into their facility. still in the moment is sheer number of them startled us at first but very quickly they started to listen some try to calm them down it's a hospital calmed down they understood that we couldn't lead the man and now when it comes to finding someone to blame we don't know there's nothing to say i think
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when you take part in a protest things always get a little bit out of hand and that's the weight is new person on the there were several of us we didn't see any black blocks we saw some yellow vests who were in a panic going in all directions there were about ten of them they went up the stairs and at the door they asked for something for their eyes which they said were stinging we saw no signs of forced entry doors or anything some call extrude go to treat their ice. head to the u.k. now where opposition m.p.'s are calling for an official inquiry into the alleged leaking of secret plans by sun defense minister gov and williamson promised a treason they insisted on has now closed and that his firing is only due to her loss of confidence in him while the boy who explains. this was a man of course who had huge political ambitions it was said that he wanted to work his way to the very top to succeed to reason may but his fall from grace appears to
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have been even faster than the sort of fast track to success to resume a sacked him as defense secretary earlier this week she accused him of leaking highly sensitive information i put to you delete information from the investigation which provides compelling evidence suggesting your responsibility for do an authorized disclosure i can no longer have full confidence in you as secretary of state for the fence and a minister in my cabinet and ask you to leave her majesty's government given williamson is calling for a criminal investigation into the leak in order to establish his innocence he's sworn on his kids' lives that he wasn't behind the leak there are now rumors in westminster that williamson could be out for revenge that he's got enough dirt on the prime minister to bring her down she has been working at the top level of cabinet at the highest echelons of power for a few years now he was eventually brought into cabinet as defense secretary where
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he was rather outspoken. frankly brochure should go away it should churchill. and surrounding areas i think that we thank you. which is very wrong business. indeed we take care of them stick them. personally i don't much like the state. but it is amazing what's come be achieved with a sharpened to hiram's you can see that gavin williamson wasn't without his quirks he was famous in parliament for keeping a pet tarantula named crudeness on his desk and he has been posting rather
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a lot on social media in fact he's quite prolific he posted since his sacking a photograph on instagram with his two pet dogs saying that it's been a really tough week but it's all ok when you get to come home to your pets says he's going to have a lot more time for them now he's now been replaced by the u.k.'s first ever female defense secretary penny mordant she's a royal navy reservist and fun fact she once worked as a magician's assistant now looking at the dire local election results today am with gregg's it still dragging on and with williamson refusing to shut up and go away perhaps to reason may is hoping that some of penny mordant magic will rub off on her. facebook is prominent conservative and to stop us from figures from this platform citing policy against dangerous individuals and
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organizations also applies to facebook and instagram most of the people on the list have prominent media profiles including the likes of alex jones and his website info was exploit bought news editor. political activist laura lunar rover anyone who promotes their content on social media also faces a similar fight. facebook underlines it's always bound to individuals or organizations promoting or engaging in violence and hate regardless of ideology but you tube or poor joseph watson has also been banned by the social media giant to claims that the moves purely political i was given no reason whatsoever for being bound by facebook or instagram this is punishment this is a political purge this has nothing to do with hate all violating terms of service yesterday ever wrote an article about how i was leavin in a digital gulag on holocaust remembrance day and today even though i am
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a zionist and have dedicated my life to competent jew hatred this nazis in silicon valley ban me if bugs actions have sparked a censorship debate some say the company should be banning more people other so a warning of repercussions on free speech. every conservative should be concerned about alex jones prison planet and others getting an arbitrary banned from facebook platforms you an extent censorship is entering a new more hysterical face soon there will be no right wing activists or commentators laughed how bad jag benyon donald trump from twitter for violating the company's rules against hate and violence so much damage already done so many demented and delusional followers have been radicalized in many people ate it by cards face book. and harris queenie's chair of british think tank the bow group thinks facebook suppressing one side of political debate and therefore the company
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should be regulated. they're reacting to the election results like at the bricks like the election of donald trump and it would appear that they feel there's a company that they want to put themselves on the side of the debate they need to be regulated as such as a as a political actor in the debate rather than a platform for free debate which i think it's now very clear they are not facebook very clearly putting themselves on one side of the political debate it is absolutely it could tell them to free speech because they're saying these individuals are dangerous well many people like by still see them as perfectly reasonable act in a political debates they have huge following across a variety of platforms facebook is clearly pushing itself as a political actor and why is excrete in the regulation that other media companies face. the u.s. is expected to continue its support for the saudi military intervention in yemen
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the senate's failed to overturn president terms of veto of a house resolution on ending washington's involvement in the war saudi arabia is a despotic dictatorship. that works all over time to prevent any movement in that country toward democracy this is also about squaring us policy with national security interests and getting the blood questioning devotion to a regime that treats its own people that way the house passed the resolution opposing involvement last month with sixteen republicans among those voting in favor but it was blocked by donald trump who dubbed it a dangerous attempt to weaken his constitutional authority we had lost this bombing campaign in yemen back in two thousand and fifteen against who think rebels with these being terrorists incursions resulted in what the u.n. describes as the worst manmade humanitarian crisis on the planet.
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he says it is a business decision and if he has to do with a murderous regime he will continue to do so. here is no compunction. morally or with any regard to human rights to in their relationship he sees it strictly as a transactional relationship to keep us cannibalism going to fuel us industry and the us military bar he has no human rights concerns.
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seven people are now known to being killed in the strongest tropical cyclone to hit india for twenty years more than a million people have been evacuated from eastern indian state of addition alone as many as ten million people are potentially in the sightlines path two hundred kilometer an hour winds have been recorded along with heavy rainfall this brought down trees and power lines more than four thousand emergency shelters set up in an attempt to cope with the huge numbers evacuated bangladesh is now bracing itself for the cyclons impact as it moves its way north along the coast. ok about it today to join me for a very latest news headlines updates and our top stories in half an hour.


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