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tv   News  RT  May 6, 2019 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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mirrored you know we do need your money young you do it sort of your blood you sort of my look a mood for a burger joint in the clue a trickle of the murder. of a boy to be yet. forty one people out of seventy eight on board a russian ara fault plane that killed off of the airline a burst into flames during an emergency landing in moscow among the victims of two children on the flight attendant who died assisting passengers escape the instant. israel and palestinian militant group hamas reportedly called a truce also
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a weekend of deadly exchanges which saw over twenty palestinians and poise reilly's killed in massive as five and missile attacks. russia's foreign minister and his u.s. counterpart will discuss the venezuela crisis later on monday after what appears to have been a failed coup attempt by the washington backed opposition in the latin american country. and north korea's missile test over the weekend go launch scolded by washington with don't refraining from lashing out at cayman jolan. it's nine o'clock here in moscow and you're watching all to international live from our studio with me new team the team to welcome to the program. all the bodies have now been retrieved from the scorched wreckage of the plane crash landed at moscow's sheremetyevo airport on sunday the survivors are being treated for inhalation burns
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and post-traumatic stress here's how the tragedy unfolded in just a warning you may find some scenes upsetting. the kids. when the flames in there are sure a white flash a most of the morning. we certainly had the windows i just turned my head and all of a sudden i saw the burning plane with huge plumes of black smoke. to. look like it out.
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here and learned about the tragedy in the media and immediately went to the airport hoping to get any information about a friend who was on the plane it's very hard for people waiting to hear the patient their loved ones but everyone is trying to hope for the best. live not talk on the. porch what's the latest that you can tell us about the class. well we're hearing more testimonies from the crew from. passengers who were on board and all of them agree that there was a loud bang and a bright flash ledge the lightning on that they all agree but afterwards the
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first opinions as to what happened the latest to speak to talk about what happened was the captain he described a takeoff that was normal nothing unusual about that they ascended and then they were struck he says by lightning the lightning disabled primary communications equipment so they they had no for a while they had new communications with the tower down on the ground with ground control they used backup radio systems but those malfunction communication was difficult nevertheless they managed to get back on course they were given a runway to land dog but the jet pilot said the jet was heavy very heavy because it had just set off it was just taken off and there's a lot of fuel in the tanks in such and such a situation other experts have said that plane becomes again the more difficult to
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control to compound problems the lightning disable various navigation systems guidance systems pilots or jet was in the most minimum tronics in the pilot had to take the jet down he says by hand so completely maddening. video of the jet landing and it appeared to strike the ground with its tail end apparently the fuel tanks ruptured say officials and fuel spilled over the back end of the aircraft and quickly ignited the chaos the panic began harrowing stories from inside the witness accounts from inside the jet about people screaming trying to get out. about illuminators is starting to melt but we're also hearing. grateful to the crew members the five crew members who helped get
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people out one of them died the steward who was in the back of the plane tried to get a door open he couldn't he pushed people out they described other students said she grabbed people by the color and guide them outside the front end of the plane down the trampoline so they could get to safety nevertheless out of the seventy eight passengers and crew that were on board forty one confirmed killed thirty seven survived others. hospitals. most of the smaller of the suffered from burns gas inhalation injuries the medical services responded quickly. there's also anger and confusion in the initial moments immediately after the crash as often happens when there is an air crash when a passenger jet in the sky people blamed the passengers some of the machine with
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hand luggage so people presume that they had held up the evacuation to get their luggage out but psychologists see a warning not to jump to conclusions this is a difficult trying every what they say that we should wait for the proper information to come out for verified information for an investigation they also warn the survivors a very vulnerable now to many of them could suffer from survivor's guilt that they survived that others didn't the trauma that could potentially last their whole lives unless the investigation is begun both black boxes have been recovered and all the bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of the jet as well. as the investigation continues and as we. more will be going to. occur all right guys half reporting from sharma tever at port franks what we heard from several aviation
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experts. are part. of course it's a landing is heavy enough that it would have to really be very very hard landing the landing gear itself to go through the structure of the fuel is just above it so see whether the he did have a fire on that the landing gear it collapse and it was literally riding along the back part of the airplane down the runway fire on an airliner is this really one of the worst possible of this for the crew to say no way to fight the materials in the airplane are largely plastic inside brick and they burn readily even if they're protected in some small way from propagation discussing i notice looking at the radar was the airplane made a circle first not to approaches to the airport but to suck all the way from the airport to lisa out of the sewer it landed that tells me there was at least in the
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crew's mind a very serious and murderous you require him to get on the ground quickly. there's a myriad of situations you can both engines operating did they have smoke or fire in onboard the aircraft was there. smoke in the cockpit and what was the emergency did they have that that's why it's really so critical to be able to listen to the noises the sounds the voice recordings and all the instrumentation parameters and see those parameters through the flight recorder and the flight voice recorder to see what happened it could be a lot of different things but it's also interesting that apparently the when did on the second approach if there was a fire aboard the aircraft you want to get that airplane on the ground as soon as possible you can't play around with air.
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israel and palestinian militant group hamas have reportedly called a truce off to two days of intense cross border exchanges including bombing raids by televisions the violence has claimed twenty four lives in gaza among them civilians four people were killed in israel. the windows. from outside. read it was this result of huge.
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progress in militants began their missile bombardment from the gaza strip on sunday morning several residential areas were hit mostly in the south of israel the israeli air force targeted multiple sites in gaza in retaliatory strikes. has the latest. we have heard an announcement from the israeli army that it is lifting all restrictions for residents of the south of israel who live within a forty kilometer radius of gaza now this does confirm that the truce it was brokered at around four thirty monday morning is holding up it was brokered by egypt and the united nations this has been the bloodiest weekend of violence on the israeli side for his release were killed which is the highest fatality israel has suffered since the last israel gaza war back in two thousand and thirteen but on the palestinian side twenty four palestinians were killed including a pregnant woman and a child the street scene was indescribably people were afraid in terrified and
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running and everyone was looking for their children nobody was able to see ya there so. and after the first strike it hit everyone started screaming children and adults when the building collapsed nobody was able to see one another. and learn to live it's a good. situation to do what we know we can do is to cross our fingers. and hope we're not call many more we do trust the army we do hope benjamin netanyahu will take care of it but we are really worried from the rockets now overnight bomb shelters were opened here in tel aviv which is some eighty kilometers from the gaza border after hamas threatened that it would target the city and thus also published in hebrew the coordinates of those sites in israel it planned to attack and these included being a growing international airport with a lot of them are no where it's always believed to have its nuclear arsenal this of course has never been confirmed by the israeli society for late last night glee
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israeli security cabinet wrapped up in what the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying that the israeli army would keep up its attacks. this morning i instructed the i.d.f. to continue its intensity tax against terror targets in the gaza strip and to expand its presence surrounding the gaza strip with armored forces artillery and troops we are operating and we will continue to do so to restore peace and security to residents in the south of the country now the next two weeks are very busy on the israeli calendar they include the israeli memorial day the independence day the one year anniversary of america moving its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem nakba day which is commemorating the palestinians and all of this culminating in the largest song festival or vision on the fourteenth of may many israelis i speak to say that they believe the israeli prime minister did not go ahead with a full scale invasion of gaza because he doesn't want to detract from the twenty
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thousand visitors who are expected to descend on israel for this major show which is a big highlight on the international calender. and this romney i'll make garri and political analyst. of us that conflicting views on the basis as collation between israel and gaza. these are either response is always disproportionate. palestinian rocket fire is really attacks on the palestinians are a very destructive. for the population. being reduced to rubble people in the streets are being hit while they are on motorcycles well. even on the ground in the fields including mothers and their toddlers both the hamas and islamic jihad or are excellent in using human shields you know launching their operations from schools and from apartment buildings and from civilian centers and hoping that the israelis will not retaliate or that the israelis will
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be concerned with possible civilian casualties every civilian casualty is really what the state of israel take the citizens and has to protect its borders and for that some very very serious measures are being taken against the military infrastructure in gaza. will create a surprise missile tests in the sea of japan if we can't fail to trigger the fire and fury one might have expected from donald trump the president's administration has so far only reiterated hopes of striking a nuclear deal with pyongyang. looks at why the response has been that. north korea a country that says it doesn't want anyone paying attention to what's going on there yet at the same time secretly can't get enough of the spotlight look test we did a test deadly scariness silos and everyone did look and also glanced at donald
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trump the afficionado of name calling expecting one of his north korea one line is like these little rocket man. madman out there shooting rockets all over the place he is a sick puppy rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself rocket should have been handled a long time ago. yet everyone expecting a measuring contest was in for a surprise to the missiles and even the size of kim's button don't seem to bother the white house any more that we still believe that there's an opportunity to get a negotiated he hoped that that he took over the weekend won't get in the way we want to get back at the table anything in this very interesting world is possible but i believe that kim jong un fully realizes the great economic potential of north korea and will do nothing to interfere or end it he also knows that i am with him and does not want to break his promise to me deal will happen ok let me go through
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this again is it about north korea chuck is it about something militaristic check is trump still the president of the united states chuck so what's wrong well it could be about the timing and the fact that the ones hate to do is turning into a love triangle a couple of weeks ago russia's president vladimir putin had his first ever meeting with kim jong and among other things the north korean leader asked putin for this particular german king also read directly to tell us about his position and about the questions he has in connection with the situation on the korean peninsula there's no way of telling if lattimer putin has passed the message on but he certainly had the perfect chance one trumpet dialed him last week and they stayed on the line for a good ninety minutes north korea definitely being among the talking points so when your relationship is going downhill maybe it's a good idea to get
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a third opinion of it back in a couple of minutes after this short break. you know world's big partners. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that make history media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. make this manufactured consent to public wealth. when the ruling class
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is to protect themselves. in the final merry go round. the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. welcome back to the higher ground with the crisis in venice way less than a simmering russia's foreign minister is set to discuss the situation with his american counterpart late on monday on the sidelines of the all take for in finland on the agenda will be the alleged attempt by the u.s. backed and elsewhere in opposition that's a media conference on sunday. and by this why this foreign minister both stress
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that dialogue is key. we and all venezuelan partners agree that any use of force circumventing the un charter and the un security council may have catastrophic consequences for the entire structure of modern global security as any nation venezuelans themselves could only decide their own fate through peaceful dialogue within the scope of because the two shouldn't this was another attempt at violence by the venezuelan opposition president nicolas maduro insists that a dialogue remains the only option to voice the u.s. position on this which says options are on the table we believe the only way is to respect the u.n. charter preserve peace in venezuela and not violent or for overthrow of the regime but i want you to show minister that. putin discussed the venezuelan crisis with donald trump by phone but the u.s. president saying the chat with his russian counterpart positive autism. and efforts
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to break. what if all the key stakeholders don't only talk on the phone but get to meet maybe even more than once and actually end up agreeing on something might come pale and serve don't get in touch that often nowadays but just last week they were on the phone and there you have it they're meeting face to face just a few days after vladimir putin and donald trump didn't talk for about five months after the g. twenty in argentina last week it was time to get back to business the two presidents were on the phone for more than an hour he is. not looking at all to get involved in venezuela other than he'd like to see something positive happen for venezuela. and i feel the same way so we want to help with a humanitarian basis and i thought it was a very positive conversation i had with president putin on venezuela sounds quite
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optimistic probably even too much was president putin able to convince him speculation over russia's involvement and as well or is way too overblown wait only the day before we heard this from america's number one diplomat we need to make sure there's not an invasion into it as well and yet there's been one. it took place the cuban invaded some time ago the russians have now followed suit and in the meantime mr lab rob was saying this go to. discussing the situation in venezuela but i don't see how we can find a common approach where no policies based on the principles of international law and the u.s. line is to appoint someone as an interim president in another country threaten to use military force along with choking sanctions to overthrow the congress seems. washington is trying to convince the world the way they've been pulling the strings in venezuela has nothing to do with the word coup yet as usual they're leaving all
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options on the table including the use of force. military action is possible if that's what's required that's what the united states will do those who are not venezuelan should know is all options are on the table secretary of state is in close contact with the pentagon he was among the officials who were briefed by the u.s. southern command quote unquote on a wide range of military options as the command continues to monitor activities on the ground and as well self-imposed venezuelan leader one of like bill has been hinting he would be happy if washington stepped in militarily and you don't rule out a military intervention because it's entirely clear what the madeira regime is about anyway it's clear for him that would probably be the best case scenario after several failed attempts to get the army on his side. one of why
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bill called himself the president of them is well three and a half months ago and time isn't on his side giving out orders as head of state hasn't yet helped him actually become one president nicolas maduro and his supporters have so far been able to withstand most of the pressure a few more failed attempts to start a coup or energize a genuinely nationwide protest may lead to second thoughts about mr within the opposition whether he'll ever choose to back down himself. that's a tough one speaking of nicolas maduro this man doesn't look like someone who ever be the first one to raise the white flag making concessions though when he's completely pushed to the wall that's more like it. on thursday russia will celebrate victory day commemorating the surrender of the nazis in one thousand forty five ahead of the big day with world war two veteran our environment who was
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a schoolgirl when the war started and became a resistance fighter she still many horrors including people being deliberately burned to death. this is her story. her own. material a very is still. the earth to all the land is in the wall is the leader there is friend there who is it that is the answer of the will is each. with a little if you listen to the facilities in the ages for the end of this lead to the if the elite see it is it isn't ha to be defeated.
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and the. last thing you should. certainly suggest it is what is the giuliani that and the lifters of the race is this if this is true see the plane in the prisons the you see her. home. her. sleeping for the goods he is
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a big city who does it loses the question see it move the zip zip zip the late the in the. believe the easier it is the lower you lose it if the versus the. yes the way they burn. the bridges if you want to believe it would be they just the way they did. the dishes the bridges that. are so nice and i hear a lot international i'll be back around thirty minutes time with more world updates so do stay with us.
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when i was a child small seemed wrong order but all wars just don't call. me long yet to shape out just they become educated and indeed trained equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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i'm actually tense here we're going underground ahead of tomorrow's u.n. torture committee review of conditions in teresa mayes britain coming up on the show twenty years to the day of the first welsh national assembly elections the father of the evolution former well secretary lord morris calls for the abolition of the post he once held and the knowledge economy we speak to a former brazilian minister under the lula and dilma governments of a professor a bit longer about how new liberal politicians like his former student barack obama incubate inequality by bailing out the rich classes britain's poorest struggle to put food on the table while wealthy elites continue to dine out we are scolding filmmaker who boxer about how he tricked those very same elites into eating microwave meals in a shed and coming back for more dollars or more coming up in today's going underground but first british elites is still ruminating on tourism a firing u.k. defense secretary gavin williamson for leaking state secrets for m.s.m. the shadow hanging over williamson is a daily telegraph story about five g. north his part in killing a quarter of
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a million in yemen or trying to start world war three by threatening russia and china and as for new defense secretary penny mordant when it comes to britain's most defense less her voting record is for tory cuts credited with killing one hundred twenty thousand she voted against taxing bankers' bonuses and for restricting trade unions and the army the so-called military covenant is a british colonel and what it is and what it means for serving soldiers' families veterans and relatives of the fall of the military covenant is the bond between the nation on the soldier one goes to the other in times of commitment many more than voted against that government but what about the armed forces governance here explained by that same colonel who now takes zero. orders from the essential thing about a device that it removes disadvantage the disadvantages of service life and puts servicemen on a equal plane with their peers and sit in life well his new boss british defense secretary penny morton voted against.


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