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a lot of my look. kind of. brush marks the seventy fourth verse the end of this second world war. march through central moscow these are live scenes right now in the russian capital photos of loved ones along many people's we'll go live to our correspondents and many sections all of the route in moments meanwhile in red square earlier.
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being effective day parade took center stage this morning with more than thirteen thousand troops on dozens of armored vehicles passing through the little. while another news this thursday iran said some of its nuclear deal. forcing european leaders to maneuver between tehran and washington to save the historic twenty fifteen agreements. on polls show former u.s. vice president joe biden leading against bernie sanders in the race for the twenty twenty democratic presidential nomination evoking memories of the twenty sixth being called. a very warm welcome from moscow this is our to international with me you know only has just gone through. four pm here on this the ninth of may in moscow
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a special day here in the country marking the seventy fourth anniversary of the capitulation of not see germany the end of world war two known as the great patriotic war the conflict on the eastern front which lasted just under four years was a battle of attrition with unprecedented for also the claiming the lives of over twenty five million hits. and then what not so long ago was a local grass roots tradition in the siberian city is now an offense held all across russia and indeed far beyond the immortal regiment march sees people walk portraits of their relatives items of clothing as well went through at the war there are sacrifice hundreds of followers of people already turning art in moscow
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it is expected to break the one million mark as well as you put. it is among them. very much an event this isn't it that brings together commemoration and celebration as we're seeing their incredible numbers. you know in the high again you might want to ask me what's changed in the last sixty minutes and my answer to that will be nothing other than the fact that probably tens of thousands of people with hundreds walked past me definitely crowds that would fit into a few stadiums and seas of people around me it's just endless you don't see it and to this the immortal regiment march is in full. well
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swing and my great grandfather on the mother's side eve on pavol of is with me here as well as you can see well i can tell you that this event is very special and also the preparations for two because when people print this portraits out when people flick through the family archives when there's the grandchildren great grandchildren great great grandchildren look at all that they just can't help wondering what's the what's the story behind all these portraits this is how families unite this is a massive history lesson not just for this country but for the entire world because as you said you know in this immortal regiment tradition it's actually quite young it's only a few years old but it has spread far beyond this country take a look.
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now you can let me. just explain to you why my mother cried when i talked to her on
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the phone about an hour ago this is her grandfather and what i'm doing right now is very special for my family because three years ago i made a promise to my family that for four consecutive victory days i'm going to carry the portraits of all my great grandfathers all four for the and mortal regiment march and bob live on here he is this man completes the choir ted so i'm happy to tell you that i kept my promise and this is why it's so heartwarming and this is why members of my family all around the country and other countries as well when they saw me on t.v. something was definitely happening and their hearts and this is what my relatives have been telling me now speaking of. his great skill during the world war two was directing the fire at the enemy and this is what he got three
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medals for now you just saw me walk in but we have to stop guess why because there are just so many people and the wrist police here around and around me they have to direct the flow of the crowd because it is just so immense as you can see from all the cameras that perhaps all the pictures that you are being shown right now every time i see this i just don't understand when the flow of the crowd is going to stop it's endless it always it can never stop surprising you and this is why the mortal regiment march in the capital of russia is so important and i'll be joining you live for more because it won't end for another couple of hours yes you're seeing not just tears a summons tears of pure love there. well sheer numbers i think russia topple
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anybody giving us a real feel for what's happening right now thanks well today is remembering all of that suffering and sacrifice which ultimately affected every family it's a time to honor and celebrate those who survived those still with us as well who gave everything to end humankind's bloodiest conflict we spoke with some awful. most of those since really. feel really. sure. just we're still read it is still you know ship a little slow ship a good thing that. if we. did read it the world that. we're here.
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here. here. just the nature of the actual story. you're going to go. to school on. is toward the word on the victory parade on red square has for more than twenty years been a signature element of the celebrations every year on may the ninth it's watched by millions it's attended by dignitaries v.i.p.'s on because we have just seeing most importantly russia's wartime veterans.
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please please please please. please. please please it's very difficult to describe the atmosphere it's it's electric is intense but this what she sighed but. just released during the break itself please
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. turn out the. seven. of them are. going to. sleep . something else interesting the first victory parade was indeed held on the twenty fourth of june one thousand forty five that was just over a month on. turned out to germany's defeat at during their sob
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a theory of the next hour britain's when we held on the twentieth and fortieth anniversary of the victory was always saying since one thousand nine hundred ninety five military parades have been a stable elder a new lady in moscow and across the country. well beyond the military displays of victory day is also a time to quietly remember the on a much noble suffering ensured by soviet families during the war.
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here seems truly very difficult for us to fathom today almost every family in the soviet union was affected by the great patriotic war from losing loved ones in the fighting to entering on a measurable conditions just to stay alive. check in with another correspondent in done time hawkins there in a different section of the immortal regiment marches route daniel quite a sight i can see the pictures behind you are. absolutely you know not been here since about eight this morning i saw in the distance the soldiers march past the tanks and armored cars rolled past me the ground shaking all very impressive and there was a few thousand people here lined up the streets to watch this side but i tell you one thing those who say that this victory parade is just saber rattling displays of
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military might intimidation they need to be here and come and have a look at this because this is very much hard to describe you can see here behind me the crowd of people is just absolutely analysts those records broken last year every year in fact if this parade has gone on a million or so attended last year it looks like this year it will be at least as many if not more and it is just in comparable to anything one has ever seen as the biggest to my knowledge remembrance a vent in russia in the world nothing quite like it of this sort the way it unites people there are people here of all generations of all colors creeds and races i've seen flags here from kazakhstan kid it is done through small dover and it's also interesting how it unites generations because the people in attendance here aren't just those who may have some memories of the war or their children people who are middle aged there are people here much younger than me children teenagers who are actually joining in singing the songs. all of the time that rang out on the victory
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day of nine hundred forty five it is certainly poignant and isaiah was saying from the crowd there people bearing photographs portrayed scouring medals of those who fought many of whom died in that war behind each one is a story no family left untouched in some way or another some came back from the front some did not one person who did not was my great grandfather could do small to go and who died in ninety two to defending stalin but that was one of the key battles of the great patriotic war as it's called here in russia that we did a little bit of digging around in family background family history and we found out that after the he separated from his family just before the war he actually as part of his new family hired a son my grandson my grandmother's half brother and they to this day had never met now both in their eighty's i thought what better way to pay tribute to could do
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says memory to honor his sacrifice. bring them both to red square for the night the way from thousands of miles apart you can hear behind me how the crowd cheering i this goes on politically and i tell you is that really sends goosebumps down your skin listening to this but back to the story we bought my grandmother and a half brother long lost from russia and from latvia on the the night of may together here this is what happened. to. the city that is looking. forward forever. this enough.
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story deeply personal to our correspondent we just heard from there daniel hawkins well you can continue watching the immortal regiment march online it is streaming right now on our team dot com we'll be back right throughout the day this made in line with our correspondents in central moscow i'll be back in ninety seconds with more world.
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or lower again pressure is mounting on europe to save the uranium nuclear deal leaders get down to talks of a summit in romania french president emanuel has admitted the agreement needs surgery. from the very beginning france has been committed to the deal that was negotiated and signed the deal is not sufficient we would like to add to it to take into account iran's missile activities. to poly boyko for more on the story hi there paul there seems to be at least one thing then iran and the us are in agreement all. europe can no longer sit on the. oh yeah manual he's the latest to comment on iran's decision to sort of suspend its commitments to the twenty fifteen nuclear deal otherwise known as the j c p o way that comes always been to the
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tougher end of the scale when it comes to stalin so on iran he's kind of more trump in his approach but he says it's time to renegotiate nevertheless today. as represented by the u.k. france and germany because the kind of stakeholders in the deal they released a statement strongly urging iran to continue to implement its commitments as it has done until now and rejecting any ultimatums from tehran side there's even been sort of talk and threats of sanctions if iran doesn't stick to its commitments from sort of separate european states washington has already imposed fresh sanctions on tehran they use the anniversary of its withdrawal from the deal to kind of slap fresh sanctions this time on iran's mettle trading a trump reiterated his need for a fresh deal
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a fair deal as he called it and his secretary of state might prompt a zero said that it's a ron that's violating international norms take a lesson. the iranian regime's announcement that it intends to expand its nuclear program is in defiance of international norms and a blatant attempt to hold the world hostage its threat to renew nucular work that could shorten the time to develop a nuclear weapon on the schools the continuing challenge the iranian regime poses to peace and security worldwide. now a bit of history on how we got into this mess because in twenty fifteen the obama administration the e.u. russia china and iran finally signed this historic deal that had taken years of negotiation but it led to iran holding its nuclear weapons production in exchange for the easing of sanctions i was that it really was a momentous occasion and
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a year ago the trumpet ministration pulled out of the deal trumps always said the deal was too soft on terror on and it still ultimately gave tehran the ability to develop a nuclear weapon but the mantra over the past year has been of maximum pressure on iran he took away all the carrots and replaced them with a very big stick the europeans have been trying to mitigate this situation throughout the past year and although the u.s. has sort of thrown in the towel and put on the boxing gloves the e.u. has said that it still wants to make this deal work and they are trying behind the scenes behind the scenes it seems that there is sort of diplomatic pressure being applied but washington is making it very difficult for example the americans on just punishing iran with the economic sanctions they are doing what so-called these secondary sanctions that means they're threatening to target any foreign companies
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that deal with iran effectively say you either work with the u.s. or you work with iran and guess which side many multinationals are choosing europe tried all sorts of complicated mechanisms to circumvent these new realities there is a system called instead that's not yet operational but they're trying to kind of block the sanctions from european companies that are still up holding their side of the deal but really this deal has taken a big heads and actually the e.u. voiced its frustrations over the. in its statement today saying we call on countries not party to the deal washington to refrain from actions that impede everyone else from trying to stick to it but the net result is that tehran says that all they've had from europe for the past year has been moral support and we know that we all know that isn't worth much it sometimes and every denly there is
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frustration in tehran which is why they've announced you know this decision that they're not going to stick to the deal either in that case and the fact that europe's in the middle of it was felt most keenly i think in the u.k. yesterday it really was rather awkward because the u.s. secretary of state might pompei was in london on a visit visiting is u.k. counterpart jeremy hunt and jeremy hunt was asked flat out whose side are you on anyway take a listen to his response if they break the deal and there will be consequences in terms of how european we aren't so we should be reins to think very long and hard before they break the church or were. a leader of this great country stared evil in the face and recognized the threat which would put the evil presented to the entire world we're working together to push back against that to your question about whose side are you on. this is a parlor game that gets played on the same side on the side of your. so you see
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that jeremy hunt trying to stay diplomatic might pompei is saying well you're on the side of freedom and democracy and i think what's surprising here is how far europe sounds in relation to its stance towards terror on there is a sense that there was an elephant in that room where you just heard those two foreign secretaries talking because it was the u.s. that unilaterally pulled out of this agreement now over a year ago if it even if you listen to the opinion of the u.n. it says iran's been complying with the terms of the deal so you've got the u.s. helping the ante with yet more sanctions iran saying well we're going to give you sixty days or we stop complying on our side so both sides becoming increasingly polarized and you have your up some buying in the middle of a tall bringing us right up to spec with the. twenty fifteen iran nuclear
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deal up to thank you. and now is our lot for now i'll see you very soon on this very special day the seventy fourth anniversary of victory day we'll have more enough right through it today thirst. this is a sticker from the water bottle found in the stomach of the broom despond of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that. there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this ways to company has promised to reuse the plastic. that suits their plans to. stay at
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a special project funded. the mountains of waste only grow higher. you know world big. lot and conspiracies it's time. to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell. we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. a recent report from the u.k.'s foreign office highlights in detail the persecution of christians around the world in the middle east the cradle of christianity
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christians face extinction why.


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