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russia mogs the seventy fourth anniversary of the end of the second world war as massive crowds marched through central moscow in a tribute to their loved ones who lived through and perished in the conflict while on red square. the victory day parade took center stage there this morning with more than thirteen thousand troops and dozens of all made vehicles possible through the iconic sight. in other news this thursday in a wrong nuclear deal ultimatum full swing you are paying leaders to maneuver
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between tehran and washington to save the historic twenty fifteen agreement. it's eight o'clock here in moscow and you're watching all to international live studio with me. we have all of our big stories of the day but first we start with our special coverage very warm welcome to the program. what not so long ago was a local grass roots tradition in a siberian city is now of the three day event held across russia and far beyond the immortal regiment sees people holding portraits of their relatives who went through the war this year a reported seven hundred thousand turned out in moscow to remember the sacrifices made almost every family in the soviet union was affected by the great patriotic war from losing loved ones in the fighting. in curing an unmentionable conditions
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just to stay alive a correspondence on whole can from the time trying to trying to mock you in moscow . nothing unites this country more then the immortal regiment march those who say that this victory parade is just saber rattling displays of military march intimidation they need to be here and come in have a look at this because this is very much hard to describe the crowd of people is just absolutely analysts there was records broken last year every year in fact since this parade has gone on and it is just in comparable to anything one has ever seen is the biggest to my knowledge remembrance of event in russia in the world nothing quite like it all of this sort we have to stop guess why because there are just so many people and there is police here around and around me they have to direct the flow of the crowd because it is just so immense every time i see this i just don't understand when the flow of the crowd is going to stop it's endless it
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always it can never stop surprising you and this is why the mortal regiment march and the capital of russia is so important people bearing photographs portrayed scouring metals of those who fought many of whom died in that war behind each one is a story no family left untouched when people print this portraits out when people flick through the family archives when they're the grandchildren great grandchildren great great grandchildren look at all that they just can't help wondering what's. what what's the story behind all these portraits this is how families unite all litteral people here over all generations of all colors creeds and races i've seen flags here from kazakhstan kid against belarus moldova and it's also interesting how it unites. generations my mother cried when i talked to her on the phone about
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an hour ago this is her grandfather and what i'm doing right now is very special for my family because three years ago i made a promise to my family that for four consecutive victory days i'm going to carry the portraits of all my great grandfathers all four for the immortal regiment march and bob of move on here he is this man completes the choir ted so i'm happy to tell you that i kept my promise and this is why it's so heartwarming in some way or another some came back from the front some did not one person who did not was my great grandfather could do small to good and who died in ninety two to defending stalingrad that was one of the key bottles of the great patriotic war schools here in russia we did a little bit of digging around in family background family history and we found out
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that off at the he separated from his family just before the war he actually part of his new family hides a son my grand my grandmother's hoff brother they to this day had never met now both in their eighty's i thought what better way to pay tribute to could do says memory to all his sacrifice he bought my grandmother and a half brother long lost from russia and from latvia on the lot of money together here this is what happened. to. the city to construct. the overture that's the furthest.
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although it's been a day for millions of people all over russia to publicly pay tribute to their loved ones big day is also a time to quietly remember the unimaginable suffering enjoyed by soviet families during the war.
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one of the bloodiest battle of the of bottles of the conflict. and in fact
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throughout history took place in southern russia and stalin grad in what is now. it lasted for two hundred days between one hundred forty two and one thousand forty three and cost the red army over one million one hundred thirty thousand soldiers germany's losses and even higher on losing the battle the nazi leadership declared a day of national mourning when historians see the battle of stalingrad as a watershed moment and one that dramatically altered the course of the war. even now harrowing reminders of the trauma inflicted by the war are emerging as a letter that was uncovered with the remains of two soviet soldiers it never made it home. a silly collab each day and the last one left i've been injured and will not last long.
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but i will stay here i will die when i refused to give in to the enemy tell my wife that i was defending the mother in law. was. we will win no matter what. adventure comrades was. the victory parade on red square has for more than twenty years been a signature element of the celebrations on may the ninth watched by millions and attended by dignitaries v.i.p.'s and most importantly wartime veterans.
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liz please cut live. live. live it's very difficult to describe the atmosphere it's it's electric is intense but this is so much bigger site but up excitement just released during the break itself little effect
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. like. the live. album. seven. of them are. going to. the illiterate the first picture a parade was held on the twenty fourth of june. in nine hundred forty five just
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over a month after nazi germany's defeat during the soviet era the next celebrations were held on the twentieth and the fortieth anniversary of the victory since nine hundred ninety five military parades has been held annually. over the last few weeks in the build up to the day we brought you many touching stories like ninety four year old freshman who joined the resistance straight after graduating from school becoming a frontline scant she sustained injuries that prevented her from having children later in life a husband died a few years ago so now she's all alone and i ask people to sign ten letters and postcards to mom picked the day and the response it seems has been overwhelming. i would receive gifts so could you just throw it in yours or the other that will move this idiot that we. really see here is where she.
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could see this and that maybe you see this the creature that she was. and is it is easy to. predators who shouldn't be this friend. who she says years and years. it's more she's in the room or. people don't really get it right once. she reaches the business school in the city for instance. and. they see what it was and it. wasn't that he. says it. was it. was.
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the currency is in freefall there is no gold standard and there's no way to reconcile the something in the world so every other country is competing it's a race to the bottom at the same time it's fair to say that there is now several
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countries that you could i think characterize it as being on a war footing so the us by saying well we don't have a recession anymore and we don't have any trade alexion to defend our currencies value in any way they're opening the door in a big big way to extremely violent global. welcome back to the program pressure is mounting on europe to save the iranian nuclear deal as they did get down to talks i think summit in romania french president among them across the stressed it would be washington to blame for terrans decision to leave the treaty even though he believes that hard for twenty fifteen agreement need surgery. from the very beginning france has been committed to the deal that was negotiated and signed the deal is no sufficient we would like
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to take into account iran's missile activities are you had released a statement saying that it strongly urge is iran to continue to implement its commitments as it has done until now it also says it rejects any ultimatum. from tehran says that it will assess iran's compliance with the deal what has already imposed fresh sanctions on tehran trump reiterated his need for a fresh deal a fair deal as he called it and his secretary of state might prompt a oh said that it's in iran that violating international norms the iranian regime's announcement that it intends to expand its nuclear program is in defiance of international norms and a blatant attempt to hold the world hostage because threat to renew nucular work that could shorten the time to develop a nuclear weapon on the schools the continuing challenge the iranian regime poses
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to peace and security worldwide well that was pomp ayers response to terrans and yesterday that it to do would withdraw from certain parts of the iranian nuclear deal saying that china and russia had sixty days to protect iran's oil and banking sector from u.s. sanctions all this threatens to rival what really was an agreement a diplomatic agreement of historic proportions in twenty fifteen the obama administration the e.u. russia china and iran finally signed this historic deal that had taken years of negotiation but it led to iran holding its nuclear weapons production in exchange for the easing of sanctions i hear very the trumpet ministration pulled out of the deal to the mantra over the past year has been of much similar pressure on iran and the europeans have been trying to mitigate this situation throughout the past year
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and although the u.s. is sort of thrown in the towel the americans on just punishing iran with the economic sanctions they are doing what so-called these secondary sanctions that means they're threatening to target any foreign company. yes the deal with tehran and guess which side many multinationals are choosing europe's tried all sorts of complicated mechanisms to circumvent the new reality there is a system called instead that's not yet operational but they're trying to kind of block the sanctions from european companies that are still up holding their side of the deal but really this deal has taken a big hit the net result is that tehran says that all they've had from europe for the past year has been one moral support the fact that europe's in the middle of it was felt most keenly i think in the u.k. yesterday it really was rather awkward because the u.s.
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secretary of state might pompei was in london on a visit visiting is u.k. counterpart jeremy hunt and jeremy hunt was asked flat out whose side are you on anyway take a listen to his response if they break the deal and there will be consequences in terms of european. and so we should be. very long going home before the break we're working together to push back against that to your question about whose side are you on. this is a parlor game that gets played on the same side when the side of europe it was the u.s. that unilaterally pulled out of this agreement now over a year ago if it even if you listen to the opinion of the un it says iran's been complying with the terms of the deal so you've got the us helping the ante with yet more sanctions iran saying well we're going to give you sixty days or we stop complying on our side so both sides becoming increasingly polarized and you have
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your up. in the middle of it all. a second world war monument in chicago passions it was erected by the lithuanian community which says that on as a war hero and resistance fight. but the leading in jewish human rights organization says he was also a nazi collaborator the ceremony honoring run announced us was held just days after victims of the holocaust were commemorated around the world lithuanian foreign minister also took part in the unveiling of the monument lithuania considered around and ask us a national hero and maintains he did not collaborate with the nazis and the code name of annika rahman ask us was a prominent partisan in lithuania he opposed the soviet administration during and after the second world war although there is no solid proof that he himself killed anyone when the country was occupied by the nazis the simón. believes he led
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a gang of local vigilantes which persecuted the jewish community director ephriam is a rough thinks the monument is an insult to the victims of football it's basically spitting in the face of how of course survivors of the jewish tribune really a very person with any morality who expects a member of the e.u. to preserve certain values and i can promise you that i don't mean people who collaborated with nazis is not one of the values of the european union or any other normal organization there's no evidence on the other hand because himself killed anybody but the gang that he headed was actively involved in persecution from the top that the soviet union crumbled there's been a very systematic attempt to rewrite the narrative of world war two and the holocaust trying to hide the role in the holocaust by local collaborators. in that respect you have to keep in mind that only eastern europe
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did collaboration with the nazis include active participation in mass murder there's no official comment from chicago officials yet on the monument but the rabbis said friedman says he's going to appeal to congress to put pressure on lithuania. public outcry so i can help and contact the members of congress as we're going to do in this case and i want to make that clear that's the next step lobby members of congress it doesn't happen overnight to put pressure on them to win it to speak to representatives of the jewish community to tell them don't go to lithuania until they correct this travesty y.b. down to lithuania where they're honoring the murder of thousands and thousands of people so it's going to take time but that's going to happen so it was with that in mind we decided to begin the process with the rally being the first step and the plan to follow up with the other steps and we would hope that at some point you know the good people went to a nearby i'm going to start saying why are we honoring a guy that killed lithuanians because of people they killed were lithuanians they
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happen to be of the jewish faith so why are we honoring a guy is this the best we have can we find a guy that we should honor as being a little any nero that was not murdering lithuanians of the jewish trait to have any faith i think that's a question they should be asking. well back around thirty minutes time with more top stories and of course continue with our special coverage of victory day so stay with us we were. all.
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in. this. group. and. desists is a sticker from the water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is spawns of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litter bugs are throwing us away industry should be blamed for all this waste to company has long promised to reuse the plastic. as it sits tickle capsules excuse. them a letter that seems cool sets will soften their glasses chris seeks a coffee on my end our next day when you don't lose at a special projects funded me tell the difference and also dream on i'm your best bet is the end of
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a footy team but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher. thank . you. thank . god thank you i did while coming to the alex salmond show into the first of an occasional series on the new kid on the block of political communication we live in a world where newspaper circulations are a mere fraction of what they once were and with the press that survive are hardly papers of political record and fight relatively few people under the age of thirty
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even buy a newspaper anyway meanwhile in the u.k. the b.b.c.'s flagship current affairs program newsnight gets but one percent of the top audience it's a great british bake off and yet well it's a time of intense political controversy the prime minister believes that the country is fed up with bricks it begs issues still command interest perhaps it's just the politicians so the people are fed up with the still thirst for insight analysis that is no longer provided by the mainstream media that vacuum has been filled by the political bloggers and they come in no shapes and sizes but combined fast audiences in the cities we look at the faces behind this new media left right and center what makes them tick and what got them into the new world of political plucking for our first program we'll look at a new entrant in the blocking top ten as measured by the p.r.
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software company who will you know and that is create money we find a back story which is both fascinating as in many ways a testimony of our times. this blogger was once the ultimate insider as her majesty's ambassador in tashkent now he is well i would say the establishment delivering scathing critique of the diplomatic world he once posted i decided that we had to go public on the human rights abuses that we're calling including one instance a book of a gentleman being boiled to death he was boiled alive literally and i've got pathological proof of burke from the university of glasgow but first your tweets messages and emails in response to the final part in our studios are knife crime in london faces the destruction of communities created by the tories and allowed to continue by labor as a result in this and both parties should be held accountable however they're only interested in the upper class and the rest of us are expendable doogie says but
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what about victim compensation these thugs get community orders and compensation orders they don't do the community service and they ignore the courts compensation orders levy says exactly we have to listen of course she's referring to the pastors who said that the listing to the perpetrators of crime is one way of getting out of that terrible rut but let me says exactly they have to elite know someone who can't lead that'll never work my cousin was knifed because of the color of his skin we never forget these kids need someone like this man to max says the difference between scotland and england scotland has a government intent on investing in its people and going to tories and cash back is not a freeze associated with them susan says a brilliant cd's and inspired finale though the issue rumbles on.


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