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our future attempts. to. cry from liberty groups as french intelligence chiefs question 3 journalists over. the use of french weapons in the yemeni conflict. human rights advocates raise the alarm over the u.k. to truth honesty proposal for british veterans saying immunity for criminal offenses sets a dangerous precedent. and a legal legacy of the u.n. warns of pressure for all out former u.s. nuclear test site in the pacific ocean we hear from a resident of the marshall islands. the cleanup of the entire output was not complete that is just
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a portion of the radiation and i think this. a large amount was dumped straight into the ocean. and you're watching all the international live from our studio with me welcome to the program leading rights groups have a sharply criticize what they're calling an. attack on press freedom in france there's a growing that's 3 journalists who leaked a classified 17 page dossier on the use of french weapons in the yemeni civil war could be set up to face prosecution and prison time with the latest. the question that's being asked now is press freedom under attack fronts and that question is being posed not just by journalists but also by human rights activists who are hugely unhappy about this investigation that's going on now back in april
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we covered a story here an r.t. which was that a number of french outlets had revealed and uncovered a secretive military dossier which was allegedly showing that french weapons sold to saudi arabia will you being used on the front line in yemen a french government has always denied it but this dossier has said that the french government was made aware of this fact now as a result of that an investigation was launched by the domestic intelligence services here in france and 3 journalists were hauled in as part of that investigation to be questioned about their sources and some say to be pressurised to reveal who their sources were which is course is something we as journalists considered to be absolutely sacred well our assistant channel r.t. france has actually been speaking to one of those journalists from disclose who is now under investigation and cordless for we were very surprised that we were summoned because it's unusual for journalists to be treated in this way we were
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summoned yesterday morning for disclosing national defense secrets and we were told from the beginning that we were not there is journalists and the case would be decoupled from our role as journalists i think the president's speech needs to be supported by as many people as possible this is not an isolated case there have been many documented instances of intimidation especially during rallies. so why was this revelation so controversial not just because the french government according to that dorsey and knew that these weapons were being used by saudi arabia on the front line in yemen it also showed how they were being used and suggested that french ships were actually being used to blockade yemeni ports which meant that much needed medication and to monetary assistance into. the food was not getting to the civilians who are being hit by this war and this one has been going on since 2014 it's been described by the un as the worst manmade humanitarian disaster it's seen thousands of people killed and millions of people pushed towards
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the brink of starvation and human rights organizations have said that in june this should be doing this kind of work this should be revealing things like this that are going on and governments the undersigned n.g.o.s consider the information unveiled by disclose and its partners to be of essential public interest the threats of prosecution against the 3 journalists constitutes an on exceptional threat to press freedom and the protection of journalistic sources the fresh government has repeatedly denied that its weapons that it sells to saudi arabia are being used on the frontline in that conflict and even last week we had where surance is from president not gone but he had spoken to the government in riyadh and they had once again confirmed that that was not the case but the reality is here on the ground many people aunt seem to be believing that in fact so much so that last week saudi cargo ship was due to pick up arms from the french quarter of last it had to leave because there were protests by people who just don't want any
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more french weapons to be sold to saudi arabia possibly being used to implicate the country in war crimes. un warned this week that yemen is sliding into oblivion and has almost reached the point of no return with one child dying all average every 10 minutes rights groups say that the society that coalition's intervention in the conflict there has been a key driver of the humanitarian crisis most recently on thursday a series of airstrikes by riyadh and its partners hit the yemeni capital killing 6 people and injuring over 50 others the attack struck her military facilities in residential neighborhoods in obliterating a number of homes 4 children were reportedly among the fatalities cited state media quoted the coalition as saying the bombings were in retaliation for the hokies on saudi oil infrastructure and only targeted sites controlled by the militants locals
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though have disputed those claims. we work to voices and shouting the only thing now left of the building is a column everywhere there was destruction and dust are those and children were shouting our neighbors were running towards us there were more strikes and other buildings nearby that help arrived and we were taken to hospital to show him how about the holy month of ramadan didn't even stop them this just didn't bother them suddenly a bomb hit the house why why us we weren't hiding anything you know we are normal simple people just look at us god will punish them i hope their own lucky they suffer the same fate. as her saying they are killing us saudi arabia's yearly rate in america chasing us ad of our homes what have the people there killing done. the 1st woman to serve as the u.k.'s defense secretary penny morton has got her term off to a controversial start she's drawn the ire of amnesty international by proposing to limit the authorities ability to investigate and prosecute british veterans accused
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of war crimes while on active duty. it would be utterly disingenuous to have a presumption of mom prosecutions for abuse yet at the same time claim justice is being served. british soldiers who break the law must face just like everyone else these proposals potentially set a dangerous precedent. human rights group isn't the only organization concerned about the proposal either particularly as penny model wants to extend protections to troops who served in northern ireland 2 with more on the controversy is political. the new boss in here has proposed a new law one that would presume soldiers innocent of any offenses committed throughout the course of a broad more than 10 years ago although that rule could have exceptions for example if new evidence of alleged crimes were to come to light it is high time that we change the system and provide devide legal protections to make sure the decisions
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how service personnel take in the battlefield will not lead to repeated or unfair investigations down the line for the new defense secretary the new legislation is about making the system fairer and preventing what she called law fare repeated and unfair investigations against former soldiers this is not about preventing someone who's committed a crime from facing justice this is about stopping industries that surrounds these processes which is not about the pursuit of justice i have at the iraq historic allegations team spent 7 years trawling through allegations of murder torture wrongdoing at a cost of 60000000 pounds to the taxpayer none of the claims resulted in a prosecution and in 2016 the unit was shot down speaker i competed 72 as you know all with the infantry or associated units i lost
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many men. and i was involved in fatality shootings i was investigated along with others. the investigations were. aggressive and bloody awful to go through so well former soldiers and members of the military say that the amnesty doesn't go far enough that it needs to include northern ireland 2 human rights groups are concerned that the government's desire to better protect its former and current servicemen and women will effectively place them above the law it's reported that there are around $150.00 investigations looking into alleged abuses by british soldiers in iraq and afghanistan the question is how the victims of those alleged abuses will ever get justice if these new proposals become law because so many detained so many killed the troops are the reason for the total destruction
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that the fate of those detained by them remains unknown to them. of course some against an amnesty because of the systematic killing some of the blood they say since no one cares we have to demand our rides through international courts because we're just simple people who just can't go by as sobs to get our voices heard. there is great concern here that the crimes will be forgotten many people haven't received any compensation for the damage those who lost their homes or became disabled what they're trying to do is create an exemption from european human rights or the soldiers of the battlefield that's obviously really dangerous because obviously the back of the is one place where there's lots of very wonderful people civilians armed others who might not be after that whose human rights need to get those soldiers should have understood what they need to say just sr if you committed you or if we should you get punished if you haven't you don't so there
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shouldn't be any market amnesty or exemption for anyone anywhere the government couldn't find an easy way to say that we will now bring all of these veterans back into the un. and this will be on. this. radioactive waste from a u.s. atomic bomb test site in the pacific is in immediate danger of leaking into the ocean according to the secretary general of the united nations. there is a risk of leaking of radioactive materials that are contained in a kind of coffin in the area the consequences of nuclear tests have been quite dramatic in relation to health in relation to the poisoning of waters in some areas . for the marshlands we march from the colonial period or want to and the impacts of nuclear testing conducted more than 6 to get civil. only 27 years later and now facing the consequences of climate change the nuclear tests were
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carried out up from 89462958 far away from american territory on the marshall islands in the pacific at the time they were under u.s. administration the tests included the most powerful detonation of an american high from bomb which was about $1000.00 times bigger than the atomic bomb dropped on the japanese city of herat many islanders that were forcibly evacuated from their property and resettled and for those who remained there's been some serious consequences. the cleanup of the entire as well was not complete that is just a portion of the radiation that exists on the apple a large amount was dumped straight into the ocean the entire act all those contaminated. simply ruin it and the radiation affects us on a daily basis then we have many illnesses in our community personally as a mother and that lee impacts me because when my children get sick i
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wonder is it something more than just a cold or a flu that worry is constantly there the islanders they've always attempted to bring attention to the fact of what has happened and what continues to happen to any way and including petitions to the u.n. court case. regarding environmental law and they are met with silence. a concrete dome built back in the seventy's on one island as a dumping ground for radioactive waste is now badly decayed it's 40 centimeters thick and more than 100 meters across covering a 9 to deep crater the vast hole was created by the cactus nuclear weapons test in 1958 the cover was planned as a temporary fix but due to cracks it may be about to leak radioactive waste that's been exacerbated by rising sea levels and the crater has never been lined a u.s. government report also warned of the wrist several years ago former walker told us
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that people are suffering health problems related to the site. i'm nationalist to go to the marshall islands and we talk of so one of the ones where i believe all 40 atomic bombs were dropped and the fifty's and i think into the sixty's i will say in the forty's up to the sixty's to clean up everything there on the northern islands which were the most contaminated they said and we'd start was examined the main island itself but yet it was it was supposed to take anywhere from 6 to 18 inches of. transported from whatever alan a call that going on to the island of ruin it place it and one of the bad craters the blast great is that we're created by tomic downstairs and then eventually can degrade us supposedly to contain it for ever they told us that we would not be exposed to any more radiation and have been maybe 2 or 3 x. rays a year which was
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a total lie there was no radiation study would. certainly want to believe and they would have been a. big joke with europe roughly about 8000 men went there many of them have passed away since dan we're losing in awareness 6 to 7 a year and that's a very liberal number we have just checks with our georgian government has no compensation for us. facebook has taken down hundreds of pages counseling to an israeli organization to spectate attempting to disrupt elections across the world social network with says we all committees groups more than 3 quarters of a $1000000.00 on facebook and instagram platforms to quote disseminate content all to. spend his all correspondence in telephone poll asla. has been happening for years where you have fake accounts at home escalating our there is no calls or as a local news outlets and they are either providing blowing information off or mean
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part of a smear campaign. regarding candidates who are standing in local elections and part of the tactic they use is to quote so-called and identified sources and leaked information now what we're hearing from facebook is that this has affected countries such as latin america and numerous countries across asia and africa where we centrally the triune swishes have changed the reality on the ground facebook saying that this is an extensive israeli run political influence campaign having said that facebook has not been that forthcoming and that is largely presumably because the relationship between facebook and israel is very close facebook in the past has taken down political advertisement that are considered in distasteful inconvenient by the israeli government the head of the facebook cyber security
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policy had their head had this to say today removed 265 facebook instagram accounts facebook pages groups and events involved in coordinated behavior this experience originated in israel and focused on the sun a gold and gold niger and tunisia along with some activity in late in america and some of these stories are now out some of the pages boasted as many as 2800000 followers there were also a series of events that were advertised online but it's not clear whether or not those events actually took place more than $800000.00 is estimated to have been spent over the past 7 years on these advertisements aimed at deception and a lot of that finds its source in an israeli corporation that's called the archimedes group now we have asked the group for comment but we're still waiting to receive a response from them at the same time
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a lot of the people all the organizations involved have concealed their own identities now there was a similar case. with another israeli organization whose motto was to shape reality not it was forced to close its doors off to it was implicated in the whole new investigation and it was criticized and came under fire for possible involvement in the donald trump presidential election so we need to wait and see how the story itself develops. the military into project a gas pipeline that's intended to pump russian gas to europe by way of the baltic say has passed an important milestone with over 50 percent of the construction work now completed we got exclusive access to one of the vessels laying the pipeline. up the sea between in helsinki sea petersburg and i about to show you something that could cause
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a real scuffle between germany and its european home and the us it is a real gas pipes but yet to be sure. this is really little stream the project is born right here. the whole be the ship it's like you know just this gentleman controls the piece is the forms the kings the root of. what makes the soldier 5.5 still real technological marvel there's no doubt that the kids are being cared right on board. by sanctions
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to be protected well. test. just imagine you are a real shopaholic you love going to all kinds of stores but then at hand out comes out what you do is you swipe look for the best thing push the button and your shipment is ready so probably you're going to change your shopping habits a little bit but what if someone forces you not to do it this is probably not a perfect analogy but it does explain what's happening with the north st 2 project if you will not supplying someone else will but in the end. we still would only guess it was just because we decided to have a guess where this project is really low in washington they want american companies to sell liquefied natural gas to europe and send it there on ships and america has
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literally been bowling europe with all kinds of rights the american ambassador in germany put on precedent pressure on local companies sending out letters to them and just recently and traffic bill has been proposed in the u.s. senate suggesting that companies and individuals working on the one strain to could have their absence frozen and they could even receive travel bans to the west could i do but to come to do a job and so i can live we all need. it has to come from somewhere when you hear these kind of things are you ever worried or do you ever think about it. to be honest i try not to think about it in the way they apply all over the world. political view shouldn't really come in at the end of the day or you know that it's going to go but no matter what there you have it what's probably going to be long is to get the strength and the well is making its way into the seawater
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and the pace. this kind of formal speech he was expecting the. world because we had this. the french president emanuel micron will reportedly meeting with the libyan rebel commander khalifa haftar next week as part of efforts to renew peace talks in the war weary country the renegade general was also in rome on thursday meeting with the italian prime minister just said picante to discuss ways of finding a solution to the conflict have to us forces control large swathes of libya and since early april have been waging an offensive against the un recognized government in the city of tripoli is feared that the clashes will further destabilize the country potentially jeopardizing european business interests fighting is continuing around the libyan capital so far it's left over $430.00
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people dead and over 2000 others wounded libya has been experiencing fighting since 20143 years after the toppling of moammar gadhafi for reaction and now we're joined by middle east specialist shanley. thanks for coming on to the program now. in your opinion how significant would this meeting between michael and have to be and what do you think the outcome might be. it's very significant because half the general half though was greeted by prime minister the jews of. a few days ago and he's going to be with the. president of france micron. general half there is actually controlling the. east of libya intending to take tripoli by violence but he has the backing of france and the european union in one word that he has the backing of the united states because he
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he was the one that. could eliminate isis groups in almost in in libya and now he says that he's going to fight the isis group within the treaty within tripoli but they're not allowed by this group but he wants he wants to seize the power in. in libya and what we should tell maybe the audience is that general half is was a close friend of mom or khadafi but within the eighty's he fled the country and he went to live in the region yeah usa and he works most of his time for the cia so the question is whether in general have is someone that was for the for the cia or for the libyan people. i mean how likely. crash is it that europe will be able to exit succeed in brokering peace where the un has failed.
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peace peace is going to be very very hard to get in libya because even when one might have a few was was in power libya is a country that has been has been founded in 10511 michael duffy took power in 1960 nor sniped in 69 and controlled the cunt the country for 4 decades libya is a country with a lot of tribes the real power in libya has been held by by by dis different tribes and more mccarthy was the one who could control be. destroyed and you have a lot of militias general half their feelings he can he can get libya in one piece he's going to be like the more michael duffy 2.0 and he can get back to libya in one piece but peace is not going to happen because you have all the people from syria all the terrorist from isis and i'll kid who has fled from syria and
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iraq and afghanistan that now are fighting in libya so peace is going to be very very hard to get for for either of the party either prime ministers their own u.s. backed by the u.n. or half star who is backed by the western countries and the united states. all right we're going to leave it there crawshaw many middle east specialist thank you very much for coming on to the program to discuss this. one of the front runners in the 2020 a u.s. presidential election with phony floor launched his campaign on saturday since joe biden threw his hat into the ring last month several polls tied him neck and neck with veteran senator bernie sanders for the democratic party nomination but their skepticism after the pollsters proved to be wide off the mark and 2016 live now to our tease kaleb more than a new york for you they got it they got it wrong other pollsters upping their game
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this time around. well it's quite interesting now c.n.n. has come forward with a poll and m s n b c has also come forward with a poll both of them claiming that joe biden is now the clear front runner in the democratic primary for 2020 in the race for who will become the nominee of the democratic party they are saying that their data shows that joe biden is ahead by far however if you take a look at these particular polls the details are causing many people to question what's going on here for example the c.n.n. poll that was conducted it's been widely pointed out that the c.n.n. poll if you look at it it does not contain proper representation of voters under the age of 50 the age group of voters from the age of 18 to age of $49.00 is widely under-represented while the views of those over the age of 50 is widely overrepresented in the poll now m s n b c they also came forward with
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a poll saying that joe biden was the frontrunner let's take a look at that poll a new poll shows just 2 percent of nonwhite voters support to judge that is far behind joe biden and 28 percent and bernie sanders with 27 percent. now when it was examined when you actually look at the poll that they were citing those who looked into it see that the poll says almost the opposite almost completely opposite of what they said shows that joe biden was actually behind bernie sanders now many folks will recall that back in 2016 all the polls seem to indicate that that the front runner the clear winner of the 2016 election was going to be hellary clinton but lo and behold the results came in and trump was victorious leading many people to question us mainstream media and its methods of polling now it's also important to note that m s n b c the network that did this poll saying that joe
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biden was in the lead ahead of bernie sanders this particular network that's own bike comcast which is a large media conglomerate in the united states and comcast their chief lobbyist is david cohen and david cohen has actually had fundraisers for joe biden and his campaign in his home so many supporters of bernie sanders are critical of the coverage in arguing that perhaps a c.n.n. and m s n b c are demonstrating a bias in favor of joe biden so a lot of criticism of how u.s. mainstream media in particular c.n.n. and m s n b c widely accused of leaning toward the democratic party are covering the democratic primary election ok thanks came to reporting from new york kind of kind of. the back around 30 minutes with. stay with us.
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