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tv   Sophie Co  RT  May 24, 2019 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always be one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results on what they think you should be seen if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more we give them the sooner we are all.
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if traits tensions weren't enough china's military after is causing major concerns in washington so what are. the in the pacific and across the world. a director of security cooperation for the military office of china's national defense ministry. the temperature is rising in the pacific where american naval supremacy is being challenged by china's fleet as territorial disputes threaten to escalate into full confrontation off the chinese coast will the great drive was. there into an arms race parallel to the current trade war and might regional militarization endangered decades of peace these days you can all else conflicts between beijing and washington be avoided. say their call nels you both welcome to the show. it's really great to have you with us. so colonel according to
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. this issue spokesperson for the national people's congress china's growing military spending is necessary to ensure the country's security does this mean that china is facing security threats today and if so who or which country cost issues such a threat. thank you sophie since he's right china won't take any country as a threat but china does have a threat because china is still a country that is not reunified and china does have a land border dispute with. one and 2 countries china also have maritime disputes with some countries besides since the world has changed. is faced with was way cold nontraditional threats which is a common thread to all people therefore we have to spend more money on military
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spending but having said that the traditional speaking we would cut the money into 3 potions one for personnel one for equipment and a while for training now because of china's ever growing overseas interest and it's increasing international responsibility will have the new missions therefore we have to have more expenditure having said that. we still would conclude that logically that china's rise has been so peaceful so in the last 40 years china's rise has been peaceful this is recognised by the wote so i know we have managed best to keep spending at a low level which is always a slight to 1.5 percent so you have you have mentioned expenditure and it's true that the worldwide stefanski pending is growing china is 2nd only to the united states and you spend more and more money every year so if i may i would like to ask
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you a question in more narrow sense would you say that the arms race is a debtor and against an all out conflict with another major power. well i hope not but. first of all off the cold war we do not have made just threats around the world for example and more than 20 navies come by team piracy the gulf of aden that shows actually there was no major threat from another point of view but a same time we do have a. incumbent in the situation or difficult time in that for example the united states has of taken china and russia as a primary competitor is this was a release the. 2 major documents one is a security strategy another defense strategy so therefore we are i believe we have entered a new situation where people feel more nervous about comparable situation
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so the shock i call peroration organization is going to hold major anti-terrorism drills this error would that be fair to say that this trail is how to create a russian chinese military or alliance. i don't think so because i'm happy you mention about shanghai cooperation organization actually in a chart of shanghai cooperation organization is made to quite this kind of cooperation is not to die rectitude against any parties china russia doing joy very good a relationship which was described as a comprehensive a strategic partnership called nation and as reflected in. shanghai cooperation organization or even by natural exercises over the years who have a saying the exercise is expanding i think in terms of subjects or in terms of scope
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we found a year and they made it to raining in the baltic sea in the south china sea and the sea of japan which really reflects the good relationship between the 2 countries so one of the latest pentagon reports refers to china's military forces as the quote china's military threat does beijing perceive this report as a provocation what is the united states trying to achieve here. well that is a good question sophie because we are wondering why the u.s. would to take china as a 1st original country and then as a primary competitor if you look at the china's policy we would conclude a logically not a chinese policy has been fairly consistent either towards the united states or to the rest of the world i think this question is good but should be a good question for america to answer because my question is
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the united states doesn't seem to be as confident as before because of the relative decline in the. last decades because by the end of the 2nd world war americans g.d.p. share in the world is 50 percent nowadays is only 5015 percent and it will further reduce therefore the united states taking china as a strategic competitor is not a reorientation but i believe it's a loss of direction. and agony this should not be the case because china always asking for a relationship of no confrontation and a low conflict my best hope for this relationship however sophisticated is that this is a manageable relationship let's look at the south china sea where the u.s. navy would conduct a so-called fun up or operation regularly and yes both the chinese
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military and the u.s. military's do not want conflicts but is a question is could always a tactical arrangements as a rule of behavior planning counter to see. be able to prevent accidents from happening again so the kernel it for us to avoid accidents or incidents. good that you mentioned the south china sea sorry for interrupting because starting from 2014 china has been building artificial islands in the south china sea and according to your foreign ministry spokeswoman who actually in china has to right to deployed military bases on these islands over security concerns you know the states and other regional powers are accusing china of militarizing south china sea is chrism justify didn't why are you doing this. first of all those are not justified because we do not consider to be artificial islands and we do
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not consider what we're doing. kind of metaphors ation on the other hand the rigor rise the fall of all ration in the south china sea and the violation of americans own positions as they would not take sides and that they do not have a position on the sovereignty of south china sea to be a kind of a b. to rise ation china is not the 1st country to claim land in the south china sea and china is not of the 1st country to deal. with his. is to fold necessary defense this is our land and we've got to defend them so china's military has been on high alert to us mysel destroyer sails near china's artificial islands in the south china sea united states say the operation was just a freedom of navigation patrol but beijing says it as
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a violation of china's sovereignty and stability in the region why is that where the thoughts. well china and the united states certainly have a different o. pinions regarding this kind of. use a us believes that as a challenge in china as the so-called excessive claims in the south china sea by china believes that china is defending its sovereign rights so we are. not talking about as i said i'm saying in different lights i personally. charges delegations that itoshi shion with american counterparts on this very important issue what i can say is that. this very core concept oh un conversational over the sea that is freed of navigation both china and the united staes agree to it but if they disagree as to what the the means because a china has a 99 hate has actually issued
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a domestic law. foreign ships freedom navigation over flight in chinese water so long as they are you line with china's national and international law so we think about this over 20 years ago china actually had to put through this very important concept in china's the mystical low so we are not against freedom of navigation we are against the abuse of the freedom of an act of navigation for other purposes. another important topic is that us have pulled out of the iron after alun present tromp offer to replace it with another agreement that would include china and other countries to china's foreign ministry spokesman once again has already excluded any possibility of china being part of an extended version of i enough but if we're talking about a brand new arms control deal not enough something new what china joining if yes
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then on what conditions. well the 1st question is a water kind of a new arms control treaty because people have been talking about here for a while but it nobody has made it very clear as to what kind of a treaty it won't be my 1st is a question why would the us a poor out from i.n.f. treaty i talk because this definitely. european countries. america. in the asia pacific and the u.s. is the strongest power in the world and the us the the only country that has used nuclear weapons in the history so. the impression is that the u.s. looks like a victim but how kind of us to be a victim being the stronger contrary with the largest nuclear arsenal as far as the chinese asked. and china has made it clear that china won't join any trying to
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negotiation over nuclear disarmament this is folk would reason because allah nuclear weapons cannot be a compared to the. u.s. or russia in terms of the quality or quantity and a we 1st country was owning contrary to their no 1st use of nuclear weapons or use of nuclear weapons against a nuclear free country is all region so therefore we do not believe that we should have such a row in such i have all said he calls in there all right colonel we're going to take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to. china's military relations with the rest of the world stay with us.
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there are. things. there's blowing interest rates rising interest rates so when the interest rates rise. the impact will be instantaneous. there's a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters in florida know the mother daughter is innocent terry. what happens to
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the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to plan this than him and what happens in court. shocked shocked as far. as. we don't know still just for the. end of this trial unfortunately you. still love no.
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where back what city or colonels you both talking about china's military strategy colonel china is believed to hold the keys to denuclearization of north korea is that so i mean if yes what concrete steps is china taking to push north korea's to nuclearization forward. i don't think china holds a key to denuclearize ation in the korean peninsula i believe the director. that is the us. they have the key because everybody knows that china has made. as to what denuclearization on a korean peninsula china is a country is that has actually proposed the 6 party talks and china always chaired the 6 party talks and china has put forward. i believe a good proposal of a suspension for suspension or freeze for freeze if you look at as
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a cargo situation or the factors that. actually he has talked to naturally don't you believe that this is very much out or is a realisation of china's proposal because china proposed that once the united states suspend its exercises then they might be willing to have a moratorium and this happened so we also encourage them to talk about naturally and this has happened so china does have a great row in. the new cars ation but china would. also continue in this regard about china doesn't have such a key in china so the general thinking is that it's nuclear weapons for insurance against a regime change if china ready to guarantee north korea's international security.
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china cannot guarantee north korea about the security i believe the security of north korea is even. hand over the people of the d.p. r. k. because it is the in the only interest to denuclearize to have. a secure and a safe korean peninsula because having all this nuclear weapons the may be useful media terribly but how about economic development and how about its stress to the whole region including the neighboring countries so nuclear weapons and now days are not exactly really useful. as this is my opinion so they should not take hold of nuclear weapons rather they would continue but natural talks with the united states to seek a final solution as far as solution is concerned that china has
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a propose to start from something easy and simple and then consolidate the results had every stage and eventually hopefully they can find a solution. i want to talk about another neighbor of yours china and south korea are at loggerheads over the thought anti-ballistic missile system which china says is a threat to the regional security balance now beijing has many times asked to remove the system but was refused can this leap to a wider rift between south korea and china. well we don't believe. such a system issue to be deployed at all because 1st of all it is not useful secondly it is harmful to the interest of other countries let me talk about a 1st point of a status is the subsystem not being useful because a korean peninsula is just about 1100 kilometers in terms of lens and does this so-called threat from the case to the south is actually to come the from
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the fire. cannons and hope is a shows because the d.p. r. k. has a certain time again to so for example into a c. o. fire so know if missile defense system can shield of the shower of conventional a weapon shows. so as early as a why we believe such kind of system was only in 2 batteries would not be useful and 2nd to what if it is not useful why would you deploy it do you have some other purposes do you want to look deep into other countries territory defined as a military activities do you want to intercept the missiles launched by other countries during test or even in a real situation so we do not abide siri that assad a system is for self-defense. so the chinese fleet is getting more active then
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counter paris the operations near the gulf of aden and the indian ocean demonstrating the cap abilities of a potential blue water navy r us blue water navy as one of key pillars of america's power protect projection across the globe china planning to eventually develop the same capacity. absolutely yes because. we are not shy to talk about our ambition to turn chinese navy into a blue water navy actually we have but it clear that by mid century. we'll be developed fully into a world class military that of course would include a 1st class the chinese navy. where. zia well actually i was thinking maybe 5 years 100 years ago during mean dynasty china did have
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a blue water navy so this is the 2nd time that the world building ourselves into a blue water navy and a kind of parity in the gulf of aden is certainly a big boost in that regard because ever since then we have been sending. our stopped to the gulf of aden we make sure that each time we always have a story to 4 ships compare compare with other countries for a single country to send us 3 or 4 ships that it definitely is a large task force compare to say of meth or us land or ocean shield over nato or we'd like russia independent deploys in the gulf of aden. so it china's ministry of foreign affairs has more than once refer to taiwan as one of the most sensitive issues in a bilateral china united states relations now the chinese government has protested against us selling weapons to the island of thailand on multiple occasions what is
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the ultimate goal the united states is pursuing by continuing to make passes at taiwan what's your take. well that's certainly the good question because china's repeated protests. oh by the united states to taiwan always fall on the deaf ear is but the point is. what is a real use of office so to taiwan demanding the chinese becoming stronger and stronger no matter how many weapons to taiwan with by their would not be useful. was the scenario i believe the taiwanese. is not to really buy weapons they're trying to buy you sure it's are you sure is that it could be filled with american blood are you sure it's not a could not to really guard he's a safety so what. is the safety of the taiwanese people their
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safety and security come from good relationship with them and then china that is where the security lie and even economically dependent so heavily upon men and china i know we have extended the good will time and again if you compare the previous. and the current to us r.t. you would find the difference so their superiority and it won't be. across the strait utilizing. the trust of china taiwan. now at the moscow conference on international security minister of a set that china is strongly against it taiwan travel act that the united states adopt it is a blatant interference in china's domestic affairs that undermines the peace and stability in the taiwan strait that's a quote what could potentially lead to an open confrontation in the taiwan strait.
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well. situation across trade is not so favorable and indeed being capitol hill a number of bills passed by the congress by the we have also taken notice that. some of those who were ratified about american president. they are not necessarily implementing it. to date. taiwan issue is a core issue over china's national interest and we've made it a very clear and very much a resolute to safeguard. because of the mainland china and specially music capability. is growing and they just know. we are very much on this issue and i think it's good for the united states to consider
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what is a pro and what is a corner is it important for them to make use of taiwan arkansas china made china isn't easy is it becoming more and more important it is such a huge influential power in the world so what is the purpose of us doing this to china. china and pakistan and other big topic there traditionally and very good relations and why should chairman of the center and military commission general john. said that pakistan china military relations is an important pillar of strategic ties does it mean that china is on pakistan side when it comes to tensions between india and pakistan but the recent ones. no i don't think so and china as you rightly said. is a very good friend pakistan. but china doesn't have to choose sides between
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india and pakistan i'll give you an example china except pakistan. with. the member countries and of china's relationship with india is the land border issue is actually. very good because the way you will have a joint exercise of terrorism during holidays the soldiers across the border. or cigarettes so we do not believe that black and white picture so we sincerely hope both pakistan and india. they were once one country now they should be brothers. colonel it's been such a pleasure talking to you thank you very much for this insight full interview will wish you all the best of luck but we're talking to. director of security cooperation for the military office of china's national defense ministry discussing
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china's increasing military strength and its implications for the world that's it for this edition of. only days ago we were told the u.s. was preparing to strike iran for nonspecific reasons to deter specific drugs. simply. ministration. oh see regarding the red river strength you know.
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lake says and she forms part of a high altitude nature reserve. it's one of the famous chat room internees years principal of the waterway starts its journey. but if you go down the sun down to the top to bottom i've got a sceptic going up close up. it runs 300 kilometers from source to mouth and there are over $200.00 industrial facilities ranged along its banks. i'm out on your muscle. to do 3 things. i might get out of them and get the. room here against over 4000 rice fields and supplies drinking water to 25000000 people. that can move on yes a pool or so married by so many of us about us
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a member of our people. an attack on journalism under a direct assault on the 1st amendment reaction paul was in for media freedom groups as you went forth already has found 17 new charges against julian assange each carrying up to 10 years in jail. an emotional 2 reason may cause the day announcing still step down as conservative party leader on june 7th. i do so with no ill will but with enormous and ensuring gratitude to a part of the opportunity to serve the country i love. and president trump announces he's sending another 1500 troops to the middle east as.


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