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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  May 26, 2019 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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girls this is true but that's very much the same for example in our country in russia. very very similar portraits of the parliament and very different from the parliament seen other countries in the west you could at least agree with me that mr pruitt be has been quite critical of zelinsky 1st moves as president 1st and foremost his decision to disband the parliament and call for new elections he's been his rhetoric has been pretty divisive i would say you disagree but mr probus is a representative for both parts of cold popular front and this party suffers the most . of the premature elections because right now they they came 1st in the previous elections lost a lot of the popular support because their prime minister mr he said you had to be responsible for the most unpopular reforms in the contrail and increase of gas and
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electricity tariffs what people of course didn't like a poll. that's why the. approval of the sponsor right now is. so it's over this the in the next elections the sponsors move busy making it to the next parliament so of course he was. against and of course was speaking very loudly against this but. another political party which makes that will encourage. be a pro presidential party is the other way around so they won't premature elections because they think that there was for there were no eyes right now and that they can become the major opposition in the next parliament which. for this because well i think this is actually a very interesting topic because the outgoing rather is filled with my down political class these are the people who just 5 years ago presented themselves as this new generation. that's radically different from all their predecessors and yet
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judging from opinion polls their chances of getting reelected are about as good as pressure why do you think the voters say getting so skeptical i will put it mildly so skeptical of the my don crop of politicians you see here. going to see that happen until 2014 it was not fear hasn't even started a law it was started because they managed to overthrow the previous government. the former president and c.e.o. of course which to free the country. they go to rio for representatives of the old elites the poor associate with a battlefield each of them 5 years down the line. that was the major the major thing of course people wanted much more and they didn't want just the ability to travel freely with europe they want to through to become part of europe but to become part of europe means a lot of social guarantees social care it means jobs. living standards.
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this is a very far way to go still in ukraine now one consistent feature of ukrainian politics is the ability of politicians to shed their political skin and grow a new one do you think people who used to associate themselves with either pressure or somebody else obviously likely to try to rebrand themselves as supporters. but i don't think they will be generally very much successful in ukraine is true for the 1st time in this history to receive a parliament where one part of the would have the majority of seats that will be a person is a political party have called this sort of impulse of the people. in ukrainian politics because before the water started to give one chunk of power to the president. the mother to his opponents in the home that are in the parliament
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secondly of course because for the parliament is elected partially on the parts of the eastern part of trillions to go monday it's. districts those people who are elected directly by the people usually the people from the business just. local dignity. interests. tend to be politically of course. in the past they most likely would joining the. corps currently they are more likely to be aligned with mr resilience q but they knew where i think that the decisions would be made snowing. the power would be we more consulted the 5th the 5th was before now even to be taking it for granted that selenski is would have a smashing success the parliamentary seat on the spot it would have a smashing success at the parliamentary elections but it's clear that he's team is
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very limited they don't have people on the ground they don't have enough infrastructure to organize that vote and to some respect the parliamentary vote is much more complex and complicated than the presidential vote because you have to vote with the many many representatives rather than the one why you so sure that all those people in single man they districts will support him because they tend to associate themselves with bush on curry in the past impression seems to be quite fired * up to continue his political life. of course the former president will fight for his best to stay in port 6 but we saw the moment move to previous elections though selectional shoulder very clear is that people want all the people from the past to go. that's why i mean some of them have got almost 75 percent or 4 people support those elections of course. parliamentary elections you
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are you absolutely correct would be so convincing most likely he would get closer to 50 percent support for his political party but that will be sufficient to get more than 50 percent of seats in the parliament of course we will see how that goes about the current forecast that he would have $230.00 seats in $450.00 seats at home the other now i heard you say recently dad the changes that you personal like to see in russia would have to start in ukraine and this is something we're heard 5 years ago from petrov who essentially continued with politics as usual now clearly selenski looks fresher and more progressive but i suppose it's not just about looks aren't you being carried away by his style at the expense of substance or substance is yet to come because
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it's being associated with the government of ukraine is that what the presidential republic is a parliamentary republic and the government is being formed by the parliament so right now president is more a symbolic figure rather than the real either so he would take as you mean the power i would say or only by the end of the summer. before that but returning to your original question you see mr poroshenko was coming to power as the president of peace unfortunately croom has pushed him to become the president who are. a fool scale offensive in eastern ukraine by grabbing more pieces of territory of the original i suppose mr poroshenko didn't have a say you are trying to tell me that everything is decided in moscow they present a few great had absolutely no decision then that there is there is in the gresham.
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the country has to defend itself and you cannot be the president of peace when you have to defend yourself you can still deal with corruption issues and economic growth reach he didn't deal with successfully i think you would grant me that that's a separate issue the primary issue for ukrainians was the question of war and peace and that was the 1st busy major problem with the previous present them but that was more his fault it was the fact that was imposed over the country by the external force and the force was in more school rather than arguing about who is to blame for what's happening between russia and ukraine what i'm more interested in is the sort of the transformation in post of its side is and we all know that it's far more complicated than it seems look at the media for example they had a peaceful transition of power last year and i think it's clear that the new prime minister is facing a lot of difficulties reforming the system getting rid of corruption etc i just wonder if people on their ass have made how difficult it is to change things in our
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countries and if they perhaps expect too much from their leaders and too little from themselves nor of course it is very difficult and ukraine is a large country. 45000000 people so with just one 3rd or for the size of russia so. the 1st smoke like 10 times a 100 times. like small georgia with 4000000 people we are where he started his reforms or what 3000000 people you know with pushing on of course we are talking about a country which has them times larger. of course the fact that when their share is very large but still it starts from the feeder often either eve the neither is clean if the leader is moten. deals if they neither one. has a priority. to making. this is all prosperous the early i think i was saying would
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move in the right direction and i think that is exactly the type of either i am talking about well mr pena madoff we have to take a short break now but we will be back in just a few moments stay tuned. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark so. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another
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one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results deiced on what they think you should be seen if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist for the more growth we give them the sooner we are all pain . what politicians do you can. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject . so when you want to be president and she. wanted to. have to go right to the press this is what the full story of the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters in the. west sydney.
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you know world of big partisan group lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawk.
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welcome back to worlds apart in the up in the mad else a russian political in exile in ukraine. by the way your twitter handle still describes you as temporarily reciting in ukraine is that then accurate description given that from what i know you've recently acquired the ukrainian passports are you there still temporarily or are you there for life or i here until we see positive changes both in ukraine and russia yes i acquired ukraine your citizenship wrong hands of former president mr poroshenko that's happened through his last day and more in his last working our in his office which i am probably from very very thankful for him but. we need to make the country successful and that's what i am diligently working at every day did you have to give up your russian citizenship to get the ukrainian one. ukrainian war
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current food acquires a year or so to say grace period during which i am to decide to give up my russian citizenship so it's not that i'm pressured to do this immediately and there are lots of discussions in the parliament to we actually allow. citizenship but i don't think that would be a political goal for russians because. my country unfortunately still the aggressor . ukraine and i think that for russia will be an exclusion and that would be a lot a lot. of my thing the way we see. well i think the experience of some of these self exiled ukrainian politicians may all for some hope to you because a lot of them have been returning to key of these days after a few years of self exile in israel or in the europe the most prominent one the one that's attracting a lot of attention is obviously eager kalinowski what do you think is the nature of his relationship with the new president or i think the part of course because mr
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t. was the or when they're off t.v. channel one plus one we're 50 quarter of the. 4 mr sills key was go into life. as far as the enormous took almost he was heavily in the frontal for 5 words or less why he supports me something else could your intellectual some of us work for what he did and i suppose this is not where the. connection ends at least in public imagination because president selenski has made a number of controversial appointments recently but they want that attracted most attention is the bog down columbus his personal lawyer who is now serving as the landscape they had of the lansky is presidential administration do you think this appointment is consistent with. promise to put an end to politics as
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usual. first of all about the poor success you show in the mean when you fist or. sort of the people it was actually display like least like an experienced president from the people mr goble who was performed by mr president has come into power and he has as he's right and as the chief of staff a person from the past who is actually helping him to live in the troubled waters of ukrainian politics so. in this appointment of mr borden is fully consistent with this promise and that's exactly what he did but speaking seriously. is local so that mr cohen. mr walker the political career i mean has started in the political party of the president in the times before intrusion. both on was in the through
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the hole in the other but by president bush and co and was on the part of the. political party. if there are. no he's working we've missed a video because so i think as he's just a professional mercenary so to say a professional warrior who works for different masters well one of the masters you failed to mention was the ousted president viktor you know convicts he served in his government as well and believe it or not he was responsible for fighting corruption for one year for one year he was appointed as a chief for french a corruption team and they're sure to resign because he. failed story actually when the success in the environment was at the time well but he still worked for that ministration and for what i understand there is a lot that prevents him or prevents the administration from appointing him in
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any civil capacity now what i'm interested in is why do you think mr selenski would take such a controversial decision because he clearly is a smart guy he could have been oblivious to the kind of outcry that piece this appointment would produce do you think he made it on purpose or do you think it's indicative of the governing style that selenski may assume in the future i think that. here is the parallel with mr trump. coming to power of the person who has no political experience he needs to have people who are. one size you can trust from another site who collects religion you are. and there is a great defensive of such people next to. hugh there are some people whom you can trust. from which i think is close to brew into is when he appointed his former executive from others or a flying quarter as the new chief or. the new chief or again the speaking american
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storms and the homeland security. which may. hear him but that's because that's the persons of interest he's a trust to clean up. sort of the sense of corruption. that are facing him with mr wharton was just that the more it is the most politically experienced guy he is appointed to the position or for home office for mr office in the old skin off the person who they call the back office stuff all the dirty work for this purpose i think that somebody fits perfectly now i ukrainians are known for their exquisite sense of humor and i think the success of his lenski is a testament to that but i think you would also perhaps agree that what people in ukraine and in many other post soviet countries want to see is some sort of meritocracy rather than a new leader coming in and appointing his close friends in the position of power big arliss of whether they have. a necessary experience on not
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it's understandable in the 1st few days of administration but do you think that approach would have to change as mrs m m's q moves forward more again. his friends was a promise that was absolutely clear states that in the movie the time will come although he's not the political platform no seriously it is that force may. seem a show that's why people actually voted for him i have all saw myself for. dollops so whether all the people would be able to perform properly but most likely of them would learn some of them probably will be replaced in the future if if they would fail to do or. at least they are clearly in trust for free and they are not bottle part of the past which i really appreciate let me ask you one more question about the book down i don't know if you had
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a chance to read his recent interview but what struck me in it was that he almost tries to project himself as the steve bannan of ukrainian politics he takes credit for pushing selenski toward the elections he claims to be this larger than life political strategist almost to muster mind of the lefties candidacy do you think it's a fair comparison between bogged down bad and i think that it's more speaks about the personality of these guys really a very ambitious guy. that's why he was criticized so heavily by everybody so i think that he is in the friend that that he's trying to brand that all the time by a mindless mr coleman that's why he wants to say no guys i'm different i have my own opinion you know one of the favorite jokes currently in ukraine speaking about ukrainian humor is that ukraine is all war with game or frauds and ukraine is now
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starting young. i know that this young serious is one of the favorites here is so for me such as it is key and his 1st public performances remind me so much about that and if you remember all those muster miles all those people who were quite convinced that they would be able to pull strings there eventually were completely out of any political influence and i think that would be the case with mr zale skills well that's you know there's parallels with cinema they make me think of to ask because i mean it's one thing to you. war something on the telly people usually do that when their reality is not very. exciting do you think they will have to come a moment when the ukraine him political class will have to face the harsh reality of actually building the economy and delivering on the promises that it made to their all i think it's quite obvious the focus will be the primary focus for mr
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zale scare truth to fix their corner because currently unfortunately yes it is the poorest country in the world unless the result of previous posts is to get out of ukraine in the leaves and international advisor so fire away from the whole of those keys commute to fix or in the near future about or probably would not be achieved without making peace with the russian. aggression in eastern ukraine and they think. is the right approach he wants to speak directly to people if you want to the critical question for hall to achieve peace on the public referendum and i think that's the exact clear right approach to war make it through with the old elites to move to a new future well i i i don't know if you've heard that but i think you're already a backpedaled on the promise of having some direct engagement with the crime and he
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was asked the other day whether he wants to have any talks with moscow and he said no and this is actually what i want to ask you about. the kind of approach that you would like most good to take i'm sure you know that the kremlin has so far been called addict and distant yet i can tell you that russia would love to have a new beginning with ukraine it's avodah and regardless of who you talk to what kind of approach do you think would be optimal here because clearly i mean investing too much hope on big. 4th timing may not work well as well because as as i said he has already the big cattle from his promises. to have. with ukraine there is a very clear and very easy method how to do this they called military force from eastern ukraine and crimea and there will be peace with ukraine you called that if
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you seriously you have an experience in russian politics you think that's easy what you're proposing here what this means that russia wants war peace and fortunately my country currently wants war and look peace but i think the reason possibilities here to negotiate about one part of the war the one which. ukraine you remember if you years ago there was also previous tensions relationship between russia and georgia politically died relationship hasn't been restored but at least when it comes to the economy the trade is back do you think the same scenario of bringing some sort of economic could be a plea to relations between moscow and kiev but of course i think. always can be beneficial for russia. the question is well being if you really help to finance the war ukraine cannot afford that that's why 1st step which needs to be taken to the. eastern
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ukraine stop in the face or. in the blood of the shootings so printed off ukrainians on the both sides of the. i think i would i would agree with you but the statement about both sides of the division line i think that's critical taking both sides to convict discipline a matter of it's always fun talking to you we have to leave it there thank you very much for making yourself available thanks for having me i might have yours to keep this conversation going. social media pages. same place same time here on the part of. all.
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if you will not obey the voice of the lord your god will be careful to do all these long months and. then all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you. and then the white people. must pretend to black people. they get rid of whites only problems will go away. with and. the. people being tortured to death the elderly people in the. white horse will find themselves. means
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in greens it's all sweat and blood of. what are you going to have for dinner true that we don't have a need to be asking for my. feelings to be civil war in south africa never to. be in the code of your and to prove it. what a whole existence to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or some want to. have to go right to be close this is what the 43 in the morning can't be good. i'm
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interested always in the waters in the. first city. historically took his opponents used to claim that there are 3 issues. 30 is too big and too refused to muslim the fact as we are too poor is no longer correct because our. purchase very deep is hajo than some most of the current do you member countries. our own.
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wiki leaks founder julian assange is slapped with 17 charges of espionage by u.s. prosecutors for publishing classified military documents and diplomatic cables back in 2010. and emotional theresa may called it a day as the u.k. prime minister announced as a shill step down. as a conservative party leader on june 7th. i do so with no ill will but with enormous gratitude to have had the opportunity to see the country. and to harness attack syrian army positions in the province using tanks and vehicles filled with explosives.


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