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tv   Sophie Co  RT  May 27, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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europe's dominant parties are dealt a blow in the e.u. parliament elections as the nationalist right the liberals and the greens enjoy a surge in their support. in the u.k. the newly formed to break the party storms to victory with support for the conservatives and a labor evaporating. and the austrian chancellor is forced from office in a non confidence vote over a corruption scandal. coming up though a former turkish diplomat is the guest on talking about his country's relations with with.
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turkey's patience is being put to test whether its membership top stalled and over a nato us pressure to drop its arms deal with russia. stick to its guns while i ask again. minister for. decades of knocking on the european. dream seems to be getting cold and its other alliances with under strain to. deal with moscow raises hackles across the pond. back into the western fold by trade pressure from the u.s. . to maintain its balance between east and west. and what steps will ankara take
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next along its own path eggman his former minister for affairs welcome to the show it is great to have you with us today allow us to talk about how you are a turkish chief negotiator in a session talks with the e.u. and backing 2017 president of the un openly declared that turkey doesn't meet the e.u. now ankara is pushing for brussels to finally decide whether they want turkey in the union or not if turkey doesn't need the e.u. why not just quit the talks and be done with it i have always argued that the e.u. is turkey's dietitian we all know that we have to watch what we eat and we need to exercise regularly to lead a healthy life but sometimes we need the prescription of a dietician would tells us how much to eat for breakfast what to eat for lunch what to eat for dinner and how much exists eyes to make throughout the day so the e.u. process itself has been fairly good for turkey it has helped us increase the
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standards of our democracy increase the standard so far baby food increase the standard so far roads and highways increase the standards of our telecommunication increase the standards of our human rights so the e.u. process has been good for turkey but the e.u. attitude towards turkey has not been as good turkey probably can apply to be in the book of records of guinness book of records because no other country has waited for such a long time to join any international organization in history we have been trying to become a member since 958 and it has come to a point where both the turkish public opinion and the european public opinion is sick and tired of this question so. can do with or without europe but europe also has to decide can they do without turkey and i
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think the time to answer that question is coming up so take us current foreign minister mr chamish of lew says that some member states are deliberately obstructing turkey's accession to the e.u. do you have any idea who specifically he means whiskey referring to and why are his member states doing this well some of the states some of the founding members of european union nationally worry about turkey coming in because when turkey joins the e.u. because of our population we would be either the largest or the 2nd largest country with a population which means we will have an important say in the commission in the parliament in the budget making process and they would not want to give up their leadership position to turkey and they will try to postpone turkey's membership as much as
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possible but to be honest for me the ideal issue is not the end result the process itself is more important than the result so it might come to a point where turkey would change her mind and not become a member but we're not there yet or european union could change their mind and decide that turkey is not fit for membership i know that you blame 2 european lawmakers like the dutch m.e.p. cassie perry for being anti islam and to immigration when they actually throw socks with turkey however they and the piece criticize the turkish government for being too harsh on dissidents and a lot of those critics are actually pro muslim can this be the reason for turkey's failing session or one of the reasons. well historically turkey's opponents used to claim that there are 3 issues turkey turkey is too poor turkey is too big and turkey is too muslim the fact that we are too poor is no longer correct because our
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per capita purchase parity is higher than some of the current e.u. member countries the fact that we are too big is actually an advantage for europe because europe needs new markets because the european population is getting old the average age in germany is 49 but the average age in turkey is 27 so this young by now make consumer base is really important for e.u. companies to reach out to and to turn to shoot at turkey's to muslim is actually a great benefit for europe if they can only take advantage of it because turkey in e.u. would be the best answer to defeaters of clash of civilizations if you remember turkey and spain had established the alliance of civilizations which is today led by the former foreign minister of spain mr miguel more of us and that organization was a response to the biggest fear that we all have that what if the different
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civilizations were to clash and we would end up with another world war so it turkey can send a message to 1500000000 muslims around the world that culture of democracy and culture of islam can co-exist in a very harmonious way mansouri weber who is the leading candidate for here paying commission president says once he is since the presidency he will trap the assessment talks with turkey completely while turkey's answer be to that but actually he is not telling the truth because even if he's elected even if he is the leader he will not have such an authority. the e.u. process the e.u. negotiation process the accession talks could only start with a unanimous vote of all member countries and it can only be stopped with a unanimous vote of all member countries so if mr weber kent control the will and
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the sale of all 28 member countries of european union only den he can but i don't think anyone in europe will have such a great or tory t.-o. of all the countries so he's exploiting the tricky issue for is a coming elections which is not fair because he's not being honest to his constituents so after the opposition candidate was elected to be mayor of istanbul in march present there are no gun called for a rerun of the election of course european parliament's top politician of stuff said that this was another move towards dictatorship saying that under present erred on turkey's accession to the who is quote impossible do you think that the criticism is justified it is not at all justified because one president out on was not the one who called for the reelection many parties including party the justice and development party but also our alliance the nationalist party and
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other political institutions have applied because there were so many evidences of. corruption of mishandling and mis calculating the election results and the national election board of the country which is a board made up of. independent judges and prosecutors they discussed the issue and with a vote of 7 to 4 they decided to renew the elections mr gerecht when he was prime minister of belgium was a very strong supporter of turkey's accession to the e.u. as the leader of the liberal group he had also been very much in favor but now that he sees there is an anti muslim anti turkish anti immigrant anti refugee anti other movement in europe they have an upcoming european parliament
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election he is also trying to exploit the turkey question for the elections that he is facing which is not fair if you look at mr house touts past statements you will see what he said in the past was total opposite of what he's saying today. so said he has done a great job in stemming the tide of refugees to hear a can faltering ties with the leak to the collapse of the refugee deal bring the crisis back on agenda we have been working very closely with the european commission especially commissioner of remote police who is in charge of the portfolio to make sure the find solutions that save lives currently turkey is hosting almost 4000000 syrian refugees in turkey and we have worked very hard with all of our neighbors and all of our european partners to minimize the number of refugees that go from turkey to europe illegally and we're trying to make
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sure those who do go to europe go through the legal channels with the right documentation but the right process and procedures but. europe has made some promises to turkey they have promised to pay turkey $6000000000.60 euros and they haven't paid most of it majority of it has not even reached turkey and they also have promised that they would lift all visa requirements for turkish citizens to visit european union member countries the shang and countries and that also has not happened yet so there are so many i'm kept promises and we are working diligently to make sure both sides keep their promises but what's more important what's at stake here is lives of millions of people we will not accept sending these syrians to harm's way because they're human beings we would have
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preferred that european union should take deleting a role in making sure there is a lasting democracy and stability in syria so that these people can go back to their homelands today religious to dare country and rebuild their country rebuild syria as a democratic country. so are europeans only seeing turkey promises about membership because they're afraid of the failure of the refugee agreement could that be while that's one of the reasons that's one of the current reasons but as i said turkey's accession. challenge house started in 1958 and they would always find another excuse to delay and postpone turkey's membership and now this refugee crisis is one of the reasons that they are very much concerned as you can see some of the member states don't want to take 1000 troops for jesus and we're hosting 4000000 of them
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only from syria we also have refugees from iraq from other countries in the region and turkey is known to be hospitable country to open their arms to those people who are in need and this is in our genes we have done this for change trees and i can assure you we will continue helping those who are in need all right we're going to take a short break right now where we are back we'll continue talking to you i commend. former minister for affairs discussing turkey's relations with the west stay with us.
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we were at camp rounds of america i think it's called there's like a chain of these camps around the trailer parks across america so yeah these types of organizations will be rolled out. so you have economies of scale you now have lots of trailer parks all socialize according to one corporate behavior on wall street and there extracting the dimes and a lot of people are. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark so. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away
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turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always be one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results based on what they think you should be see if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more growth we give them the sooner we're all. and we're back with i am in baghdad just a former minister for e.u. affairs discussing tensions in turkey's relations with the west so turkey is no
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longer part of the american preferential trade program which eliminated thousands of turkish production washington says tarik is developed enough economically and therefore is no longer eligible for the 8 this is a sign of a wider rift between the 2 countries. well the relations between turkey and united states have been going through some ups and downs recently president triumph lately an ounce that he is reducing the tariff on turkish steel from 50 percent down to 25 percent and he has made some other. decisions to help increase our trade which we're. which we appreciate however there are some decisions on the part of the u.s. lawmakers in government and the executive branch which i cannot really understand
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the mentality of i guess president trump is planning a visit to turkey in july where all these issues will be discussed face to face between the 2 leaders who are at present are the one and present trump and we will be able to finalize these differences of opinion turkey and us have been allies since the korean war and. very important cooperation on numerous global issues we're hoping that the united states will help turkey in her fight against terrorism against p.k. k. against for against. al qaeda and all other remaining terrorist organizations such as y p g m p o i the and we're hoping that turkey can serve as a bridge between east and west between united states russia china and other members of europe united nations to find solutions to the ongoing problems in yemen in iraq
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in syria in kashmir in cyprus and we would like to find solutions not problems. so the americans also argue that they turks train pipeline which will carry russian gas through turkey to the e.u. threatening to european energy security while turkey is increasingly falling into dependency from moscow is the cancellation of a preferential trade status connected to turkish corp would rush own this pipeline . i hope not i don't know that is a question you have to ask the american this asian makers but turkey's cooperation with russia is not a threat to europe turkey's cooperation with russia which would provide rushing gas to europe is an advantage is a promise to europe to find solutions when russia and ukraine had their differences
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and european countries could not access russian gas because of the problems or through ukraine they were the ones who felt the need for other alternative ways and means of reaching that gas and turkey through the turkish dream by pliant will be able to provide an alternative way of providing energy resources to the european countries which require if you look at the map 70 percent at least 70 percent of all the natural resources that europe needs are either to the south or north or east of turkey so almost someone invents a new wireless technology to test the energy resources europe needs turkey is cooperation to access those energy resources so it is time for europe to realize that their cooperation with turkey is in their benefit. so there are also calls in
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congress to block the purchase of f. $35.00 jets for turkey if it proceeds with purchasing russia as $400.00 missile defense systems giving saying that american threats make no sense circa has contributed to the f. $35.00 project and therefore as a full right to get them so if turkey indeed is in the ride it means that the jets will but they delivered no matter what and washington's threats are what empty. comparing the f. 35 project to the s 400 is mixing apples and oranges. f. $35.00 is a project that turkey joint 20 years ago and have spent billions of dollars in the making of it with her engineers soldiers. thinkers and abilities and many factoring sites and equipment and we have already received 4 of these f. 35 planes which are being trained by our military air force personnel
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in the united states and they will soon be coming to turkey but then we will have to invest another $7000000000.00 for some of the spare parts project of f. $25.00 so that taking turkey out of $35.00 projects would also hurt the project itself and would also hurt the interest of other partner countries including the united states s 400 is an air defense system is not an orphan system it's going to help her keep protect her airspace from international inclusions from international attacks so comparing the 2 projects is not really sensible but united states suggest saying that turkey buys their patra systems and set of russia's asked for hundreds and i'm going to says that the deal with russia is done but entered the talks with the us nevertheless planning to manure here i mean.
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i think there's only one thing on your question kate and leads to we we did not want to buy the pet instead of the as for hundreds we want to purchase the path. in addition to the s 400 so we could use different air defense system to make sure turkey is protected against all threats from all angles and we're ready to talk about it that's why we would like to establish a committee where our russian and. american partners are also there and the financial lucian's because we believe as we have done for centuries turkey is the most eastern part of the west and the most western part of the east reso as a bridge and we can also help that joe graphical advantage to bring peace and stability to the rest of the world and we can bring our partners together so that they can find solutions they are ongoing challenges like nato is the most western
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organization that you can get so do you think that this whole bickering over as 400 can eventually put turkey's position within nato in jeopardy well i hope it wouldn't but if it comes to that turkey will have to decide what is best for her interests as you know we went through a quick temper back in july 2016 where our own parliament was bombed 11 times and the planes that bombed our parliament they're not belong to any hostile country or any enemy they belong to us they were purchased with my tax money and they were being utilized by terrorists who had dressed in military uniforms of the turkish air space so they were controlled by some outside forces and they have become clones of outside forces so we want to make sure that turkey's
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security turkey's national interests and the pursuit of happiness of turkish citizens are protected and we will do whatever it takes and we will work with whoever it takes to ensure turkish citizens sleep better at night when i thought about syria later that because in syria turkey is at odds with its nato allies who are supporting the y.p. g. which turkey is actually fighting against in syria do you think this can set nato allies on a collision course. well i hope it won't because turkey has the just image reasons to be against why. is an extension of p j k b k k is on the list of terrorist organizations of all the major countries in the world including nato including e.u. including us and therefore they should not be cooperated with an extension of their terrorists because they are self declared terrorist organization i mean when all i
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actually is using i know i know but we and we know all of that we know that if the history behind but you know that none of that really matters if america wants to back someone i mean none of that explanation really matters so the facts are at their core cooperating with them that you are fighting well then we will also do whatever it takes to protect our borders that's why we're working with all of the partners in the region including russia and iran and we go into these our stomach talks embodying our american and nato colleagues as well to find solutions but we will not accept any terrorist elements to be at the borders of turkey does why we are determined to establish safety zones in her neighborhood in turkey's borders and we want the territorial integrity of syria to remain intact we are very much against division of syria we are very much against creation of new failed states in the middle east and we will do our best to keep the stability and keep the lives
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saved. so the syrian observatory for human rights says that the turkish army has been coverage really building a concrete wall around the syrian kurdish city of aspirin which it's been controlling since last year alone when the free syrian army the rebels argue that there is no wall but only fortifications that would prevent attacks from the kurdish why p.g. why then we hear law calls arguing that they're being prevented from returning to their homes and answering. well you have to ask that question to them as far as i know we have done an important cleansing operation iran our friend and the terrorist attacks that were targeting turkish lives from that part of syria is no longer a threat because there are no more by b.g. elements that are sending missiles to turkish lent since our operation so that's why as we are concerned we achieve
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a very successful result and we put an end to the attacks coming from that part of syria thank you so much for this inside full interview it's been very interesting talking to you or talking to you again man. former minister of foreign affairs discussing turkey where the e.u. and united states and whether they're facing yet another crisis that's it for this edition of i will see you next. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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you know world a big part of the law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now. for watching closely watching the hawks. this footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands are normally off limits to the public eric's allowed in because he's this is always personal don't. people here know him simply is don't to eric he's rich famous some always on the
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move sailing yachts and flying aircraft that. he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. that's happening. are you so slow. going to busy doing math is going to do the population because he's going to people on the zone. is this a realistic prospect in 10 years and you understand why it kind of creeps people. etc i think there's there's what i call the creepy line and the policy about
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a lot of these things is to get right up to the creepy line but not cross it i would argue that implanting things in your brain is a is beyond the creepy one is innocent yes at least for the moment.


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