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i don't see how. courts for an extradition hearing with the. safety. they feel safe in. declarations of case especially.
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polarizing the report itself. a u.s. military official claims. probably. following a predictable. broadcasting live from moscow every hour of the day is r t international my name's you know hello and welcome to our top story a u.k. court postponed extradition hearing. after the health of the wiki leaks founder sharply worsened in london's belmarsh prison and he was then placed under medical supervision. brings us more. the extradition hearing isn't taking place any longer
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to the sound was actually meant to be here in person he was meant to pair via video link but he's not even well enough to appear via video link 10 minutes on has been moved to the hospital waiting all belmarsh prison that's up to a maximum security prison where 7 out of 53 eccentric specific details that he went into the ecuadorian embassy back in 2012 and wiki leaks a whole range from some about the face of his health to take a listen to what we know is that there was a push from the the medical board of. the fact that they did this and that may put him on the world speaks speaks penta and so you know being in a higher security mikes a maximum security prison is difficult for anyone but 4 julian spent 7 years confined in the ecuadorian embassy before but with our medical treatment without hospital medical treatment attorneys for him in other words states that most people might think unfair we are outside westminster magistrate school this was meant to
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be the 2nd hearing about this on just the extradition it will have to be a fairly procedural affair well there wasn't any major arguments from a scientific team or the prosecution the official start of it has been moved to around about the 12th of june we think but essentially the question of what's meant to be all cute in here boils down to 2 fundamental things it is to get us on to act as a journalist when he published those slow news that secret us materials and information and crucially for him is the u.k. going to allow him to be handed over to the us also as he is where he could face up to hundreds and 75 years behind bars that will turn. 17 counts on the espionage act and one commentator just about julian is facing a constant 75 years in prison which is outrageous the idea that a publisher can be. prosecuted and persecuted publishing the truth and face
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a lifetime and in a prison in another country is outraged at this espionage act was never the full of india used against john stanley against government officials through the secrets in the pasta of course washington's argument is that a sound isn't such on the list that he's a black cat and that his publications put the lives of informants by the u.s. . for its allies around the world in grave danger although what's interesting here is that with the charges unveiled against. a lot of people even his critics of which there have been many many press freedom organizations and just journalists and whistleblowers around the world say that what happens with this exhibition case could have serious implications for the freedom of the press in for journalists or around the world which is why i think on this so you much attention. to just almost
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point supporters of the wiki leaks founder staged a protest outside the london quarter earlier in the week decrying his treatment which they say amongst the torture and demanding a fair trial were known to documentary filmmaker john pilger to this he believes the sun just a sense a dangerous precedent for journalists everywhere. but what these new charges really or to strike. ring a bell at the very least it nor strikes fear into many investigative journalists who have been have been with wiki leaks in the brain but truly in the song through this whole i would say the sting would step aside. for leasing the book through about government secrets and how they affect all of us to war and peace and so those people should be very very good. their own old.
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the newspapers. new york. there are individuals who have done no more. no less no less than julie. so they could all be talking. in the city as london continues to struggle with a knife crime epidemic increasing numbers of british teenagers of somali heritage are being sent to live in east africa by their parents away from the violence that's despite the fact that somalia is regarded as one of a world's most dangerous countries the u.k. foreign office warns against all travel there jus to the threat of terrorism and kidnapping with more on the unlikely trend partridge. stabbings of young people across england have become an epidemic in those 2 years i was doing my a levels it was tough just seeing people being dropped every other day being
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stabbed london is not the place to be for a teenager when they're living here in britain the context is britain this is a british problem and it's a problem that we're falling into one of the things i'll never forget is the fact that when you walk in the streets of kenya you don't have to go over your shoulder here i could travel women out of the city go and visit who wanted and it was good i felt a sense of freedom when i came here it was like a clean slate my mum feels i'm much safer here than anywhere else in the world and it's not just parents and teenagers who are worried the all thora teens are also raising the alarm i'd have to say that the last couple of years on down to be as dave said the 1st and most warning levels i think in my service and it is really worrying 50 people who have been stabbed to death in the capital since the beginning of the year and what's even more worrying that number has almost doubled in the past 2 years. in hammersmith and fulham in west london there has been an 84
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percent rise in these crimes from 236 in 272182434 in 2018 to 19 while in central london there has been a hike of around 52 percent in knife crime the number rising from 652985 and kensington and chelsea has also experienced an increase in knife related incidents a 25 percent spike from 262-2328 while home secretary signed you job it has called the rise in violent crime a national emergency and the targets are often teenagers from black communities i know for terms of. the 5 people 5 there is. a very different picture than what used to be people who live it by.
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feel for the safety of their children they fear the safety of the loft themselves i think it's very very dangerous for them related to a lot of. positive activity good for the mode of run for the local authority from the event do a lot of good for. the problem is you while off camera somali people in north london say gang related crime is the real problem several refused to be filmed because they fear reprisals for speaking out and to save their children some parents even prefer to send them back to africa while job it is promising to put 20000 policemen back on the streets to fight this virulent disease somehow africa seems safer than london. you know the big story of the week u.s. special counsel robert muller has 100 in his resignation 2 years after a. opened his investigation into alleged collusion between president don't trump.
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speaking to the public for the 1st time since the probe he sought to give for a fixation on the major conclusions of the report but. explains both in washington or interpret his words in different ways. robert muller is all done the special counsel's office is closing and he's going to retire and to celebrate 35000000 dollars and 2 years worth of work he decided to address the media there's an old psychological test they call the war shack and basically it's a set of ambiguous ink blots it's up to the mind of the patient to determine what to see and the 10 minute presentation of robert muller seems a very much be in the eyes of the beholder if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so. we did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime it's not that different from what he said at the end of his report but that
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democrats certainly took a lot from the statement of the mother was essentially referring impeachment to the united states congress. statement makes it clear congress has a legal and moral obligation to begin impeachment proceedings immediately miller statement makes clear with those who have read his report no it's an impeachment referral and it's up to congress to act they shewed given the special counsel was unable to pursue criminal charges against the president if the congress threw stones of the crimes and other wrongdoing of president trump and we will do so i think it was very clear if you could clear the president he would have but he couldn't makes clear well muller said the report speaks for itself we chose those words carefully and the work speaks for itself. and the report is my testimony now trumper the opposite from robert mueller he says he's in the clear nothing changes from the miller reports there was insufficient evidence and therefore in our
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country a person is innocent the case is closed thank you then the white house press secretary clarified with the statement there was no real news and there he reiterated the points that he'd already made in the report. that we agree with them there was no collusion there was no conspiracy and we consider this case closed he completed his investigation now he's closed his office and it's time for everybody to move on the report has been published the investigation is long over but the saga continues both sides are sticking to what they said all along so you have to ask yourself if everyone was just going to keep saying what they've said the entire time impeach trump or no collusion why did we have the investigation to begin with. r t new york we also go to thoughts of legal and media on the line all who is all of the view conducting the moeller report made no sense in the 1st place. the interesting thing to note is one of the reasons why many suspect he doesn't want to speak to
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congress is one that republicans asked him when did you know this how many years ago how many months into this investigation did you come to the conclusion a either there was no evidence or are there was no reason to charge him but how long have you been stringing the country and the president and the world along why here's another question for you if you can't end dive him if those were the rules why did you investigate him in the 1st place did you know these rules before or did you know the rules before that say you can indict him or charge him then what were you investigating ah you were investigating collusion and by the way did you notice such a paltry and diminished amount of time that was that was given to the reason for this what was this russian collusion explain this morning.
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take a look at this dutch u.f.o. spotters went into overdrive on saturday when reports came in of a row of strange objects in the sky over the netherlands and how mature astronomer captured the images well the mystery turned out to be the 1st part of a satellite program by entrepreneur musk space x. company heading into orbit now he plans to launch nearly $12000.00 of them this year with the aim of helping provide internet access to on wired parts of the globe but it seems not to everyone was prepared for the surprise of seeing so many new celestial bodies heading skyward one local 4 website received $150.00 reports of an alien invasion but the concern for a lot of professional stargazers is that the night sky will not be changed for the worse forever. i know people are excited about those images of the train of space x. stalling satellites but it gives me pause if space x.
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launches all 12000 they will outnumber the stars visible to the naked eye i consist of us from my garden down to magnitude 5 i'm on the edge of the city lots of light pollution and can just see the milky way 1600 stars a bright of the night 5 thanks to space 6 star link i will soon see is 7 satellites for every single star to those upset about how bright the elon musk's tattling said allies are please don't forget their hair and this invoked under john to me yeah i really must have been quite this side and in response did ask his team leader to investigate ways to reduce the amount of light coming from the satellites no one astrophysicist we spoke to thinks that even more companies will be encouraged to use the night sky as a business platform in the future. visual issue which is that. you telescopes usually track the stars in the sky and then the satellites move not
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according to the stars in the sky but according to their orbits which is a bit faster and that leaves huge trait in the images when you analyze them and therefore this is a huge problem that you have to deal with we usually s.s. numbers we deal with these kind of problems but if the number of satellites increase to post to us with the brightness is maintained as we observed ross weekend that this could be really problematic but in the optical reading which is the kind of light have we can see the order probably meeting that radio which i think it's even worse because there is some leakage of radio signals from the satellites it might happen that the regulation has to be of dated in terms of how many players want to get into the business business which is you know getting really big providing glory internet for everyone sounds like a good idea but is really this this the price but we want to pay for things because you know this this case for everyone in. the i mean if we want to pay the
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price of the fine but someone has to ask this 1st i think we're heading to the far north of planet earth after the break that i see standoff between the u.s. and russia over nuclear testing claims in the arctic short. this in petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia emerging markets the world thousands of business community members attend a forum to address today's final issues. or just actual forum coverage on r.t.
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. in orwell the state puts the surveillance cameras in. our present day for a well 19 eighty-four dystopian nightmare we put in the cameras we install the cameras on the nest cameras on our doors and our mantle pieces on spying devices in our hands and in our homes with another of these mass surveillance technologies that's the difference between orwell and today it is the worst nightmares would never think that we will imprison ourselves. russia's foreign ministry house firmly denied us allegations that moscow is probably conducting tests of low yield nuclear weapons in the arctic on there by
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violating its legal obligations here's what america's director off the defense intelligence agency to say. united states believes that russia probably is not hearing the nuclear testing moratorium in a manner consistent with 0 year old standard. our understanding of nuclear weapon development leads us to believe russia is testing out to use would help improve its nuclear weapon capabilities. let's bring in our team in india today to discuss more on this how the language used in the accusation there it's guarded and it's anything but definitive we can we can see it there so it begs the question why put it out there publicly in the 1st place if it can't be part of the biggest question mark isn't it you know in another spot in public between the u.s. and russia what you saw there was a speech that was given at the institute in washington by the director of the u.s.
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defense intelligence agency to the world questioning moscow's approach to nuclear testing and saying that this help russia in hans new warhead designs now russia's categorically denied any of the violations that they've been accused of of the accord and perhaps this time on this occasion russia have got a point they've actually got the backing of an organization called the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty organization. bit of a mouthful there let's have a listen quickly to what they had to say. the sea has full confidence in the ability of its monitoring system to detect nuclear test explosions. but despite having that backing the opposition to russia has continued as you can see by that speech by the americans and it's these specific accusations that have angered the russians this time the officials have not been shy in responding we've got
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a little insight into what the foreign ministry had to say about this. unfortunately such verbal attacks transmitted by the world's media have become commonplace. as a rule they occur when washington is determined to withdraw from another international treaty or has been accused of not complying with one we cannot rule out the washington is preparing to use this as cover for the resumption of its own full scale nuclear weapons. not shy at all as you can see there another response that we've had is from the head of the foreign relations committee constantine. he said these are unfounded accusations from the miles of the americans have already become an absurd norm in international affairs and that's the point from the russian perspective has it become the norm it seems that it's become the norm and it's those loose words that they seem to be using like russia is probably not adhering to an international treaty or
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a questionable approach overwhelming evidence highly likely we've heard it so often and those general accusations have really caused again these diplomatic tensions despite the fact that they've had the backing on this occasion we can really have a look at what accusations we've seen over the last few years. the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible quarrel is with putin's kremlin and we think overwhelmingly likely that it was his decision we also believe that it's highly likely that to push it with a chemical weapons use but what mike parker said yesterday i think we have a very high confidence was accurate i think it reflects the role russia has in venezuela. yes so from russia's standpoint the russian ambassador to the u.s. he said he doesn't understand why these discussions got aren't going through the
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correct channels the correct diplomatic channels from the u.s. point of view they've made it absolutely clear that they do not trust the way that russia is doing its nuclear testing and developments and the question is are they going to be able to sort out this latest batch behind closed doors or are we going to continue to see them wash their dirty laundry in public you know pretty big ramifications to that story thank you very much material for the updates. that russia's foreign minister as expressed on these over washington's plans to build a missile system in japan speaking of bilateral talks and talks. suggests that the move could prove to have a destabilizing impact on the region. through the motions of bush and we reaffirmed our concern about the risks that are being created for security including in connection with plans to deploy elements of the us global missile defense system to japan is considered good there aren't that many countries in this world that can
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within the timeframe of just a couple of days well come the american president and the ministers of foreign affairs and defense of russia at the same time well japan is one of these countries and in fact president donald trump left this place only 2 days ago and while he was here he spoke a lot about how he wants to expand the military cooperation between washington and tokyo. as you know japan recently announced its intent to purchase 105 brand new still f. 35 fighter aircraft the best in the world this purchase would give japan the largest fleet of f. 30 five's of any of our allies plus mr trump really made it clear that when it comes to joint army work he is really counting on tokyo when it comes to making sure that all the regional threats as he calls it are dealt with and here it is
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easy to understand who he is hinting at that is of course north korea in the 1st place and russia and china however japan is a real geopolitical gymnasts so to say and really there are many outstanding things about how tokyo is getting along with moscow they are doing great when it comes to trade the leaders are treating each other as friends bud's there are disagreements as well i can tell you that ever since world war 2 no peace agreement has been signed between japan and russia and there is a serious territorial dispute. ever heard of the coral islands just in north of japan well perhaps everyone in russia and in this country has as a result of the 2nd world war the countries that won it decided that the islands
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should become russian territory and so they did however tokyo still claims that this land belongs to them and we've seen many signals from the leaders of the 2 countries that they want to get this dispute settled however the best 2 words to probably describe the progress here is a complete stalemate well just lately russia held small shooting drills on the island and that really outraged tokyo surrogate during the press conference explained why japan has nothing to be angry about going used. to puns foreign minister has expressed concern over russia's military activities on the southern korean islands in response we have reaffirmed our position that the russian armed forces operating in this over in territory as is customary under international law will use within the city however as you can see there are still many serious disagreements but when it comes to things like cultural exchange or
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marine security and also the desire to denuclearize the korean peninsula the 2 countries are on the same page to say the least and the fact that the foreign ministers the defense ministers and the leaders are always in touch speaks volumes about how tokyo and moscow are getting along these days not since they see him go on social media giants on the enormous power they wield on their mind today the kaiser report starts in moments. facebook and google started with
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a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark so. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results on what they think you should be seen if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more we give them the sooner we are all.
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max kaiser this is the kaiser report in the 2nd half i'm going to be talking to bill men from mines dot com taking on the censorship of the big guys with something new and interesting so make sure you stay tuned for that but here now we're going to be talking about something truly remarkable and stacy told me what it was a moment ago and slipped my mind so let's talk to stacy and find out what exactly is happening but max mate basically we're all tenant farmers and the the thing we are farming is our own minds our essence our being our everything our privacy all that makes us unique individuals we are farming that as tenant farmers for the likes of facebook for the likes of twitter and other big data companies we are attendance on our own devices
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a decade ago amazon abruptly deleted copies of george orwell's 1904 from the kindles of its american customers the move instantly evokes the memory holes in the novels totalitarian dystopia and inspired about equal measures of shock outrage and jokes if a fictional amazon in a dystopian novel had performed the same mass deletion critics would have said it was too on the nose but in hindsight amazon's action was also a striking carbon ger of a shift that has only become more pronounced since our wholesale tilt toward becoming a tenant society tenants of our own devices great title opens up a whole. panorama of interesting induct of opinion that i will now state. it always reminds me of these stories the.


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