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tv   News  RT  June 3, 2019 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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why don't you want any tickets to spend all this. money. was 6 the. us president dolan trump is welcome by the queen as he embarks on a 3 day state visit to britain but not before stirring up controversy and attracting crowds of protesters. from son in law says he's uncertain
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palestinians are capable of governing themselves becomes us has planned peace summit is snubbed by palestinian leaders who accuse him of trying to buy them off. and with liverpool crowned champions of europe over the weekend we have reaction from just a marine you know. well to the most important thing and. we all go through . a very warm welcome to the program from all of us here at our 2 h.q. in moscow and thanks for joining us this hour. britain is rolling out the red carpet for donald trump the u.s. president kicked off a 3 day state visit with a welcome by the queen at buckingham palace later he's expected to meet the outgoing prime minister theresa may but his visit was already starting controversy
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even before landing in london playboy the house more. well the trip started in true home back to trump style while he was still on air force one the point of even a touchdown on u.k. soil trump had fired off some pretty controversial tweets about none other than the mayor of london cindy kong reigniting this feud between them take a listen to what the 2 had to say about each other don't trump is just one of the most egregious examples of a growing global threat using the same divisive troops of the fascists of the 20th century to garner support. com has been foolishly nonstick to the visiting president of the united states far the most important ally of the united kingdom he's a stone cold loser you should focus on crime in london not me in the long running spat between the 2 tramps criticized what he says is his failure to tackle levels
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of knife crime in the capital here and khan has criticized trump's policies among which is of course this very controversial muslim travel ban comes people have already said that this is much more serious than childish insults which should be beneath the president of the united states today is all about the pomp and the ceremony for the. geisha and now there is a lot of ceremony inside the palace gardens right now there was an 82 gun salute we heard a lot of banging from inside that was the way he was greeted by the royal family donald trump met the queen prince charles he's there with maloney a lot of his grown children are with him as well donald trump is only the 3rd u.s. president to be given this whole hold for u.k. state to visit obama and bush of course it before him so he's joined a pretty exclusive club but yet behind the scenes we're seeing something very different we're seeing these tweets being fired off he's giving quite outspoken
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interviews god knows what's going to happen when journalists get a microphone close to him he's already weighed in on a potential successor to theresa may there is of course a leadership race on him now at the moment trump's already said that he's gunning for boris johnson some see him as the u.k. counterpart to donald trump another blonde bombshell and donald trump's also been talking about to resume a's negotiating skills when it comes to the brags that negotiations with brussels will go over them i wouldn't believe. the big number but some of these are going to. be. i mean presumably moving away to get it what they want it won't go away it will if you don't get the deal you want if you don't get a fair deal. today you'd walk away so today as i said all about the pomp and the ceremony tomorrow much more about worked on trump is staying at the u.s. ambassador's residence he's going to be having a working breakfast with the u.s.
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ambassador and representatives of u.s. business here in the u.k. and then he's going to be he's got a short meeting with a reason may in downing street it's not going to be a one on one as was expected beforehand of course plenty of people hit want to criticize donald trump protesters are expected to follow him everywhere he goes they're keen to criticize the british government's decision to even allow such a massive state visit at a time of political crisis the trump baby blimp is being prepared i think is going to be unveiled tomorrow but yet such a divisive figure and so many people keen to express dissatisfaction with the fact that he's come here. from more we're joined by dr mark cornet senior politics lecturer at lancaster university now how significant is this visit and how does that compare to last year's working visit.
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well the significance i think of this visit mr trump is obviously in america you're almost always an electoral cycle but he is hoping that this will play very well to those people home who already support him but maybe even give the impression to people who own so supportive that he is a person who commands respect internationally so it's a very significant it's pulse of an electoral strategy for mr trump for britain the significance i suppose is always great when american presidents arrives in this particular visit the. great pomp and. stance is being used to charm mr trump to show that he really means a lot and that his office means a lot to the british people but obviously in the background is the idea that mr trump might still be president when britain house to try and negotiate a trade deal with the united states and so it's not just kind of
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a symbolic meeting between mr trump and mrs may and the other events the events around the queen it's also an attempt really to to ensure that mr trump is feeling that the relationship with britain remains positive and this it should result in a deal which is good for both countries now apart from meeting with the queen trump will fit down with theresa may as you mention what do you expect from that conversation given that may is actually on her way out. well this is going to be an extremely difficult conversation i've said that this is a very significant trip on both sides but it's also the kind of trip which i think the british government's mrs may particular could easily do without it's not usual for american presidents to interfere in british politics it's not usual for them to do that unless invited mr obama did intervene in the referendum in
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2016 but he was invited to do so mr reagan kind of interfered in british politics before the 1992 general election of the 1970 general election so you write about he did so because the labor leader was on a visit to washington and he showed he didn't really like the labor leader this president is it's a fair reading a leadership contest which is highly controversial and his interference isn't just a kind of interference in british politics is it interference in the business of a particular political policy which is itself very divided so mr trump dulce in where other people feel fear to tread and he's done so in a way i think which casts an extra shadow over a visit which is already going to be very controversial well and at the same time trump says it got off to a rocky start with the president trading barbs with the mayor of london as well as making numerous other controversial political remarks as you were saying is he
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touching a nerve when it comes to how divided the u.k. has become. absolutely and i'm not sure how closely mr trump follows the whole debate in britain he clearly does follow elements of that debate but he seems to i think have the impression that the country is more supported more whole house in the support of bret's than it really is i think he must be unaware of the deep rooted divisions in the country not only in its view of the relationship with america but also its general position in the world its position with europe and so mr trump really makes remarks as is well known without really wondering about the sensitivities of those involved with mr card and he really is i think potentially adding even more trouble to the fact that his visit is centered around london and mr khan oversea enjoys quite considerable support and there will be i think
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a great deal of resentment that mr trump doesn't respect the office of mayor of london whereas of the british people are being asked all the time to respond even if they don't want mr trump to respect the office of presidents of the united states and this seems to symbolize the the the fact that there our relationship is not one of equals and that the president of the united states feels busy he can get away with things which we aren't allowed to do we're supposed to be guarded in our criticisms and he can say what he likes so it really exemplifies the whole even relationship between the u.s. and britain we're told all the time that the americans don't really think of our relationship is special and yet every time an american president comes they're expected to pay lip service to this idea it's becoming increasingly thin and embarrassing i think it's a britain just underlines how britain coming out of the european union needs the
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americans more than ever but we've always needed them more than they need us ever since the 2nd world war dr mark arnett. politics lecturer at lancaster university thank you so much. staying in the family of donald trump's son in law has said in an interview that he isn't certain the palestinian people are able to govern themselves kushner has been meeting with israeli and arab leaders to promote his peace plan for the 2 sides he also said the palestinians were to blame for the u.s. stopping aid to the region. would be ok with all of those things that you guys have done the actions we've taken were because america's aid is not entitle me and we get criticized by their government the response of this president's not so let me give you more aid so again that was is a result of decisions taken by the palestinian leadership palestinian leaders have already said they will boycott a planned summit at the end of the month in bahrain palestinians accuse the us of biased in the peace negotiations in 2017 washington recognize drusilla as the
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capital of israel and relocated it's a mystery there then the u.s. cut off aid and closed its palestinian diplomatic office and in march trump recognized israeli sovereignty over the occupied syrian golan heights. all palestinians reject what donald trump is the deal of the century the us president thinks it can still lead to peace picks up the story. to be fair trump was never particularly shy. humble when he does something great he likes to let people know about it his stable genius his great vision his great negotiation we need. a leader that wrote the art of the deal israel palestine are going to make it that probably is the hardest deal there is to make and i'm a very good deal make i believe me if you can't make a good deal with
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a politician then there's something wrong with you any great deal maker needs a great problem to solve obvious no north korea rocket man should have been handled a long time ago. we were going to do it. because we really have no choice to regional local the china trade deal is too mundane and above average dealmaker would be good enough to solve it trump is a great deal maker and he needs the greatest problem is really palestinian conflict you're not going to support me even though you know i'm the best thing that could ever happen to israel and i shall be that they have so much in common trump and bibi egos self righteousness and their struggles against humility trump loves b.b. and b.b. love the strumpet jarrad pushed up trumps southern law also jewish is now in israel
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and he's got it the plan the solution the deal of the century we appreciate all of your efforts to strengthen the relationship between our 2 countries it's never been stronger and we're very excited about all the potential that lies ahead for israel for the relationship alliance between the united states and america has never been stronger and it's going to get even stronger it will come as no surprise but something is great is this takes passion takes trust history and trump and bibi to go way back i've known the president and i've known his family and his team for a long time. there is no greater supporter of the jewish people and the jewish story than president donald trump but what about the plan it's believed trump and push to have been secretly drawing it up for 2 years why secretly well because it
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could make some of israel's neighbors angry imagine a husband and wife during divorce they can't seem to agree on how to split their house so a judge ruled. that the wife can keep the house and gives the husband the neighbor's house how absolutely great is that jordan egypt saudi arabia syria all stand to lose land for the sake of the palestinian state guess who isn't giving up an inch of its territory. krishna brought me something from the us president in the state department there is an official mark of the state of israel which had not been updated since the 60 womb well now it's been updated krishna brought me the new map which includes the golan heights is part of israel is signed by president trump who writes nice so i would like to say that's very nice real
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nice real great stuff mazie when one sided entirely biased and completely in favor of israel but let me tell you this if a palestinian man had made the effort to marry donald trump's daughter things could have been very different but he didn't did he benyamin netanyahu has repeatedly voiced his support and friendship towards washington citing tires that have lasted decades but mustafa barghouti from the palestinian national initiative believes a concerted effort is underway to change international thinking towards middle east peace. the most recent statements of mr question of only show and think that he is working for mr netanyahu the prime minister of israel and he is working for the most extreme and racist elements in israel these statements by mr question
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especially when you says that palestinians cannot rule themselves without israel is nothing but a supporter to the continuation of the patient and oppression and the system of apartheid by israel against the palestinians in my opinion a question that is now trying to change the historical american position and to confront the international consensus that the palestinians should have a state of their own and their occupied palestinian territories question out is that going to change that course in service of the zionist movement in service of the israeli extreme government that's exactly what the so-called the deal of the century is about. china's defense minister has warned that his country won't allow itself to be bullied by the us his words come amid increasing tensions between the states on trade issues. i don't well. as for the recent stance about the u.s. if the u.s. wants to talk we will keep the door open if they want to fight we will fight until
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the end but no way. but it's not only trade that's threatening a confrontation between the us and china a top chinese official stated beijing would not yield an inch of territory meaning taiwan china considers the island to be a breakaway province a bloody civil war in the 1940 s. and it seeks unification the country holds the us responsible for the taiwan relations act the $979.00 law which permits washington to provide defense weaponry to the taipei government the new round of tensions falls comments by the us defense secretary patrick shanahan who challenged beijing to adhere to a rules based order so it could fully gain the trust of the international community it also comes amid 2 days of military drills conducted by the chinese army in the south china sea where beijing claims possession over several islands. when i joined live by just chang political scientists for more on this now china and the u.s. are continuing their trade war but how will it affect the global economy and is
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there any possibility of a ceasefire so to say. well it seems therapist's trade war has been escalating in be all of the american boy caught and sanctions against the chinese fired the firm why are why the escalation we be used the true nature of this trade war which has less to do with trade deficit is on the part of the united states and more of the competition for superiority in of coming to free and namely the focus of this competition is in a few of advanced technology at the same time the donald trump the ministration is trying to exert pressure on china on various issues ranging from solve china sea operations to taiwan to the incident in 1989 and so on.
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what do you make about the statement from the chinese to transparency saying they won't be bullied by the us. while the chinese authorities are trying to big to convey the message to the united states that it is ready for confrontation that although he doesn't want a trade war but it is ready to fight a trade war exactly at this juncture to strengthen his position pung be in view of the fact that the 2 leaders may well need in the final days of june of this month in kyoto at the g 20 summit and also exactly at this point when china retaliated against the united states by imposing increasing. areas ranging from 5 to 25 percent on 60000000000 of us exports.
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to china so it is a kind of gesturing or postering. effecting time a strong position in the negotiation process in response to various pressures from the donald from administration china is once again raising concerns about the u.s. support for taiwan do you think that a way of easing tensions between china and taiwan can ever be found. well nobody expects and you need a solution to the taiwan issue but i'm being tenants of the status quo apparently it's acceptable to all parties concerned at the moment of course the presidential you know action of taiwan which will take place in the very beginning of trendy trendy one has attracted considerable attention because the presidential primaries have already been making preparations and it is apparent
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that the chinese authorities are trying to influence the presidential election by indicating a preference for certain candidates within the coalmine tang hands to taiwan issue comes into the picture and now just a chang political scientist thank you for joining us on the program. english football club liverpool have won the champions league the 6th time the club has lifted the trophy and the fans at home painted the town red with more than $750000.00 of them taking to the streets. or her. to him or her.
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on r t just a marine you're has been covering the tournament and his on the touchline show and the latest episode he gives his take on the season that was you can watch it for here on the channel but here's a quick peek. what is the most important thing in football. to win on the liverpool wanting. a bit confused thing knowing. close to your body you aren't in a position that is not a natural position like it happened and of course the human being needs the arms to keep the balance i think he was nervous because he's not the super penalty taker. you made the right decision the quality of the game was not good the quality of
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passing was not good we didn't play like we like we normally do i didn't really normally like i do i didn't seeing that normally i do i think that must be a very very bad feeling of course he didn't have on his mind we are going to be losing one you love to 50 seconds and probably was thinking. even game game in the control doesn't play and the result is the same. everyone will be saying crane has to pay even with one leg we. i'm sort of the world we manage as we the bank is affordable in my entire team my best friend the ones the poor closer to me are the ones that were not starting players the only thing that i didn't enjoy
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was my. eyes in moscow. that was your global news update thanks for tuning in. seems wrong. just don't call. me. yet to shape out these days. and indeed trade equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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the human being needs that crane has to pay even with one leg but he's looking we manage as we are the bank is affordable i didn't enjoy dancing on ice in moscow. it's liverpool who were champions of europe after beating spurs to neil in madrid you can clock finally getting his hands on that trophy i must be feeling right now what is it like to win your 1st champions league saw you were not as. not there as crazy as normal the. the real feeling what
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what you have inside what you keep also for eternity probably he was a recording everything that happened i remember every detail of my. children 6 finals everything 30 records absolutely everything. and probably happens the same when you lose these finals so probably has also or on the hard disk. of the kids of the other finals so this one comes for him is that in the moment where. i think he deserves the most we did a fantastic job with. bringing those year to the builders you could also present as the final but i think to win the champions league the year after. i think is is very very remarkable and only possible in the special quebec of
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a pool with a special coach like yours being honest it wasn't a great game to watch but live to did have the perfect start didn't they they were awarded a penalty just after 23 seconds did you think it was a penalty. you know is is is hard it's still something that in football is a bit. a bit confusing tension to knowing the arm close to your body. in a position that is not a natural position like it happened yesterday i think the 1st contact with weed see saw cause a little bit just over but then there is. i think the continuation of that. ball that his body in continuation of course of those 2 goes to the arm. the referee was close he made immediately the decision.
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or was quiet or decided to let it go what. would frustrate me to leave as a coach but maybe i think about these and not everybody's things about this is that i tried to work a lot of the challenges in the box and of course the human being needs the arms to keep the balance the players they need that arms to do fast what they should is to do fast movements but you can train in the way where the player immediately when you feel that using avengers position in the box you know 121 situation you has to do we use arms and he has to learn how to keep the balance how to the position of the body to help him we dog the need of the arms to keep that balance so i'll be frustrated because. i think. as
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a plating the defensive situation in the box and according to the new rules and then sort of the can have different interpretations you cannot you cannot go for of to do will be drawn. in disposition most out of school would under a lot of pressure we did have to wait didn't he for the whole thing to be reviewed by far he took his chance well well. he hired you to say that if you score is an amazing penalty and sometimes you take an incredible penalty but the. ball he put the high court on post and is not the wall is not a good penalty the penalty the use when the ball hit the net and was the caves i think he was nervous and i think. because he's not the super penalty taker i seem he made the right decision.


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