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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 1, 2019 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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government after boris johnson or jeremy hunt is defeated at the ballot bowl all the smoke coming up in today's going underground the 1st today marks 73 years since the usa did this. go for the tommy bomb has been successfully done today the legacy of u.s. detonation of nuclear weapons in the south pacific is threatening yet more life thanks to the climate emergency but unlike harry truman president trump is arguably more concerned about human life he claimed he saved 150 lives by not bombing iran not bombing a countries arguably not what could have been expected from a hillary clinton white house nevertheless for those who supported the democrats hawk trump was elected not by the people but by the kremlin this is session fanned by mainstream media led to the jailing of a member of donald trump's foreign policy advisory panel his name is george papadopoulos his new book deep state targets how i got caught in the cross has of
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the plot to bring down president trump details how he did time for deleting his facebook account he joins me now from los angeles george welcome to going underground if any before any of our view is think that you work with the russians the mainstream media talking about that for years just to say obviously in the book you make it clear you consider yourself an american patriots i'm going to begin. at the beginning of the book as it were but with boris johnson who's tipped to be the next prime minister here in britain how on earth did you get into a situation where you were asking an f.b.i. agent whether they had contacted boris johnson that's that's a great point and thank you very much for having me what you're referring to is a meeting i had with the muller team in december of 20172 months after my name one public regarding my guilty plea and i was in. in discussions with
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miller's team basically trying to actually understand what was happening in my case because at that point i started to have contacts by various reporters who were telling me that my story wasn't adding up the way that my status of offense was presented to the world and that it looked like there was some sort of sort of set up that occurred in my case and likely in other cases involving trump associates so i was i asked robert mueller steam why are you not arresting joseph if he's been living openly in london for the last a year and he's attending parties with boris johnson and there was this famous picture that had been circulating i think in the guardian newspaper in november of 2017 a month after my name was released and muller steam and the f.b.i. looked at me and basically started to laugh and they said this is a man meaning joseph de of many connections and if you had only worn a wire against him none of this would have happened to you so by that point by december of 2017 i knew clearly that this was
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a sop we can get in touch with the president as of. we don't know why he was with boris johnson particularly in that photograph he is still perceive as being a putin agent but your book appears to make clear that he noted he would do undermine the russia and the united states would arguably willed peace and detour want who is he the overwhelming evidence of joseph to which you could do a simple google search and understand what i'm saying and i'm echoing the same statements of congressman devon una's of california and other republican members of congress who i've testified in front of for 8 hours where they all believe that joseph said was either willfully or on will fully cooperating or colluding if you will with western intelligence agencies including possibly the cia this person of course was no russian agents he was a professor at link campus in rome. were up until 2 months ago he it was still
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living as far as i understand and he was still on the payroll of this university now this university is not a typical liberal arts university like we have here in the united states it's a spy school david ignatius of the washington post has written extensively about this university the f.b.i. trains there is that the cia trains there m i 6 and even italian intelligence so the last place you're going to find a russian operative working is at this university yet this is the person who eventually became the i guess the epicenter of the russian conspiracy to apparently undermine u.s. democracy ok we'll if we haven't confuse your audience yet this is have a brief flashback to how you met professor joseph would you had sued off to being appointed to the donald trump foreign relations campaign team how did you meet him and how did you come to being told that the you might be able to suggest a meeting between donald trump and. i was living and working in london at the time
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i had just finished working with the ben carson campaign as a foreign policy adviser and i left and i went back to london where i joined this organization named a london sons or for international law practice which in my opinion and many people's opinions are now seems to be some sort of fronts group for something that i didn't think it was including possibly western intelligence and former western diplomats operating out of that that sons are and i was working there and a woman who used to work with bob muller something i didn't know of course in 2016 and when i told her i'm leaving to join the donald trump campaign because he wants to have me as a foreign policy adviser she said before you go you need to go to link campus and you need to meet some business partners of ours and that's when i went to this cia school as i explained earlier and that's where joseph was i should say i was passed on to me joseph smith said there by the former a tie. in foreign minister of in shuttle scotty who is also under investigation at
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this point and to be clear at this time you were kind of living in london there is another duplicity that you allege in this book because one tobias elwood of the foreign office someone who's talked about right now in britain because he's saying that if a prime minister the next prime minister of this country goes for a new deal bricks that he saying the british government will immediately fool tell me about the september 26th and when you meant to bias and alluded what he thought of bricks that what he thought of your president now president now the chronology is very important here because tobias selwood reached out to me in may of 2016 before this alleges the investigation was launched in july of 2016 but in september of 2016 there were 2 very suspicious men that came back into my life and one was stuff on helper and the other was to buy a cell would and to buy a cell would basically in the middle of this high level investigation that the
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f.b.i. was apparently conducting which it's of course would be absurd for british intelligence not to have been made aware of he begins to probe me about why don't trump is an advocate of bragg's that why the european union is america's top priority and why american troops and nato should continue to be resurgent and keep russia out of eastern europe now of course donald trump as he's articulated over his last years as a president during the campaign he's not looking for a war he wants it to taunt with russia with iran even so when i was discussing this strategy what to buy sell would is seemed the british establishment was not happy at all with what donald trump wanted to do regarding bragg's it or russia or even iran and quite clearly it makes sense why the british were involved in this operation it changed a little bit surely when trump was actually elected there were an elder. does
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telling you dry in the get the meeting between to raise them a little trump the u.k. took a keen interest in me and i explained in my book along with russia always coming up in conversations with the u.k. stablish men's my ties to israel and cyprus were obviously the u.k. has tremendous security political and economic interests cyprus seem to be the point in which alexander downer stuff on help or to buy a cell would and many of these operatives would intersect and when obviously donald trump was elected president after i had been probed by the u.k. for months they asked me to pass along 3 some a's letter of congratulations to president elect trump which i did so clearly the british were keeping tabs not only on me i assume but others and that's what's being called into question but i'm not sure what the russians actually did because i never met a russian official yet certainly
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a lot of foreign governments involved in this through 2 of those names you just mentioned stephan how because you say that he has connections to m i 6 is so richard did he actually send in the british election the last british election that jeremy cool been the leader of the labor party should not be trusted as a leader of the labor body and was criticised being ahead of him a 6 talking like that about a democratic politician who is different what was his relationship with m i 6 stuff and a helper is a very very important figure in the spygate story as you've stated he's well connected to am i 6 in fact besides going underground for the last year he's just resurfaced i think last week to announce that he'll be attending a spice conference at cambridge university in july of with people like richard gere love. the x. head of the n.s.a. and i believe some axe. operatives as well now who is this person in september of
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2016 i received an unsolicited e-mail out of the blue by a man named stuff on help or i didn't have any idea who this person was except when i googled him i saw that he had worked for 4 u.s. presidents and he wanted me to write a paper about the energy security situation in the eastern mediterranean which i was a recognized expert at on at the time and he decided to pay me $3000.00 and paid my flight and accommodation to london as soon as i land in london i am greeted by this . blonde young lady a turkish national with a heavy accents who was very provocative and quite suggest of something that is just unbecoming of cambridge assistants or somebody who was on a business meeting with somebody who we are who you just invited to london to to have dinner with and she began to probe me a lot about turkish interests in the mediterranean cyprus as i as i explained
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earlier in our interview cyprus was a very important component of all of these operatives meeting with me and they wanted to pick my brain of what i was advising donald trump about cyprus on and the energy security question in general and once i began to feel uncomfortable and understand that this possibly was an agency i left the dinner with her and i met stuff on help for the next day and stuff on help or as i explained in my book joined me at the travellers' lodge i should say in london it's a private member's organization there and he began to ask me openly about 2 disparate things the 1st cyprus and turkey which he was paying me money to learn my ideas about and the 2nd was whether donald trump and russia knew or were working together and of course the former was something i knew a lot about because out. well my background was i was in the think tank industry i
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ended up i was a lobbyist and i was advising u.s. energy companies operating in cyprus and israel the latter meaning russia and trump was nonsense because not only have i never met a russian official in my life they campaign shot down any notion or proposal of mine for donald trump to travel and meet with a lot of near putin during the campaign so i believe that all of these operatives were not individually reaching out to me i think this was an operation that included downer helper and others and that's actually what members of congress were looking into when i testified and what i think you're going to see moving forward as more of these documents that have been recently declassified will prove as well yes that woman. has returned who seems to have disappeared as far as anyone could tell but i'll stop you there have more from georgia public to the
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brink the importance of peace according to chris williamson in the 1st full interview with britain's former shadow fire and emergencies minister since he was allowed back in germany with the list of all coming up in part 2 of going on the ground. is a stick from the little phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is sponsor of the coca-cola company millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers the bad ones they're the litter bugs are throwing us away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has promised to reuse the plastic.
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the mountains of waste only grow. large organized. the march to the united. states a virtual invasion of our country. you know it's going to this. is you go
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to your city i'm will. go to. the. welcome back i'm still here with former foreign policy advisor to donald trump george papadopoulos and just tell me about alexander downer was high commissioner commissioner and how quoting to the new york times you were drunk at a meeting with him and how british intelligence appeared to know about this meeting and he. well you allege he passed damaging false woods to the u.s. embassy in the chronology is very important april 20th 2016 i reached out to for the 1st time by the australian government in london where they began to tell me that donald trump was a pariah and that he's a danger to the world and he's going to fact the trans-pacific partnership and up
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and the security architecture of the world i laughed it off because many foreign governments at that time were basically you know suggesting similar things about him i didn't understand that i was actually being spied on by the australian governments as early as april 2016 may 10th 2016 so approximately 2 or 3 weeks after that initial contact by the australian governments and in between that i had been reached out to by the d.i.m.a. and british intelligence as well alexander downer decides to meet with me as i explain in my book immediately upon sitting down with this person after we ordered our one gin and tonics so no one of course was drunk at this meeting i felt immediately that this person was an operative and he was recording or spying on me he was using his phone in a very bizarre manner i ended up reporting alexander downer to bob mueller of the f.b.i. and i testified against him in congress which actually has resulted in the launching
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all of these new investigations into the origins of this witch hunts as you understand the the initial story line was that does the investigation was launched because of my random meeting with alexander downer good schools or what does it say about the u.s. diplomats here in london during this period of time and how they appeared to be working against a presidential candidate in a democratic election in the us while it's so that's a very good question and my 1st the 1st for a i guess if you will into this world. u.s. diplomats in london came in november of 2015 when i was living in london and i was just about to join the ben carson campaign and that's when i was contacted by this individual who i believe still runs the energy bureau at the u.s. embassy in london where he was probing me about ben carson this was
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a common pattern i witnessed over the subsequent months from my work with ben carson and then of course when i joined donald trump's campaign i had the kitchen sink thrown at me if you will by various sets of course we don't have enough time to get into but i explain in my book i was contacted by the cia the dia a british intelligence is really is. and they were all seemingly paranoid about donald trump's candidacy his team and i actually believe that he did have a chance to win in the early in the book and says this is what happens when you work for trump you just say something about the deep state and because we don't have time next time we could talk about israel maybe now because you when you hear that phrase this is what happens when you look at europe that quotes came from one of the 7 f.b.i. agents who rushed me off of a shuttle train as i was landing at dulles airport immediately upon landing i
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understood that this was they had been dead against donald trump and they knew that he was an innocent person as the report exonerated him but they still wanted to go after anybody who assisted his candidacy and helped him win and they were going to try and use people like myself general flynn and others who have been caught up in this to hurt him and lead to impeachment hearings that has failed the deep state now has the oftens turned against them and it's going to be an incredible next 2 years in this country and you might actually see new legislation passed that results in further oversights of the intel agencies in this country. q well from alleged deep state interference in u.s. elections to elections here in britain this is the final week of campaigning by boris johnson and jeremy hunt to be britain's next prime minister before postal ballots go out but whoever wins the vote excluding 99 percent of the british electorate either may face a general election within days of moving into downing street one favorite to win
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829000 in the general election is jeremy corbyn and someone fighting for his victory is britain's former shadow fire and emergencies minister chris williamson going underground secured the 1st interview with him just minutes after being reinstated in the labor party and before he was reese's spend it on friday night i began by asking him about what it felt like to be back in your majesty's opposition well i'm obviously very pleased mean it was a huge trauma to be suspended from the party i've been an active member of since 1976 and particularly you know the accusations are made against me somebody i'm somebody who's spent a life i see racism as well so it's a big relief to be back as a fully fledged member of the party and i can now see focus on promoting the party's program and doing whatever i can and i continue to do that anyway but i can do it now as a bona fide the labor party member to fight for
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a labor victory the next election and hopefully called that labor government that will transform this country and imposing one of the 2 tories will in these graphics just briefly why did it take so long why was this period seemingly arbitrary and how many months it was and he was suspended for months now and it was frustrating but lockboxes got to go through a process where the details of the i don't know why it took as long as it did but obviously the party's got its processes that it needs to work through various you know complaints be made in the party has been dealing with them and their they've looked at it now made up a very detailed response into the accusations that were made and the parties made its. decision now and so you know ok i can put this behind me now and move on then as a side you have fought for this which is absolutely vital in my opinion when you look at the challenges facing the country now with you know 40000000 people in poverty endemic homelessness in every town and city in the country. huge challenges facing
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the nation and only i think a socialist alternative that will actually overcome the massive problems that britain is currently facing the u.k. mainstream media are arguably less interested in what you were just talking about there either talking about boris johnson's personal life or the fact that immediately on an announcement in 11 media tweet that you had been reinstated in the immediate tweet afterwards from the board of deputies of british jews saying chris williamson has reportedly been readmitted to the labor body yet more damning evidence for the equality and human rights inquiry into at the seventy's what would you think about a bowman vice president of the board of deputies of british jews meant by that i don't know really i mean look i regret those sorts of comments on a dedicated anti rices such deprecate all forms of bigotry and racism and will continue to fight it in all its forms wherever i see it and you know i would like to work in tandem with the board of deputies to you know drive out bigotry and racism from our country all forms of bigotry and racism and you know we should be
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allies you know not not not not enemies in a sense now you of course are on this democracy road show up and down the country talking about democracy itself what do you making of a journey for me of the labor party's letter to labor m.p.'s just describe what this process is and what it means for where the parliamentary labor party will be in future more unified it's clearly split at the moment well i would hope so i mean you know my opinion but what is it exactly we'll talk about the system means that all members now under the new rules the 6 members of parliament have to confirm whether the. they are interested in starting again and then if they all their constituency parties will have the ability to trigger an open selection if that's what the members or 3rd of the members in the constituency want to see happen now some constituencies will will reach that threshold of the others won't be clear for
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you in a post boris chair we hunt period before a general election you wouldn't know then maybe have been able to contest your own seat as an m.p. the latest candidate even though he know your general election because you are an independent while you were being sued under the law that i saw myself as a depend also was off as a labor party. supporter member even though i was suspended from the party for that period but no i mean you know the deadline was and as a suspended member i wouldn't have been eligible i don't think to put myself forward in the deadline was the g. law i and so that was a worrisome obviously relieved the it's been resolved now so i can actually express my interest in standing again and then it'll be a matter for the local members in dublin all to determine whether they have got confidence in me to carry the labor banner into the next election what's your take then on the tory leadership contest either that your leader germy corbin chose to make pm cues about yemen and both boris johnson and jeremy hunt are on the record
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for supporting arms sales to saudi arabia. to us it's a bit of an irrelevant side show as far as the interests of the vast majority of the british public are concerned what we've got here is 2 multi-millionaires looking out over the next few weeks for the right to represent the elites in british society in its ability with others generally homes or boris johnson who will make a great deal of difference to the lives of people who are struggling on low pay or benefits people who are struggle because i've got the public services that they need social care is in crisis all our entire public sector is is in meltdown and we desperately therefore in my opinion leaders like things could be tricky to secure are still not impossible and we need to be ready i think for the long haul through to 2022 but also believe what we need is a change of government i mean whether it's a ses. or boris johnson it will make very little difference as far as a policy agenda going forward is concerted you think austerity can you know late
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prove it and pro remain constituencies in the labor heartland to win the labor they'll actually do believe that yes and i would like to see the labor party moving on to be honest with you away from focusing on how many angels can dance on the head of a break sippin to i seem upping our the vision that we have for britain outside the european union and you know respectable with or inside or outside european union the you know the key issue is tackling the any grotesque inequality in our society so if we leave the european union or the economic forecast say there will be an economic impact but a socialist government led by jeremy corbyn would be able to address the economic shock through a big fiscal stimulus and then what we need to do it i'll be making this point over and over and over again to anybody who will listen is that we then need to be very king it very clear that we will be committed to the redistribution of income and wealth in our nation now even if the economy the 5th biggest in the world at the moment would not to grow quite as quickly even if it were to shrink if we committed
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to the redistribution of income well about fiscal stimulus that i. mentioned that we could lift the living standards of the 99 percent and surely from haiti that's what the labor party should be focused on cable already united labor palm entry labor party looked like under a corbin government because you had to raise the wage raise away said you a leader is someone who supports iran who supports putin who supports the ira or jeremy supports obviously is a nation which is ease with itself a nation that is intolerant of poverty and inequality a nation that you know spreads peace and is all movements around the world jeremy is as you know established a shadow minister for peace and dissolve just imagine a united kingdom government a permanent member of the security council having a minister for peace and his all movement that would send an incredibly powerful message all the way around the world and i could think could have a really significant effect on some of the conflicts which are taking place now in
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different parts of the globe so i'll be very very optimistic about the future labor government and on the job because being with the p.o.p. that's committed to tackling inequality and poverty at home as spreading peace and is all meant on the international stage because where there's a thank you that for the show will be back on wednesday exactly 6 years of a chelsea manning trial for exposing covert u.s. killing of journalists today she's in prison and facing increasing fines or pressure to bankrupt at all for refusing to testify against u.k. tortured wiki leaks editor julian assange still with social media see them. join me every 1st week on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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up. on the trunk calls is meeting with kim jong un in north korea a great the on are but is accused back home of squandering american influence. hong kong police used tear gas as protesters ends their occupation of parliament it comes with the territory marks the 22nd anniversary of its handover from person to china. the e.u. commission is in deadlock as his chief song called young delays the blank summits with member state need is divided over who should get the e.u. top jobs. in germany 3 men are charged in connection with the sexual abuse of more than 40 children with 2 pleading guilty a lawyer for one of the victims tells us all for a cease fire.


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