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tv   Keiser Report  RT  July 2, 2019 11:30am-12:00pm EDT

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no current rally in gold into gold bugs have no gratitude whatsoever they continue to hide in their in their shelters and don't want to come out and talk to anybody and it's really i believe this airs on 4th of july nevertheless it is the week of 4th of july supposed to be our independence day and this is the liberation this is the original goal of this is like liberation from these central banks from these monetary insane policies and i want to look at an analogy here because we like to do that compare it to other stories in the natural war old here's a headline from the united states down on the gulf coast of america so from louisiana down to the panhandle of florida dolphins are dying at an alarming rate along the gulf coast no one knows why scientists are puzzled by a disturbing trend in the waters along 4 gulf coast states almost 300 dead and dying dolphins have washed ashore since february about 3 times the usual number i
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would say it's concerning and bordering on alarming primarily because it's a group of dolphins that have been impacted because of other unusual mortality and that scientists are exploring several causes including the lingering effects of the deepwater horizon oil spill in 2010 to skin lesions on many recovered dolphins that indicate fresh water exposure it could also be chemicals pollutants are a combination we have these historic careens to the midwest causing mass runoff into the gulf with all the fertilizer and we have the deepwater horizon and there all of these toxic chemicals all this talks of money printing on one side of these tough with toxic chemicals being spewed into the gulf the nature and all of these dolphins are showing up dead and they don't know how or why they just like what is going on here is a recurring story we have covered for a while the corporations they're called externalities and the energy business whether it's the. gulf oil spill the penalty for b.p.
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was a slap on the wrist effectively and yet they've caused an enormous ecological disaster and this is not a one off event they corporations particularly in the energy industry cause spectacular ecological devastation all over the world but they don't want to pay for it they put that cost on to the balance sheet of the taxpayer same thing in the fracking industry same thing in the pharmaceutical industry they want to make a quick buck the crisis of having $70000.00 dead oxy cotton that x. last year that's borne by the taxpayer not by the companies selling the oxycontin now that brings us to central banks they spew a toxic is futile called. money a futile him by the way is a word i just made up but i think it's appropriate because it's my show and whatever i say goes so they've got this toxic it's called c.s.
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money and it turns sensible accounting practices on their head so that whenever a corporation commits a major crime where there is jamie diamond or b.p. they get bailed out and the results are predictable global eco financial catastrophe when you spew a whole bunch of fertilizer into the gulf when you spew a whole bunch of oil and remember they greedy and so were thrown on top of the oil into the cracks it corrects it so when you spew all of that stuff into their you don't need a science degree to figure out that nature is going to be destroyed the same thing here with the money printing they keep printing money hiding all the bad fraudulent debts from the banks from the big banks on wall street from the big banks in europe and they keep being confused about why was trump elected why did gregg said happen why are the yellow vests upset here in san francisco why are. all these homeless
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people on the street i just don't understand it and they keep on acting really stupid like everybody else out here who has no economics degree can see what's going on here some headlines from the past year from relating to the fed says cast carey says low wage growth is big conundrum another c m b c headline the jobs conundrum continues how are we not getting higher we didn't is right it's denial of climate catastrophe and we have denial of c. out money catastrophe and these 2 things are source at the same place and oligarchies of climate and money polluters who are in bed with our lawmakers who are hell bent on destroying humanity and civilization as we know it for a quick buck they're taking consumption that would have taken 100 years of 200 years of compressing it into 24 months with the odd is catastrophic effect of making earth no longer habitable for human beings of course we're at a big conference so
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a big point solves this problem by bringing our money back into the economy and making everyone accountable that's similar to a gold standard we used to have which made accountability fashionable 100 years ago but it makes it 10 times better because it happens every 10 minutes every 10 minutes every single transaction that's ever happened is audited and everyone's got to account for that transaction and the money retains its purchasing power going forward it does you can't print it away and the result are accountable participants in the society and we are at the cusp now of a major breakthrough the banks are going to be distant to mediate this central banks are going to be disinterred mediated everyone who can't figure out how to add 2 plus 2 is going to be just intermediated the climate deniers are going to be obliterated the money supporters are going to be obliterated it's going to be a bloodbath there which is we're way overdue. i might also add at this conference in san francisco put on by big magazine that edward snowden was. skype
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in and he said something that i think is probably a revelation that hadn't been said before which is that his when when he 1st transferred he uploaded all that data he took from the n.s.a. uploaded it to a server and he paid he had paid for that server with bitcoin because he knew that the surveillance state that if he had done it on a credit card it would be traced to him and i say might know that you know here is an agent server and uploading these documents so you pay for his server with bitcoin so that was the 1st that i've ever heard him say that right amazing revelation is showing up big going transform the globe's discussion about surveillance and look people ask me all the time what if the government outlaws because i'm in they don't understand because they don't understand law the law is made by those who by the law laws are paid for laws are paid to play any everywhere in the world yes you have the constitution and the bill of
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rights which were anomalies because they were done in the public interest for the public we the people but the spend eroded our horrifically over the past 10240 years now we're at a global state of pay to play for a law 100000 by a congressman in america that's pretty well documented you can change a lot in time you want to he who has the bitcoin makes the laws you speak who has the gold makes the law he was the big point makes the law the big point community now we're heading toward multi 100 billionaires and surely there's we can buy any lawmaker we need to pass any law we need don't tell me they're going to outlaw it because. money talks and senators are happy to take it well they can't outlaw it because it's open source money and open source money following natural law and natural law always wins in the end because it's proven as news on my high i said here at the conference that if any system whatever it is does not follow natural law it is frat. and unstable so that's why we see the global food currency system
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collapsing it's not any sort of conspiracy theory or with a shareholder nobody wants chaos but the fact is it is unstable by the very end and built in nature of it doesn't have an interest law so therefore it will like hierarchies don't exist like that you need. elite pyramid whereby all the money is printed for just one small group of people and everybody is shocked the very same elite are looking round i don't understand why all these people are rising up i don't understand why they're buying gold and buying big point i don't understand why they don't love our system right exactly right that was a brilliant speech by me she's in our series to the moon she's been a guest on our show a few times and the discussion about natural law as it applies to alienable rights that are codified in documents like the constitution applies to money in the form of big going and it's the soft version of my
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edict that no congress can be brought before the french revolution there was a system whereby it was a bribable system it was a corrupt system as the out would say a corrupt system run by corrupt people is corrupt but the fact is. what we did when we overthrew the french kings and the aristocracy was where we restored natural law which is that we have an alienable right we you are as good and powerful and right as a king and no king is better than you and the same thing has happened in the us where we have we have to do a separation of the state and money because the fact is there is a divine right granted uniquely to bankers to never ever have to suffer any loss and everybody else has to pay for those losses and that's the same exact situation that you had before and i don't think it's corruption well last you might be able.
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payoff for in the short term but in the end of the day i think it will collapse actually point and on alien ball rights as applies to money and the idea that you have to separate the state from money that's a very key point and big point allows that to happen so in the last 10 seconds here i just want to quickly turn into one headline trickle down theory powell chastises trump phrases themselves powell is out there drone pow head of the fad and he believes now all his money printing is trickling down so he's encouraging the people not to rise out. well for the story before and it doesn't ring true well you are fake is. for the 2nd half a lot more coming away don't go away.
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large organized. the march to the united. player. this is a virtual invasion of our country. so far. it's going to this. is you know. the.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race in a. very dramatic development only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful. if you sit down and talk. during the great depression which you must remember there was most of my family. there wasn't it was you know much worse objectively. but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hope. there isn't today today's america where shaped my the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy.
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attack solo doubt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no i'm jones to one set of rules for the rich opposites. that's what happens when you put her into the hands of a narrow sector of will which will is dedicated to increasing power for just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. welcome back to the kaiser a part time to peter mccormick who is well known in the space peter welcome i'm max how you did fantastic what i wanted to talk to you about 1st of all
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is about journalism general now in the united states and around the world there was a trend in journalism what you we saw with writers like. tom saying norman mailer they became immersive in their topics and they they took the approach of being like i'm just going to write what i see i'm just kind of walking into this thing george plimpton and the u.s. wrote about this you became a professional football player now you my view you've taken this similar approach he said look i'm going to just going to write what i see document what's going on here and is that a fair characterization 1st of all of your approach and what have you discovered yeah so i think that's pretty kind of going into this place so he's coming but my show is going quite quickly and i just found stories i want to get into the mt gox one really want to get into that and i'm quite interested in what's going to happen and. looking back. but in doing so you come across people who become very hostile
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if you talk to certain people you cover certain topics in the way they don't want and also i've also wrestled with people saying you're a journalist you have a responsibility or you said of this or used to say i'm just a content producer now i accept i'm a journalist but i don't think i'm a great journalist because i don't i don't necessarily spend all the time fact check in with putting all the. journalism in the spaces is interesting because it's not really something that's been with it from the beginning it's usually been technologists and has been you know hackers and this idea of a journalist in this space is a fairly new concept and a lot of people i don't i don't think they understand what journalists do you know . you know i've seen some of the feedback people being critical about even interviewing certain guest you know the role of the journalist is to. talk to people that are noteworthy you know let the audience see what they have to say that doesn't mean that you yourself are necessarily endorsing what's being said but
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that's not the point that journalists are are are in are without bias ideally yeah i mean i do have a bias i have a big point of a big point cache. one of things i really struggle with those when i do an interview i hate just when people say oh you're giving a scammer a platform it really bothers me because nobody's ever given a platform there for an interview and i think that puts undue pressure on people and also i always return to them to say well louis theroux you mean you know interviews paedophiles and repairs and murderers he's not given them a platform in the u.k. he's a brilliant journalist and that he plays that burris thing if you will of kind of walking into. some children about you know looking to tell us some details about that but moving into some of your work specifically the mt gox work i thought i mean i follow your work and i thought it was kind of a seminal moment because a lot of people talk about you know if you get on a plane and you went to tokyo and you interviewed all the major players and it's
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the what was i like what did you discover about what market palace i mean you talked to him what was that like when he came around as a strange set of circumstances what happened was i've been trying to get an interview with mark for about a year and he did an a.m.a. on reddit reply and he said yes and then i couldn't get hold of him i didn't do it and jed was like talking about my ongoing said some things that were controversial war that people before i mention it's a mark of coming to an interview so i flew out to tell you i did that interview and then what happened was some other people got in touch i thought actually this is going to be just 2 separate interviews i can package 6 things up and make kind of a series out of it i guess what i found out about it is just. a business that was insolvent probably i can't confirm that but it sounds like he did and i think. a lot of anger towards him but i think rather than being any kind of scam i think it was more just out of his depth you know we still have extreme has been hacked
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today by now recently you know we have years of seeing the times that's how it so happens and exchange struck me so it's not surprising it happened to mt gox and i don't hold any malice. but it's actually quite light. so you met with them and you found to be a person of all somebody and that comes through in the interview and i think that's a valuable document ballots to you know flash forward to what's happening today because you really hope these nests if you will the 3rd rail is like you know here's a guy. seems on in and he's a bit out there you decided made a choice you know what i'm going to take this guy right full on what is the status of this now a lot of people in the back story to this so what happened walls. of papers 1st toddler not a popular character in the space and he's got the little astronaut helmet on and he said he loves twitter me and yes and i saw the papers and i thought the best thing is for this to become public not one agree with me by the way but i thought get it
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public and i can use my platform in my audience to kind of expose him so i just directly quote. calvin i said he's not suppose he's a law as a mormon he's my address and obviously now this sort of me we're now in the legal process he's obviously got he's all the legal process in the u.s. with kliman yeah we're just in the process now we're trying to work with all the lawyers to follow the defense i've just had my 1st bill and yes happen and it's probably a bit rate consistory even a bunch of people have said like oh you're just an attention you're doing this for attention and i say that. was it anyway. i think that's ok phrase to. be a little deeply people. well know what you're saying but yeah but we were doing this for attention and you know. i can't deny it will benefit me people are going to be more people exposed my phone calls because of it but i did it more because of them was going to believe he was there which one adult sam i thought i can divert attention away and you know the whole story is so stupid and i fully expect us to
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win it so yeah you know i don't always make sensible decisions like i work hard on the point. but sometimes i do reckless and stupid thing things and this is one of those stupid things but i still got a demo once again thinking of like hunter s. thompson or something dropping acid or hanging out motorcycle gang it doesn't sound like the safe choice but he produced great literature and great journalism. you're producing journalism slash literature i mean we'll be looking at this 5 years 10 years from now and we'll be reading it and it'll give us a literary sense of what was going on as well as a journalistic sense what's going on i just don't understand the criticism at all except that the community is unaware perhaps of what this whole industry called journalism does. but in general is always stand up right whether they are you know whether they were journalists who might be in hong kong standing up in front of the police and you know there was a guy recently was saying don't shoot me shoot me like journalists usually tend to
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stand up against things a little yes this is one of the one of the key phrases a big point is censorship resistance doesn't that apply also to the written word not. the 1st thing i said max i said the guy you had to supposedly invented citizenship was just some money wants to sue me for. writing his character seems completely opposite to what you'd expect totally so i was reading recently that one of your children actually got into. play he seemed quite proud of yeah and how does that what do you think i guess the question is looking ahead how will big . impacts the next generation's lives i mean we've talked about in terms of its monetary years but there's a wider implication they're all processing all kinds of edward snowden here in the event jock and how it impacted his life what do you see the next generation how this may impact their lives so it's quite kind of interesting you say that because
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i discussed that with my son connor do you remember when m p 3 s. 1st came out i was still buying c.d.'s for 2 to 3 years after that and i've got a big stack of c.d.'s in a wardrobe on home that i never use i just use and be free to use one of 5 but there was a time it took for me to kind of kind of get used to that my kids would never. ever buy a cd and i think it's going to be the same with bitcoin and and i'm going to say digital money as well because i don't think it's going to be only big korean i can think this different types of currency but i think it's just going to be that's one of them max you know. we see in the nature of money change before our very eyes we have coin which is now back over 200000000000 market cap we've got facebook leverage point coming the nature of money who controls it. and how it works has changed for a very wise i think for future generations is going to be very very natural to them even more so my daughter is 9 by the time she's. my age i think all money will be
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digital i don't see a paper money and hopefully it's going to be a world where big point is kind of change the nature of money so. people kind of take a bit of power away from governments and a lot of the rubbish they do you know people talk about the regulators in washington they say oh i'm looking through my mates shame and there you are closing the regulators in washington d.c. once again you know throwing us up at the start what tells the what was going on there well there's a background to that so i didn't if you had to put us at the f.c.c. and i went into metallica started to pull the one that we have so world war and billions i thought i'd be going to finally see if i got a photo i got the photo and she said to me if you i also if you can get me an interview christopher john called i said yeah but if you ever see him you've got to wear a suit. the building i went to you brian contends and i thought well i'm going the road with him so i put on a motel. they're going to get another photo while i was. just trying khalid turned up and i was like i told him what happened it has done i said can we get a photo and he said jeff so we went out to do the photo and then brian and chris
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which i was so much brown said let's go get our jackets so they would have cut their jackets and called it was like to be serious so i put my devil horns although this would be an iconic photo i was like the tattooed head teacher where a metal head and the regulators but the room story in this is that they're very open minded they want to talk about this they're interested in big corny and they're not all stuffy suit guys like they care about what's going on and. are they interested like gathering intelligence because they're never going to be pro going or did you get the sense that they see that this is paradigm changing and they better understand what's happening to stay relevant i think it's a mix of things i think someone might bring contends he's courage or even you know he's a commissioner and what he says he's it's not about being part of big court he doesn't pick winners and losers he's pro innovation pro choice and they know if they banned
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somewhere else they don't want they don't want that opportunity get it they're going to get obviously a lot of pressure. and you know regulators don't have a great reputation in defending markets for people to use that term loosely you know tend to be more defending the interests of the banks and wall street except it's been my observation if in fact they block and they can't really get with the program here where will big going industry go globe trotter now we see it all over the world where you think hotspot where will for a bit go in the future i think. to be i think the states right now is a. it depends what's going to tell me more about wyoming you have some great stuff on how to run the pop culture game recently is a lot of stuff happening in. most of my interviews right here i come come here all the time so much stuff is happening the u.k. asia is crazy for us but there are a bit more time kony the time. i don't know i think it's
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a global phenomenon that's even even when china people still buy into something big going to china so i think it just goes it goes everywhere its tentacles reach everywhere else talk about the podcast it's call what bitcoin did when did maybe a year and a half all right 2102020 months it's pretty quickly you know rocketed up the most must do list of the list you've got some great interview is and some good gets as they say in the business and very entertaining stuff and you interesting a very transparent about publishing all the cash that comes in the expenses and for aspiring pod casters you want to know is this a business they can get in to look at what document quite clearly what the what the economics are you know people can expect. and that's a valuable service of itself peter mccormick thanks so much beyond the concert for this man next to me and i'll get my metallic shirt out and you'll see me wearing that soon not well that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser apart with
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a back stabber and stays there but i guess i guess better mccormick what did by fast going to catch us on twitter guys report the next time. this is this is a stick for who will phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is sponsor of the coca-cola company which zooms millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there's a litter box they're throwing this away industry should be bought. and for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. and may let that same school set their classes. on my end i stay on your phones at special projects funded. online your best bet is the end of
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a footy team but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher. magic mushrooms used out of context used in the wrong way carry carry potential arms like any any psychoactive substance. but used in the right way they seem to have quite a. profound therapy to potential and quite a good safety profile as well. my 7 years doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse we started going after the users in the prison population sewer we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these
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drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. then the war on drugs was a mistake there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. certain sins for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say bye daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. when lawmakers manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes to protect themselves. with the climate merry go round listen to the woman. that's nothing we can all middle of the room sit. room i mean really really.
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14 russian navy servicemen are confirmed dead after their submersible caught fire in the country's waters. also this hour social media giants are getting ready for the 2020 u.s. elections with facebook creating special groups to monitor hate speech and vowing to ban content that tries to put people off voting. britain's home office pledges to rewrite advice on traffic they jury and women suggesting they would lead wealthy lives back in africa after working as prostitutes in the u.k. . and it's a no to the ode to joy and the e.u. as a party a snub the bow.


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