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hers shrill words for a u.s. government employee right now the irony is that mortaza the is herself a former voice of america persian reporter but this points to a bigger issue which is that in recent years the voice of america persian has shifted its tone very dramatically to the point that its hosts are now attacking those who don't support current policy toward iran and 2017 the broadcast board chairman asked the conservative think tank foreign policy council to review the government funded programs directed at iran they concluded that u.s. government broadcasts were overly sympathetic to the iran nuclear deal and the proceeding negotiations that took place in 2015 significant coverage of the state of u.s. iranian relations reflected the mistaken notion that the iranian regime is now friendlier to the united states but later the senate appropriations committee passed legislation giving the broadcasting board a green light to counter iranian influence the secretary of state in consultation
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with the heads of other relevant federal agencies including broadcasting board of governors show coordinate eram car influence programs funded by the act such programs shoot to counter the false assertions made by the government of iran against the united states and other democratic countries described the support such government provides to terrorist proxies and assess and describe the impact this support to such proxies causes to the people of syria yemen and other areas where the operate since that time voice of america persian has shifted from being a vehicle for presenting an american perspective to iranians and perhaps a somewhat even handed way to apparently being a vehicle for straight up anti-government agitation iran is another example it's a country that never really made the key decision the iranian regime was spending a ton of money on its nuclear program and wanted to halt that a noble objective a good goal or the one. threat that iran presents
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a so much greater than that well let's not forget iran too or china has been a major purchaser of iranian oil a voice of america insists that it is not highly partisan and describes itself as free and open all voices american journalists be federal government employees or contractors are expected to adhere to voice of america's social media policy as do need to clearly in its best practices guide was if america pursues its mission by produce an accurate balanced and comprehensive reporting program and as well as online and social media content for a global audience particularly for those who are denied access to open and free media meantime the journalist with v.o.a. persian who's been accused of smearing his former colleague has described the coverage of the story 1st published by the intercept as biased political analysts said mostafa question give us his thoughts on the controversy. most of their journalists they all are supporting sanctions against you radiance
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why because the more they support donald trump and bolt films violin approaches against the islamic republic they find their place in the hierarchy in vo way persia. the investigative journalism website project veritas claims of a time further evidence of political bias a google ego shell of skull that story. project veritas the love download whistleblowing initiative says it has published documents proving google can boost or d. rank new sources based on a biased set of internal rules the face of projects varied as admits the source of alleged leaked files a google insider is not perfect he has a track record of supporting conspiracy theories but forget about him what's in the documents this presentation slide is the one that suggests that google has been
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working on a ranking system for media credibility now we don't know whether or not it has ever gone live but this screen short purports to show that it was in the works on the right side is an example of the ranking system the wall street journal tops the chart followed by the major mainstream outlets and the t. is there too you know with barely half the rating of the wall street journal it is hardly a match for its competitors now again there's no way of telling if the rating was calculated or an employee's invention but even so it could indicate a personal bias against our team google has been here before when it comes to accusations of behind the scenes algorithms for instance conservative pundit paul joseph watson has repeatedly attacked google saying the company shadow banned him. yes it's totally normal then when you search paul jews if what some you tube channel and google my youtube channel doesn't even appear on the 1st place of
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results there is no bias situ all they literally broke their own search engine to sense to me and many others that's as eric schmidt the executive chairman of google's parent company alphabet previously revealed that google would try to do you rank r.t. we are working on detecting this kind of scenario you're describing and again the ranking the ranking those kinds of sites it's basically are put nick are the 2 and there's a whole bunch of coverage about what we're doing there but we're well aware of it we're trying to engineer the systems to prevent it we don't want to ban the sites eventually google responded that it doesn't have an insider ranking system search is no use to set a political agenda and we don't bias our results to with any political ideology but the latest revelation from project veritas could make these promises less reassuring google and twitter and facebook and other in the social media and
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big tech and arena have the ability to filter news and filter content for a generation that does is accustomed to doing less thinking for itself than let's say the generations of 10 and 20 and 40 years ago so i think google has way too much power remember in our country in theory we have strict laws about disguised corporate contributions in favor of a candidate and you know you think about how much it cost to get a mass google ad campaign or facebook campaign if what they're doing is providing massive disguise support to what they believe to be progressive candidates and not disclosing that that's a violation a serious violation of american campaign finance laws and they should be strenuously punished for it i think it's good that people across the political spectrum in congress in the senate are studying this now closely. among the released documents was an internal parent memo from google outlining a strategy of opposing the latino communities participation in the 2016 u.s.
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presidential election despite describing the initiative as nonpartisan the documents author expressed surprise that the number of latino americans who voted for trump is charles alltel again. the unfair presumption is that hispanic americans are automatically going to vote democrat that's why i think people google and elsewhere believe that promoting voter turnout about among hispanic americans will suit them that mrs important points are many hispanics here people of spanish origin here who are rock ribbed republican and conservative and frankly who may dislike both parties. 10 25 in the morning here in moscow one of you doing this friday her b. day goes good don't get you keep us by your side it all. goes well on twitter facebook i'm kevin of in life and.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic to follow through the only closely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. with the truth of this to say fulfill. my little course on various. roles going to say the course of business with the most into it because. this is with. us now because i am.
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good to see that because the way that you. busy look at them what are you fighting for for all its hopes will. choose the flute souls with. whom you were born you want. to.
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call them to sophia. today i talked to a man. in the making. international diplomacy at its highest level and exclusion meeting between the world's most powerful man. the legendary translator of former soviet leader mikhail gorbachev talks to me about his nose thrilling and exciting experiences. in the face of nations wrists on a leader's words and a misunderstanding could trigger. the art of translation becomes crucial in global affairs what does that translate to witness behind closed doors during one on one negotiations how do you translate those who show to world leaders cope with the risk of a mistake and do they also have their own impact on global decisions. it is so great to have you on our program welcome thank you so i want to talk about
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you in this. when i go back a little when you 1st started working on. a lot of us so it's still a bit scary you that you're translating reagan i mean like you're literally translating the words of the most powerful man in the world did it change it that moment. i don't think i was scared frankly i don't think that if you're scared of responsibility you want to do this kind of work. it is interesting that this was the 1st time that simultaneous interpretation was used rather than consecutive interpretation when you 1st listen to the speaker and in target what he has said simultaneous interpretation was 1st tried in helsinki
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at the high level in helsinki during the meeting of george shultz and one shevardnadze in the summer of 1985 years and years ago but now it has become rather common practice at that time it was very new i was thrilled i was fascinated not afraid not scared but certainly i felt a responsibility to say you were on board when the beginning of the end of the cold war started so this is the whole process you are important where you allowed to have a political position where you are allowed to have a say in this things. in part that depends on the position that you have in the foreign ministry initially was a member of the department of translation and interpretation and it was only later in early 1987 that i.


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