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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 16, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it mohamed let me go to you 1st and to run give me your side or how iran sees this whole thing playing out because iran's point of view is virtually silent in western media so western audiences don't know the other side of this story or i would put it a artificially generated impending complex go ahead mohamed. the most important thing in this story is that the united states is waging economic warfare against iranian women and children the united states is accessorizing what our foreign minister said economic economic terrorism and that they are trying to make the iranian people suffer and to force the iranian people to suffer so much that the government will submit to the united states and basically raise the white flag and this is based in my opinion on calculations that are due to these so-called iran
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experts that we so i call the see in think tanks in the united states in europe and pundits yes exactly they are people who know nothing about iran or very little about iran or if they do know a thing or 2 about the country they really can't say the truth because if they do then they lose their position their think tanks or their they've ceased to be invited to different organizations or platforms so this is economic warfare everything that comes after it is the foundation of that is is this economic warfare so the heightened tension in the region in the persian gulf in the strait of hormuz in the sea of oman of the gulf of oman is based upon this economic warfare now there are conflicting. perspectives or conflicting reports as to what is actually happening the iranians are very
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suspicious about about some of the attacks the attacks of the port of jade in the united arab emirates have to have happened right after bolton said that he received intelligence from the israelis there iran is about to carry out that in an attack the one off of the iranian coast is even more suspicious because the americans said mind to use the chinese owner of this. ship the japanese owner of the ship rather said that they were not mines they were they came from the air and also the explosions were above the water drop. put place under the water and finally that this attack took place as the japanese prime minister was about to visit the iranian model that doesn't exist that just. that just has to be a coincidence really ok let's go let's go to beirut. if you look at the administration the trump administration you certainly have john bolton in my palm
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pale beating the drums of war it's really obvious and bolton is want to disk for a very very long time and then trump introjects himself this is not the 1st time a dinner jackson says there are reports that he's telling his aides to kind of calm down a little bit i mean is this a plan is this a strategy i mean it's you know kind of a bluffing game here because it looks amazingly unprofessional and quite vulgar in its approach go ahead in beirut well obviously the number the ministration and the president then personally he's he's he's. taken place around the world he is basically launching. the many country using a weapon of his favorite choice he's imposing. sanctions against country he he has a good relationship with those going to be actually. conflict with but in the
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end i have to remember these these french and. the people who are in iran or it's in. north korea or in china or russia it's actually. international world order basically what we. been seeing that the fired line for the united nations and basically it is the of the. administration and his. secretary trying to rule the world there is nobody but the united states in charge of this world i think this in terms of using economic sanctions and economic function then my aftermath is harder then a war because. a lot of harm on people especially who are not supposed
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to be. part of the equation in the end the people who got the harm in this confrontation are the. people the throughout the world that is they've both been almost economic function all over 2000000000 people and they haven't really thought well that's the real worry because if the sanctions don't work and they want this they're outcome of regime change they will up the ante here let me go to robert here robert i mean i suppose all of this watching this unfold here is that there is such a possibility of miscalculation in misinterpretation they could bring a conflict to fruition which are both governments say they don't want but the actions of one government seems to be pushing towards a conflict looking for some kind of tripping point tipping point to make the react that's what it looks like it looks like taunting to me go ahead robert. yes i
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agree with you to some extent i think myself that. are a. mistake was each other to have a lot of miscommunication and i believe that the u.s. administration has pursued to a great extent not transparent and. incoherent this. you're on and these are things that are usually and this is an account of this administration between the. president and walton and portray your words what happened on sort of the at 730 eastern time in united states where iran shut down drone now this is a very serious story. that has been taken by the iranians that united states said well it was that the wrong was in international water the iranian said it was in iranian airspace the point is yes indeed.
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if you don't have some kind of common equation between the 2 if you're going to have the medium so as your body. they have to speak with each other yes you are going to have and i will and. i agree with you on that point about communication let me go back to turn around but mohamed i mean why would the iranian leadership want to engage in a conversation with the trumpet ministration when the trump administration walked away from the nuclear deal is very very provocative scored a quote sending more troops to the region i mean where is diplomacy in all of that ok this is what i don't get i mean here you have the president the united states tearing up an international agreement and then saying that you know iran has to adhere to the agreement that it no longer adheres to go ahead mohammed. well this maximum pressure on iranian women and children leaves the united states with no
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exit strategy and while. the head of conflicts forum wrote a very good piece in explaining this the americans have put themselves in a very tight spot on the one hand they have no exit strategy and they've declared the iranian armed forces as a terrorist organization so they can no longer communicate with them at sea or anywhere. on the other hand the united states has left the nuclear agreement the iranians and the americans were negotiating with each other within the framework of the. iranian nuclear deal the j c p o a and even under tromping his 1st secretary of state tillerson did participate in talks with the iranian yeah so it is the americans who've left the negotiating table not the iranians and it's the americans who basically created a dead end by declaring iran's armed forces a terrorist organization which is unprecedented in human history so right now the
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americans have put us in a position where there is no exit strategy there's no way for either of them merican that are going to continue to escalate and create greater danger and if that's the case and i if i were in the united arab emirates or saudi arabia i'd leave or i'd be pulled my money out of the country immediately or the united states is going to have to find a way to back down because for iran there is no where to go except defend its sovereignty right now that's a really good point and come on let's go back to beirut here i mean mohamed brings up an excellent point here is that they are trying to ministration has done a lot it's an exit strategy for itself i mean that's why i worry because if they don't get the results they want they're discounting to up the ante in the next stage obviously is some kind of military conflict limited or very expansive go ahead in beirut. i think this is the aim of. administration at least for. mr. bolton they actually want to
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change in iran they want their human change read somewhere and china they want ready regime change and in and russia they want to know this human change in bombs well basically they're just one hijacked the international order this is does not work the way they see it they failed. miserably they tried to do cool didn't work they tried to bully china and russia it's not working it's backfiring on them basically on them and i think if they push hard i think this is will lead to war and that might if there is a war i think basically it's going to be shaping for political geography. gentlemen and
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we have to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the ground state with our. paradise with. and into the experimentation field cultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major here there's no question otherwise why would the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals. attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have many of these people who have one foot into the biotech
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pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental racism going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. cass calendar is downright alfonzo among his darned this changing page he's dard. his 1st words were at a lot of us here a challenging post you've got to use to know. i have no doubt that what happened was criminal. offense concentrated market is a $1000000000.00 industry these companies have a huge financial motivation to solve these problems there are numerous stocks
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showing that doctors were keen to chest x. ray concentrates for infectivity on the patients won't give them doctors the wrong to place. our current system why they would keep me sick each of those years day. and people still die i don't always question michel i tried being hard to live when so many have. welcome back across the uk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing iraq. ok let's go back to robert in florida here well let's talk about mike pompei oh he's saying that the reason why troops need to be sent to the gulf is entirely for deterrence sake what is he talking about it's how can it be deterrence when it's
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offensive go ahead robert well you have a point here. my point pedro has been really issuing mixed messages to iran and to the rest of the wall and i am worried about him really and i'm worried that he is more of a. the water. but something happened today as a day or on the daily beast and all that a statement by the president he mentioned you know through his. administrators to his people and the administration that they have to tone down all kind of all kind of you know statements that could increase tension and i believe that the president of united states might send troops and even let me add this on account what happened. in mind even or a bit of some kind of. a response to what happened to the u.s.
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strong not necessary and you're on probably in syria or iran but the fact remains that i think that given the qualities nation and his administration given the election but they are coming in united states i seem to united states is going to do it's going to be calibrated and hopefully it's going to it's not going to lead to war ok well you know mohamed you know they say they want to send troops to the region a lot of troops in the region there's a lot of there's a lot of material there i mean i'm astounded will not i'm not astounded you know the western media makes it sound like no one's there i mean iran is completely surrounded by. friendly forces either united states or friendly to the united states i mean it's a country under siege i want to stay with my palm pale mohamed because he seems to have this kind of weird kind of psychological kick because when he hears iran he hears the echo of al qaeda after all these years he's still playing that that
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somehow there is a connection between iran and al qaida it's an extraordinary and very few in the media push back on it. yes and the fact is that there is a direct link between the united states and. right now in syria the law. stronghold of al qaeda the united states is preventing the syrian government the syrian armed forces from getting rid of this major occupation this occupation of this this horrific terrorist organization so it's ironic that after less than 2 decades decades after september the 11th and subsequently this whole war on terrorism 3 which was as a result of september the 11th since 2011 the united states has been supporting al qaeda and we have to remember that isis was al qaida us which broke away and became isis or i.a.s.
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so but in addition to that i'd like to point out that the downing of the drone which was a very sophisticated and expensive drone with stealth technology by the iranians show that the united states is really misleading itself if it thinks that it can engage in conflict with iran without major consequences and it is interesting that the this drone was downed by an iranian made surface to air missile called the cord 3 missile so i think this is important for americans and europeans to recognize that if there is military conflict in this region the iranians will strike back disproportionately even if it's a small attack and they will be relentless because they know that they have to make sure that americans understand that war is not an option and if there is a major conflict between the 2 sides there is no doubt that the whole of the persian gulf will be on fire there will be no oil and gas exports from the persian
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gulf anymore and the united states will be driven out of the region and millions of people from the arabian peninsula arabian peninsula will be on the move towards europe the global economy will collapse and so the saudi regime and the iraqi regime will not last very long so they are. huge implications and it is very important for europeans and americans to push back against the more foolish elements in the political political order whether in the united states or in countries like britain or saudi arabia or the emirates or israel you know. go back to debate root professor marandi is absolutely correct here the problem with all of this is that the there's no doubt real political debate in particularly the united states on these issues here i think 11 hopeful thought in all of this is that donald trump wants to be reelected and he knows he knows very very well that his
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base elected him in 2016 do not want another foreign adventure and it's very very clear from the polling results here i think this is the thing that's going to maybe to hold him back my working theory about all of this is it is given pale when bolton a very wide berth and he said to them do whatever you want just don't get me into a war that will be called trumps war months before the next election what do you think go ahead in beirut. obviously the military the go on the senior adviser to the president know very well they come out when a war in the middle east the war in iraq but almost a 1000000 soldiers on the ground and what happened even the president. and the. night that leave in the night so obviously they were not successful in their operation in iraq they're not going to be successful in any operation in any place
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against iraq because this is this is obviously will lead to a regional war and this is going to weaken their allies in the region and they will have an impact on the economy of the united states and the national economy i don't . i think the president he wanted to jeopardize any and the and the what at this point but we have to be very mindful there could be some miscalculation example in the process of alteration that as they come to place and here i'm a miscalculation this will lead to a confrontation there they are in an declared very well very well they don't want war but they are ready for a war and them i asked them at their act they are a me and they would love to have that confrontation in the end these economic sanction it is really a war yes it is really difficult
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a war and i don't think the iranian can ask wait and see until that economy get hurt more than what it is a wrench really they can take some measurement that cannot stop these economic sanctions because what we know about the american administration they don't stop and only who do major shock and that's what probably the iranians are going to do to them they can i give them some shock some something that the american will think very hard that going and raising that rhetoric is some that's not a picnic that they can take it at any time they wish to right let me go it's go back to ciaran here i think we've lost robert in florida here mohamed it's very interesting that this time around because he does it iran has been a target of the united states for a very a my entire adult life and i think that's very clear and ran it's been treated as
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a pariah and western media for decades now but this time around the united states is very much isolated itself it doesn't have the this coalition of the willing around it it's very unilateral and i maybe that's what trump wants the one such with america 1st. means to him is unilateral ism i don't see it ends very well but only to explain to our viewers again as i started out the program again getting the point of view from to around what is the sentiment if you can talk about it general sentiment for a country as law as large as around with such a large population but you know the whole thing is the plan is to undermine the government so the government and government be overthrown i mean is that just a pie in the sky tell us what's going on on the ground go ahead well there are enormously grievances among iranians americans ever since $953.00 when they overthrew the government they installed the shah they helped the shah poses dictatorial regime over the public to help create the secret police that killed
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thousands of iranians they supported the shah during the revolution when massacred people on the streets of tehran on black friday carter immediately afterwards declared his support for the after the revolution the americans tried to undermine it they supported saddam hussein gave him chemical weapons i personally survived 2 of those chemical attacks and then of course the sanctions which have been brutal and directed towards ordinary people so you iranians have a deep dislike and especially someone like trump who is more crude i mean he's not really all that different from previous american presidents but he's more crude but i think the difference between now in the past is that iran is much more militarily advanced as we've seen in the recent downing of the drone iran position in the region is iran has a commanding position its allies across the region are very powerful in iraq in
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yemen in syria and lebanon in afghanistan and iran tagon is are increasingly weak and the weakest link here is of course the united arab emirates and saudi arabia and the iranians who will not tolerate this economic warfare to continue and since these 2 regimes are part of this economic warfare i think that iran will in. put increasing pressure on these 2 regimes but in addition to strengthen regional position and its unity at home thanks to trump because iranians see the trump as as an aggressor and the the different political parties are more united today but also there's a greater convergence among major powers like russia examining with iran and therefore the united states has basically aligned all these different forces both globally and regionally with one another i mean things mentioned let me jump in here let me get some on the united states and its allies regimes when we give them all the last 30 seconds of the program go ahead jump in beirut well well obviously this is this
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is the way they are. declaring war in the world that he's declaring a comic war and everybody is not actually believe the united states is stronger it's weekend. morally the world is watching and i would probably we're going to see a new economic order different from the one was in 1944 in britain would i think everybody is looking for a 5th term where the united state would not lead i think that china will sort of sell russia. also worked very hard i have been you know been here i go i call it the paradigm shift america cannot drag something a step or let me all the time we have gentlemen thank you very much many thanks to my guests and to around beirut and in florida and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t. see you next time and remember crosstalk calls.
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came here. in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years execution and most of the time to. favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they did. this somebody's been proven. through and how many more. before we as a society realize this is not working and we actually do something about. seemed wrong. to me to get to shape
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out. become educated and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. she says to look for common ground. with the suitable to sleep for. my little course on various. roles going to say the course of business with the most of. this is new with. a lot of slow slow slow slow slow motion i am.
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ok see that look i know it but you also look at the model your body is diplo it's most it's a small show so just the flu it's almost like. you're doing your. thing .
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to russian pilots praised for saving the lives of their passengers off their executed the perp. it's emergency landing and both the plane's engines failed. and i would like to express my gratitude to the pilot who was flying the plane i think we are all in life thanks to him the pilots did a great job landed the plane on the belly today to run accuses the u.s. of a piracy attempt after the justice department tried to block the release of an iranian oil tanker impounded near gibraltar. and the u.k. home office attempts to tackle a knife violence epidemic by printing warnings now on chicken takeaway boxes it initiatives though there's been described as crude or friends.


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