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tv   News  RT  August 17, 2019 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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the trump administration urges congress to permanently reauthorize the suspended mass surveillance program prompting an outcry from rights groups. resi issues a warrant to seize an iranian oil tanker off the dobro to supremes court ordered its release earlier this week the vessel was impounded by british royal marines in the mediterranean last month. and the family of a young girl blocked from joining one of germany's most famed boys' choir sues for gender discrimination but the case is thrown out by courts in berlin. and i will be watching as this weekend welcome to r.t.
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international i'm calling brain moscow with your hourly updates 1st off a wide reading reaching into mystic surveillance program could be back on the cards in the u.s. the trump administration is calling on lawmakers to permanently reauthorize the national security agency to use it the request was made in a letter sent to congress on thursday signed by the now former national intelligence director dan coats additionally his appeal also revealed that the controversial call detail records program had actually been suspended and collecting more information that was legally allowed spying program falls under a section of the usa freedom act which is set to expire in december more on all this now with kind of more than. the trump white house is speaking up about a high profile n.s.a. program that allows the recording of americans phone calls and personal messages dan coats the outgoing director of national intelligence is urging congress to reauthorize the law before it expires at the end of the year now dan coats has
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confirmed that the n.s.a. has put the program on hold however he says it's necessary to have the ability to get the program going again if needed as technology changes our adversaries trade craft and communications habits will continue to evolve and adapt in light of these dynamic environment the administration supports reauthorization of this provision as well a coalition of privacy and civil liberties advocates sent a letter of their own to the u.s. house judiciary committee and said of renewing the program they called for meaningful surveillance reform the government's implementation of the program further demonstrates both the privacy threats posed by the program and its lack of efficacy it is highly concerning that it took almost 3 years to detect the fact that the n.s.a. was collecting records even beyond the broad authorization provided under the program the n.s.a. should not be permitted to resume this program now the freedom act gives the n.s.a.
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the ability to build a network with the telecommunications companies to record the phone calls and personal messages not just of the suspects but of anyone that they are in contact with. voted to allow it to proceed for the. i will vote against that it is better than the usa patriot act but it doesn't go far enough in my mind in protecting our civil liberties we find that we're spending resources for no benefit in terms of public safety in real just in terms of freedom and liberty and this is why i voted against
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the freedom act when they said it would fix the problems inherent in the patriot act just stop spying on innocent americans instead of trying to make it legal. when the freedom act came down it was a way to try to ease americans and say no no we're going to make sure we work out the kinks but i think americans know better than that because and that's what dan coats is saying here is that anything the n.s.a. and sometimes the n.s.a. just gets surveillance information that's just hundreds and pages of nothing and they've actually come out saying that it doesn't really help resolve or solve any terrorism or investigate terrorism activities so because of this though now they can send that or they can decimate that disseminate that information out to the cia to other players to the f.b.i. and to people who might not have the knowledge of who really is a threat which is going to put a lot of americans at risk certainly these privacy violations so yes you're allowed to surveil you're allowed to keep your country safe from terrorism from these kinds of acts but at the rate that it infringes on the privacy rights of people who have absolutely no known ties to terrorism that's where it gets a little bit tricky. u.s.
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justice department has issued a warrant calling for the seizure of an iranian oil supertanker released by gibraltar on thursday the document says that the ship the oil it's carrying a nearly $1000000.00 in cash is subject to forfeiture for violating u.s. sanctions on iran the war and also sites bankrolled money laundering and terrorism related statutes it alleges additionally that iran's revolutionary guard some lawfully attempted to make use of the united states financial system to support illicit shipments of oil to syria. earlier iran's top diplomat sharply criticized the u.s. for attempting to block thursday's release of the ship which was 1st seized by british royal marines off the coast of brazil to last month. having failed to accomplish its objectives through its economic terrorism including depriving cancer patients of medicine the us attempted to abuse the legal system to steal our property and the high seas this piracy attempt is indicative of trumpet ministrations contempt for the law having performed small maneuvers on friday the
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vessel remains stationed in his waters as the captain reportedly no longer wants to keep command of the ship to drop his chief minister says the detention was lifted after the british overseas territory received a formal written assurances from iran that it would not ship oil to syria in violation of the use sanctions. the grace one is therefore released from detention under the sanctions act by operational law on the 30th of august i received assurances from the republic of iran that if released the destination of the grace one would not be an entity that is subject to european union sanctions i welcome that assurance the iranian authorities deny that the greatest one was ever shipping all to syria to retrieve the sanctions 2 weeks after the vessel was impounded iran seized a british flag tanker in the strait of hormuz claiming that it had violated international law the us then later announced its intention to create a naval coalition to combat so named iranian aggression in the strike middle east
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analyst after c.r.b. thinks the us may have overplayed its hand with its british allies i'm. very skeptical that the u.k. and gibraltar off the shores will heed the call by the us car meant to continuing pounding the tank here and you know despite their legal fight thought it is this safe bet that given the fact that iran is also holding a british tank this is part of a. war whereby the release of the. will be followed shortly immediate future by the release of the british tank held by iran we know that. garmin and their boys john saw that as well as those india brought are. you know annoyed by this lingering crisis and they want to wash their hands well with the us is trying every trick in the book to linger duce crisis and to keep you as part of
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this so called time. escort for their oil tankers passes through the strait of hormuz and the users worries that once this crisis we've been in iran and the u.k. is resolved then the u.k. will pull out and yours will be a coalition one. a 9 year old german go has been told by a berlin court that she can join the country's most prestigious boys' choir breaking down the case on the debate that it's triggered has saskia taylor. nobody likes rejection and no one wants to hear about not good enough but it seems for one family in germany no just isn't option picture a 9 year old girl who just wanted to sing her mother says she's got the voice of an angel and that the best place in the city for her training is the bilin state and cathedral choir set up in the 15th century it's one of the oldest and most renowned choirs in the country and it's pretty much just got 2 rules you have to be over 5
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to addition czech and you've got to be a male ah undeterred though the girl apply twice and was rejected both times but try try try again 3rd time lucky she got back from all dition before the door was once again slammed in her face but the choir is adamant agendas got nothing to do with the acoustic pattern of a choir is part of its artistic freedom the rejection was not predominantly about her gender and she would have been successful had her voice matched the desired sound characteristics of a boys' choir out unsurprisingly of the decision struck a wrong chord with the girl's mother who is now taking the choir to court over gender inequality she says she's got a letter from the dean of berlin's university of the arts which the choir is affiliated to and which is threatened that aggarwal never sing in a boys' choir also argue that as an institution receiving state funds rejecting
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female singers contravenes germany's gender discrimination laws now many have weighed in on the side of the choir saying that mixing it would bring an end to its traditional sound nobody has said girls can sing as well but the tumble is different and judging that should be left to the musicians and musicologists anyone who wants to intrude. misunderstood gender equality here 2nd fries is a cultural essence this standoff between gender equality and autistic freedom isn't exactly new music professionals and academics alike have been debating the anatomical differences of boys and girls voices for years saying the former has a purity the law to just can't attain and just last year the famous british soprano signal lesley garrett called out all boys choirs for being stuck in the past backward looking traditionalist argue that there's an exclusive purity in the boy's voice but i think that's just nonsense it's an excuse to hang on male privilege and perpetuate a dominant male gender stereotype and male power but not ready to dump the carrot
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secure in his choir rolled out a very diplomatic answer we recognise different tasks to contribute to the tower female singers make to the choral scene here at cambridge we're especially proud to follow mixed voice choir king's voices which was formed 20 years ago precisely to give women students the opportunity to sing choral music in the chapel we all know parents will do anything for that children but trying to shake up an institution that hasn't changed in over half a millennia now about dedication. u.s. congresswoman who said she was planning to visit her grandmother in the west bank has stated chilled there won't be making the trip despite israel granting rushing to tally the visa on humanitarian grounds overturning an earlier decision to deny her entry the democratic party representative whose declared repeated support for the controversial a boycott israel movement had this to say about her fight for palestinian right. but a number of my colleagues they're talking about 70 to. norman
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a little or no need. for. israel's original decision to ban rashid to leave as well as representative came shortly after president trump tweeted that the past should not be given entry israel then reiterated that foreigners who publicly call for a boycott of the country will be stopped from coming in the netanyahu government treatment of the 2 american muslim lawmakers has provoked reaction in washington as well. israel doesn't advance its case as a taller and democracy or and they vary in a u.s. ally by barring elected members of congress from a visit in because of their political views i strongly condemn this decision by the israeli government which undermines the ability for our 2 allied countries to have the frank open and its times difficult discussions that we must have in order to ensure israel remains secure and democratic nation israel's analysis and treaty
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congresswoman and omar is beneath the dignity of the great state of israel what is worth noting that critics of israel could not also face penalties within the us itself the anti boycott act which was passed 2 years ago allows states to cut ties with contractors who support sanctions against the country it was designed to combat the b.d.s. will be a boycott divestment and sanctions group which targets israel over its building of settlements in the palestinian territories critics of the legislation argue that it violates the u.s. constitution which states that political boycotts are protected by the 1st amendment we call the thoughts of the new york politician. i think it is a double standard but actually what is interesting about this is that the fact that there is sort of this retaliation is tarnished meant for individuals businesses that are joining. the thoughts of violation of. every american i mean
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we're allowed one any or all or all politically with issues that are equal i think with some seeds you. really got a lot of elements. that friends. although it was not part. of the hong kong now where the 11th consecutive weekend of demonstrations it's underway police and protesters faced off earlier in one of the city's busiest shopping districts rallies were held both in support and in opposition to the authorities in the chinese semi autonomous territory months of pro-democracy protests were originally calling for the withdrawal of a controversial extradition build but a sense adopted a much broader set of demands those include the resignation of hong kong leader kerry lamb democratic elections and an inquiry into alleged police brutality concerns are growing though that the ongoing campaign is putting the city's special status in jeopardy and risking intervention from china. though without the
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international was a stark warning over the rise of the far right from germany's police chief will take you through that among all stories after the break. what holds us in studio is a little. bit put themselves on the law on the big get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to be rich. have to go right to be cross with what looks like 3 of them or trying to get good. i'm interested always in the waters of the gulf. some seem wrong when old rolls just don't all. get to shape out just they become educated and engagement equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground the. back us democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders has been forced to clarify comments he made about the washington post on monday the monsanto so was accused of peddling conspiracy theory spy suggesting that the paper's editorial position reflects the interest of its owner the billionaire amazon founder jeff bezos. future is on the phone call you're watching the most what you do absolutely.
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doesn't work for what i think is in media. there is a framework you go. with the washington post over to c.n.n. for it so. anybody you know how much amazon paid in taxes what is. their night what about all the time and then i wonder why the washington post which is owned by jumping through on time thought on the right because we've got articles about i don't know where senator sanders is a member of a large club of politicians of every ideology who complain about their coverage contrary to the conspiracy theory that senator seems to favor jeff bezos allows our newsroom to operate with full independence as our reporters and editors can attest but he sounds has long been a vocal critic of corporate media i'll give it that they misrepresent his views and ultimately act in the interests of the elite.
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the working families that should not happen to subsidize the wealthiest people just big souls made a lebanon 1000000000 dollars last year they didn't pay a nickel in federal income taxes wealthy people. should start paying their fair share of tax cuts out of. bernie sanders makes like skin crawl and i can't even identify for you what exactly it is but i see him as sort of a pro woman candidate or he could seriously bashers billionaires claiming we're rich but many of the problems many more most americans suffer measles is richest man the world works and yours of course is you know. because he's threatening the class interests and work on you trying to keep her through being
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elected president you would be even more static were the billionaire class and. it's definitely an obstacle because they have more dollars and conforms and they can reach almost all americans the influence all americans think about but who clearly has a discrete message flung you that was resonating with his voters and supporters in the den already you could get the nomination he could be trying if you gets the general election but they are the washington post on here. maybe it would be great to off the googling we're looking at all voting just democratic voters independents and even some republicans who would have to decide if the senate is up there for the media who are against him and against the would be quite. the media i think both candidates. african spice candles thrush the chinese tech giant while way back into the headlines softer allegations were published in the wall street
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journal the newspaper allege that while my technicians and at least 2 cases personally help african governments snoop on their political opponents uganda and zambia allegedly enlisted the company's assistance for why a topic conversations cracking through encrypted communications i'm conducting on the surveillance of well why didn't i see. accusations claiming it's never engaged in hacking activities here's part of an interview given to altie on the issue. feet it's quite vociferously again it just feels like it's one of those stories that come up now and again go to completely verify it it sounds like even other companies that have been cited in terms of involvement have made it very clear they don't even have contracts in. one of the countries involved so it looks like the story is unfortunately really just fake knees and we have to suffer we've. always covered the world's 2nd largest producer of smartphones and has been in the spotlight in recent months over its large scale investment in developing 5 g.
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mobile technology in may the u.s. put restrictions on the company's citing national security concerns after washington accused of spying on governments for beijing which while way is also the in that li denied strategy vice president andrew williamson again told us that security is a top priority. it's a private company owned by its employees as i say there's about $100000.00 shareholders and to me it's someone that's come to this company and i think it's extraordinary the benefits of running an organization like that because people don't necessarily just pick up their paycheck at the end of the week of the end of the month they have a real vested interest in the commercial success you really have to check everything assume nothing. and trust almost nobody and that's the process in the system that we stick to and work with many of our partners around the world on that basis. germany's most senior police officers voiced concern over rising levels of
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far right hate speech is warning that it could lead to the formation of new extremist groups and terrorist cells in the country. for several years now with fluctuations we have seen an increase in violent politically motivated crimes coming from the far right we are also seeing a risk of terrorist groups forming german authorities registered over $8600.00 right wing extremist offenses in the 1st half of 2019 that's $900.00 more than during the same period last year but despite the increase the number of violent crime stayed roughly the same it's a brief look at the scale of the country's problem with far right extremism.
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one case that potentially highlights the threat from the far right was the matter of the politician well to do because he was a member of angela merkel's a cd you pati and strong supporter of migrant rights ager say death threats and was killed in june at his home with a gunshot to the head a suspected killer is believed to have a right wing views. although the police say they're working hard to tackle extremism not indulge her from germany's left party doesn't believe enough being done. and the problem is that the right wing extreme right wing. for violence lists as well the only nice one busy group called do not call it socialist extreme right wing group and they had a list of 25000 people who do politics persons who do activism for refugees we have a saying in germany which say that the for it's you blind on the right that means
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they don't really look at what the right wing and the real extreme right wing are doing and during the last 2 years they did a lot of what we do vision organization is special we can be extremists and militarist and so we are the increase of the crimes of the right wing we as well we have a lot of scenarios where people of color are left wing people being in danger or abused for being people in the last few. in a move to garner support ahead of local elections here in moscow the russian communist party held a rally this saturday in the city center 4000 reportedly turned out for the event which was sanctioned by the russian government communist party leader gennady zyuganov addressed the crowds to try and rally voter support for the ballots which takes place in early september. wherever you're watching us this weekend thanks for
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checking in with our take it accept day from us follows boom bust. paradise with some around and into a ground experimentation field but agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have
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many of these people who have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. that's geysers financial survival bill they say money to develop. a plan to take it easy this is a central plank support dying at the moment i'm going to call them right now so you stop to. cash cow and is drawing all forms over a long day and there's cherishing page he's dard servant or.
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his 1st words were added i will see you're a child of the post you got to use to me as. i have no doubt that what happened was scriven. the sense cause and trademark it is a $1000000000.00 industry these companies how does huge financial motivation to solve these problems there are numerous studies showing that doctors who are keen to test facts or a concentrates for insights of its own that patients won't use them don't use the wrong things to play golf or curtains or stone why they would keep me from circuitry those shoes. and people still die i don't know which question are so right are you being on our way to live so many have.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the globe uncovering the world of business and finance when in fact the bonds all under a new breed ofan i'm christiane washington has a like a lot on that today everyone is asking what's going on with the markets will be explaining all that and more with from the asia and the u.s. perspective dan found montel gives us continuing coverage in china with an exclusive interview with the vice president strategy at holloway. plus we discuss the implications for britain's the economy and for us johns and paul the rumored early august brags that we have a. today so let's go and. after a violent week where we saw losses worldwide following the 210 year old inversion we're now seeing a sharp rebound as equities recover this is part of the market capitulation we
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spoke about on wednesday where the vix fear gauge on the one to 4 month futures had inverted indicating that we were too far extended so now u.s. equities are quickly rebounding european and asian stocks are also posted modest gains on friday while treasuries paired some of their advances expectations for further stimulus by the central banks are now growing and the markets got a lift today when the e.c.b. all the red came out calling for an impactful and significant stimulus package in the next september meeting this was the 1st point that we made that the markets ever since $1071.00 have always rallied following the fed rate cuts for an average of 6 months markets now currently anticipate a cut from the e.c.b. is deposit rate of at least 10 bits and a resumption of bond buying meanwhile mexico also joined the global easing tide and became the latest country to surprise with a rate cut the 1st in 5 years canada whose yield curve inverted by the most in nearly 2 decades is likely to cut next the bank of japan also announce that it will
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step in with further cuts and bond purchases in order to keep yields from sliding thailand also plans to step up with a $10000000000.00 economic boost in order to hit their 3 percent growth and counter an economic slowdown so while markets are now enjoying a temporary reprieve getting live from government stimulus worldwide this is borrowed time a rate cut will not save us from recession but it can buy us time like a temporary steroids shot for the market as traders now price in a floor a slew of negative indicators are still flashing warnings of a hard landing that should not be ignored. us home building fell for a 3rd straight month in july housing starts point 4 percent to a seasonally adjusted rate of $1190000.00 units last month this is especially bad considering that we are hitting a sitting of super low borger droids right now john deere a bellwether for the agriculture and farming industry mr earnings are lower.


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