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tv   Going Underground  RT  August 17, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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the fluid so rolls of. the room when you. leave. the trump administration urges congress to permanently. reauthorize a suspended of mass surveillance program prompting an outcry from rights groups. u.s. issues a warrant to seize an iranian oil tanker after supreme court ordered its release earlier this week the vessel was impounded by british royal marines in the mediterranean last month. and the family of a young girl blocked from joining one of germany's most famed boys' choir for gender discrimination but also thrown out by a court in berlin. be sure to get the r.t. app for your mobile device so you can keep up with events no matter where you are
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up next on international it isn't going underground but if you are in the u.k. or ireland it is. after a time you were going on the ground 20 years since vladimir putin became the prime minister of the brics russia coming up on the show did the f.b.i. misuse clinton funded work by an x m i 6 agent to attack associates of donald trump but head of a report by the inspector general of the u.s. justice department we speak to page after reported inspector general meetings in london with christopher steel went at the queen. bee from the menu one london university win the battle against climate change we speak dr apologise to all of the jason a call about goldsmith green. new deal all is well coming up in today's going i'm
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going to 1st what happened in london when trump came to meet the queen that the media here didn't cover so much because trump's favorite t.v. station covered a reported meeting in london between former am i 6 by christopher steele and u.s. officials what do you make of the fact that we're getting this revelation that christopher steele has been grilled for hours by folks who are putting together this report we're waiting on from the inspector general how do you think it impacts his look into the origins of this whole thing well it's a good development in the the i.g. it was unknown whether or not he was going to talk to christopher still because the house intelligence committee republicans tried to get prosperous still to come to the united states to be interviewed he refused this is a man who made up this entire document as you're starting to see it's unraveling what's being referred to there is a grilling of the former by 6 agent christopher steele is part of a probe by michael horowitz the inspector general of the u.s. justice department a question is whether the f.b.i. misused delegations in the clinton finance dossier written by the former m i 6 by
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to attack off a page he was one of donald trump's campaign advisers on foreign policy and he joins me now thanks so much for coming back on board what did you make of these reports that was of please do the trying to get to the bottom of this i think the more we have the full truth out there the better right so i think you know the more we have correct information and dispelling these myths that this guy was pumping into the criminal justice system the justice system in the united states the better the more that these things get resolved i think will be great strangely in london the new he's walking around here somewhere i mean for that we just explain how it is that the f.b.i. came to believe this man over the people a good be associated with the president trump it was just a complete meth these complete lies that were misleading the american public and.
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created such you know such problems for. the trumpet in this story and i think it's just terrible and the person has allegations that the f.b.i. were worried about when they read this amazing dossier by the forward against you what was it you were just so preposterous. that i had these meetings with these senior russians which people i had never met in my entire life i mean is this completely fabricated completely made up ok well we had the moon or inquiry now we've got the horowitz inquiry just how does that differ to the attorney general the now it's really general bilbo who's also investigating of the alleged russian conspiracy allegations were created well i think it's important work that they're doing and i just hope that the people that they're talking to. actually give the truth now because they were just giving complete lies and basing
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it on false. misinformation that was being fed to them and they just pumped it into the system and unfortunately it just needs it was just a complete falsehood and it needs to be. fixed why do you think it took 16 hours is the report for horowitz's team to question in london well i think you know if you look at the countless hours that the misinformation that they gave. really took over the media for a couple of years all i know is the allegations that he made against me was were completely false this is someone who had not been over to russia for many years right so he's just getting false information and passing it on the show you know not only to the u.s. guy. vermont and the u.k.
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government allegedly but also to the media this guy mr steele was profiting on this misinformation right and typically you know there's the official secrets act and if you give. government information to the media you know you're breaking the law when seal is being linked to everything from the script live and then go to nigeria or do you want the u.k. government in their own boris johnson to reprimand steele if he comes out on the wrong side in bilbo or which is report well i hope again i think. all i know is there was a lot of wrongdoing and i think there was a lot of misinformation and a lot of rules that were broken so i think the more that people more that's the truth is finally exposed and people stop covering up the the wrongdoing back in
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2016 i think it's it's long overdue and i think you know once these. false hoods are exposed i think it's really be a positive step forward for each of our countries but you can forgive some for believing in what you're saying a false would surely give into the d.n.i. which involves the cia the f.b.i. we have all the agencies they targeted this program they said we're in the conspiracy to stop hillary clinton from being made president it's terrible because a lot of the same people you know that wrote this report you know the top people are you know contributor at c.n.n. and m.s.n. a lot of these you know media organizations in fairness to him and i got to say. we can get m i 6 on to refute what you're saying but i presume they'd say he knows a great deal about russia is one of the brightest people with the british foreign
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intelligence agency in famous of the f.b.i. their top lawyer james baker said you know we we took it seriously the dossier but not necessarily literally. what do you make of that from the general counsel of the f.b.i. about presumably allegations against yourself it's just so preposterous and. who knows what they mean you know i think it's just such tremendous misinformation and false that have been put out there it's quiet and out a little all the russian gate stuff since robert was just running congress but he did move us said he had new poets. in the final 4th fight so warrant you wanted to explain this against you in june of 2 of the 17 people said it would have needed his approval would have you testimonial in the war against you and i think. he largely avoided the question. but i think when he said the reason i didn't have
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any i was involved with well what's unfortunate is that final warrant application was signed by mr rosenstein and so i think there needs to be general until recently. so it's really unfortunate and i think it's important that we get to the truth because what the false hoods in the law is that they submitted to in a court in a u.s. federal court. in washington i think is really historic wrongdoing and i think there really needs to be fixed but i think at the end of the day it is you know now that these facts and now that the real facts are starting to come out i think it'll it'll just show. how you know resilient and how strong he has been from the very beginning and i think it can pass you know out in the mall
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or reported even alluded to the negative impact that it had on u.s. foreign policy i'm cautiously optimistic that if the whole truth is indeed exposed as it should be and should have been a long time ago this is a great opportunity for each of our 3 countries but you have no proof that the reason the warrants against you were based on this dossier that the british government or the intelligence services were working with steel laurie was a load of a pretty well i think there is there have been some reports in the telegraph newspaper and elsewhere. that there was coordination between. between mr steele in the u.k. government ok so at least the inspector general of the devoted to justice and his people to london for this grilling on presumably allegations against you robert mueller didn't even talk to julian assange. for his reports and made allegations about then he said went on to say some government is that the president is kind of
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guilty until proven innocent according to us. know what if you make a. really sad. it's funny because when these. when his investigation began in the 1st half of 2017 i thought as a u.s. former u.s. marine this person would would have a lot of integrity but it's unfortunate that he repeated lies about a 1000000000 deal in iraq. yeah why did trump think that was a good guy to be running well you know i think. it was really a bad position and there is just so much misinformation being pushed out there by the media and its political opponents really rested their credibility on these false rumors going after the wiki leaks founder julian assange because. you know i i'm always very careful about not talking about george or i don't know
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about you know there's been so much wrong doing which was directly. directed at him . you know and using me as a way of damaging him in the media well the u.n. says he's been tortured. what was the personal toll for you i know that michael flitter was on this program obviously sentence. what was it all of you i don't think he's been. sent a sentence but the but there's a shadow over him and these other people with the toll on you watch you know i think about the toll that it's had on our country and the world and i mean it's been a tremendous challenge but you know i'm more concerned about the damage that it's done for so many other people you know a few of whom you named including general flynn etc which is just
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a terrible beating that even the d.n.c. weaponize this going into of this information for 2020 you think all these reports i mean well i think that's what's important from historic standpoint in terms of what i will be happening over the months to come i think as as this information continues to be you know exposed with all the wrongdoing that was committed you know you talk about personal toll you know i know having dealt with a lot of these media organizations they've certainly paid a tremendous price a lot of what is also with the foreign policy campaign theme george papadopoulos has been on this sure. has been tweeting out his book he is saying that there was a concerted attempt here in this country by your officials in the u.s. embassy in london who didn't want to elected basically clinton that a fan club across the diplomatic world here in government they just didn't want
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your president elected well i think that. again i don't like to speculate and we'll have to wait and see what comes out in these final official reports just fine we're going to ask what do you think if you think trump should take care with boris johnson because. there's a picture of him with professor. the mysterious professor was implicated in trying to damage the. presidency of the old europe you think u.s. u.k. relations. a little bit more work needs to be done before forgiveness is the order of the day for the white house well i think you know there's a lot of positive steps that the new prime minister has started to take and you know positive statements that have been made so this is a great new page got a page thank you thanks very much after the break our political and media elites frame catastrophic climate change the atlantic voyage of pressure from book written
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just a quarter away from possible recession with gold but you know best you have to pull just to jason it will be all but true i'm going on the ground. there survival guide ecstacy just like all the stars simply read all this it's. repatriations will get the rest in 7 years. philip the separate kaiser report. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this spearing dramatic development the only
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really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. welcome back 200 years ago the british people began to learn of an atrocity in manchester that would come to be known as the peterloo massacre it was catalyze a massive crackdown on civil rights and journalism germy corbin leader of western europe's largest socialist movement and hot on the heels of increasing the british labor party's share of the vote by more than any leader since 945 invoked it well before this week's other verse 3 and his bid to be caretaker prime minister next year marks the 200th anniversary of the pizza massacre when 50 peaceful demonstrators were killed and hundreds injured on the streets of manchester by troops sent by the tories to suppress the struggle with democratic rights the great
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english poets percy shelley wrote a poem about the massacre and that was the origin vast logan for the many not the few ironically given peterloo is remembered not just for shelley but the ensuing media crackdown it is members of corbin's own body in parliament who have attempted to crackdown on media like this t.v. channel and the arguably failed to raise the fate of the world's most famous publisher julian a son's currently in solitary confinement in london as for the media landscape in britain and 2019 mainstream media journalists have been taking time out in august to attack this 16 year old swedish environmental activist sailing the atlantic to highlight the threat of global catastrophe every person who fights for the same thing and use voice gets. it is very important and it doesn't really matter that. that person has his dedication and wants to fight for a better well well here in britain goldsmiths part of the university of london has
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been apparently fighting for a better world too joining me now is dr jason a call who is on the british labor body's task force on international development jason thanks for coming back on what is the green new deal of goldsmith's them and why taking such extreme measures that's what will be to the present day when there's a really not a sort of actually they're quite reasonable compared to what we need to accomplish on objectives but yeah it's a it's a comprehensive plan for dramatically reducing goldsmiths emissions it focuses on decarbonising the entire institution by 2025 which is consistent with. you know with principles of international justice in terms of rich countries in the scale emissions more quickly than poor countries so we're really putting about one energy it means different suppliers i mean solar panels yes that's going to mean you know maximizing universes use of solar p.v. solar panels on available to space is going to mean switching to renewable energy supplier which is relatively easy to do and the institution can make that happen very quickly it's going to mean you know reducing carbon in the cafeterias we're
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starting with who is the foods that got irrigators or the guys attention you know i mean how can you one u.k. state mandated media outlet said tailing choice of food that's the big story about the green. deal yeah so what the university is to do is simply to remove b. from campus menus that's really not a huge you know the beef by far the most environmentally impactful and destructive of all goods effectively you know in terms of land use deforestation and the emissions that come for it from every kilogram of protein that we get we consume from beef much more destructive than any other category of meat or even dairy and so getting rid of beef is a very simple thing that we can do to dramatically reduce our impact on the planet over and over again in the ice. and other uni parts of come out and other scientific reports are coming out saying that you know reducing consumption and rich nations like britain is going to be essential to us meteorological and so really there's nothing extreme about this the students have aligned with existing
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science and are making you know bold and promising choices for a better future and they know that even the hot spell europe had recently is credited with the religious will rise in world war 2 the levels why do you think what you and your fellow colleagues are goldsmiths it's being framed by the media is students will they be willing to pay higher tuition fees presumably because i did of the clean energy supplies are not as economic i mean whether create a new suppliers or actually in many cases in most cases cheaper than the big 6 energy suppliers so that's not an argument but they are concerned about what needs to be done in terms of you know insulating buildings you know removing boiler heaters and shipping to electric heating and so on make everything more efficient in the university which could actually tell significant cost savings ultimately but you know the principle that we need to defend here is that we once both the transition to you know a clean green economy rapidly and we also once you know free tuition for higher
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education i think that those 2 principles are not incommensurable we can fund higher education and the transition to clean energy with progressive taxes making the people that are responsible for this crisis ultimately pay for it and right now we know that our governments are acting too slowly on this issue and so people are ready to take matters into their hands and what we can do is we can start with our own institutions be it schools or universities or hospitals or even companies you know creating a policy in the places that we live and work and accomplish his goals well rhetorically anyway we have a club with a religion see declared by paula but i mean do you think that when young people are all sort of tories leave remain according to the polls bricks it could be a key to enlarging this the green deal across the country. because the european union they have for subsidies for beef and dairy cattle foaming after all yeah well it's interesting i mean there's a debate on the left of course about about the climate implications of drugs but
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ultimately i think that drugs it would be you know potentially catastrophic in terms of our climate change position because you know it's not enough for just the u.k. to take progressive action on climate change we need you know the whole western world in particular to get behind i have never have when britain resumes or not i think it's essential that if we do it in up with a progressive governments in power in the u.k. that they you know lobby very hard to make sure that the rest of that you follow suit and right now those political parties in europe like the m 25 the bias for fuck us that are putting together a comprehensive proposal for a green new deal for europe any minority with an evil doing about the rise of the right and for me what is the right through your well well i think that there are those who don't even accept climate change i think some of the other there's a strong movement in the fridge in favor of strong action on this it's just that thus far politicians have not been tapping into that for years you've worked on the topic of growth and illusions about the need for g.d.p. increase and how it correlates to human happiness what do you make of the fact that
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britain has just seen its growth figures down people saying it's terrible we might go into recession or another quarter goes down germany gloomy good predictions just dry in the compensate for all the media reporting and explain why group is and all of the key well basically you know when g.d.p. figures start going down and everybody freaks out and i think that this is not the way to be thinking about it right you know g.d.p. is a relatively arbitrary figure we could measure economic progress and lots of different ways in terms of human of human well being in terms of ecological wellbeing it's not it's not our what g.d.p. measures it's basically demands of nature and human labor that we turn and some money and sell every year right so it's not clear that rising g.d.p. has you know is contributing much to their wellbeing or. there are people in countries like britain and the reason is because the vast majority of new income from group from growth globally goes through the very richest right so you know we can improve people's lives right now give people meaning you meaningful work simply
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by redistributing what we already you know produce and consume an economy the income that we already generate rather than plundering the earth for more every year i mean idea that we should pursue g.d.p. growth and leslie forever at the existing rates is ecologically you know unfeasible and a socially kind of surge and should we need a tax on the 16 year old environmental campaigner growth and big optimistically that this 16 year old poses such a threat to vested interests i mean we are getting a kickback against the rise in environmental consciousness i get we read the bill gates and billionaires telling us you know stop complaining things are actually better now than they've ever been in human history. right well in terms of this narrative coming from people like gates and thinker there's a strong narrative that you know we should stop complaining about the way that the global economy operates and distributes income because all to me even bigger and bill gates is going to begin to write because ultimately they argue that you know
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near liberalism is also the same time been dramatically reducing poverty etc etc and i think that merits of the empirically flawed so that's something i've been working on recently where you i mean is it does that mean that basically he's dangerous bill gates i mean this is huge for. philanthropy. is i want to say whether it is dangerous but my job is to look at that and draw conclusions from that what i can tell you is that the number of people living in poverty has increased dramatically around the world since $180.00. by about 1000000000 people today about 4200000000 people are living in conditions of poverty that's close to 60 percent of the population and interestingly the you know these are the people who deliver the majority of the labor and the resources that the global economy uses every year and yet they get literally pennies for for it in return and i think that's you know fundamentally problematic. so people like get something like look those pennies they're earning are bringing them a lot above this arbitrary poverty line they call it of 1.9 dollars
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a day but what we know is that living above that level is still living in poverty and scholars have been pointing out that until you have about $7.40 a day at minimum you know you can't achieve even basic access to adequate nutrition and health care and life expectancy so if you measure poverty at that level then things are significantly worse today than bill gates and steve pinker would have it so really they were you know the way i see their narrative is that effectively tries to. take the wind out of the sails of people who are trying to call for a fairer global economy direct our attention away from the problem of growing inequality right and we know that you know since 160 is the per capita income gap it's. in rich countries in the global north and poor countries in global south has quadrupled i mean there's been been this dramatic divergence between north and south over the past half century worsening even since colonialism and that's because you know the rules of the global economy are effectively organized in such
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a way as to benefit rich nations at the expense of point actions and that's fundamentally something that goes against you know the infrastructure that has allowed people like bill gates to accumulate the kind of wealth of they have accrued because the news has been dominated billed so much i get us and we're going to actually buy the rioting in hong kong china's growth figures have been hit arguably because of the huge new environmental strategies pursued by beijing whilst obviously admitting protests as part of any democracy and so on why do you think the media in the countries nato countries are so keen to talk about the rioting and all go the narrative as effective leaders are prone to necrotic protesters against you know. a brutal military state and that's you know that's true and we should support the principle of that of course and china is really a complicated one in this on the one hand we should be able to you know criticize some of its political policies of course but we also need to recognise what is accomplished economically which is has been in many cases to lift people out of poverty at a significantly rapid rate and that's important because this is the one part of the
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world that was not the design of new liberal policies forcibly imposed on us by western powers right so in the rest of the world in the rest of the global south the world bank and the i.m.f. imposed structural doesn't programs they were effectively kind of this dramatic you know free market shock therapy that was not done in china and. in countries and we've seen significantly more success from those in those areas so but you know but china success on this front you know which has been using progressive development policy is like you know state guided industrial policy. you know land reform and so on are ultimately against the kinds of principles that people like bill gates and steven pinker and other neo liberals you know call for and that's been a threat. through that washington since his model for a long time every other country in the global south that's brought up policies like that with success has had been reversed by some kind of intervention and i think that china stands and someone is kind of the last well the last man standing really
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and then is the lesson that i think and i think that the trouble ministration is is really the size of about trying to undermine the ability of trying to continue to pursue those economic objectives which is difficult thank you thank you well that's it for the show will be back on monday was legendary james bond villain that just didn't book off about playing saddam hussein with his next role will be told from the building can we talk about social media as a scribe doing on the grounds that you channel. came here where you were before you came here when you live. in many u.s. states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution and most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they did have given up the right to live among us some might even proven innocent after years on
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death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. you know a little move around a little bit more reading up on.


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