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tv   News  RT  August 18, 2019 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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gives them doctors the wrong on the plate. circuit you. people. always question michel. are too late so many have. this hour's headlines story. russian pilots poll all expert emergency landing to say. after their plane. engine failure during takeoff. also in the stories that shaped the weekend medical examiner rules about the death of the disgraced former geoffrey epstein. suicide the multi millionaires lawyers though say there are no. conclusion to. investigation. and some hours ago a bomb blast devastates
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a wedding ceremony in the afghan capital kabul leaving $63.00 dead and scores more . with the top stories for the past 7 days and right up to the moment developments as well this is the weekly an international alone welcome. to russian pilots entered into aviation history on thursday morning after pulling off what's been described as a miraculous. thing there crimea. suffered twin engine failure after striking a flock of birds while taking off from moscow as you call port but against the odds the oriel to bring it down safely in a nearby field saving the lives of everyone i'm bored. i don't already have
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a. look at the tissue to live. on. the pilots flying to use 678 just moments to react to the bird strike and offer to impending disaster been decided to lung the plane on its belly and the cornfield without dumping the fuel tanks this video was taken from inside the aircraft as it accelerated along the runway 226 passengers 7 crew members on board it the sequels that were sucked into the engines can be ever so fleetingly seen through the window with more on thursday is remarkable events here is from a culture of. 226 passengers and 7 crew members of ural airlines flight
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bound for crimea from moscow are celebrating their 2nd birthday the air bus a 321 collided with a flock of birds just shortly after takeoff from the capital's zuckoff ski airport's the captain jameer yusupov had just seconds to make the right decision when he discovered the strike caused engine failure with 16 tons of fuel on board no ability to make it back to the runway he knew that an emergency landing could result in a catastrophe to show you a little but all after we took off the engines became unstable 1st the left one and then the right one we usually simulate the situations when one or 2 engines are off despite all our efforts the plane was going down we realized that we didn't have much time just one or 2 minutes to make a decision in a blink of an eye this man with nerves of steel decided still land the. aircraft in
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a nearby cornfield without using the landing gear and shutting off all power to prevent an explosion and various officials praised the crew for their professionalism during the spine chilling landing as well as for a well organized evacuation it is something we acted in line with our training with simulated situations like this before so there were no surprises the passengers were disciplined listen to our instructions and evacuated very quickly they did as we expected there was no panic on board even though the landing was rough the pilot did a great job he landed the plane really kathleen koch tell us please how do you feel now did you hurt your leg. you know it's better than if i was there lying on the field so everything is rather good the landing was good the pilots did a great job landed the plane on the belly everything he's fine the media was quick to make connections with another such incidents when the loss of life was
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a virgin thanks to a pilot the miracle on the hudson involving a u.s. airways the aircraft flown by captain chesley sullenberger and jeffrey skiles hit a flock of geese after takeoff from new york city's la guardia airport and lost all engine power i'm able to land at any available airport they had to ditch the jet in the hudson river just outside of manhattan with all of the 155 passengers a rescued by nearby ferries and bolts thanks to the heroic solved by the captain and his crew their relatives and loved ones self all the people involved will get to see them again ramana koester of artsy moscow region. well experts we spoke to say the pilots made all the right decisions under extreme pressure. the pilots to everybody on board the crew on the passengers because this was a textbook emergency landing the radio. scene of it was absolutely amazing i think
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he took a calculated risk he said right we are too near the ground by the time the landing gear gets down it might not be locked in place we'll go for what we call a belly flop and that's basically what he did and he landed it beautifully and this is a bit like the if you remember the hudson river incident when the plane landed on the way the whole point is that he brought it down with the nose slightly out and so literally it sailed over the cornfield and that's quite a rip so that's helped the landing these pilots did brilliantly because they were really quite low when the bird strike took place and the engine tower dropped away almost completely so they had to look around for an open space in which to land and they didn't and as you can see they've done it brilliantly russia does have a history of having very good pilots that it's a profession that russians are very proud of having those who have it almost
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exactly 10 years ago there was what has become known as the miracle on the hudson they got a little bit higher before the birds hit them but this time they were geese and those a very big birds they lost both engines the pilot looked around the highly urbanized area near new york couldn't see anywhere safe to land so he landed on the river and again like this event everybody survived. ok moving on the new york medical examiner's office said on friday that the death of the screen former military jeffrey epstein was caused by suicide the convicted paedophile was found dead in his chief cell on august 10th while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges but lawyers for the financier who had connections in high places in washington have said they're not happy with the findings of the autopsy. the defense team fully intends to conduct its own independent and complete investigation into the circumstances and cause of mr epstein's death we are not
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satisfied with the conclusions of the medical examiner. well the 66 year old multi-millionaire was set to face trial over the alleged abuse of dozens of under-age girls and the creation of a sex trafficking network just days before his death a month out in court had released $1200.00 documents relating to the case he had repeatedly denied the charges against them last month epstein had been placed on suicide watch after an apparent attempt at taking his own life since the tycoon's death there are been numerous reports about the conditions he was living in some of suggested he was having to pay other inmates for protection others he was sleeping on the floor and wasn't able to watch some even claim that death may not have been a suicide taking a closer look at all the speculation here's ilya for trying. if there are screenwriters out there right now racking their brains over ideas for
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a new mega juicy plot i've got a perfect one for you the life and death of convicted paedophile jeffrey epstein who was at the same time a friend of the likes of presidents clinton and trump or you case prince andrew just how many skeletons in his claws a did this man have his death as a real shocker and a staggering mystery some details of it though have been revealed to the public.
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america baffled you really can't help asking questions. even though last month geoffrey epstein apparently already tried to kill him self a source within the law enforcement reported he was only put on suicide watch for less than a week plus it's been claimed epstein wasn't checked on every 30 minutes by guards and got deprived of his cellmate in violation of the prisons normal procedure there was also a rumor that surveillance cameras malfunctioned on that night when the death happened. only a day before the inmate was found unconscious
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a court released 1200 pages of documents detailing numerous claims of child abuse by him and his girlfriend was that the last drop of anguish we'll never find out. oh this is a giant playground for fans of conspiracy theories these have been ranging from the idea that bill clinton had jeffrey epstein killed even president trump tweeted about that one to the russia did it kind of stories president from using his massive twitter platform $63000000.00 followers to spread a deranged conspiracy theory in a statement a clinton spokesman said the suggestion that the clintons were involved is ridiculous and of course not true and donald trump knows it you know this is just more recklessness what he's doing is dangerous a guy who had information that would have destroyed rich and powerful men's lives and dead in his jail cell how predictably russian it's hilarious and ultimately
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completely predictable that you would have leftist democrats and the media trying to pin something else on russia we haven't seen any ties to russia in the eps and steve case we haven't seen any russian oligarchs that have been on this fly list that we know of but anyway you can't turn away from the fact that mr epstein was close like i said with some of the most influential people on this planet most likely they had nothing to do with the death but all those politicians and money makers can now brave a sigh of relief because dead men don't speak the really aggravating thing to me is all the flying monkeys that are out there right now on conspiracy theories if you look at the facts of this case it was no question this was going to happen 1st of all in lock up settings like that there is no such thing as a personal privacy there there are no uncontrolled settings if rules are followed
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no shoelaces no belts no access to even as much as a finger nail clipper or busy radio show us the darn films what are the cameras have to say who had access to the cameras where are they this is a remarkably simple program just 1st show us what was recorded. ok let's bring you know a story now a human rights activist has been pardoned in bahrain after almost 3 years behind bars for making critical comments on line up by the government but arraignment tain she was jailed for promoting and encouraging people to mount a coup niger yousef alleges she was tortured and sexually abused by police officers after her arrest but many officials say they've referred her complaint to a special investigation or allegations relate to a local police station whose chief was trained by u.k. police. spoke to the organization that petitioned for not just release. enjoy yourself a former bahraini civil servant and mother of 4 was jailed in april 27th teen up he
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criticised the regime for hosting the motor racing show case that is formula one use of gave a harrowing account of the abuse and sexual assault she was subjected to at the hands of the officers she was arrested by this threaten to kill me they tried to bribe me they beat me but worst of all officers tore off my he job and attempted to strip me of my clothes before an officer sexually assaulted me in custody the pain and humiliation of that week will haunt me for the rest of my life the gist of it they give is the fact is she is involved in what they call it activity is. that it finishes off this means that the criticizing formula one race and. reflecting good opinion. or only could considered to be a terrorism act and unfortunately for her she was subject to a doing here interrogation to sexual assault and she was tortured only to
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interrogated about terror. spoke at count which was simply just a critical formula one a domestic bahrain issue well not really because he appears to me that all happened as an activist. in the police station headed up by brigadier far was. because trained by none other than the british police back in 2015 other hassan travelled to belfast on a study visit basically a crash course in how to manage protesters the trip cost british taxpayers $16000.00 pounds now engineers have raised the alarm questioning how this all fits in with bahrain's human rights records. reality behind it.
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when i arrived at the building in morocco they blindfolded me interrogated me because of my human rights activities during the interrogation the use the worst forms of physical torture they told me some harsh words threaten me and sexually abused me. the members of the national security service insulted me they threatened me with rape restricting my wife with huet preventing treatment depriving that thermally of education and housing in addition to psychological and physical torture i was jailed 5 times in the past year most of the time i'm banned from driving targeted jailed tortured and my cause targeted attack by rubber bullets and tear gas. one can ask them why is the u.k. continuing its cooperation with the regime regularly condemned by organizations all over the walled well the u.k. says that to give a helping hand in improving human rights so it's all in good faith and in the name
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of democracy given the high level of skill and expertise across british policing it is not surprising that there is an international appetite to learn from the best we cannot stand by and criticize countries from the sidelines if we want to see wholesale changes. it probably doesn't hurt that it brings in a tidy to the arm of the u.k. home office responsible for training offices abroad has poured over 3000000 pounds since 2012 with 89 percent coming from the death penalty still exists when the british government to really talk about training the police what they really doing is empowering what we call it punitive and they are the one which pretty much training. but also awarding them a police officer committed an abuse or something people could resort to things like this like and was meant office you where you can submit complaints over the since
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2012 to this date we have seen that those institutions which had been a fisheries the british training resulted in only one thing they they kill the torture the systematic in the country this is what the united nations said this is what amnesty and what the human rights watch said and then secondly that there is a climate of impunity. in the country allegations of complicity in human rights violations and bolstering authoritarian regimes. complicit or not one has to admit it's not great for the british. coming after the break hong kong government. tens of thousands hitting the streets to call for reforms these are live pictures right. you can see the rain storms are coming.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. and spearing dramatic development only closely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical. to sit down and talk. 20 minutes into the program welcome back islamic state claim responsibility for a devastating suicide bomb blast in kabul on saturday night the explosion tore through a packed wedding hall in the afghan capital killing 63 people and injuring over 180 others but all reports. the suicide attacker ditson it it is explosives cording to the afghan interior ministry the main section of the wedding
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where the main war eating their dinner at least 63 people killed a woman and children are among those killed more than 100 in 80 people or wounded analysts afghanistan gets a comprehensive cease fire the people of afghanistan will continue to lose their entire families in these attacks this is an area in west kabul in the past the islamic state have targeted this she has and has are as. some more openly questioning the inability of the afghan government why they contradict these places here is what. many afghans told us about this diddley attack last night you had them and present at the explosion happened near the stage where the musicians were your all the youth children and all the people who were there some were killed some were rooted and now they are in hospitals and others are dead because it was my father's cousin's wedding i took my uncle and cousin who were
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wounded to a nearby hospital and then they were taken to another emergency hospital there are so many dead and wounded victims my father and other uncle are still there to identify the other victims there are a large number of casualties around 1200 guests were invited to the wedding i was with the groom in the other room when we heard the blast and then i couldn't find anyone everyone was lying all around the home i was trying since last my den up until now to find out what exactly happened to the groom and bride we're being told he was a tailor and i'm in the heartbreaking reality in an attack like this is how can entire families vanish like this we have heard from the afghan government condemning this attack we've also heard from the taliban calling it. barbaric and cruel unfortunately. the foreign fighters really continue to pose
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a grave danger to everyday life. let's bring you know to hong kong where another. government rally is underway this sunday as the city's protest campaign continues for another levon consecutive weekend let's bring you live pictures now as you can see a very rainy day with their forecasts of storms approaching hong kong as well today tens of thousands of people making their way centrally to one of the city's main parks victoria parks where groups have been meeting up and congregating throughout the day it has not been north of. hong kong authorities to be a city wide event today the rally is being fronted by the civil human rights front it's been behind some of the biggest demonstrations in the semi autonomous chinese territory where the past 2 months. outcomes for thousands of teachers rallied against hong kong authorities on saturday in
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a sure of solidarity with the youths who have been leading calls for democratic reform it was also a sizeable country protest by people concerned by the continuing the rest in the city and the threat it poses to the territory special status the months of anti-government demonstrations were originally calling for the withdrawal of a controversial tradition bill but in wider those demands now include the resignation of hong kong's leader democratic elections out of the choir into alleged police brutality.
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well if we go back a little earlier in the week protests of hong kong or erp or took an unexpected turn on choose they when a reporter for china's global times newspaper was seized by the crowd and. was the editor in chief of the global times house confirmed it was his employee in the video and he took to twitter to plead with the demonstrators to release the journalist dressing up his sole job was reporting the news later they the reporter
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was rescued by police and sent to hospital he was since this charged journalist under wilczek says he believes the protestors have been acting in a hostile way towards media sympathetic to patients. the protesters that are truly afraid that the truth is going to go. through the socialist it's all the media which is trying to go but it's true the chinese will be out to sea for the few and they're only supposed to feel the b.b.c. able to see it in other media. absolutely oversight if you look. at it issues. there's still a very basic not is a recap of some of the stories that shape the week that was i'll be back in just over 30 with more stay close now though for more great programs beginning. to. join me every thursday on the
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alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see that. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go right to the press this is what the local variable can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. things should be. in this community there are people who believe that it's ok to sell for x.
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food on my table it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's a lot of conflict in the game between the 2 most of the conflict i would say overall. close one on each of those he knows each other is good because the state of california alone makes 6000000000 dollars that you have to prison complex just to get some point in your life where. you don't care anymore nobody cares about you so you don't care might anything. interest rates spike gapping in the spread is widening and what i call the interest rate apartheid if you're in the wrong side of the premise of geoffrey epstein you bantustan of extortion ery credit card rights if you're a friend of jeffrey abstain then you get the insider rate of negative and you get
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paid to lend money or to borrow money from from the bank. the law here. on the here is not.
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millions and millions of years ago out of the fast mighty waters of the pacific ocean a liquid fire arose. in violence beyond its rules up from the sea. in violence a great beauty was born. diesel lands with the youngest part of the earth's vast visible surface the renewed. these islands were unique alone apart. an authentic natural paradise. of all the growing things that existed in the silence 95 out of a 100 nowhere else in the world. i'm sure. there was there as there is now no police known on earth to even begin to compete with these islands in their capacity to encourage natural life to develop.


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