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tv   News  RT  August 20, 2019 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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because the. u.s. confirms its 1st test of a cruise missile previously banned by a treaty signed between moscow and washington more than 30 years ago. also this hour u.s. attorney general william bart removes the acting director of prisons after the suicide of geoffrey epstein we discussed the conditions at the jail where obscene took his own life with his former lawyer is fundamentally wrong with that is that jeffrey upstream did not belong in that facility to begin with. and it's been revealed a british social media network aimed at young muslims as part of a u.k. government plan to tackle radicalization.
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you're watching r t international bring you here live news update from our studio here in moscow welcome to the program the u.s. has conducted its 1st test of a 500 kilometer cruise missile it-i previously banned for over 30 years under a now defunct arms control treaty between moscow and washington russia's foreign minister claimed the us was preparing for the test long before the treaty expired on the 2nd of august. and has more. we have official word from the pentagon that indeed there has been a test of a missile that would have violated the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty that treaty has now expired and the usa has conducted a test of a missile that would have violated it here's what we heard from the pentagon the department of defense conducted to fly test of the conventionally configured ground cruise missile the u.s. west coast sunday the test missile exited its ground mobile launcher and accurately
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in practice target after more than $500.00 flight now the test was conducted on san nicolas island off the coast of california we understand furthermore that the test was announced on august 2nd the very day that the i.n.f. treaty expired now the official reason for the united states withdrawing from the i.n.f. treaty was that they accused russia of violating that agreement now russia has said they did not and denies violating this agreement we also heard from russian president vladimir putin who emphasized that russia won't be the 1st to boost its military if the usa were not to escalate following the withdrawal of the treaty this is what the russian president said if we receive verified information that the u.s. has finished developing and started producing the systems russia will be forced to begin its own full scale development of similar missiles so even after the united states withdrew from the i.n.f. treaty we did not see an escalation from russia however the united states has
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proceeded to test this missile that would have violated the treaty now it's important to remember that the i.n.f. treaty was signed in 1987 and it was a key moment in the scaling down in deescalation and eventually end of the cold war however that i.n.f. treaty that banned nuclear and missiles of a certain length is no longer in effect now russia has repeatedly reached out to the united states for dialogue around this issue but so far the conversation hasn't seemed to start. and it seems dollar terms been eager to strengthen america's nuclear capability for a while now at least since he was president elect in 2016 that's well before his administration started making noise about alleged russian treaty violations and the same goes for parts of the us establishment the united states must regain the strategic advantage by expediting the development and deployment of
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a new generation of ground launch missiles now the department of defense will be able to conduct does research and development activities bento to an f. treaty so the department of defense will still have some building dos system they couldn't before the united states has said that this is not nuclear capable and the united states is planning for another test probably in november this one and somewhere between 508000 kilometers a range but the one that they're testing in the member miscreants 300-4000 kilometers or range that's another in this year is a very unfortunate moves that have been going on for the past couple of years at least well we can actually dated back to 2001 with the announcement that the u.s. is going to clear the a.b.m. treaty there's only one major nonproliferation treaty remaining the new start treaty which ends and 2021 and the united states has already indicated that it will
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almost certainly all out of that one also are not when they do that one which means we are on the verge of nuclear anarky. the u.s. attorney general william barr has removed the acting director of u.s. prisons from his post after the recent death of disgraced millionaire geoffrey epstein some lawmakers have praised the decision amid concern over the conditions at the jail where he took his own life. epstein was convicted of pedophilia back in 2007 at the time he was sentenced to 13 months in prison as part of a deal signed by then u.s. attorney alexander costa i've seen had many friends in high places among them donald trump bill clinton and prince andrew at the time of his death the financier it was awaiting trial for sex trafficking offenses is being held at a facility reserved for the most dangerous criminals among them the drug baron el chapo i've seen had been taken off suicide watch despite having made a recent attempt on his own life so we spoke to his lawyer mark furnish things
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conditions at the jail may have pushed him to the edge. the conditions to which he was subjected would buckle even the knees of the strongest among us it's this is one of the toughest federal pretrial detention facilities in the country and the conditions are inhumane epstein was subjected to conditions that were similar to those of guzman but not remotely justified by his character or what he was accused of because he was not. a violent individual like chapman chapo was alleged to have been he's not a guy who has escaped from prior facilities like guzman was alleged to have done so one would be comparing apples and oranges to liken the 2 to each other but yet their conditions of confinement were strikingly similar and there's something fundamentally wrong with that and what's fundamentally wrong with that is that
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geoffrey abstain did not belong in that facility to begin with. just my own personal opinion it wouldn't surprise me to learn of anything that might have happened with jeffrey epstein and in my view at that in that facility the real story the real miracle is that we don't hear about these sort of things more about murdered pretrial detainees or suicidal pretrial detainees because the facility. is barbaric and it's a whole it's a it's it's like i don't use the word lightly lightly but it's sort of like an american go log for people who have not yet been convicted of anything so the real shock here is that we don't hear about deaths at pretrial oppressive onerous pretrial detention facilities like the m.c.c. more often. any of us could one day find ourselves rightly or wrongly on
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on the. business and of of the united states department of justice and nobody nobody sued should be subjected to the conditions that epstein was exposed to for many reasons one of which is that compromises your mental and physical functioning and you can't assist adequately in preparing your own defense and it crushes people we don't really know what happened to mr epstein but certainly i believe personally that being a locked in a facility like that under extraordinary conditions would logically wreak havoc with one's mind and body so i certainly i certainly believe that they personally that they could have played a role absolutely i mean i think we would be foolish to to deny that but again one doesn't want to treat the symptom while ignoring the disease and the disease is
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how people are routinely denied bail with a shocking ease given the laws that congress passed allowing prosecutors and judge to do that epstein did not belong locked up pending trial and he didn't belong in a hellhole like that before he had been convicted of anything. social media problems twitter and facebook say they've blocked a number of chinese accounts for trying to undermine the protests in hong kong. we are disclosing a significant stayed back to informational creation focused on the situation hong kong this disclosure consists of 936 a cancer vegetating from within the people's republic of china over all these accounts were deliberately and specifically attempting to sow political discord in hong kong including undermining the legitimacy and political positions of the protest movement on the crash we removed 7 pages 3 groups and 5 facebook accounts involved in coordinated in authentic behavior as part of
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a small network that originated in china and focused on home kong. the protest movement in hong kong started back in june or overdraft legislation allowing the extradition of suspects to mainland china the demonstrations have since broadened to other political issues over the last 11 weeks rallies have frequently turned violent with police using tear gas and rubber bullets against demonstrators parties on quarter takes a look at what might be motivating the protesters. freedom fair elections democracy it's words like these you'll find throughout the western media coverage of the protests in hong kong but the reality of it is all much more complicated was. was. it's not just politics motivating the violence racial slurs against people from mainland china can be heard throughout the crowds and seen graffitied on official buildings
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protesters have also been seen brandishing the infamously racist pepe the frog me an internet hate symbol and this is enough phobic violence has even spilled over to protests in other countries i. was. this anti china extremism comes from a concept called hong kong exceptionalism the idea that hong kong has more in common with the west than with. china because of its british colonial past and then ideologies it here and are not exactly shy about their love for all things anti china 6 6. despite all the american flags and anthem singing donald trump says he had no idea why protests were being blamed on the u.s. but his cabinet might have an explanation since they've been meeting with one of
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the opposition's main icons jimmy lie i'm hit. appreciation lies a self-made billionaire who's made a huge mark on hong kong's opposition movement he landed himself in hot water with beijing back in 2012 when his newspaper published an ad portraying pregnant chinese women as locusts and he's very open about his feelings for american values we need to know that america is behind us but back in our some america is showing moral authority because we are the only place in china which shares your values and is fighting the same battle you have with china but there's another younger and not so rich rebel leader at play here too joshua wong a fresh 22 year old face of revolution a face loved in many corridors of washington to marco rubio was so in all he nominated wong for a nobel peace prize leave it to washington to nominate a leader of violent protests for peace when it suits him agenda the us is very
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determinately supporting these protesters every arm of the corporate media. radio television social media is is raising them and always referring to them as pro-democracy protesters where they're not at all this has nothing to do with democracy and they are determined to sabotage in every way that they can any normal relations between china with hong kong and it it is creating intentionally a great deal of confusion among young people who have been pulled into this against their own interests we asked the u.s. state department and leaders of the hong kong protest movement to comment on the alleged links we highlighted there so far we have not received any response. western media warn russian radiation monitoring stations are going silent following an early august explosion at
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a military site in the country's north or more we're now joined live by medina question about why do you not. russia has been saying that everything is just fine so what's triggering these concerns while we have just received reports that 2 russian radiation monitoring stations have resumed operations now this news follows the number of reports that were made early on by foreign news media claiming that several russian radiation monitoring stations when siling allegedly after a nuclear accident that happened in russia's north on august 8th now the wall street journal wrote that 4 stations designed to detect radiation detect nuclear radiation all went silent following the blast the article raised concerns that russia was attempting to conceal avodah ends from the explosion at the. site now the wall street journal quoted. the executive director of the comprehensive
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nuclear ban organization which receives data from monitoring stations around the world now mr 0 even projected the potential path of the plume of the explosion and posted it on its twitter feed now right after the accidental russia and number of special experts to monitor the situation and just yesterday the country's president a letter from putin said that there was no threat of radiation. and there's new spike in british levels experts including independent ones are monitoring the situation i receive reports from both military and civilian specialists and there's no significant change their votes we are still taking precautionary measures to avoid any surprises. and the explosion off a missile and in with an eyes a top power source killed 5 people and injured and now the 3 now right after the
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accidents there were indeed very. details of leila belong what happened and that mostly you fuel the western tabloids so with the rumors of a true novel like disaster whispers radiation leak also appearing in the media with some even writing about the number of the disease to being higher now later the russian nuclear agency issued a report revealing that the accident happened and they see platform after a series of trials and that there was no threat of a radiation leak but thank you for bringing us that report. now we have breaking news this hour as the italian prime minister just said officially offer his resignation that comes amid bitter tensions in the ruling coalition earlier the pm was hugely critical of his coalition partner the interior minister. over his policies the resignation prams
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a no confidence vote tabled by sylvia's party the 5 star movement which was due tomorrow italy has been struggling to deal with migrants who've been arriving in the country with the authorities facing criticism over the ways we've been dealing with the issue that despite the resignation and won't necessarily mean snap elections for now it will be up to the italian president to decide what comes next well of course be keeping you updated as more information comes. in the u.k. a social media network for young british muslims turned out to be a part of a government anti-radical ization project full details after the break. you know world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made history media refuses to tell more than
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ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. will make this manufactured consensus seem to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. room real news.
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welcome back a social media network called walk aimed at young british muslims has turned out to be part of a u.k. government counterterrorism program reporting from london here. wolk is a social news platform the word being a popular used to describe someone who's acutely aware of social justice issues especially racism it uses bright colors and has a morton told designed it's a space for politically engaged young people to come together and discuss the burning issues of the day. were created for us to eat with you. just lies really how we choose you. know topic as off limits out woke climate change beacon to some gender issues kept the something for everyone across its pages has around 73000 followers and one of its most successful videos has hit
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1700000 of you mark but scrolling through its pages one can see that its content is primarily centered around the experience of british muslims and their identity and politics so alongside islamic holiday well wishes you'll also find debates on different perspectives of terrorism for example but no one has an issue with the content of what with it sponsor because the report has just revealed that the platform is the co-founder of the u.k. government counter-terrorism strategy now the home office hasn't been particularly force coming with details about its involvement and what it did it meant it has material from the project or if you start any question about the motives it's meant or indeed the methods that it uses electrically on the grounds of national security and its short statement on the issue didn't really help clarify the issue
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any thought we committed to using all the tools available to counter the threat from terrorism in the u.k. the home office works in partnership with a range of organizations to reduce vulnerability to organized criminal extremist and to. throats in the u.k. it's not just the white the public will you says who want told the government's role the report also reveals that people who were invited on to work can actually featured in discussions that want formed it was part of a home office and they should have an initiative called prevent that is cause great control to see since its implementation back in 2003 and it's been called nothing more than state sanctioned spying targeting the muslim community is probably unsurprising them that given the revelation related to that very project the backlash against it was quite strong this complete absence of transparency is just one of many reasons why there is such little trust between muslim communities and
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government. so angry about home or this this is what situation i can't articulate myself how can the government expect muslims not to have trust issues with our government the betrayal of trust that we face at every level of every institution including online spaces media platforms arts and cultural events civic life and everything else is on this list something i think everyone concerned with racism at all needs to be screaming about this is urgent a recent segment on won't discuss tackling fake news the irony i'm sure is not lost on many now who look at the platform and see it as a minute factor brand filled with content promoting the secret agenda on behalf of the british government so there are questions being raised here especially in a country which was once voted as the most transparent in the world sus to tape all
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teen and. media group which runs wolk told us it's proud of the work done for clients meanwhile facebook is expanding a crackdown on fake news on its instagram platform users will be able to flood what they deem suspicious posts the content can be marked fake or false and will then automatically deleted from searches for example suppose someone posts a false statement such as this one giving it the hash tag match expert if someone flags it as false it will never appear again under that hash tag however social media privacy advocate bill new is skeptical. it's when you get into pictures and primarily with video where things start to get really really difficult and at this moment in time the automated tools that they're using cannot tell the difference between a cat a dog and a terrorist at this moment in time the herding certainly would lead you on facebook platform to use an enormous number of me or people who sit and do nothing but look through these videos to moderate them and to recognize them. taking this sort of
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technique to instagram which is largely a picture based medium oversee the same challenges are going to face them and if they haven't got the resources to salute to get on top of things on facebook you have to question whether they've also got resources to police in spawn as well so i think what we need to see is accuracy and authenticity. a u.s. democratic lawmaker has apologized after picture showing the mark of sasa nation of president trump went viral state senator martin sandoval says an entertainment firm hired for one of his fundraiser advents was behind them the pictures were posted online by the senator supporters who were at the event as well in the photos a man is seen pointing a gun at another person wearing a trump mask the post has provoked quite now cry the apology from senator sanders all for the detestable pictures from his event depict in assassination of president trump is too little too late it's inexcusable for an elected official to allow the
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promotion of violence in any way if the individual pictured is a star for overall interior they should be terminated immediately martin sandoval in illinois is further proof it is the democrats who are inciting violence i have yet to see a republican promote such violence every democrat should be asked if they support to disavow this the editorial director at their reactionary times where rivera believes violent behavior has become increasingly acceptable among some parts of the left. unfortunately the rhetoric from the liberal left has continued to get more and more violent and this is becoming increasingly accepted by the left in the mainstream media continues to blast this message oh we're seeing an increase in violent behavior from the left people complain about supposedly negative you know divisive rhetoric from president trump but i've never seen president from stage
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a mock assassination of any of his democratic opponents what happens is it has the potential to radicalize the weak minded you know today's stage assassinations become tomorrow's assassination attempt that's a global news wrap up for now but i'll be back at the top of the hour with the latest thanks for tuning in. interest rates spike gapping the spread is widening and what i call interest rate apartheid if you're in the wrong side of the premise of jeffrey epstein you end up in him bantustan of extortion ery credit card rates if you're
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a friend of jeffrey upstate then you get the insider rate of negative and you get paid to lend money or to borrow money excuse me from from the bank. in this community there are people who believe that it's ok if you don't like it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's a lot of conflict in the game between the teams most of the conflicts i would say. and most of them is me. close one you know the children's children is good because the state of california makes 6000000000 dollars that you have to prison complex just to get some point in your life where. you don't care anymore nobody
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cares about you so you don't care might anything. why paradise with some around and into a round the experimentation field but agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major here to there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments that often in day you have many of these people one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power.
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ratings and sally you taishan with the tragic mass shootings in ohio and texas still hanging heavy in the summer air the united states has been struggling to find answers birds epidemic issues with gun violence and while many a challenger for the top political seat in the land has sounded off on mass shootings while on the 2020 campaign trail few of these presidential candidates or the cable television pundits that follow them have touched on a very troubling side to the story of violence through god and that is gun violence perpetrated by u.s. police officers as independent writer and researcher alabaster observes mass shootings have taken 339 people's lives and 2015 but within the same time period police who are responsible for enforcing gun laws have shot and killed
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4355 people. percentage wise that works out to 1200 percent more people being killed by cops with guns than mass shooters talk about your uncomfortable truths my friends you see our news media and politicians are very quick to jump into that spotlight and take photos with the orphaned and injured when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of mass shootings comes to the thin blue line. and their shootings. are not so much stop police terror project dc's natasa napper explain the truth out of a large swath of people in our nation don't want to reckon with the horrors police to cause in communities of color because to do this would call into question the entire way we have viewed these systems and their roles in our society you see it seems easier to go after the gun or the mental health of the perpetrator when that my.


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