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early. headlines this hour legal battle of course is to decide whether the big 4 tech giants in america should face claims of bias and censorship after conservatives like to use twitter apple google and facebook of silencing their peers also to come rushing the u.s. trade accusations u.n. security council over the collapse of the i.m.f. arms control treaty. the united states will not remain a party to a treaty that is deliberately violated by russia we are one step away from an arms race that cannot be controlled well regulated in any way. to capture a migrant rescue ship facing up to 20 years in jail in italy for her activities
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rejects an award for bravery from france accusing paris of hypocrisy. good morning just gone 9 o'clock am in moscow you're watching international now a u.s. court will decide whether there is enough evidence to go ahead with the censorship case against facebook google twitter and also apple is bringing the lawsuit accused tech giants of bias and suppressing content from the conservative end of the political spectrum and even as the story. if you haven't heard of a laura loom or now is the time the young female activists dared to go against the all mighty big tag and could actually shake things up more on that in just a sec she's known as someone who's been banned from seemingly all kinds of the sensual online services from twitter and facebook to pay pal and when i got banned
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from twitter. and i lost $95000.00 and i got banned from dell for me i got and. i didn't just get depressed i thought straight up to this i don't know but many of those in america who've heard of laura loom or will associate her activism with islamophobia and far right conspiracy theories most of these people would probably totally back the bans against her while at one point she decided to put up a real fight and court having teamed up with a group called freedom watch she sued apple facebook google and twitter accusing them of working together to intentionally and willfully suppress politically conservative content the lawsuit also alleged before had violated the 1st amendment and the u.s. anti-monopoly serious stuff but 1st the court said we're not looking into this an appeal by lunar followed straight after the tech giants wanted that one nipped in
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the bud but wow their plan didn't work the clinic is instructed to enter a briefing shuttle on succumbing to this case for presentation to a merits panel so yeah the merits of this lawsuit will be heard or lunar and coal are way through far from winning the war but they've won this initial small battle which is crucial given how many other conservative or all right figures we're told they're not welcome on this or that online platform and some in the conservative wing did call for legal action before donald trump did so too are they breaking the law mr president well i do. i don't whether it but i tell you what they should be sued only censorship against the right claims have quite often been dismissed as conspiracy theories but hey lately a growing number of the kes and testimonies from those who work for the big tech have indeed pointed to the existence of anti conservative bias we even have blacklists where is someone that's right it shows that there are conservative then
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they'll be blacklisted between different companies and different teams. that really need to change i see google executives go to congress and say that it's not going to be late it is not political and i'm just so sure that's not true they're telling people that oh they don't they don't have any blacklist this is all you know they don't have any political ideology they don't have any political bias but it's really clear that they do the tech giant bosses have time and again denied any wrongdoing were just platforms is what they kept saying plus the current legal consensus is that these guys are allowed to moderate the content that appears on their sites or through their apps do you discriminate more on philosophy anti conservative versus liberal no or polls susan are rhythms don't take into consideration any affiliation philosophy were viewpoint there is absolutely no
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directive in any of the changes that we make to have a bias in anything that we do we use a robust methodology to reflect what is being said about any given topic at any particular time and we try to do it objectively using a set of threw bricks it's clear they are worried that at some point they won't be able to get away with just saying now you've got nothing to blame us for well we might have just seen a tiny 1st sign that could be turning so let's indeed watch out for laura lou murder case. well media commentators you know loudon thinks the tech giants do need to be questioned about possible buys certainly if this happened to her this is happened to a lot of people and it's high time that the big tech giants were challenge to hunt this there's a confusion i think because americans love free speech we love private property so we love for example when it's a company and we say well that company has
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a right to do anything it wants to but there comes a point where it's almost like a public utility because they have such a monopoly on communication in general especially in terms of social media so some of these giants that really do have control. they've changed the game you can only come to one conclusion when it seems to only happen against conservatives in general and and i think that this flies in the face of of our free speech and you know that for most of us in america we could agree that our 1st amendment speech is critical to everything that is freedom and most of us would wish that some of these tech giants would go along with that. russia and china have called for global action to prevent a new arms race for him collapse of a key arms control agreement moscow in beijing called the u.n. security council meeting after the u.s. tested the cruise missile previously banned by the i.n.f. treaty and rival powers blurring the each other for the ongoing escalation. do you
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realize because of the u.s. ambitions we are one step away from an arms race that cannot be controlled or regulates it in any way the united states will not remain a party to a treaty that is deliberately violated by russia with as if this depended only on us we would not have reached this dangerous situation and united states is taking the necessary steps to address the threat posed by intermediate range missile forces being deployed in ever larger numbers by russia and china would you but what about you they going to evade responsibility for what is happening with future generations to give you this russia's present actions are in line with a pattern of aggression that represents a clear threat to international peace and security the russian federation is the sole responsibility for the reason to. have been really because it would have been you might just do not understand the by your response to the american c.e.o. returning to a historical situation when missiles were targeting european cities from different
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sides. it was a heated debate at the united nations security council now the united states has recently withdrawn from the i.n.f. treaty the intermediate range nuclear forces agreement and not only has the usa withdrawn from the treaty but the usa recently tested a missile that would have been a violation of that treaty had it still been in effect many are viewing this as an escalation of a potential new arms race between russia and the united states now when the representative of the united states spoke to the security council they accused russia of being responsible for the agreements demise this is the us representative here today because the russian federation preferred a world in which the united states continued to fulfill its i.n.f. treaty obligations while the russian federation did not we've heard a narrative today that the united states had itself been in violation of the i.n.f. treaty because of our recent flight test which used the m k 41 launcher that was
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also found in our aid. sure missile defense system this is categorically false now russia emphasized that its concerns about the m k 41 launcher have been proven to be indeed correct and that this launcher could easily be tested in transformed into the tomahawk missiles that were recently tested by the united states and those missiles do indeed violate the treaty now russia which had been accused of having violated the i.n.f. treaty had repeatedly requested that inspectors come to russia and see if indeed these allegations from u.s. leaders were true however the united nations and the united states ignored their requests to defend themselves against these allegations of violating the i.n.f. treaty russia asked for dialogue around the issue and this dialogue was ignored here's some of what we heard from the russian representative. in accusing russia the united states and the countries that support it or ignoring facts and common sense as we proposed closed door meeting to look at all missile of this close and
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could fool information to convince them that it did not violate the treaty they refused we cannot understand the arguments from the u.s. but we do want to save the treaty china was also subject to u.s. allegations that the security council united states accused china of boosting its military arsenal as well china responded that it was not correct for the united states to withdraw from the treating and that blaming china for their decision was not honest or correct either this is the chinese representative addressing the security council with the i.n.f. treaty is of great importance to not only the u.s. and russia but it's a global peace and security is an accent to which used china as an excuse for leaving the treaty china rejects that by societies ations from the u.s. now the i.m.f. treaty was signed in 1987 it was a key moment in the deescalation and ultimate end of the cold war between the united states and the soviet union and the recent decision of the united states.
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withdraw from that treaty as many concerned about the potential for a new nuclear arms race now many hoped that meeting could be the opening of dialogue toward restoring some kind of treaty regarding intermediate range nuclear forces missiles and such and wherever while a lot of accusations were exchanged no real consensus seems to have existed among the countries represented at the un security council. and that one investigative journalist dave lindorff does that the us is forcing rival power was into an alms race. the u.s. was preparing to do this. that the fact that they launched this tomahawk missile from a mark 41 launcher proves what russia had been complaining about when the u.s. put these agents missile systems near the russian border russian western border and said oh these are to guard against iranian missiles which of course don't even
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exist there are no russian intermediate range missiles based around the united states and there aren't any chinese intermediate range missiles based around the united states that the united states however wants to return to a situation like pre 987 when the u.s. said pershing missiles highly accurate 300300 kilogram ton were head missiles all over europe aimed at russia and the danger of these missiles is that they can strike their targets within minutes so it forces countries like russia or china to put their i.c.b.m. sign here trigger response this is very very dangerous time now and it's a going to lead to an enormous arms race. with german captain of a migrant trash can battle pricing in the mediterranean a snub to bravery aboard from prince is apparently she says paris of a pole crecy given its treatment of migrants and russian tunes $1.00 in 2017 claims
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but by studying authorities in the portland days and with rescued migrants on board she was charged with assisting illegal immigration and could not face up to 20 years in jail. we do not need authorities deciding about who is a hero and who is illegal at the same time your police is stealing blankets from people that you forced to live in the streets while you read protests and criminal ice people that are standing up for rights of migrants and asylum seekers we are waiting for you in paris to show you the different ways we are ensuring a dignified reception for migrants despite the tensions that exist on the subject with the state you'll fight is ours the parish has consistently lobbied for better or worse yet consent is for migrants while the city was actually the 1st to open a temporary reception center which some 13000 lichens said to have past 3 and it's invested 40000 us in a restaurant to feed my kids if the paris mess says they would have done more but
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for the french government i do not understand why the government is allowing an indignity and kiryas on the capital's doorstep between 700 and the 1200 migrants are sleeping rough in the streets in makeshift camps under bridges on roadsides where they're forced to leave inhumane conditions and does she have a point that the french state has repeatedly cleared a migrant camps in paris but when one is dismantled sure enough another suing replaces it michael's government has also been criticised for a controversial asylum and immigration bill in a bid to limit new arrivals that law double to 90 days the time in which illegal immigrants could be detained it shortened deploying school asylum applications and made illegal crossing the borders as an offense with a jail time of up to
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a year but is also really in a position to sort out the problem itself it's been trying with germany to find consensus across the entire a you for a solution to the crime. on that level brussels is slamming italy and the eastern european countries for shutting their doors tom migrants it's very people critical where the mayor of paris is doing i don't know what went into the mind. of mine because you see of course they're not welcome you can go from here and you can see the people sleeping in the street it's a tough. political with respect to eat it because it is getting most of the mines and friends and take them in in such large numbers so they blame the tenant for not opening their bulldozer to the fans don't do that either so it's completely political the thousands of the in the mater and maybe because exactly because of the so-called humanitarian probably see which gives them the illusion that they would be. and they want the i mean the world all be from migrants in not be at the
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way that they treated the activists not happy at the way the government to helping the local governments not being happy with the federal government and those federal governments not happy with brussels brussels it seems is not happy either it's one huge circle going around and around but it's actually not getting any challenge even ski auti paris for across the atlantic the transit strike is also facing stick for the way you treat some document true from the border with mexico we'll have a look at the latest controversial plan match your stuff. most
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people think just stand out in this business you need to be the 1st one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest read. truth to stand the news business you just need as the right questions and demand the right answers . question. this is the poseidon adventure mixed with the titanic in one colossal sinking of the global economy right now we've got. trump starring what the ghost of paul newman on the bridge of the titanic watching as they engineer colazal failure of the global economy.
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again now a 9th rank of peace talks between the u.s. and the taliban is underway currently but a new study has raised concern that any pace in afghanistan could be undermined by cia backed militias operating in the country the report by brown university what's an institute argues that if a deal is brought you could washington withdraws its troops the militias could start causing trouble. as more. peace talks with the taliban could be making some serious headway washington is certainly optimistic about them the conversations are going well the truth will be in the reality of what really happens other going to we can reduce violence will create a space where we can withdraw not only american support but nato forces that are there as well reducing violence would be great in
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a country that's seen 19 years of continuous war according to the reports there are 4 key negotiating points at the moment 1st the taliban must guarantee that it will not allow foreign armed groups to use afghanistan as a base for their terrorist attacks an obvious reference to al qaeda which brought the u.s. and its allies to the country in the 1st place in return the u.s. and nato troops must pull out from afghanistan then there's the questions of a permanent cease fire an internal political dialogue and then there's a couple of elephants in the room like for example the future of cia armed and trained afghan militias a new report by a u.s. based brown university's watson institute argues in fact no real peace could be possible unless their future is addressed. militias that operate outside of the control of the central state on the chain of command of its own forces will
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undermine the process of state formation and the prospects for a sustainable peace our concern is if such units in the militias continue to operate from of understanding in afghanistan it's going to. cause the white linen to continue because it's not going to be the only the cia that will continue its operation but other countries will follow suit and i think that in such a situation a lot of even it will allow some taliban fighters to continue in effect to groups like they just because. they will see that such such militias continue and i think that these militias are uncontrollable the most infamous of these groups is the so-called coast protection force from summary executions to torture you name the human rights abuses they've probably been accused of it and they're not exactly shy about who they hang around with we are better trained than the afghan national army
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helicopters and drones belong to the u.s. but we regularly received requests to support them. the cia doesn't admit they train these militias of course but they have quite the track record during the soviet afghan war they financed a group of islamic fighters called the mujahideen to fight the afghan government then backed by the u.s.s.r. and guess who came out of the mujahideen the same taliban that continues to be a thorn in the side of the us to this day one of the conditions of u.s. withdrawal is that the cia also will. stop all activities and leave the country newsgroups. or return to the good cool or take it under the control rather central government in kabul then this peace process is a complete sham and it will carry about as much we as a bunch of lines went because these groups will still be operating this year you will still have a presence in the country therefore the us will still object to. afghanistan when training more militant groups to fight the ones that turned on you last time lands
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you in trouble once again it might be time to take a hint donald quarter artie. humanised groups have raised the alarm after the trumpet ministration revealed it would be replacing an agreement currently limits how long undocumented children can be kept in detention the detention of children can lead to trauma susanto feelings and exposure to dangerously natick with medical can no mound of time and attention is safe for children and prolonged detention is particularly harmful while under the 997 flora's agreement the government has to release detained migrant children and their parents if present after a period of 20 days a new policy though reportedly without time restrictions will be introduced within 60 days and is likely to face legal challenges and security officials say the current agreement encourages migrants to bring children with them in a bid to get released into the us early. new rules protect children by reducing
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incentives for adults including human smugglers to exploit minors in the dangerous journey to our border using them to beat the system and be released into the united states no child should be a pawn in a scheme to manipulate our immigration system which is why the new rule eliminates the incentive to exploit children as a free ticket or as one gentleman in what i'm all told me a passport for migration to the united states but a large number of central american families have been making their way to the us mexico border with 600000 people detained there alone undocumented children are reportedly being held in conditions of extreme overcrowding and 7 children have died in immigration custody since last year we spoke to a human rights lawyer. he thinks the new policy could actually make things worse. it does 3 things actually what's being proposed it would as you say allow children
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to be held indefinitely right now there are limits on how long a child can be held in detention the 2nd thing it does is really new all state regulations on these types of detention centers and that there are many as is it will deny access to independent observers who want to go to see and make sure that the conditions that hold. children and their families are pro career so if they're held indefinitely we know children are going to be abused and treated terribly these immigrants are already and in uniquely terrible circumstances and this is only going to make it worse d.e.u.s. is doing this really as a coercive measure to try to deter migrants from coming into the country basically that the u.s. is saying. if you come to this country with children you're going to be treated
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very badly in your children are going to be treated badly so don't come. now the colombian authorities have launched a crackdown on illegal cocoa farms but farmers there say the crops are a matter of survival and i think the government of failing to provide the promised the aid promised to them and repay steel you can watch our documentary the cocoa trap throughout the day here on r.t. and also online but he's a pretty. lonely go home but the words of the. late media will see those of us bozo know. it's going to keep money for. those companies who most people almost couldn't be our most came in nobody goes from billionaires was called he was he received. in columbia point through a coke. head of people now if you're not
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a. little you. can feel a bit cold. or her little eyes it with her head look because if you're not a very close almost all of those on board totals you know what i stuck on that note to those of us with a moment or you know they can pull him into the little bit but. when . someone opens his way past. time you know seeing my band i lowliness will see at least one in political many of. my time most of the. most but is this one of you compile the seals.
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you will use for the sat don't forget that you can keep yourself. on our website you can find that. the war we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development only i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of time time to sit down and talk. he's challenging donald trump in the g.o.p. primaries the former 2 term republican governor of massachusetts bill weld on
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this edition of politicking. of politicking on larry king one certainty in the often erratic and unconventional presidency of donald trump is that the base of the report of the republican party loves this man and this policies those for the base has never wavered in this support forum so why was so many stand up and challenge the president and once you argument to switch candidates midstream let's find out as that man former 2 term republican governor of massachusetts bill weld joins us from bush. good to see a bill thinks grégoire great to be with you as always you know you know when i as dad always seems always to name drop when i ask them who is stevenson when he was
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supporting them bastards to the u.n. can they. call you mr ambassador he says no called me governor because i always won the title of government do you i feel i feel the same way the same way what is it about being governor then that was closed well english citizens like you and mrs stevens and you the same thing you run your own show and you're very close to the people much closer than you are in washington so if you mess up you hear about it right away up close and personal from people you talk to every day and that really makes it more rewarding because you can sort of get feedback right away usually the more for them of the head i was going to say also you can really have an impact on your state like i cut taxes $21.00 times because i want to get rid of the label tax that juice it's which the state used to have and that worked and business confidence returned so employment went up and the unemployment rate went down and i
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cut spending because i hate deficit spending and that also helped get confidence from the employers and as we say the government level the best social program anybody ever invented is a job and so that's very rewarding bill you know you're up against it. don't you well i know that i'm up against a president who's very popular among the 50 state republican parties very very popular but the reason why is that those are the trump organizations and each of the 50 states after the election he put in his people so it's not surprising that he should have 99 to one popularity among the trump organizations in the various states i think the challenge for me is to expand the electorate that's going to vote in the republican primary so i'll be concentrating on the 20 states that permit crossover voting where democrats and an affiliated independent voters.


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