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sort of a symmetrical response to the latest u.s. missile test that was the un security council of a new arms race if action isn't taken. we're one step away from an arms race that cannot be controlled regulated in any way the united states will not remain a party to a treaty that is deliberately violated by russian. conservative activists in the us celebrate to offer a call to greece to reconsider a case accusing global tech giants like google and facebook of conservative. couple whose child was severely malnourished after being placed on a diet escaped jail but community service instead we.
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have very young children and let the children decide when they're old enough maybe after the great spirit is finished with are they trying to. address climate. change q what's your to international with you tonight welcome to the program. has ordered an analysis of the threat posed by a new u.s. missile weapon was recently tested just after washington pulled out of a key arms control treaty with moscow the russian president also ordered a symmetrical response to the weapon. has the story. there you have a and all the latest developments in statements are in essence the new reality of the world without the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty how murder by
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washington and moscow decades ago and eventually torn apart after an announcement by the us president donald trump at the end of last year earlier this week the u.s. state department announced that the us successfully tested a new cruise missile that was previously outlawed by the terms of the i.n.f. treaty plus even before that the u.s. secretary of defense revealed that america was working on the deployment of new missiles to the asia pacific and the head of the pentagon made it clear that he wants that to happen asap now this friday the russian president as a result of that got together with the most senior russian officials that are in charge of security in this country and now he's saying that the american tests are nothing but a clear indication that washington pulled out of the treaty now because moscow was violating something russia believes that this was a well calculated plan to get their hands on tied the americans orchestrated
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a propaganda campaign alleging violations by russia. is now clear this was just a smokescreen to hide washington's own breaches of the treaty and its intention to leave it this all leaves 0 doubts about america's real intentions haven't got rid of the existing limits it's now free to deploy previously forbid missiles anywhere in the world top american politicians say that you systems could be deployed 1st in the asia pacific region but this affects our interests as well because it is situated near our borders over the last few months we kept hearing warnings from the russian capital that if here they realize that washington is rushing to develop or deploy new missiles now that they don't have to abide by the terms of the agreement moscow will do exact. the same and on friday mr putin made it clear that the russian take on this won't change and that moscow was ready to take all the
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necessary steps presentable and then you leave as you know we've never wanted and still don't want to get into an arms race which is expensive and destructive for a country's economy all the latest weapons that we've been developing were response to america's unilateral pullout from the 2003 antiballistic missile treaty we were forced to maintain the security of our people and our country we are doing the same now and no doubt we'll keep on doing this in the future so once again the message from the russian government is they don't want to be dragged into this game but they are being forced to do it and the response from them will come quickly of the situation surrounding the collapse of the and after it was addressed that the u.n. security council where tensions flared russia and china called for global action to prevent a new arms race and the rival powers blamed each other for the ongoing escalation. if you do realize that because of the u.s. ambitions we are one step away from an arms race that cannot be controlled or
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regulated in any way the united states will not remain a party to a treaty that is deliberately violated by russia that with this depended only on us we would not reach this dangerous situation the united states is taking the necessary steps to address the threat posed by intermediate range missile forces and being deployed in ever larger numbers by russia and china are good if you but what about you are you going to avoid responsibility for what is happening in the future generations forgive you for this russia's present actions are in line with a pattern of aggression that represents a clear threat to international peace and security the russian federation has the sole responsibility for the reason demise of the reading because it will be my judgment do you not understand that by your responses to the americans you are returning the historical situation when missiles will target european cities from different sites the us is looking into different sorts of research into hypersonic widely calls that could be destabilizing because they can cross decision making
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already you're getting. new technology and the big dangerous and risky question is is nobody know what this will mean in the future and what this will mean for future stability and what we really need is a dialogue between the u.s. and russia as a starting person to bring the 2 sides back together because it is in everybody's mutual interests to minimize the risk of a nuclear war i think what's important to realize is that with arms control treaties that put restraints on countries where heading into dangerous and uncharted territory are on becomes a severe possibility of. conservative activists and the u.s. are celebrating after a court agreed to reconsider a set of a ship case against facebook google twitter and apple is bringing that also to carry the tech charts on. via son of suppressing content from the conservative end of the political spectrum a controversial right wing activist the law is leading the case with
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a group called freedom watch she's previously been banned from all kinds of online platforms from twitter and facebook to. the lawsuit also alleges the 4 tech giants violated the 1st amendment and us and the monopoly laws have of course been a growing number of leaks and testimonies from those who work for big sec that allege and to conservative bias even our blacklist where is someone right shows that there are conservative they'll be blacklisted between different companies and different teams. that really need to change i see google executives go to congress and say that it's not going to be good it is not political and i'm just so sure that's not true they're telling people that oh they don't they don't have any blacklist this is all you know they don't have any political ideology they don't have any political bias but it's really clear that they do the current legal consensus is that tech giants are allowed to moderate the content which appears on
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their sites or through their apps they have denied any censorship. do you discriminate more on philosophy like anti conservative versus pro liberal no or policies in our rooms don't take a look consideration any affiliation for speed we're viewpoint there is absolutely no directive in any of the changes that we make to have a bias in anything that we do we use a robust methodology to reflect what is being said about any given topic at any particular time and we try to do it objective lee using a set of rubrics certainly if this happened to her this is happened to a lot of people and it's high time that the big tech giants were challenge to hunt this there's a confusion i think because americans love free speech and we love private property so we love for example when it's a company and we say well that company has a right to do anything it wants to but there comes a point where it's almost like
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a public utility because they have such a monopoly on communication in general especially in terms of social media so some of these giants that really do have control. they've changed the game you can only come to one conclusion when it seems to only happen against conservatives in general and and i think that this flies in the face of of our free speech and you know that for most of us in america we could agree that our 1st amendment speech right is critical to everything that is freedom and most of us would wish that some of these tech giants would go along with that. in australia a former defense lawyer faces jail over the leak of controversial afghan files appeared in the supremes court on thursday for preliminary hearings david mcbride released classified material in 2017 alleging australian troops committed war crimes in afghanistan was charged with breaching the country's defense act and is expected to face trial next year he claims it was his duty to the australian people
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to make the documents public. i've got a few tricks up my sleeve it's worth having a go i might fail but i'll be happy in jail if i've tried among the incidents reported in a so-called afghan files where the killing of a civilian man and his son during a raid where it was a lead they were shot by mistake in another case an afghan detainee was shot dead while he was alone with an australian soldier whistleblower claimed that before leaking information to the media he tried to bring it to the attention of officials but his efforts were in vain we're joined live now by former cia officer i must follow john kiriakou thanks for joining us secretary on today david macwrite is facing trial now over the leak of those documents that obviously shed light on the australian on these actions do you think her jail sentence is almost certain here. unfortunately i think it probably is almost certain and you know this is the real shame because it's so typical it's so common in places like the united states the
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u.k. australia really the 5 eyes countries to attack the whistleblower rather than to address the crime and to punish those who committed the crime what we're talking about here in this case really is war crimes or crimes against humanity but you don't hear journalists talking about prosecuting those crimes do you believe now that those incidents have come to public attention do you think the soldiers mentioned in those files are going to be investigated. i would hope so but if the united states is any example no i think that they probably won't be investigated and then again this is this is common we see this in the united states all the time rather than prosecuting or even investigating those who have allegedly carried out these terrible war crimes or crimes against humanity the only people that are investigated are the whistleblowers who made the information public. and he of
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course claim that before illegal and information to the media he tried to bring it to the attention of officials that didn't go anywhere why do you think they turned a broad to his appeals oh that's another very common that very typical event in cases like this you know most of the time people don't want to get involved they don't want to they don't want to rock the boat here in the united states we're always taught in the intelligence community in the defense community to go through the chain of command but when it's your chain of command it's covering up the crime there's really nowhere else to go except through the media and speaking of the media the they a.b.c. outlet which publish those meet documents is also facing pressure what does that say about you know the situation with media freedoms in australia yeah we've seen the same thing here in the united states where you have law enforcement actually carrying out raids on media headquarters and on the homes of the executives in that me in that media structure and also on the homes of journalists
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we've seen it in the u.k. with their official secrets act we see it here in the united states in spades with the upcoming trial of julian assange i'm afraid that this is the future and and it's a dark one but what of course says those afghan files that he leaked are not national security he described them as as nationally embarrassing how do you go straight in on me end up in the situation and what is that balance between protecting national security protecting the safety of perhaps agents work you know abroad and cetera and bringing abuses and breaking the law to the public eye. there actually is a legal definition of whistle blowing and that is bringing to light any evidence of waste fraud abuse illegality or threats to the public health or public safety there ought to be pardon fast whistleblower protection laws there are in many countries there is not in in australia and here in the united states there is not where it
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comes to intelligence and and defense affairs but there really need to be legal protections so people can can go confidently to their supervisors or to their legislature or even to the media to report crimes in this case i think that that the australian soldiers involved were probably i'm not even sure how to say it but sucked into the same kind of of wartime situation that so many americans have been sucked into you think that you can get away with things you think that they are crimes and eventually there's going to be a whistleblower you know there's there's an old saying that the truth always comes out and i think that that is the case it was the case here it's been the case in the united states whether it's cia or n.s.a. or f.b.i. the truth always comes out and so if you don't want trouble just do the right thing
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you mentioned a system for protecting whistleblowers and having you know protections in place for people that want to uncover violations how close are we to having some system not met in europe in australia in the in the united states. well the european union last april passed a new whistleblower protection law but it protects specifically civilian whistleblowers not those associated with defense or intelligence so if you're a whistleblower let's say in the banking sector or in the agriculture sector you're protected and your revelations will be protected but we have the united states and the u.k. and australia and other major powers just adamantly refusing to protect national security whistleblowers there's just no indication that these are going to get better in the near future all right thanks for that former cia officer and whistle blower john kiriakou thanks for your time today here on r.t. . if you. have german captain of a migrant rescue boat in the mediterranean has snubbed a bravery award from from 3 accuses paris of hypocrisy given its treatment of
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refugees we do not need authorities deciding about who is a hero and who is illegal at the same time your police is stealing blankets from people that you're forced to live in the streets while the rate protests and criminal ice people that are standing up for rights of migrants and asylum seekers well in 2017 peer clamp spoked was seized by italian authorities in the point of lampedusa which rescued with rescued migrants on board she was charged with assisting illegal immigration could face up to 20 years in jail the paris mayor's office has reacted to her criticisms of the french or thora he's inviting her to the city to see how migrants already treated there we are waiting for you in paris to show you the different ways we are ensuring a dignified reception for migrants despite the tensions that exist on the subject with the state you'll fight is ours or while the french capital is at odds with the federal government over margaret's france is also wrangling over the issue with
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other e.u. members of the 2 main ski digs deeper into the story. parish has consistently lobbied for better or worse that consent is for migrants while the city was actually the 1st to open a temporary reception center which some 13000 migrants said to have passed through and it's invested 40000 viewers in a restaurant to feed my kids if the paris mess says they would have done more but for the french government i do not understand why the government is allowing an indignity and kiryas on the capital's doorstep between 700 and the 1200 migrants are sleeping rough in the streets in makeshift camps under bridges on roadsides where they're forced to leave inhumane conditions and does she have a point that the french state has repeatedly cleared of migrant camps in paris but when one is dismantled sure enough another soon replaces it michael's government
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has also been criticized for a controversial asylum and immigration bill in a bid to limit new arrivals that law double to 90 days the time in which illegal immigrants could be detained it shortened deadlines for asylum applications and made illegal crossing of borders as in offense with a jail time of up to a year but these funds really in a position to sort out the problem itself it's been trying with germany to find consensus across the entire you for a solution to the crisis on that level brussels is slamming italy and eastern european countries for shutting their doors to migrants very people critical where the mayor of paris is doing i don't know what went into the mind. of mine because you see of course they don't welcome you. here and you can see the people sleeping
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in just. to go with respect to eat today because he did these good. most of the 900 fans isn't dig them in such large numbers so they blame the tenant for not opening their bulldozer but the fans don't do that either so this company people critical the toes of the day in the media and maybe because exactly because of the so-called humanitarian probably see we should give them the illusion that they would be cute and they want the i mean the world all be from migrants in not happy at the way that they treated the activists not happy at the way the government to helping the local governments not being happy with the federal governments and those federal governments not happy with brussels brussels it seems is not happy either it's one of huge circle going around and around but it's actually not getting anywhere. r.t. paris. a vegan couple from australia whose child was found to be seriously mom
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laura bush after being placed on a vegan diet and escaped jail after a judge handed them 300 hours of community service instead according to police the baby was severely underweight after being placed on a vegan diet from birth eating only sparse vegetables she weighed less than 5 kilograms suffered from major problems with her bones and was hardly able to move doctors said she'd only developed as much as 3 months old and had no teeth because of the lack of necessary vitamins the parents faced huge criticism for not thinking of the consequences of their actions. the founder of apparently discharged his not her parental responsibility to take charge by providing the necessities of life causing a danger of serious injury is undoubtedly very serious conduct particularly where the child is very young and he's unable to independently care for himself or herself and all one put in fact that have you been there is no greater responsibility and then by
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a parent to his or her char to care for the child to nurture the child and to protect the child from any harm or injury caring for the go was caring for a very young baby she couldn't sit up she couldn't speak any words she couldn't feed herself hold a bottle she couldn't play was to spend the day in her court running back and forth she couldn't roll over all the way. this case raised the question of whether it's appropriate to use if you can diets for small children despite the protests some experts including those in the american academy of pediatrics pediatrics think it's acceptable and can be good for children however not all agree with them on that we discussed the issue with judy wore a registered dietitian nutritionist and patrick oldham the founding director of the sustainable food trust. contact between health as it is now with health services is quite poor. and children not see nearly as regularly or as often as they used to be
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say 10 or 15 years ago and i think that's one of the problems that house for the sisters just can't keep that keep an eye on the on the number of children that they've got in that case we need to keep a vigilant eye on people who probably the best reasons are misguided late feeding their children unhealthy diet i have seen several reagan parents who come to me and say they want to bring up their challenge they get in and once we talk it through and i explain the implications of it and have cancer right in the planning of the doc most of them decide against ect that i would say that most of them that i've seen race in a while over the last 2 or 3 years and not getting the going because of their environmental concerns i would argue that perhaps it's not necessary to be quite so extreme as that there's a lot of worry about i would about what does that that is correct for addressing climate change and all the other problems with facing is what we would argue that
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it is possible to eat sustainably to include a whole range of sustainably produced livestock products in the diet without feeding it too guilty about it and probably your children would be better off for that it's possible to keep the child healthy a batch they do need supplements you can't just rely on a feeding diet yes we need to eat less meat but don't give up together it's the right kind of meat and that's good for your health and good for the environment avoid a vague and very young children and let the children decide when they're old enough maybe after their great specials finished with a front to have a good doctor not and in the mean time allow them to eat a full of diet full of old the. 3 grapes we can address climate change by easy will sustainably we can also promote all right health. authorities in colombia have launched a crackdown on illegal cocoa farms farmers who have a say they need to grow the crops to survive they've accused the government of breaking a promise to give the maid you can watch your documentary the cocoa traps throughout
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the day here on r.t. and also online meantime here's a quick preview. to. the lonely go home of the. badly media lucille's i suppose oh no. it's going to. come p.c. most people almost couldn't be our most came in the us from billionaires was could do is pull you in columbia quick throughout. the. time and. you know. you i did i kind of those can feel a bit cold. you know he's not. with a lot because if you're going to go very close on one of those one all of those you
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know when i start. this game of go you know they complete me into the little bit past. when. someone says well if i asked pedro knows you know seeing my band i loneliness or c.n.n. . political many of. my family. you know me most but what is this when you compile the seals. you can watch the rest that documentary bit later here on r.t. in the meantime watching the hawks is heading your way well back in 30 minutes time with the latest.
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this is the poseidon adventure mixed with the titanic in one colossal all sinking of the global economy right now we've got donald trump starring with the ghost of paul newman on the bridge of the titanic watching as they engineer colazal failure of the global economy.
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greetings and salutations if the media was working overtime to ignore an excuse the powerful men connected to convicted sex trafficker and pedophile jeffrey abstained their working triple time to direct your attention to the women in a smiths while bill and hillary clinton were photographed looking all a bit lovey dovey on the wealthy enclave of the hamptons rumors swirled that prince andrew and sarah ferguson might get back together this is important to note since
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neither men have been critiqued very seriously in the press while the women who have the bad luck to have photographs taken with or around at stand are getting shellacked most notably supermodel naomi campbell who was dragged by daily mail this weekend with a piece that question an upcoming philanthropic a word she is set to receive and also called outrage for no discernible reason whatsoever however it was the gallery of the 9 pictures of the supermodel with famous men who have been accused of or convicted of rape and sexual abuse that makes one wonder men like harvey weinstein mike tyson and kevin spacey that for many went too far when she have the nerve to respond at a self produced video on her official you tube page the daily beast called it weird and mentioned her tenuous connections to epstein stating campbell didn't discuss that in the video which showed her answering questions from a faceless interview as though she was on a real t.v. program as if a person can't make
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a statement to the world without the real press deciding whether it's valid 1st which brings us to the question of the day how will the press as a whole be able to properly report on the jeffrey epstein case and those who assisted him and their focus is only on the women who have never actually been accused of wrongdoing especially when the women who have been credibly accused could just as easily be victims as much as perpetrators and speaking a victim. perpetrator's the national rifle association is finally being held to task for its spending and veer from the core values they claim to espouse the corporate roots of the disease tree of the n.r.a. be about to fall well let's find out as tara ventura and i start watching the hawks . want to see. the. real that this was. a lie as to a lot of. what it looks like you are going to.
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be a little. bit . welcome everybody to watch and some tabitha wallace today we once again like dialogue over debate i guess every thursday is tyrrell venter and i bring you 2 distinct and informative discussions featuring a variety of topics and guests with unique political viewpoints starting with my very own so let's take a trip into the gallery. joining me now in the gallery are loads of news news you got to know and use our intrepid sports reporter at r.t. america regina hamm and our team america responded rachel evans thanks for joining me you know you know so named in these various lawsuits that are coming out now are these women who work for epstein on a.


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