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i don't know which question or shall i call it being hard to live where so many have was. top stories in r.t. human rights activists will make cameroon separatist crisis will worsen as leaders of a breakaway region are saying life sentences. also to come california adopts a new law limiting the use of deadly force by police as a recent study finds officer brutality is one of the main causes of death among young american men under strain in parents whose baby daughter was left malnourished by a freak and diet avoid jail our guest debate an issues raised by the cat. but we need to people bridgeland all life on the probably the best of reasons all misguidedly feeding their children and healthy diets thank you need supplements you can't just rely on intriguing diet.
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like morning you're watching r.t. international now a deadly separatist crisis in the central african country of cameroon has deepened this week a military tribunals of the french majority status handed life sentences to 10 leaders from an anglo phone breakaway region activists warn that it will impede efforts to end the bloody conflicts made accusations of brazen human rights abuses against angle phone citizens. so you do everyone can understand a conviction if you're saying a fair trial but this has been fair trial with procedural violations from start to finish the way things are going the schools will close no one knows what will happen next with radicalization of young people and all these weapons around. and lawful killings and use of excessive force by government forces during security
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operations have been rife since the crisis started security forces seem to have little fear of what will happen as they commit brazen crimes against civilians. nearly half of all the schools closed across the region juta attacks threats of attack and increasing violence are located in the northwest in southwest cameroon 4437 schools there closed as of june 29th seen pushing more than 609000 children out of school well the current armed conflict began after a military crackdown on protests in cameroons to english speaking regions however the roots of the crisis also lie further back in the country's colonial social
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events now expects. cameron is a mixture of the new phone and francophone communities english speakers make up around about a 5th of the population and they mainly concentrated into western areas of the country the tipping point came in 2016 when the anglo phone said that they finally had enough what they believed was discriminatory practices against that community that was after the government imposed french speaking teachers and lawyers in schools and pools in their areas protests ensued off to it but they were tracked down no by the security services and the phone leaders were arrested sparking further rest poor church they kidnapped on the burning of settlements. parts of the country many have fled and in the last year a 30 percent increase in the number of people who need 8 humanitarian needs in cameroon has never been greater in the south west northwest in particular we have
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witnessed the emergence of a new crisis characterized by numerous abuses and violations of human rights but all of these problems have roots that reach far into cameron's past a former german colony france and the u.k. were given the mandate to look after the area following the 1st world war then in the 1960 s. france and the british finally gave the territories that independence to former colonies which had been ruled in very different ways became a single state that haven't quite got the origins of the. kloof and. the blue powers are aware of but no real effort to want to. shout over this stuff that comes to this independent country and should be . no more from my to keep close tabs on its. promise to move into a situation in which there was collusion between. government. the french government
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to ensure that. people remain in the country. in. that situation. i think. the over 1000000 countries whether it's in my. bathroom as the world or what she is on what some already describing as a civil war in central africa is cameroon is becoming more entrenched of the issue may lie in the country's kowloon your past but it's today citizens are suffering the consequences. of a new use california's governor signed a new law limiting the use of force by police officers when making arrests officers will only be able to use lethal force if they believe there is an immediate threat of death or injury the new law also makes it easier to prosecute police officers
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who abuse their power they could face criminal charges civil liability or disciplinary action whether or change has come as a recent study finds that police brutality is one of the top 10 causes of death among young american men more pin has this report now a word of warning though you might find some of its content upsetting. the killing of unarmed african americans at the hands of law enforcement has been an issue that dominated headlines in the united states for years names like michael brown eric garner and samir rice bring back memories of mass protest movements and rising anger from the black community and concerned citizens. pay. for. the latest statistics reveal just how systemic the problem of police violence could
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be police for this is a leading cause of death for young men in the united states over the law of course about one in every 1000 black men can expect to be killed by police risk of being killed by police peaks between the age of 20 years and 35 years for men and women and for all racial and ethnic groups in fact dying at the hands of law enforcement is the 6th leading cause of death think about it american police officers take more young lives than diabetes influenza and most diseases only car accidents suicide homicide heart disease and cancer kill more young americans than police officers it's almost like interactions with the police or becoming a public health crisis or a drug epidemic the study reinforces calls to treat police violence as a public health issue racially unequal exposure to the risk of seat violence has profound consequences for public health democracy and racial stratification of course police authorities maintain that they do everything in their power to
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exercise restraint take the case of tony tampa a 32 year old living in dallas texas he called the police himself to say that he was off his medication for schizophrenia and then he needed help after the police arrived responding to his own call they restrained him they laughed at his pleas and he eventually stopped breathing. both. of them the only thing that i know nothing about rolled and rolled out of the code only 3 lunatics got here. in new york city the subways and billboards warn the public about dangerous diseases like diabetes there was even a controversial subway ad campaign warning about the results of teen pregnancy so with police being the 6th leading cause of death for young men in the united states should a similar public awareness campaign be waged we decided to ask people here in new york city i don't think i would help i thing with proper training would help maybe
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you know train these police like to understand how to take care of lives you know that's what is needed i think more. a more useful public service announcement would probably be about advocating for knowing all your rights and knowing how to talk to police in an encounter knowing that it's legal to record it record them doing their job in all states those kind of public service announcements might might be more useful in my book issue with with people being killed at the hands of police officers in the usa yeah i think it's 5050 to be honest even playing 5050 meaning like place officers pass away as well as perpetrators and that's just a shame that's our society the us public seems pretty aware that the country has a problem with police violence these statistics weren't really shocking to the people we spoke to they will come up and r.t. new york but we also spoke with a former police officer dominicans that he says the needs to be tough and treat criteria for the use of joining the force. raise your standards it's not enough it's not a popular opinion along foresman i truly believe today is the age that law enforcement
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officers need to be minimally aged 30 i don't want to see cops at the age of 21 anymore i think that's not a mental state of where they're ready to go at the human brain doesn't evolve until you're 25 years old i'd like to see that done i'd like to see if you're going to train them better i'd like to see the standard for pay increase i'd like to see command staff go back to law enforcement for the constitution versus patrol for profit there's a lot of things i would like to see change inside of there but i would also like to see the public more held accountable i'm all for the demands of law enforcement being more ruthless it is a job that requires a more critical eye and a more critical watch but you have to have the public being willing to do their fair share too because some robert peel zog 7 principle 9 principles of policing is the police of the public and the public are the police so therefore are part of the same cohesive unit and they have to start working together. in a straight former defense lawyer faces jail over the leak of controversial files on
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the war in afghanistan he paid in the supreme court on thursday for initial hearings they've macbride to release classified material in 2017 alleging the strain troops committed war crimes in afghanistan he was charged with breaching the country's defense act and expected to face trial next year he claims it was his changed to the australian people to make the documents public. i've got a few tricks up my sleeve it's worth having a go i might fail but i'll be happy in jail if i try and. among the incidents reported in the so-called afghan files were the killing of a civilian man and his son during a raid where it was alleged they were shot by mistake in another case an afghan detainee was shot dead while he was alone with an australian soldier if mcbride claimed before leaking information to the media he had tried to bring it to the attention of officials but his efforts were in vain we discussed the issue with the former cia officer turned whistle blower john kiriakou. it's so typical it's so
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common in places like the united states the u.k. australia really the 5 eyes countries to attack the whistleblower rather than to address the crime and to punish those who committed the crime there ought to be hard and fast whistleblower protection laws there are in many countries there is not in in australia but there really need to be legal protections so people can can go confidently to their supervisors or to their legislature or even to the media to report crimes in this case so i think that that the australian soldiers involved were probably i'm not even sure how to say it but sucked into the same kind of of wartime situation that so many americans have been sucked into you think that you can get away with things you think that they are crimes and eventually there's going to be
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a whistleblower you know there's there's an old saying that the truth always comes out and i think that that is the case it was the case here it's been the case the united states whether it's cia or n.s.a. or f.b.i. the truth always comes out and so if you don't want trouble just do the right thing . in the face of a global cry over the wildfires ravaging through the amazon rainforest the moment brazil's president has ordered the military to help protect the area earlier france and island said that they would not ratify a massive trade deal with south american nations unless brazil does more to stop the fires were huge claims of smoke can be saying billowing from the fire is with areas of forest burning out of control of one point this week this microsite dense of the city. was plunged into darkness for an entire day and she has seen a record number of fires in the amazon rainforest and from bolivia if thirty's are also trying to help tackle i deployed a fire fighting boeing 747 c.
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petard. still ahead for you this hour straining parents have escaped after a vegan diet left their child severely malnourished we'll have a look at the story and the implications that you stuff to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and. want to. have to go right to be cross this is what the book for 3 of the more can be good. interested in the waters of.
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the poseidon adventure mixed with the titanic in one colossal sinking of the global economy right now we've got donald trump starring with the ghost of paul newman on the bridge of the titanic watching engineer colazal failure of the global economy. in couple from australia child was found to be seriously malnourished after being placed on a vegan diet the sky judge 102300 as community service instead according to police the baby was severely on the way to being placed in the feet can die from. since. edged the ball she weighed less than 5 kilograms suffered
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major problems with her bones and was hardly able to move doctors said she had only developed as much the 3 month old baby and had no teeth because of a lack of necessary vitamins the parents face huge criticism for not thinking of the consequences of their actions. one could in fact that view that there is no greater responsibility and then by a parent to use a char to care for the child to nurture the child and to protect the child from any harm or injury caring for the go was caring for a very young baby she couldn't sit up she couldn't speak any words she couldn't feed herself hold a bottle she couldn't play was to always spend the day in her court running back and forth she couldn't roll over all the way. while the case raised the question of whether it is appropriate to use the diets for small children despite the process
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some experts including those in the american academy of pediatrics think think it is acceptable and can actually be good for youngsters however not everybody agrees we discussed the issue with judy moore she's a registered dietitian nutritionist and author with patrick holden he's the founding director of the sustainable food trust. the contact between healthy as it is now with our health service is quite poor. and children aren't seen nearly as regularly or as often as they used to be say 10 or 15 years ago and i think that's one of the problems that houses the sisters just can't keep or keep an eye on the on the number of children that they've got on that caseload we need to keep a vigilant people probably the best recent misguidedly feeding their children on healthy diets it's possible to keep the child healthy balance they do need supplements you can't just rely on a pig in diet yes we need to eat less we don't give up together the right kind of
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meat and that's good for your health even if you do all that and you help and somebody helps you plan that very well you're channeling grow to their height their genetically potential height because we believe that milk protein and meat protein also are trying to an important factor in growth probably very challenging if you have to be an expert in this to get it right and i would. perhaps it's not necessary to be quite so extreme as i have seen several reagan parents who come to me and say they want to bring up their child the young and once we talk it through and i explain the implications of it and how careful right to be in the planning in the dark most of them decide against it but i would say that most of them that i've seen race and they were led to the last 2 or 3 years and going vacant. because of their environmental concerns there's a lot of worry at the moment about what a dart that is correct for addressing climate change or the other problems we're
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facing is we were taught you that it is possible to eat sustainably to include a whole range of sustainably produced livestock products in the diet without feeding it to guilty about it and probably your children would be better off with every division diet for very young children and let the children decide when they're old enough maybe after their great spirit is finished with a family gender actually not and in the meantime allow them to eat a full. diet full of all the. food groups we can address climate change but he she will sustainably we can also promote all records. that he may putin has ordered an assessment of the threat posed by a new missile the russian president was awarded a symmetrical response to the recently tested weapon saying though at the same time that moscow doesn't want to get involved in a new destructive arms race all the tests were conducted just 2 weeks after the
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u.s. pulled out of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty the i.m.f. was signed back in 1907 between america and the u.s.s.r. and banned missiles of the kind just tested by the us washington exited the treaty earlier this month claiming that russia had file ated it's something they want to go denies in fact the russian president president went on to allege that those accusations were just a cover for america's own breaches and intention to quit the i.m.f. . the americans have orchestrated a propaganda campaign alleging violations by russia but says it's now clear this was just a smokescreen to hide washington's own breaches of the treaty and its intention to leave it this all leaves 0 doubts about america's real intentions having got rid of the existing limits it's now free to deploy previously forbid missiles anywhere in the world top american politicians say that you systems could be deployed 1st to the asia pacific region but this affects our interests as well because it is
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situated near our borders to vladimir putin i was referring to comments made earlier this month the u.s. secretary of defense who hinted that deployment of u.s. missiles to the asia pacific region china has already warned of retaliation because nikita race with a nuclear studies institute at the american university says the demise of the i.n.f. treaty is a very serious matter. the last thing the world needs is another insane 1000 a style nuclear arms race history went on from the 19th fifty's through the back. but if we get rid of the there's only one piece left of the arms control architecture that's the new start treaty that expires in february 2021 alton has already said that it's worth less and he wants to get rid of it has indicated the same already have about 14000 nuclear weapons in the world that's enough to end life on the planet many times over and so people have got to take this very very
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seriously and begin to try to control the crazies people who are willing to gamble with the end of life on our planet. the former white house press secretary sarah sanderson once that she will join conservative cable news outlet fox news known for its favorable coverage of donald trump she is now in fact the 3rd white house official to join fall after a job in the trumpet ministration. it. cited during fox news as a contributor looking forward to being with the fox and france team for my 1st hit on september 6th big congratulations to you sarah i'm sure your recent experience twisting the truth into pretzels and outright lying prepared you well for a new career at fox news the trump white house has a record of misleading the public all ministrations spin this administration lies consistently whether it's sanders or spice or other white house aides and it's all there from the top by
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a president who lies even about the weather in the time of day that i think is why this does deserve outrage and backlash meanwhile at the opposite end of the political spectrum the former deputy f.b.i. director andrew mccabe has joined the ranks of the news outlet least liked by trungpa c.n.n. is an excuse me his appointment also during criticism as mccabe was fired for leaking information to the media then lying about it at least 4 times including under oath. the guy who department of justice inspector general found committed federal crimes and is a serial liar could work soon and live to see the commitment to serious journalism i'm dream a cape fired for lying to the f.b.i. caught by the inspector general for an authorized media leaks and worst of all one of the ringleaders in spreading the debunked and disastrous russian collusion conspiracy theory his reward a paid c.n.n. contract comical andrew mckinney and c.n.n. are truly a match made in fake news heaven the political commentator dave perkins i think
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that former politicians joining partisan media outlets is a bad idea. i think it's a bad development for media that more and more political people are winding up in front of the cameras it's just not good news media is changing from the watchdog of government for the branch as they are called to a member of government a participant of government and moreover a member largely on one side and against the other and when the media participates politically mostly on one side the public doesn't demand for them to stop it the public demands for other media to participate on the other side to balance them out because it's unfair because of all this easy motion between government and media it should not be allowed to happen but i'm not sure there's a way to stop it because i don't want government to be in charge of who gets what job either i'd rather it be free and people just know what it is they're seeing and who they're listening to when they get their information from the media better to
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know transparency is better than government supervision but i still don't like the direction that it's going to. be young. because on highway un climate summit in new york at the my intentions chosen decide on a 0 emission instead of using a plane to highlight the impact of aviation on the environment however some people . more harm than good.
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too bad 5 people were using airplanes to get the ship back to europe the captain is going to fly because well 0 emissions save in fact more will be emitted. what about the guys you're with but home when you get to the us. but you still avoiding the fact crews being flown out to new york to bring it back so more carbon use the normal flight which makes your journey pointless. and that is the news for now here in r.t. we're back again though at the top of the hour with the headlines are more stories from. the. same wrong.
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roll call. any new world that is yet to shape our disdain become educated and gain from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when we choose to look for common ground. in this community there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there are no jobs and you see the kids. and as a parent. i can come up with arguments and there's a lot of conflict within the game and between the teams most of the conflict i would say. is maybe. close one of the children's children is good because the state of california makes $6000000000.00
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a year of the prison complex just to get some $25.00 where. you don't care. anything. now after 3 and you're watching going underground while we're away we're going to be showing some of your favorite episodes of this season coming up in this show the price of everything and the value of nothing is the u.k. had for a downturn one of the world's greatest economists money on them as a carter accuses the city big pharma and multinational tech companies of the rise trump threatens further sanctions on cuba a revolutionary cuban dance in the spirit of fidel and che is portrayed in a new film about a ballet dancer called us a call start to win a pool levity an award winning director. i dreamed of a room. and
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a song of revolution from award winning singer songwriter nasty that's all coming up in today's going underground the 1st of its bricks it also the u.k. releases g.d.p. estimates in 48 hours but will politicians in the media be reading the figures upside down is g.d.p. really a measure of the success or failure of a society from a cause your culture has in the usa to corbett in britain the ideas of mach's and socialism originating explosive debate from congress to the house of commons about what is truly valuable when it comes to human happiness joining me now is world renowned economist professor mary on the mother carter of university college london and founder of the u.c.l.a. institute for innovation and public purpose a new paperback is the value of everything making and taking in the global economy welcome to the show marianna why apart from st jeremy corbyn is the every little skepticism about the value in the 1st place in modern society which is the main issue on the front of the book so the word value has become a very fuzzy kind of flaky word that you know anyone can use you can call yourself
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a wealth creator lloyd blankfein the c.e.o. of goldman sachs one year after the crisis said that goldman sachs workers were the most productive in the world we as economists use to really debate and contest that word there's different theories of the. well you actually 1st we debated value and then that turned into a theory of price today we have basically an approach to the economy which is all about prices supply and demand curves that determines price and that determines what we value so the logic actually got reverse think of it value chains shareholder value shared value and goldman sachs calling goldman sachs workers the most valuable but what does that actually mean and so when we don't actually have a way to distinguish value creation from value extraction it becomes much easier just to throw the word around in fact the reason i wrote the book believe it or not is that in the 2015 election when the labor party lost the analysis by labor members themselves by leaders in the labor party the next day was we lost because we didn't embrace the wealth creators the value creators.


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