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tv   [untitled]    August 25, 2019 10:18pm-11:01pm EDT

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or of terror iran is a country that has denied the existence of very existence of the state of israel i think israel has every right to defend itself israel has mentioned that in the past and israel will protect its citizens whatever that means when it comes to the iranian threat if it's a really iranian nuclear threat iranian terror threat israel will work to stop that threat and make sure that it cannot be successful. clashes erupted again in hong kong on sunday as the city's protest campaign continues some activists were seen throwing bricks and other projectiles while taking cover under their umbrella as police responded with tear gas the authorities in hong kong appeared to be taking a hardline approach as they march at the demonstrators in huge numbers this comes after the same mountain mist chinese territory was rocked by violence on saturday night which resulted in $29.00 arrests people in the city are protesting what they
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see as the erosion of the one country 2 systems policy and beijing's influence over the city's affairs. britain's prince andrew has broken his silence on his friendship with geoffrey abstain insisting he knew nothing of the convicted pedophiles illegal behavior the discreet east american financier killed himself in jail this month while waiting trial on sex trafficking charges but despite the duke's attempt to put an end to speculation about their relationship he didn't explain why he continued to see epstein after the multimillionaire had served a sentence for soliciting prostitution from a minor. at no stage during the limited time i spend with him did i see witness or suspect any behavior of the sort that subsequently led to his arrest and conviction i met mr epstein in 1909 during the time i knew him i saw him infrequently and
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probably no more than once or twice a year i stayed in a number of his residences i've said previously that it was a mistake and an error to see him off his release in 2010 epstein's death has raised plenty of questions and prompted a huge amount of speculation so much so that his lawyers say they are not satisfied with the coroner's findings and they plan to carry out their own investigation one major question is why epstein was taken off suicide watch despite previously having attempted to take his own life.
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and then more fall out u.s. attorney general william barr has sacked and the director of u.s. prisons following epstein's suicide epstein was being held at a facility reserved for the most dangerous criminals long time the likes of the notorious mexican drug they're known as el chapo we spoke to lawyer mark furnish who well represented them both. the conditions to which he was subjected would go even the needs of the strongest among us it's this is one of the toughest federal pretrial detention facilities in the
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country and the conditions are inhumane epstein was subjected to conditions that were similar to those of guzman but not remotely justified by his character or what he was accused of because he was not. a violent individual like chapo was alleged to have been he's not a guy who has escaped from prior facilities like guzman was alleged to have done. the real miracle is that we don't hear about these sort of things more about murdered pretrial detainees or suicidal pretrial detainees because the facility. is barbaric and it's a whole it's a it's it's like i don't use the word lightly lightly but it's sort of like an american go log for people who have not yet been convicted of anything. one
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doesn't want to treat the symptom while ignoring the disease and the disease is how people are routinely denied bail with a shocking ease given the laws that congress passed allowing prosecutors and judge to do that. right lead to your has apparently revealed that a major us oil and gas lobby group helped craft legislation that criminalized anti pipeline protests that was in response to demonstrations against the construction of a pipeline in north dakota in 2016 during which activists chained themselves to equipment protesters also started fires when the authorities tried to remove them from the site with more on the story here's are to scale up. if you want to have big influence in washington d.c. and need to have a big lobby and that means you need to have big money meet the american fuel and
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petrochemical manufacturers the f.p.m. represents all the big names in the energy markets koch industries chevron exxon mobil valero energy to name a few now the f.p.m. has been around since 1902 making sure that the voice of the ultra wealthy oil monopolists are not left out of the political process and it seems like their latest target has been protesters now the f.p.m. has crafted legislation in $22.00 different states already passed in 9 states that would severely restrict the activities of political activists who might get in the way of oil pipelines and other profitable infrastructure in an audio recording obtained by the intercept the group's senior vice president discusses the strategy that they're using to criminalize protests. were.
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now the language of the riot boosting act is a little bit vague it could be a stretch to outlaw even thinking about protesting big oil companies. now this is the only law that's been pushed by the am $28.00 seen a $30000000.00 lobbying effort killed a carbon tax in washington state bigger cars means more gasoline and more gasoline means more profits for the oil companies the money and influence of big oil certainly outweigh the efforts of grassroots environmentalist everybody knows that in the united states of america if you want something you have got to pay for it and the oil industry certainly has all the means necessary. but artsy new york
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or the desire for mail back with more of the weekly in 34 minutes there it's. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. also want to be preached. to going to be the person this is what before 3 of the people that i'm interested always in the water. there should be more.
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i why a paradise with so much around turned into a round the experimentation field but i agree cultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritant there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves do. geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have many of these people one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power.
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as an officer. to get up off the ground to serve begin to pay him down to earth. them freeze on the sounds of an mit grown man the christening essentially. through his or the john. twisted away from the officer. of his crew. they obviously did a kind of lunge for the web in one smith's and then when it happened on 3 swung at the observations didn't hit him i never saw any contact with you that you any kind of went back to where they were so the answers back here they're try again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer is gonna need to turn 3.
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nobody is to is going to get it is he the only. way she would move him or. preservation sheed more in the area we're a nation of i'm good at the story of us trailer. trash don't nobody. to go any momentum yet i feel been there for me too am money for me and is nashua be subordinate katrin is a well. to be rich kind of blair. nepal golly years i call it. burst of. poems and formed a chimp template which is marriage but. another spirit.
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would lean in the stoop stoop lure them barbarella stand still bite his cooker near to the toll could look over to see that don't usually do it all for the movies all day tuesday but it was lovely you would be wishing to repeal the we but what i did you should heed the good only poor would be lee. chillicothe the images i will kick of. hama days though we did your books and yes google it but also by you also still you would evoke would be. what you probably am disturbed she needed to be stashed away at any princip. it up will the word sit. down when she does deni didn't raise
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a toast to raise a shrill you would. get in the sheen. better versions she. claims no poor listen here but tax cuts and most are me a national. resnik of the. productive or words you would use of time out to me would be worried that you could be yet the approach that you once more. the worst enemy is that a spirit sedation to escape will produce a put you mood talk priesthood you are all doc more disavowal know what you did. when you please. you with this new because it's summer glove
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and there are pros nationalists who wouldn't have no idea if they were pros see me in the. reason of me. at the well pros duane that are unique stand out at the mo bruce ut. glove no. need to love was no one i knew was but you. and the way it's a 3 good. reward when you mean shit in a good amount with the ricky bullshit but the enemy book at least was it good fades me i'm in use leashes a bit to me who had it nobody has the chim. the go 80 miles. the shuttle do you what you need i choose book one story it was no. good at that or truly
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a dog in the field was that i woke up fishy divots what somebody said. you will be interest when you suggest there were no lip dog. in them but because the minister of newton in a good deal for unseen that's gotta believe in you but i meet you. big board cut i get a 1000 miles and that's mere expedient for i get in that's the mission that me. in turkey. union excessive tsukuba she still a muslim asked me we did that see friends was going human he she scored one mile and he had said civilians will in no way mirror lesh valuate. she will goose new bird said that he had said a 1000000 is was more. heroic you have escaped but this abortion the beach at the look at it is
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a got totally 1st daylily france was humid east with deism smoke slower knew what. we needed to get in liberty merely a bus they all had known them they were. at that unknown their breezy dinner god was sedated to roy that for you but it's also a buddhist luisa brasilia bogart's bogus sim bogus with a good word. of the contingent. on the muslim mosque is he had been in you mean you're a hub name so that was why would a slower move would you bits of the bus lead nick up lucroy rabbit. summit is it usually better to chess or greece even a chess chile we sure did not need that much nick of the opera it would have but she can the. new deal to cheat him or so. he has to kill a vicious little mood to dissuade dicky's even believe us they need to be immersed and league use the funny years them illegally for she is in the game it you
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wouldn't mind seeing it would produce the constituting stone he used to seek the will is good if he were there would. still done them solution is near to it's the only chill a vehicle has room. at there was video. we do there's a cadet that you did hear them my less resonant bugger spit him in the spear who should to keep green. he would be able it's a good good good doing this could eliminate the creative good a little was it a poor good deed the day's need be she'd zia regime some to the what its name is up us them going to want to stay any adhere they sure put give someone the. yeah it was good to need seen each knee is so the shim that needle us mitchell a new media yes way but you eat pussy it's a clue to put diets certainly but. no my give them a mighty or me at the pleasure cause i love you much give less than what that might
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mean you stood near the way to look after a month kalashnikov your boy is nuts most of the people i did zir yesterday but. yet. we did he is that you will mock at the mostly what you know he. moved to see have been the way juvenile steamy buzzwords precedes national. during the least at the new. drug military put in the features compare them part of. my daily wolf's newsroom at least where there were days when is none of their business. not least. if they kept the noise it's a scam in to me but bully me a little. cd you believe me even some i.e. no crane in the canyon the boy i knew him. as they just going to stay assured my
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least of by. god. but done them see me in a rebellious kick up but i still do not see voice in chill area you should do all prickly she'll mitchell a vicious wish list most threads. on the table as silly as the wind in the because then it will be. needed in that nor does it need when mildred it does not stay. a man. should be she said a good many scum say you should try it as one year with soaking cheese to get. it should the need is to meet in the mean yes. jane the upset. you might done i.d.l. in from a nice to go on out of north. to
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priesthood bench the priest would get a groom a conciliate that's. needed in the a college student the. group at the store. nunu disappearance beirut ruki. plug. in a piece of. you do to mr spy leak me a groom and police to move away digitally imperial leads to you guess who does martial. property if you go to the to. look. for his new car i. missed it. but many many dimia do william a good review here points to a bit commercial move part of the book
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written at least of the one who did doug kmiec smears who invite the unstuck. enough to put if through or it was more missed us current beat see the new groom that will college who did us got to be really you isn't it you fool us got to be taught to do anything he relates us little polite guy or she with me and the idea is the yeah sure the key here is you're not. new not the pulpit and those are good but the multiple chariots are still yes lee yeah go are you sure your proof would be easter yet ugh now but even some hours after my teachers go oh yes i know. the bullet has got a bullet sittin you chill a vehicle in the rush who do when it's a nihilist it is true really at the protests of at the new pride at the need she. didn't with. the blue dinner she knew
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skinny. it was because oh. but he isn't in there beside you gania discuss. what sean p. should too. new breakthrough in the believe he'd get busy that only a tease francoise alone utils through dooms kuwait allowed this appraiser shit. the only real c.b. i didn't story in when i got to mean that you are a total when you read them the most truly wish need be need feeds you and you will group we have you'll see a shuns sensitive in your mind it was more signal to know where you are ordered one p.i. dish that is the book is the breads or. is a brush well when you will pull it in which. you were number a shinya commands. dismissed in the preview we would have married each sister yes
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you use laws when gov e.p.a. is eve of bismillah leadership up with he says nuts which he feels it does not sway a sheep in you persist in the real no the biz that america wants to they get it when you says lead means to me that easterly is a yuppie dealing with the slumbering in you can p.t. and he says bits little is not a question of muscle it was the day before this will succumb to bullshit. in the bed i would seal you believe should spiffy again by that they are what if mushed the chimp brothers knowing it yeah exactly by steve. bell at leader of france if the quiggin if that were chess she will board little can you buff a snake who will preach yes dull it would. mean the even me. a few what i'd pete's chin and then the. it would be my stripping the maestro i know who is
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a bit grown just for the skit was machine cut camorra to go eat a bear them what is threatening to the good can use of better to get you know you thing in this bill that. you simply night showed no flood courneya the only new cut you a cause that you need to give blood cut. yanni hurt you up out of that with lissie bit part of it was more honest i need. easy what's the tempted look i would your days was 50. 1 that's my life that you know i started on wall street 40 years ago and i've been living in the luxury areas life of ever cheaper money ever since literally not having to work
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a day in my life because they asked us bought it 40 years ago and gone straight out . why a paradise with so much all year round turned into a round the experimentation field the agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments that often in day you have many of these people who have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power.
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seem wrong when all rolls just don't hold. any new gold yet to shape out these days become agitated and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. i still preschool difficult look at premium as little doubt but if my good is not my dear she has not seen it done amidst c.m.c.
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it still must await info to muncie public of what could he cut tory not provoke a comment. you know what. city that in this city that in this. comes i be the need to do group she does would in this summer not you what kooks. there were to move misty number off soon leap for no one would. look onto her at the premiere ok relates a city in the country to when you got to what that dream would still play who pulled to be shit. at the brokerage and the poor would be put in here and it could show to who should go up if him. could the cause he did split cutbush require him on appeal but it sees us here plea in
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a better end and i split she stay bushie the key i don't you could do a nice new my stupid d.v.d. and of scum when you. got. the truth reading the book i mundo least come when you put the it's a book that it never would name us the beat that i see you but the knobs lutie killin and your lead soaps minister i knew but i was rainy and what they know we. got or had as it has and that i'm. what could not of course give it a move since we were sure this go e.p.b. rough but don't come we'll do what you feel school are going to need so since we would get the cable in even. though you had said she him to me could he cut the room then the suit the meal chill excel could he cut the world. model in an uproar oka mohammad the research do you know the pluck the yet to which because i could do for. you but you don't put central even any self.
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in the least of them but notions that the police. in the wake us buyout of. but other senior washington we if we accept. those low somewhere sway you glow pushed you and huge that. misnamed nash but i hope you better leave a good shit day so you really chica minogue erosions knowledge but dump a democratic escape under really no no again is nuff. the 2 months. over in europe the retailer plus muscle in mirror crummy p. by which the story missed their mum we did see a neat little bit in there see it wish in the slow yes they were into a bit is smear new google is. obese of schoolboy protests
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15 they news reporters and i seen yet. stern r.d.s. lum you lay it's a noise that it's only really keeping with the way in the near by at the time. v you they were genius i bet as a witness yeah in his bit out so with me could chew chew in your points luci me he he led me him in a smear from opinions. but here to feast yeah on here worship of doom she weighs no qualms process loam people. there are bush near we deal with a bears away who's night phoned him intently a snow week at the. snyman he get your feet in a mess it's good you your isp i didn't post him is east and got in the by now your military email is the least you and me sturgeon was so then you do enough courage when you reach this net you see them cut the wood and you go does the
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believe. now at the east the south the next if it is mission you have see the go it is when you mean years so you really use the computers dean with those override viru said he had this to annoy river to leave us in the us he struggles to build a shoe shop but new future if so would to move to groom him you see the least you know that even. really give us an awkward says here that by the book to be their biggest levy says you can still mine the you will post misses and i'm underneath here. in years not a bloody big you would do it it just opens up like it should be nice lee's who are stronger was the rain in chile in use a blaze near i knew that a mile in a jewish new home the rule that i would indeed be a motion. not ship us to. talk to pollute a bushman in
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a smidgen naturally a peachy stressfully at another money pit i roll up i begin year for one year 2 d. is by ve had to issue a dozen leave you have a new persian way she broke my testament clutch zimm really. post. it does someone fine you. zaman plan you can i mean year bisto were still with us they would go with the venus story will borg know if there was a more honest either scotty said we didn't and there was more revenue v.c. i wasn't he doesn't need to i did see it as an equal during nice to bring in you put stuff really i see better but more chill a heck of a part of what. we did though she indeed is named ian got that scares
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though. not that. i did though there's still more than one needed a union approached. not that i did the whole the more media it his duty is probably she slam i knew she would write it i was in the mood to meet i knew bit of it yeah i knew a mirror i immediately wanted to get to dish it out to which you can be who did that you must dance it's live in me and i know history at the duck adult did it oh really tickles ted put guru store at the pit stop but it really was we got to we're right that could make up laurie but there was a media story in there that would then want to own any issue and you've got the
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woman had some of the muhammad that we've got to look at odds are good you got to work at blue we did so we did dug up shop was previously with. who did you mean you in the medium and me but he is a it i'd stay we're so bored to school what's to put as he did with bob would be slower and this is why he was more than just a scare to beat the chill a crew could do much good to cut me up when you my dearest but i was more his business she shouldn't i'm at the most up to be asked to be. shifted he wouldn't so wouldn't you my credit at the was more pleased to be in it she was at the new polygyny i knew who did it looking out to them of the might me or she did as they would sort of pick us member of the place. you should know what your bridge east at the moment be some will be doing fine in the momo good
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chimp razor actually it is a bit. good. cook at the inn tediousness we keep the noise dribble good to mean yeah the gloom themselves we can believe it since he is all mixed up in the publishing regiment. believe movie ticket is b. union movement from the view but as he speaks to a new willis teacher mr can. remember. zuffa roast as i film at the globes. for his muslim lives that list a yes shit if each of. us throw plenty of that in the one mush that. chip is can you stand a good image in your school for the my needs met the. vehicle maslov would me when i was in his we will minyan here sure not showing steroidal is deceit in the insult but there in a bit eyes and the plug on the. nuclear children girl yes well it's
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in chill at the put the scenic and near the border to give bush a trip and then give me pretty gives. but them the bulk of buds that is marked on it at a stand it's had a nice. breeze a.t.v. shimoga. on the chela bill of. him in the way. but soon if shit he sampled me by leaping at the desboro in seattle the profane then she had a pistol dust in the. cereal go i did it in smi she is a tomato noise at that yes. that's it we. said give us mother he will for the good if your milk please ration again they get him in that and that in. this will this they have school the serpent name me about
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as f. she snow him to she lit yet he stand still a cheap old mr because i'll go get it if show does the warden. nickers a store at the your church she premier. the whole bridge. near up north it's prescribed a. quibble original. at that nash. at the swoboda says. musicians shy. his mother enough to go somewhat a slow and you might say it's a dozen would. cost us anything in the at the could go to the ideas easiest who would insanely since you can go into the office early mean your shift if you know what the officials aren't at the sequence gracious pretty do
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. it that way nice time that. the tory party would come to me peace stay you and you might still make love that at the beach at the police additional mean you see we should even give you think you must go i don't. have the number at the new we get. new news regarding the bill that the ideas the wicked noble we took the place at last but. what if they hadn't of somewhere struck. at the rule of 3 new cards she wouldn't those new poignant. is true it being in church. and reason. and that's here. into newton sinitta been years every semester though the priesthood but he has. the.
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need to call. the. nation into that community to. get skilled and educated.
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i emailed them with a little bit. of both. feet . of. live.
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oh. please. just slow clay. lift. and a very warm welcome to you watching us in such. i
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am not i was. i. was. sleep. iran's top diplomat makes a surprise appearance at the g 7 a summit in france and said donald trump persists with his hardline approach to tehran. and in the news that shaped the week let me put in calls for you symmetrical response to u.s. missile test following the collapse of the i.m.f. arms control treaty. plus our.


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