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bolden by the rhetoric of brazilian president bill sonar oh but the fires were just a normal brazilian tradition he said i used to be called captain chainsaw now i am nero setting the amazon aflame but it is the season of the burn however as the fires blazed on in the world community took notice changes to making this statement on friday august 23rd after finally committing to use the brazilian military to fight the fires appreciate it was necessary to call when dealing with the matter of the fires on the amazon to spread seed and then businesses ysidro to brazil do it doesn't help to solve the problem and it is usually little glutinous in this economy. now as world leaders and movie stars jockeying for position as the savior of amazonia there is once again a very large group of people being forgotten for the sake of politicized headlines the people who call the rain forest home the people of the 305 tribes and brazil's
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rainforest over 900000 human beings whose home culture and way of life is threatened by greed and politics and the mainstream media only seeming to take interest in the amazon amazonia when it was a chance to lob insults at trumper bolsa nor oh all those who have been in this fight for longer than this years dry season are pointing out the obvious that the story of these fires began centuries ago as nicole froyo of zora magazine wrote as we move forward on the subject of climate change especially in the amazon we must remember this is a fight that amazon ik indigenous people have been fighting since 1500 when the portuguese landed in brazil. so let's take a step into the future as we refuse to repeat the sins of our colonizing past and start watching the hawks. are still killing. the bears like you are real the islamists are liars to keep the ball out of
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touch with the day like you let down our guard. the police. would. be. here to tell. everybody to watch in hoxton top of the wallet and joining me now. to better understand the stew rubble for indigenous land live from uruguay as the international court order for the world rain forest movement winnie overbaked thank you so much for joining me winnie. thank you so much for inviting me so what a how have these fires affected the indigenous populations in amazonia and how many people are at risk of losing what is essentially their ancestral how. well the fires they affect a lot of the indigenous people in the amazon because their territories occupied
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about 23 percent of the amazon so it's a huge very significant part of the amazon and many of their territories are located there with forestation phone is placed so there were especially the agriculture is advancing and the fire is like a very tragic symptom of this process that is going on especially since the 1970 s. that 1st the roads in the military period have been built after the roads that came the locusts and the locusts took out a valuable timber and then after that the forest was burnt and that's what we see happening now and it's happening every year in the dry season and especially for the indigenous people it is a tragedy because by burning the forest in the territories they lose what is most precise for them and their mode of living depends on the forests also the water
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sources are being destroyed and what is very serious especially in the 90 per cent of the conflicts in the rural areas in brazil including in the amazon they are happening exactly in the amazon because the indigenous people they try to defend the territory as they try to defend their forests which is their home and in these conflicts there are many assignations there are many violent conflicts that are making the situation even more serious for the people and long longstanding and that is so the situation this year. especially very serious because the extension of the fence of the agriculture force from going much faster than before. these fires come as the and dangerous people there are fighting a proposed amendment that goes along with what you were saying this amendment to
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the brazilian constitution that would essentially allow indigenous lands to be open to private corporations for everything from mining to tembe or to livestock development without permission from the tribes or representatives without any sort of aggression action by the brazilians does that amendment violate any treaties or previous agreements and how are the indigenous fighting things like this these sorts of legal issues to their protection of their homeland. well yes it's good that you mention the brazilian constitution which is actually one of the best in the world in its article 231 it says that of indigenous peoples to occupy their traditional lands must be insured by the federal government the federal government has to jus t. to demarcate these areas because the constitution says they are essential for the
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physical and cultural survival of indigenous peoples they cannot be sold they cannot be bored they cannot be transferred to certain parties so what president is doing since he was in this election campaign and since he is now in the presidency of saying well let's enter into indigenous territories and do business do mining openly supported him self is not doing what he he said he would be doing as a president of the country which is in the 1st place to respect the constitution but also a country. it's convention 169 of the international labor organisation on the beaches in tribal peoples which also secures traditional lengthwise of the indigenous people but also the people must be consulted and they have to say no to interventions inside the territory and this is also being fired later now and
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at this very moment in a very tragical way by the force of what we have heard from the area from many indigenous peoples that have been denouncing that there are burning their forces burning that nothing is being done. and actually it's the promotion of the unification of indigenous territories president wilson are also has significantly we choose the capacity of the state to control the forest fires so we have heard reports of indigenous peoples that were saying this we're reporting today or sorties but nothing happened until now finally the military has been sent to the british has become much too late and much of the damage has been done over the. one of the my last question for you we could talk
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about this all day but one of my last question i want to make sure to ask you is the issue of colonization and the fear not just from balsa naro but from other leaders and south america yours have the concern that natural disasters or things like this can be used as cover for colonizing like efforts how do we as outsiders from brazil help those indigenous people without overstepping our bounds in a way that could be considered going down the road of colonizers in the past. well. indeed the government and it's a sort of tradition in brazil. defend software knitty of the national territory it was very strong already chewing the military dictatorship that they did not accept any foreign intervention that in part explains this very strong we action to the world that is shocked by everything what is happening in the in the amazon
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and but i think the international solidarity at this moment is very important and especially the indigenous peoples they have doing 2 big mobilizations already in the capital one in april and what has happened recently and it were actually the indigenous women and you can see the connection between indigenous women with the forest is maybe the strongest in terms of you know the strong believes the strong customs. that indigenous people have for the forests they are one with the forest they do not separate nature from the people who live inside and in these mobilizations in the capital they have demanded international solidarity i think it's now very important that the world express the solidarity putting pressure on the brazilian authorities on the embassies outside of the country that the
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government should fulfill its obligation and respect the constitution the constitution of 988 has been a very very important difference made a difference in history because until then. indigenous people they didn't they were not important they just people were often killed and they just people had no whites but they are the. inhabitants of the country we say we speak portuguese in brazil but there are 180 languages spoken in brazil by the indigenous peoples and there. it should be respected the world should also be concerned that much of the deforestation that is happening and the forest fires that are happening is. of the consumption of products like meat the consumption of timber in in the developed world in the industrialized world at the consumption of soy and
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that it is really promoting deforestation so when foreign governments are very shocked they also should take their responsibility but i think what is most important i think we could sing in this whole tragedy is that it makes a strong appeal for us. in force movements for i think for many social movements in the world that are struggling for their wives that are struggling to keep control over their territory over the forest to join hands and to say to our governments you should respect the people in the 1st place you should protect the forest it's very important for humanity if and i think we have a lot to learn from the indigenous peoples when we want to face all the ecological disasters especially the climate crisis that we are suffering now because they have a lot of money to the amazon already in the sense of trying to solve the climate
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problem compensating for pollution in the north and that's also not the way forward but if you want to face the climate crisis we should reduce we should leave the oil in this. severely the consumption of fossil fuels at the same time deforestation is causing also climate change but it's much less course and we should conserve force in the 1st place for the people who depend on them on the forest thank you so much it is there is so important as you said that we think about the people that are there for us and i'm thank you so much for coming on and talking. i. care about this today and hopefully it will stay in contact as this story develops the international court order for the world rainforest movement when he over big thank you so much for joining me today from marriage. and thank you so much to. as we go to break stuff forget to let us know what do you think of the topics we've covered on social media and be sure to check out watching the hawks
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the podcast now available on spotify apple music and everywhere you listen the podcast coming up john joins me to discuss the latest in the never ending saga that is the jeffrey abstain andy you're going to have to stop blaming for your bad behavior stay tuned to watching.
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things. lead. to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on sunday shouldn't let it be an arms race is on all sides very dramatic developments only really. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down in. the white paradise with some. around turned into a round the experimentation field but agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments that often in day you have
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many of these people one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with that because the people have less political power. each day it seems that something even more insidious is discovered about the life and crimes of pedophile geoffrey upstate this week terrible ties to some of the
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world's greatest minds of science has the world of tax shaking and its boots that the scandal may hit their shores soon and the world's most powerful wonder how long it will be before their friendships with abstain are found out joining us now the latest from today's day in the courts for the deceased jeffrey up same as r.t. america correspondent john hattie from miami. hey john what's the latest for these victims that ultimately now we're sort of left without a certain amount of justice. well today's hearing was really quite extraordinary in that the judge federal judge richard berman had the hearing really specifically. for the victims and accusers of jeffrey epstein to show up and speak something they really haven't had the opportunity to do before berman dismisses the criminal indictment against epstein now that he's dead more than a dozen women showed up to today's hearing along with their attorneys in tow which was held in federal court in lower manhattan expressing anger about epstein's death
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and that he will not face his accusers or justice remember epstein epstein's body was found at the m.c.c. in lower manhattan on august 10th cause of death was ruled to be a suicide by hanging that said to avenge scenes alleged victim shauntay davies and virginia roberts could frame roberts could phrase been one of the most outspoken so far spoke after the hearing davies said that epstein raped her during a massage and she went into some detail we're not going to get into that because you know it is it is pretty disturbing but her along with 2 frey expressed outrage that those not only that abstain is escaping justice now in his death but that those who helped epstein or who were involved in his crimes complicit accomplices have not been brought to justice either here's what both ladies had to say listen to this do i feel his death is an appropriate punishment absolutely not it's nobody justice and it leaves
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a lot of unanswered questions. that makes me sick to my stomach that there's preacher perpetrators out there that obviously helped him in many ways for a very long time and they're still out there with no punishment. i want to start by saying. it's not all jeffrey died but it's how you live. we need to get to the bottom of everybody who was involved with that starting with you i'm not going along the lines there. i was recruited at a very young age a mile long. and entrapped in a world that i didn't understand and i writing that very world to this day and i won't stop fighting i will never be silenced until these people are brought to justice. so john what happens now. well 1st of all all the victims you know during during the hearing and then
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afterwards encourage prosecutors and investigators to continue moving forward with their investigation specifically investigating anyone and certainly those who may have been involved with epstein's crimes accomplices or at least those who may have been complicit or helped in anyway that said prosecutors maintain today that the investigation would indeed continue and 2 others believed to have been involved with epstein's alleged sex trafficking operation and those who helped recruit the dozens of teenage girls and young women at least who were involved in this one of the government's prosecutors maureen comey who is by the way the daughter of former f.b.i. director james comey said that the dismissal of epstein's criminal indictment quote in no way prohibits were inhibits a read from the notes here or inhibits the government's ongoing investigation into other potential coconspirators or conspirators no or does it prevent the bringing
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of a new case in the future and then she went on to add that those inquiries have been ongoing will remain ongoing and will indeed continue some of epstein's accusers have already brought civil cases against him and his the state that will continue those will continue to move forward with victims really you know tabitha and you know this you've heard this because we've been covering this the victims telling the same disturbing story that they were recruited to work for epstein under the guise of being assistance being secretaries answering phones helping epstein with secretarial duties around his homes properties but ultimately they were sexually abused exploited and several saying even raped by epstein and some of his rich and powerful friends and it's those people that are part of his you know web of connections who are now perhaps really the new. next biggest part of the story where is a massive a minute left who where is this elaine maxwell we keep seeing pictures of her we've
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heard nothing this woman was clearly involved and she clearly is culpable in some way do we know where she at this. no i mean that's the short answer that the last supposed sighting was a in and out burger. in studio city california which is near hollywood just by the hollywood hills that supposedly she was sitting reading a book on eating but you know who knows she was living she had a flat in london but she's been basically she's gone into hiding and as you said she's been accused by epstein's victims as essentially acting as his chief recruiter and even joining in on the abuse with them so you know the question is has have investigators talked to her if not why not if something is going to come down and you know any type of search warrant or if they're going to talk to her where is she that's the other big question also quickly questions continue swirl around prince andrew remember the longtime friend associate of epstein's who was
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even after epstein's 2008 conviction on sex charges was spotted that with epstein at his manhattan townhouse in 2010 ok there's nothing illegal about that but andrew has been tied not only to epstein but involved possibly with these crimes virginia robert's good friend said that she was basically led to andrew for sex by jeffrey epstein by andrew broke his silence saturday saying in a statement and he never witnessed any of evidence criminal behavior and that it was a mistake an error quote unquote to visit actually in 2010 but you know that said we're also hearing that federal investigators may be looking at e-mails between both steve and andrew to see if there's any incriminating information and then of course and you mentioned this there are all the others tied epstein the academics the scientists other politicians who may or may not have done anything wrong but are all now certainly part of this ongoing story and sordid saga thank you so much for staying on this story it's not a fun one for anybody to have to report on but i'm glad that we can stay on this
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and make sure that people somebody is brought to justice for everything thank you so much john howdy from miami. my pleasure thank you. now to the ongoing water emergency in newark new jersey officials have put out a plan in place to address the crisis and action many say is long overdue artie's attorney chavez is live in new york with the latest. new works years long water crisis could be resolved within the next 30 months under an ambitious new plan to replace thousands of contaminated pipes under a new partnership essex county improvement authority could lend a 120000000 dollar bond to the city of new work for the sole purpose of replacing the old pipes that are tainting the water as it flows from one of the city's main processing plants into households but giovanni banks who has lived in newark his whole life has his reservations is the loan going to be paid back the taxes are going to be paid back some taken away opportunities from children like. you know
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lowering programs not having a good quality of things it's just a lot of things that come into play with that officials say that the plan would dramatically cut the time that it would take to replace the lead pipes from 10 years to under 30 months we are going to replace approximately 80000 led service lives in homes across the city of north replacing the less service lines is the only prominent way to address this issue the fast track plans to replace the pipes comes weeks after testing revealed that the filters distributed for free by the city are doing little to reduce elevated levels in the drinking water this is a slap in the face to the residents of the city and all as you can see everybody standing in line now we are in a in panic mode in this city because the fans had to come in to tell us to stop drinking the water and while the city also distributed water bottles to residents in about $14000.00 homes when water from 2 homes tested positive for lead above the federal threshold of 15 parts per 1000000000 and initial shipment of the bottled water had been found to be past its best by date but state officials said no one
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was at risk we don't buy ok but they said they'd laugh if they don't know what their word expiration is is not an accurate assessment it's best used by. and we've got a whole new generation of bottles that are in there i'm not sure what they think of all of them much of the a killing goes but those the 1st batch of bottles the current batch of the future bets batches are all completely safe and that the state has i believe about it to dissipate this about 70000 cases you know or merge and see operations newark's crisis has clear similarities to flint michigan where longstanding dangerous lead levels in many predominately african-american and low income neighborhoods forced people to rely on bottled water and lead to the prosecution of state and local officials and over the weekend the new york times reported a long line of questionable decisions that led to the water crisis in newark the article reads an investigation by the new york times based on dozens of interviews and hundreds of pages of public records reveals blunders at all levels of
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government in safeguarding new works water infrastructure city officials brushed aside warnings and allowed the systems to deteriorate while state and federal regulators often did not intervene forcefully enough to help prevent the crisis. it's been said after many a drunken evening with friends that the claim the devil or the whiskey made you do it when it comes to human behavior after a few tipples of alcohol it's a pretty good chance that bad behavior will be excused as a fact of the libations not the drinker however a new study from researchers at stockholm university and others have found that alcohol isn't the thing making you of noxious it's just you see by giving subjects shots of alcohol they then measure their empathy and moral decision making while intoxicated what they found is that after a few drinks one's ability to understand and share motions as inhibited however their ability to make similar moral decisions as when there were sober was not
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meaning it isn't the wine that makes you sad or the beer that makes you get into fights you made those the citizens the cocktails simply made. harder for you to feel bad about it and the moment. sorry well that's our show for you to remember everyone else there in this world were not told for a lot that so it's all. a waste says i love you on top of it keep on watching and have a great day and night everyone. you show me to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and she. want to be rich. and she'd like to be
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close but she wasn't before 3 of them or can't be. interested always in the waters and that. there shouldn't be a. need to call me. i'm one of them but i think you might. get one when there's a real body. should have been there so. i don't want that for any case i mean yes i knew she needed me and i did yeah she. gets killed and how did she keep. going i may have made
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a move of the one that young enough but otoh both were out of the. said she stressed to no longer wall street this or that the british at the book you know the will to. stop this was to you she didn't taste a piece to do season. which she dumped on the look which of. the member states future. for sure. want to go to the source of your money if you're going to strip should be. dismissed as a word support of. let them to. do this interview for you both these to teach the student actually the person the person has to be vocal or should stop them speed.
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and british prime minister secures the queen's approval to suspend paul amends until mid all tobruk what's being seen as a risky move to bloke and he's channelled through the other voiding and no deal breaks that. russian journalist career over since he is released from frege phone detention he spent a year in the ukrainian jail awaiting to face charges of treason. condon a 1st of its kind ruling the us federal court orders the state of idaho to pay for gender reassignment surgery for an inmate convicted of child sex abuse.


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