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tv   News  RT  September 15, 2019 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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i. making headlines right now the u.s. continues its strong rhetoric now accusing. iran. hawkish u.s. national security adviser. this week. also in the.
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american t.v. networks. again we look at the track record of the present. plane. with the top stories from the past 7 days on right up to the moment. well this is the weekly in our international alone welcome. u.s. secretary of state mike. accused of launching a quote unprecedented assault on the world's energy supply saying about tehran is behind attacks on saudi arabia's oil production to run denies any involvement in the calling the u.s. occupation is a lie here's the exact wording from the u.s.
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. we call on all nations to publicly and unequivocally condemn iran's attacks the united states will work with our partners and allies to ensure that energy markets remain well supplied and iran is held accountable for its aggression having failed at max pressure secretary of state pompei is turning to max to seat the u.s. and its clients are stuck in yemen because i'm allusion that weapon superiority will lead to military victory blaming iran won't end disaster accepting our april 15th proposal to end the war and begin talks may. oil refining in sunny arabia has not been there as a result of fires and 2 major state run facilities eyewitnesses shared a video on social media of a huge blaze where gunshots color partly be heard in the back roads the u.s. claims it was a result of drone strikes with one of them being launched from iraqi territory by denies any possibility its territory was used. well earlier yemen's
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rebels claimed responsibility for the point nearly a dozen drones to attack about the saudi oil processing facility under a major oil fields they say the strikes were in response to the saudi led war in yemen and demanding an end to a 4 year long intervention in the country by the us washington has also previously charged iran with lending support to the tease i'm ed missile of a professor of political science at the university of tehran told us these latest accusations from the us he believes are most likely baseless how are my kind how has a very long history of making accusations without providing any actual evidence to the who teach have already claimed responsibility for these attacks and although the scale of these attacks are on precedented we have to remember that the who t.f. have launched drone attacks deep inside saudi arabia for months now so i think
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there's no surprise there and the u.s. has it used the wrong i'm sending weaponry to the who tease but we also have to remember that yemen has been under a very sea year a military blockade by the saudis with the help actually of the americans for over 4 years now making it very difficult to even send food lead to loan weaponry so i think he's just trying to come up with excuses to charge iran of crimes that iran is actually not committed. so the government around rhetoric from the u.s. continues. even after one of 2 runs most outspoken critics national security advisor john bolton was fired by president trump on choose that one of the big headlines of the week mr trump claimed he disagreed with bolton on several key foreign policy issues there's no word yet on who will be the next national security advisor john bolton is renowned for his aggressive hawkish approach to foreign
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policy he supported the u.s. intervention in syria last staunchly against easing pressure on north korea he also delta the tough stance on iran unbox scrapping the nuclear deal daniel hawkins has been taking a closer look at his record. scandals resignations and dismissals are part and parcel of trump's presidency a few policy disagreements a swift tweet from the presidents and another administration official bites the dust it was clear from the outset that trump and his national security advisor would have their disagreements i'm the one that tempers him but that's ok i have different sides i mean i have john bolton and have other people that are a little more dovish than him and ultimately i make that decision we can speculate on which exact what will lead to bolton's exit the failed talks on afghanistan the question of rush hour or perhaps iran but it seems the animosity lasted until his final day in office i offered to resign last night and president trump said let's
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talk about it tomorrow i informed john bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the white house i disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions as did others in the administration but views himself as a skilled dealmaker who talked tough when needed for bolton but wasn't enough he needed to walk the walk and actively consistently show strength on all fronts the middle east russia north korea latin america you name it he held out on compromising stance on sanctions military action and regime change. bolton was one of the key advocates of toppling the madeira government using any means necessary all options on the table ready to go this troika of tyranny this triangle of care stretching from havana to caracas to managua is the cause of immense human suffering this is a time for action. trump showed he was willing to meet to negotiate with
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even the greatest perceived u.s. adversities even if it meant just a symbolic photo op the right intentions seems to be there bet it will make it clear that they won't go like sanctions because. in this country i think they want to make peace i think it's time for bolton though this was unacceptable so it could be a long and unproductive meeting or it could be a short non productive meeting we have very much in mind the libyan model from 20032004 while bolton boiled that north korea had violated un sanctions off the missile test and may trump downplayed the incident saying he wasn't spooked north korea fired off some small weapons which disturbed some of my people and others but not me. taking on iran was perhaps bolton's priority number one within a month of his appointment in april 28th in the u.s. have pulled out of the iran nuclear deal and advocate of preemptive strikes he
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pushed for military action against iran after a u.s. drone was brought down and as ever his thinly veiled threats centered around regime change we hope that these new measures directed at the arabian dictatorship will compel the government to re-evaluate its pursuit of terror at the expense of its people well i think he is on the verge of making a mistake i think his advisors are pushing him in the wrong direction ironically just as bolton prepared to depart speculations been rife on possible talks between trump and the rain in president rouhani it would have thought that possible after so much hostile rhetoric perhaps the final straw was trump's plans of wind down the longest war in u.s. history including hosting talks with taliban leaders at camp david it's speculated that bolton this was in comprehensible it seems that with or without bolton's presence u.s.
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foreign policy may have more surprises in store during trump's 1st. loss for us back to pieces while we focus on later in the program even though the u.s. shut down in the heart of brokered peace talks the afghan taliban still wants donald trump to. to the negotiating table. in an exclusive interview with their negotiating table it's ahead this hour. senior u.s. journalists are once again fighting over russia with one t.v. network now suing the host of another for the scribing them paid russian propaganda . we know. here comes a familiar voice which becomes even more familiar if we hear words like russia or russian the most obsequiously approach trump right wing news outlet in america really it literally is page correction propaganda for those who still didn't
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recognize that that was really literally rachel maddow speaking about the one american news network on her miss n.b.c. show i'll get to the point of reminding you how she keeps seeing russia everywhere in a moment but don't you think there must be someone out there who won't just swallow what the m s n b c star anchor says without hitting back with a decent jab well oh a ed is filing a defamation lawsuit they want 10000000 bucks one america is wholly operated and financed by the herring family in san diego they are as american as apple pie they are not paid by russia and have nothing to do with the russian government this is a false and malicious libel and they're going to answer for it in a court of law to tell you about the reason for when rachel maddow said really literally which is supposed to mean definitely no doubt shares staff with the
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kremlin that's another thing she said it's just that a one america journalist freelance work for a russian based news agency sputnik she got him busted so bad but as i've said earlier the number of times rachel maddow turned her show into a grand russian paranoia episode is just difficult to carry out. 1 or about to find out if the new president of our country is going to do what russia wants. f.b.i. is under attack from the president from the presidents republican supporters and congress from the president conservative media supporters and also from the ongoing russian influence operation that is still. what happened if russia killed the power in fargo today and what would happen if all of the natural gas lines that surface and falls just poof on the coal to stay in recent memory and it wasn't in our power whether or not to turn them back on no wonder that when some folks
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decided to put the m s n b c hosts russia gate obsession into a mathematical perspective they found she spent more time talking about russia than all other topics combined over a certain period. now you know what it takes to become the most watched hosts in all of cable news she got to that milestone last year but when step by step it gets revealed that a lot of what you were saying was just a flow of blah blah you make up to win views the consequences do start haunting you 1st the ratings gradually went down and then the actual conclusions of the more pro blood to wet is on air this is what the viewers saw when rachel maddow 1st realized the probe wasn't going the russia gaiters way and so we know the logistics of how we got the notification that it did and obviously right now we have mostly just a ton of questions as to what miller's report says how complete it is who gets to
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see it who gets to decide who gets to see it and when. now here comes the lawsuit the one i mentioned nothing's decided yet but probably even more people will think twice next on the here really literally in that familiar voice. and look talk now about a mystery puzzle mines for the past 60 years in 1059 a group of salvia it hikers in the euro mountains disappeared 9 bodies were eventually found various to your research. it's via a special project launched by our video agency ruptly we chronicle the faithful it's.
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well there's a fascinating and gory tale on ripley's interactive project the law is you to follow the hikers 10 day trek you can explore the world what the group did each day through photos as well what they wrote is there to you also discover more about the own explained injuries on the bodies on the various theories as to what exactly happened. to that you can put yourself into the shoes of one of the team members as they walk along the route and then vote on your suspected version of just what happened after weighing up the evidence that you're presented with.
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yes the inside track only feel peace talks between the u.s. on the taleban when the weekly returns after the break. says. we want a catalan republic because we think it would be feared to our people and we want to contribute to the welfare of europe into the european values of democracy of equality of dialogue of peace and we think that we are ready to contribute. to this new europe but this part of the euro mean the european community and constituency what's the big deal what's the problem why can't we
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accept that possibility in the 21st century. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport business i'm show business i'll see you then. in an exclusive interview with r.t. the taliban urged donald trump to return to the negotiating table concerning the war in afghanistan. they were in moscow for talks with russian officials this week
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after the us president shut down a year long peace process with the militant group the spike hopes that the negotiations might and almost 2 decades of conflict the taliban negotiators were supposed to go to the united states before signing an agreement the deal was to include washington with drawing troops in exchange for a commitment from the militants not to shelter terrorists donald trump justified ending in the galaxy ations citing an islamist attack in the afghan capital that resulted in the death of an american soldier a suicide car bombing killed 10 people in total an injured dozens more it was one of 3 assaults claimed by the taliban in a 2 week period in addition to attacks that have taken place over the past 12 months but the peace talks were ongoing r.t. asked the group how the expect trump to negotiate with them while they're killing his. next deal with mr. so this is a. negotiation he missed the boat with his father is that he says he admitted that
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he. doesn't other well so if big donors offer us why we cannot get one of them or 2 of the know what is it. american soldiers don't want it's not i want it. we're going to be. one of us but still we. propose a key piece of wood or something but unfortunately i need to which we've reached some sort of i'm going to be it was constant inside a sense if the american side is not really and it was usually who did not want peace on the do it will. be compared to different parts of it would have to do this for a movie is. i don't know the reason behind. us. we're going but we are still committed to the negotiations we
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see the i would only see from this 30 minute what this was the most of. what conflict. and it's a piece on the table so we don't want. to. come back to. what we were just. after the fact if you're going to go. right to a topic it seems that most u.s. politicians are agreeing on fracking with increasing numbers calling for the process to be completely bound not fracking involves drilling deep into the growing to recover or oil nothing else critics claim it's dangerous for the environment a top u.s. democrat share those fears to scale up and reports the usa is
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now the world's top the oil exporting country check out these words from the international energy agency booming shale production has allowed the u.s. to close in on and briefly overtake saudi arabia as the world's top oil exporter president trump says that this is a huge achievement he's ready to celebrate success becoming more and more energy dominant i don't want to be energy free we want to be energy dominant in terms of the world but not everyone shares donald trump's energy market enthusiasm in fact most of the people who want to run against him in the 2020 alexion want to outlaw the practice of hydraulic fracking that's the reason the usa has so much oil and gas any proposal to avert the climate crisis must include a full fracking 5 ban on public and private lands. on my 1st day as president i will sign an executive order that puts a total merger tarm on own you fossil fuel leases for drilling offshore and on
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public lands and i will ban fracking everywhere it's not just the left progressives you've got the centrist kemal the harris there's no question i'm in favor of banning fracking so at this point roughly 59 percent of america's oil is extracted from the shale so if you outlawed the practice of hydraulic fracking you would not down the oil sector of the u.s. economy pretty hard the same for natural gas now check out this headline. kremlin kemal or harris and other democrats are embracing vladimir putin's preferred us energy policy the new conspiracy theory even went viral on twitter many in fracking and use of natural gas would do more damage to america and make lead a more prudent heavier than anything donald trump has ever said or done so good job democrats you're being pro russia pro putin and broke by wanting to ban natural gas of course the senator isn't the only 2020 democrat calling for this from russia with love ban on fracking the most reliable of k.g.b.
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useful idiots bernie sanders is even clearer that this notion that opposition to hydraulic fracking is all a big plot from moscow is nothing new in fact we've even heard it from the halls of the u.s. congress we have seen evidence of campaigns targeting culture and energy as 2 to. industries of interest to foreign powers and energy we've seen and the fracking narratives so it seems like nowadays the only way to really play it safe in american politics is to find out what the why we're putting once and do the exact opposite so let's hope that the russian president doesn't talk about say fixing up america's crumbling roads and bridges or addressing the opioid epidemic. artsy new york. or let's talk big books of the u.s. budget deficit is expected to hit one trillion dollars next year and questions are being raised over how american taxpayer money is being used a new report by
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a kentucky senator has highlighted some of the more well bizarre examples of government spent. talking the push for independence and relations with madrid cuts alone is foreign
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minister is today's guest on worlds apart or not comes next here on 247 r.t. international. this is this is a stick. phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is sponsor of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry shouldn't be blamed for all this way to company has long promised to reuse the plastic.
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especially. on the disease. but for now the mountains of waste only grow. financial survival guide stacey let's learn a salad fill out let's say i'm not sure i get any earthly. the fight well street spot thank you for. the story 6 that's right. slavery.
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part of welcome to the party today we're coming to you from barcelona. when thousands of people to go to the streets to celebrate international day without yet having and nation state do you hear us have to wash the independence referendum put on your remains both in the morning and in bargaining chip in spanish politics and that's the acting governor meant in many ways that just an average loan said to the worst elections in 4 years what is it believed the secessionist coffee i'll be putting this question to alfred bosch minister for foreign action institutional relations and transparency of patel on am. all for bush it's good to talk to thank you very much for your time thanks for inviting me. i introduced you as
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a minister but the spanish authorities you're more like a counselor with an outsized mandate because the spanish authorities don't believe that colony is supposed to have any foreign the action of foreign policy and then dado independent state why this could tell on a need to have for an action that you are responsible for or we're not going to argue about words we simply translated like that in english so that you understand that i'm part of a government of the catalan government it's not an independent government belonging to recognise state but still we do have them in a survey like lenders and germany or other governments also have. yes we've been seeing how the spanish government especially the ministry of foreign affairs is a brady has been trying to stop us from making any foreign action we think we're entitled to that because. in the 21st century you go to be competitive
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and have a place in the world otherwise you won't prosper i'm sure would agree that the law means no it's like any other city in spain this dispute has been plaguing this country for 3 centuries and if you look at the recent polls it's not evident that the majority of couple one supported depend. i wonder how do you frame this issue is it still about full if independence or do you stop way outsell determination and the right to vote regardless of which way the boat go from a pro independence party and our ideas that we can have a better country and better welfare for all people with a cow to learn republic so that's what we're pursuing and regarding how many people support that you have all kinds of polls some of them were majority and some of those perhaps not but that's exactly why we want to vote we want to know the real numbers we want to know who's supporting in the pens and who would smoke and
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there's no way the kingdom of spain can agree on such a referendum like the u.k. did it for scotland or. so we don't think we're better than any other nation but we're not less than any other nation that the e.u. know that the problem with referenda and i think the bracks of station shows that the independence moment it's called supports that as well is that people may change their mind the circumstances may change. are you sure that if you have international a recognised referendum and if the majority of catalan say no to independence is that going to put the issue to rest once and for all. not for me or people like me but we will have a result and we will accept it obviously. the same thing if there is a yes we expect the spanish authorities and the international community especially the spanish government to do what they didn't do on october the 1st 2017 when such
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a vote was held and they did exactly the opposite was it which is put people in jail my predecessors in the catalan government we saw columbus police troops being sent to hit people in their heads and we seen almost 2 years. preventive chill for people who were going to vote can i ask you specifically about that our friend because. from what i understand neither the current cut on the authorities nor the spain authorities consider it illegal or free and fair for you it wasn't free and fair because of the police presence for them it was illegal as far as the results are concerned and i thing over 90 percent of people who came to the polls they supported the independence cause as far as the results are concerned do you consider them a legitimate story is it more like a legacy or every torkel issue for you it was an enormous wonderful feat.


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