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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  October 5, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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sure i do he impeached. but not for the idiot reasons our super idiot democrats want to impeach him ok and i'm going to give you the real reasons he should be impeached 2nd but right now the democrats want to prosecute trump for probably the only time in his entire infant teil existence he was trying to root out real corruption was he doing it to benefit himself of course he was then that's like asking whether a dog pissed on a fire hydrant to claim his territory or did he do it to benefit society as a whole. so to give you a quick rundown joe biden and obama and our deep state helped create a coup in the ukraine in 2014 in no small part by funding arming new your nazis believe it or not with the help of israel you would think israel might have some qualms about working with neo nazis but apparently because this is business.
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biden then gets his son a cushy $50000.00 a month board position on an energy company called bryza the top prosecutor in the ukraine viktor socan seen here. who was then fired after joe biden threatened to withhold a $1000000000.00 loan guarantees if they didn't fire him last week i showed you a video of biden bragging about doing that but much of the mainstream media claims that the prosecutor had nothing to do with joe and hunter biden however a poor at the hill has revealed at the time jochen office was investigating the reason the show could told me he was making plans to question hunter biden about $3000000.00 in fees that biden and his partner archer collected from breeze through their american firm so it's all true it's all true it's complete corruption and it
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honestly makes me either really and bob sick to my stomach to say this but one of the only mainstream outlets reporting this regularly. he's fox new. law. you know what kind of stains the rest of the media has to be to make fox news look correct. anyway on the other hand there are a 100 good reasons to impeach trump that the democrats aren't talking about number one in rich in yourself with the presidency try. try going to a workout room at a single trump hotel without running into
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a member of the saudi royal family it's impossible and. they don't even wipe off the machines afterwards i go you guys if i want to roll around in your royal at all right but don't remain calm dull lose your head or you'll lose your head. number 2 speaking of the saudis shouldn't helping them perpetrate the largest humanitarian crime in the world right now in yemen be an impeachable offense. do you think you could give one small example of recent saudi bombing of a community college killed at least a 109 people there but no we would never impeach him for that because our great peacenik president barack obama was also a big fan of helping saudi arabia obliterate yemen so if we impeach trumper that they might take away obama's nobel peace prize. giving the nobel peace prize to
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obama makes as much sense as giving a lifetime achievement award to vanilla ice. or given the mantle of liberty to george w. bush oh yeah they actually did that. and what kind of. hair brained corrupt fawning did a bold dragon breath moron gave our criminal president george w. bush a battle. i don't know who that guy is. why didn't ask. number 3 all of the other war crimes perpetrated by our military with donald trump as commander in chief we've been to in afghanistan for 18 years and we bomb civilians every day and it's repulsive it is the worst humanity has to offer but the democrats aren't going to impeach trump for that or they know no doubt now
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because according to them it's only one truck bombing that he's truly presidential that when we know you're one of us when you have all caved in and 18 year old to push a button from a base in tampa it would destroy a village in afghanistan i wouldn't trust a teenager in tampa to cut my hair. club life and death decisions not a problem. number 4 the 4th reason to impeach. rape rape i represent a bank a. fraud has been accused of rape sexual assault and sexual harassment by at least 24 women apparently we've all just grown to accept this yeah like oh yeah we have to rape the president you know how it is did this is it trump were louis c.k. if trump were a comedian he would have lost his career by now but because he's only the president
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a few rapes is ok. number 5 dooming humanity to extinction by denying climate change. and this was the best image of climate change in our price range. and by the way this is also a more in-depth look at climate change than most of your mainstream media get given for the past 20 years you would think if there were one thing that might get us to impeach a president it would be signing the death warrant for the human race but nope we can't be bothered yet again the democrats aren't concerned with that particular crime because they also have pushed us towards a fiery hell and as i pointed out last week obama even brags about it he's not exactly a criminal mastermind. so that's the top 5 in there are many more as amy goodman said trump's elimination of critical programs in our still safety net is
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discrimination against trans people in the military and in schools his muslim ban his separation of families and caging of children all or worthy of an impeachment inquiry. yeah none of those things are truly a problem to the democrats because all of those things were also done by the democrats they discriminated against gays they follow the muslim countries and they even came . children at the border all of that is just a business as usual for both of our incredibly corrupt corporate parties but this phone call with the ukrainian president this is different this time trump went after the ruling elite he called out their corruption and the media's collusion and for that not for all the others the ruling class wants him out tell me how long.
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well i'm sure you can tell us take the news from behind so. when you're on twitter and stuff disappearing and you thought you saw a trending hash tag about imperialism and then suddenly it's gone and you think to yourself i was just there am i losing my mind who runs twitter some sort of sob soldiers with our heads every day all day i. know it turns out * so yes yes yes. it just came out that a top twitter executive for the middle east and north africa is a british military psyops soldier this is one of those things you didn't know
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but you had to do. like you know that you're a 7th grade gym coach was a pedophile right when you heard the news you were like i watched coach were crazy well yeah of course of course. but yes the head of editorial for the middle east and north africa is a part time officer in the 77th brigade information warfare unit which has worked on behavioral change projects in the region in fact. here is show you video here is the head of the entire u.k. military general nick carter talking about the 77th brigade unfortunately due to budget cutbacks he was forced to give his speech while wearing a. living room drapes. i think very impressed with the time and that's come forward to join the army reserve particular what we call group b. the service in 77 pre-k. to show should come back to we've got some remarkable talent when it comes to
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social media production design and indeed out of the poetry those sorts of skills we can't afford to retain in the regular components but they all the means of us delivering capability in a much more imaginative way that we might have been able to do in the post in his defense those were the most ornate drapes available so you know but if you meet him do not pull that gold cord or you will reveal his entire eastern front. and the curtains do not match the drapes now you would think that image of going home with you was. twitter might pretend as if they had no idea that one of their top executives is currently assigned but no twitter issued a statement saying we actively encourage all our employees to pursue x. terminal interest x. turn all ears yes they make it sound like a place free we go 1st on. this as actively words to create psychological warfare
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on you and me and you and me and you and me that's slightly different than being an avid fan of pickle ball you. are social media platforms are all about psychological warfare and that's why they are increasingly censoring those of us speaking the truth and even just mass movements like worker movements such as auto workers at general motors who are currently trying to fight back against endless exploitation 48 fellows. you've got to you've been very good general motors went on strike on september 16th seeking higher pay greater job security a bigger share of the leading u.s. automakers profit and protection of their health care benefits we should all support them not just because the average workers but also because they build a goddamn cars are right you know none of us care about our car good these days as long as the composter is in the right spot for our on the latte unicorn whatever
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the hell seriously you want to test this install a compost or quarter range too small to hold a coffee cup. and at the same time replace the car's engine with like a travel hairdryer. see which one people complain about 1st. cup holder. the bad news about this strike is that the corporate world wall street is prepared to crush these workers here's what i morgan stanley angel said. we understand this is the headline and it's newsworthy but in the grand screech scheme of a g.m. strategy they're going to get this behind them and they have a much bigger issues to deal with at the board level until workers unite in different areas in different fields and we all stand together for these fights wall street will always crush the average person this should be up to all of us to the 99 percent of us who actually build the world we live in the 99 percent that have
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never even seen a private jet all right can you imagine though the number of goddamn cup holders those things must have. a big beautiful day brive couple of big enough to store your toddler in must be incredible. so you revolutionary something you will learn on our piles of festering pos covered garbage news outlets excuse me i mean american media. haiti is on the brink of revolution to overthrow the us back. regime yet. do you think you might get just a little bit more c.n.n. coverage if it were happening in venezuela or wrong or north korea or china seriously i mean if haiti just had wondered if 2 tiny cup of crude oil then this would be national news. how do you guys have some olive oil or sumthin symbolism of the boiling skin from some greasy french fries something you could
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actually never mind if you had oil we invade you so don't do that. to give you a little context that our corporate media won't mention it they wouldn't mention it in the back we the us have helped create several coups in haiti perhaps our proudest work was when we helped kidnap their president john ritter on arius deed in 2004 and dropped him off in africa which i didn't know we could just do that i know like it raises the question why haven't we grabbed boris the clown off the street just to rob him in the middle of a children's ball pit. which we all know he'd never find his way out of. but i think a lot of americans don't care about haiti because it's a very poor country but a large part of the reason is poor is because of a longstanding colonial battery which is the technical term. haiti got its
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independence from france in 1804 after a successful slave revolt but later was forced to pay unbelievable amounts of money to france in reparations did you hear me there. they had to pay france 80 percent over their g.d.p. for all 100 years for freeing themselves from the cia every that my friends is some imperial white people dare. you pay me for now. letting me own you. that would be like you know lonnie a trump finally escaped her captor and had to pay him 80 percent of her income every year. anyway considering a corrupt us backed leaders again ruling haiti the haitian people are again trying to throw off their imperialist chains at this point they must have been like god damn it it did the french the americans are like bed bugs they get rid of them and
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then they're everywhere while we're on the topic of us back coups journalist on the apparent kill and independence media outlets the gray zone forced to top venice whalen official ricardo hausmann to resign so as you know the us. as you know the us helped build up venezuelan coup leader why i don't know who was elected to the position of all this exposé revealed while housman worked at the inner american development bank as in a bastard or of why dos shadow administration he was also employed as they were a freak hariri professor of the practice of political economy at harvard university and all this time i thought in order to teach at harvard you had to be a brilliant bag of sorts. but know just how to be working with the u.s. government and the world bank to crush a sovereign nation if there are dying babies somewhere on your resume harvard has
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a spot for you. basically after house bill was pressured by parable in the gray zone he decided to step down from the coup government so he could spend more time with his crime family. you know he wants to pursue x. turtle interests. so he'd be perfect for twitter. to go great brag but i'll be performing. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic developments only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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rather than for follow on that comes out of. the set of one among them. a fondness for the main t.v. they tell you not the high. that this month when the sun shone. from totally. shut the lock of the. then that theater someone who did the board. problem in syria would start to. become exacerbated because probably because the
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united states and the russian federation both of them decided to deal with them arms like. the regional allies to take care of things through a number of opportunities there were if there were ceased and there were real serious attempts by moscow and washington to show problems and i was witness to a number of them and it could have been possible and would have shorten the war and would have saved a lot of lives for is no don't. surely if you're rich iron senior citizen living in a house on a fixed income you may have heard of a worse mortgage where you borrow money against the value of your home to help pay for all repairs medical bills what have you but when it comes to older african-american homeowners the reverse mortgage industry hasn't exactly been
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honest about the risks for faulting on those loans a usa today investigation found these lenders targeted poor black homeowners who are now losing their homes through foreclosure for more on this we go to our senior all known x. for anonymous. so how many failed loans are we talking about here well we're talking 0 about nearly 100000 failed loans that may result in foreclosure intervention which means there will be at least 100000 new episodes of house hunters on h.d.t.v. . i mean yes it's weird that in a few years an older black couple can watch yuppie duly wed discuss replacing the living room they spent over 50 thanksgivings and with a man cave but at least the living room and not their daughter's childhood bedroom . does hells hunters ever show footage of elderly black couples crying because they can't stay in their home no because that's obviously in the d.v.d.
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extras. but it's not like the seniors they know what they were in for after all before starting the reverse mortgage seniors must receive federally approved housing counseling even if advocates said sessions are always comprehensive and some are done over the phone in 20 minutes they only get 20 minutes to discuss a financial decision the most people don't even understand i mean we live in a society of short attention span that's very even my parents said. they were 1st mortgage lender finish their paperwork under 4 minutes to the tune of the cha cha sly. one thing out the forms they were told to sign on the left then sign on the right and when they finished the lender said your mortgages were are smart. and as your parents. signed away their biggest asset where they told they'd still need to pay property taxes and insurance so they wouldn't default
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sometimes lenders don't account for property taxes and insurance being already baked into a seniors' mortgage so if you stop paying the mortgage then you'll immediately the fall of the loan and have to pay it back which after fees and interest ends up being way more than the home's value but reverse mortgage lenders don't have the time to go into all of those details the way their ads played during daytime t.v. which means they only have 30 seconds between the end of judge judy and the start of judge joe brown the book. and that's assuming you don't already have me so bad. ok well it's great to seniors enjoy t.v. judges because maybe they should take these lenders to court i mean they're stealing an old person's home for profit it's the same predatory behavior lenders used prime mortgages that caused the 2000 collapse and the and the only people getting punished are seniors or people like you who can't buy your parents' house
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without paying mom and pops debt 1st who said i want to own my parents' home. all right i watch house hunters for the fan to see that fantasy dies when your parents are hoarders you still have jell-o. putting cups of bill cosby space on friday. or even he has expired yet. they. are divided into a lot of that divide between republicans and democrats are you born subscribing. to one side or the other or do you have to be dropped on your head 1st for more on this we go to redacted correspondent and. 20 twentieth's although it's technically 3 months away some political analysts insist that it's actually ben 2020 cents roughly november 26th the walks are fast at work crunching numbers so they can tell the american people exactly what it is that the american people want holy smokes we've seen gender gaps but this is this is gigantic we'll
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get in 2014 you know 16 and 4 that was a 20 point gender gap 2012 republicans you know romney by 7 if the democrats are going to win back the white house they'll have to unite their base on both coasts with swing voters in the rust belt southwest and great lakes region. but what is it that makes some people vote red and others according to some political scientists ideological preferences can be largely reduced to human biology things like people's personality traits their hobbies and how they react to photos of other people eating or we have to simulate this i asked a couple of my graduate students to do it for my co-authors to do it and none of them would so i had to step up to the plate and have a nice mouthful of worms and you also would try him sometime so the blue line is a liberal's the dotted red line is conservatives according to the 2013 book pre-disposed written by a trio of scientists from the university of nebraska differing political orientations can best be understood by voters having distinct brains that process
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the world differently it's the job of a political scientist to investigate conservative in the liberal minds to find out who prefers what type of sauce on the. campaigns can use that information to capture swing votes they need to know how to appeal to fiscally conservative stone temple pilots listing lower upper middle class capricorn since 3rd favorite drink is orange or socially liberal ford focus owning half polynesian animal husbandry majors with an uncle named gary this is how a man. elections are won but in her book race in the making of political science the american political scholar just a couple black argues that the foundations of political science as a field come straight out of jim crow era racism she writes that claims about innate social and political characteristics open the door to long discredited theories of innate race and sex differences or even human engineering efforts this was in the early 20th century back when the whole country was viewed through the
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lens of ethnic stereotypes italians were biologically destined to be drunken criminals white protestants were biologically destined to be really good at sailing irish were biologically destined to be drunken criminals who were really good at sailing the father of political science was a man named john burgess who viewed race as the core basis for governing the united states he created political science as a tool for the white ruling class to figure out how they could hold on to power in the face of rising social movements political scientists put great stock in the idea that scientific methods could point to possibilities for social control political science began as a way to monitor the disenfranchised today the motivations of political scientists are much different but the effect of their research is to reinforce the status quo political identity is subject to all kinds of social factors we won't achieve a better society by assuming everyone's politics are pre-determined by their biology we have to do it by getting these people over here to unite with these people here maybe some of these people down here they can work together and take
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power away from these people over here reported from washington d.c. i mean there's no need for that. here are your headlines from the future in one month you'll read americans insisting politicians over 70 step aside and let the younger generation benefit from rampant corruption. trial and even 3 weeks you'll hear. twitter exact see no problem with a new revelation that head of marketing is corpse of joseph. this coming tuesday. haitian man glad he kept his go long glorious come teacher from last time around. that charge. every episode.
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make or break the entire proposition financial zation news because without a baseline to value risk and to value time you have no basis to value this financial eyes post industrial economy whatsoever it's all basically a guessing game. done in the end by north. people because a cop beat him he's so good that even such a bad cop be sending. i'm not guilty anybody. until the find the next guy.
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done the in philosophy that she went down plenty of. the deflection move the c.e.o. thing to the deflection board is a pretty safe. bet is going to be that when i got off the mini it's a. lot about that on the board. that you can bank on. the gap. long long long.
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prosecutors say the man who fatally stabbed 4 colleagues police station thursday was an islamic extremist. nuclear talks between the u.s. and north korea. bringing nothing to the negotiating table also ahead. a brutal standoff unfolds. as the government scraps fuel subsidies to meet the terms of an i.m.f. loan. the u.s. government approves.


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