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tv   News  RT  October 11, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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i i i wonder as of people in the central russian city demand the execution of a murder suspect after a 9 year old girl is found strangled to death. in ecuador more protesters killed intensifies following more than a week of. these live pictures we're bringing you from the center of the capital. of ukraine m.p. publishes documents he says reveal corruption involving the us presidential hopeful
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. and a true legend. who conducted the 1st ever space walk at the age of 85. hawkins wherever you tuning in from tonight's welcome to the program. hundreds of people have been protesting in the central russian city of after a 9 year old girl was found strangled to death the morning the execution of the murder suspect.
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shock spread across the city a local resident was arrested and confessed to the crime my colleagues discuss the case with us he's goes out of. over 1st and foremost what happened a lot of anger and paying that's what happened but 1st i would like to go back to the video that we just showed you just because it really it is really representative of the scale as to what happened as to how angry the people were like look at this here they are rocking a police vehicle why because they believe that the murder is inside and they're all for justice i mean they were so angry at this man and a lot of people still are very few areas with him that the police had to actually when they 1st were out in the open that they did so they put a mask on him so that nobody could identify him as easily at least for the time
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being and they apparently had to cover him with riot shields and basically put their bodies between him and the mob of french and now what happened what's what is all this about on wednesday 9 year old lisa went to school and well never came back and her relatives and all kinds all the concerned people there were kept out of the loop for a very very long time so would come when it comes to a family well they were growing desperate yet i was here and the girls aren't we really need help we've been searching everywhere if you can help in any way trace contact us we've been looking for her since wednesday ranch time where we've realized that she's gone missing a lot of volunteers along with the with the police were looking for the girl but there was no news no not negative not positive for 24 some 24
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hours so eventually on a night from thursday to friday they went to this garage area it's literally like a 2nd were nothing but like garages people store their vehicles there they went there because they believed because there was a rumor. that the murderer of the suspected murderer was there a long while with the body of the girl when they came there they saw the police and i mean the the rocking of the police vehicle happened on that site and a lot of people they vented their anger at the law enforcement for well keeping everybody in the dark was. going to ask. him a letter back you think if you. don't see how much good you think. you know something's not right yet this year well eventually there was an official statement put out that the that they managed to detain the suspected murderer and
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where is the end the station at this point at this point the investigators they have questioned the suspected this is back to murder he admitted he admitted his guilt in fact we have a moment of his confession on tape. before maury. is very. very serious. so his version of events was again all of these are his words and all of those have to be verified and checked and investigated by the police but he's saying that he kind of squatted in one of the garages illegally and the little girl little lisa she was just passing by and she asked him a question as to whether or not he knew who the garage belonged to so he figured that it must have belonged to her parents so it strangled her and what's the situation in the city right now well this is the city's a shaken up i mean it's it's not it's not the smallest cities some
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800000 people live there but i mean still it's not it's not it's not it's not too big but people are scared and they want justice only volunteers gathered in front of the garage he was in a police car everyone was charlatan. give him to us and then he changed his clothes and the police drove him away god will judge him what else can i say these people should never be allowed out of prison but our government lets them out but this is just my personal opinion and now we're very afraid of living our children alone in the streets but their concern and their dissatisfaction is rooted in the fact that many of them believe that the law simply is right now is not capable of delivering a punishment well severe enough punishment this man is deserving of so there are calls for instance to bring back the capital punishment for him but i mean this is still a long way from that and the investigation is still ongoing. continuing violent
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unrest in ecuador's capital has claimed more lives in what's been more than a week of protests against austerity or these are live pictures we can show you right now from the unrest where thousands of indigenous people are among those demonstrating their leaders have condemned president roh as the surgeon to cut fuel subsidies as part of his loan deal with the international monetary fund. was. was now finding the wreckage and riots. another day of silence hundreds and hundreds of indigenous and stand ins in the capital de chile and towns that i am in just
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a cough from our way where i'm from and they straight just went straight to their to the national assembly line started in the media and they're still action with police after more than $750.00 arrests. and indigenous people say $86.00 protesters at being killed in the end these riots what we have behind me is the cost of the public building the theater actually they use they set their headquarters and they actually kidnap they retained 8 police officers here yesterday they had them or take hours off they released in them and and they had some journalists in there too the rest of the protesters the indigenous people said that it wasn't them it was an isolated incident incident but i have to say that today i've noticed a lot of tension with media as well i don't really like us showing anything around there they blame us for lots of things here that are going on in the country that's why we took
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a step back and but over there there's thousands and thousands of people still clashing with police they were armed in what i can only describe as a small army because they came in march in and they were where in. helmets and they were they were using homemade weapons sticks and stones and rocks and bottles that they were headed straight forward to the national assembly but i've heard that their intention is to storm the presidential palace monday so i'm pretty sure the intelligence community knows that and that's why they brace in and that's why they protect in that presidential palace with the military force what we see in here if we can have a little town over there is plenty of police but not the military the military is not leavin the perimeter of the. presidential palace that they still question only with police if they try to storm the palace selfish will say the military won't
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stand that they won't step down so if that happens on monday that's going to be a bloody day there's been dozens and dozens of people engine among them 6 dozens of police the injured today we know that we've seen the footage from seeing the images they were very close. the national assembly and they've been badly hurt by molotov cocktails were thrown at them by protesting what they want i see they still want moreno out of the government if you can. that that austerity measures are scrapped subsidies for fuel basically diesel and gasoline if you can't do that they want him out and they want the minister of defense for sure regardless of what they say he he's not been handling the situation perec the ins been using excessive force actually lots of international agencies aborad he said that force being used here in quito has been excessive what we see now is violent clashes especially in
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the city center and tension tension and 9 days of political unrest and riots here in ecuador. the ukrainian m.p. has published documents claiming to reveal corruption involving kier find us presidential hopeful joe biden in 2014 biden was vice president and the go to man for ukraine while his son hunter was on the board of ukrainian gas company saskia taylor has more details. with its big personalities and explosive revelations politics is like a good t.v. show take the biden's ukraine plot for example which is currently stealing time former vice president joe biden his son hunter trump of course and the ukrainian president have recurring roles but a new character has appeared on the scene ukrainian m.p. andrey catch now catches and to center stage and accuse biden of making
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a pretty penny from his dealings in ukraine and with one company in particular mission it was considering this was the transfer of the barisan group's funds for lobbying activities as investigators believe personally to judge but i didn't through the law being company funds the amount of 900000 dollars were transferred to the us based company rosemont seneca partners which according to open source is the new york times is if. payment reference was payment for consultative services just a quick intro to the recent group as one of the largest natural gas companies coincidentally or not hunted by tumors on its board of directors for almost 5 years a job he was entirely qualified for having no background in the energy sector many experience of ukraine but his father was the obama administration's point man for ukraine so why not any way to capture as published documents which show that over
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many years the brits macgruber almost $1000000.00 to a company called rosemount seneca partners before anyone cries foul and says photoshop been up to its old tricks the money transfers can be seen black and white in a federal court fall from an unrelated new york law suit there's nothing concrete to suggest that biden sr has been sconce in a big leather chair at rosemont seneca but let's just rewind a few years. the year is 2009. i joe biden's riding high he's vice president but poor old hunt is not doing so well his cryptocurrency fund is going through a rough patch off to one of its key people and stanford is court red handed and charged with forward to the tune of a tidy sum for the indictment on wages stanford and his co-defendants engaged shouldnt scheme to defraud investors who purchased approximately
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$7000000000.00 it's sure to check your deposit c.d.'s administered by the stanford international bank ltd so hard to decide to see green a posture has and sets up a new company rosemont seneca partners he got sutton christopher hines on board who conveniently happens to be the steps on a future secretary of state john kerry it's a small world of people who couldn't cash in on their family name residence anika advertised itself as a consultancy that just wanted to help small and middle sized companies expand not just across the u.s. but into foreign markets too. the yen is now 2010 and raise months out of has partnered with a little called the stilton group and continuing his good company hunt to chooses as his partner james bulger the nephew of new tourists us thanks to whitey bulger who modified and gruesome and in prison just last year so sensational was his life
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he even got a movie based on. this you are. to come. remove . when you. do. so here we have this happy trio the piece on the future secretary of state steps on and the nephew of a mob boss for lying around the wall trying to get money from investors. the year is now 20 thought teen and joe biden's on an official visit to china 2. and in photos from the trip hunters by his side just a regular full of the sun trip except 2 weeks later and his buddies signed off a $1000000000.00 investment contract from china is the wall just full of coincidences. the year is now 2018 and hunt is
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again in a bit of a pickle as co-founder of rosemont sanuk up owen fellow director of the barista group is charged with security fraud it's funny how many bad apples hunter has been surrounded by like i said every t.v. show has got big personalities and big revelations and it would seem very tangled web of characters. iran claims one of its all tankers has been hit in a missile attack causing a split off the coast of saudi arabia more still to come off of the break. in the brain does not. in the way. labor trying to. bring you damage any worse becomes insatiably the brain is incredibly since
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delicate if you can damage some bones in the brain you can kill the patient does by damaging one of 2 millimeters of rain. we've got a crumbling infrastructure roads bridges tunnels are not working we've got students that are in massively in debt and probably will never add to the productivity of society all because of this. propaganda that debt doesn't matter we just know it to ourselves. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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the program donald trump is claiming saudi arabia has agreed to pay for the deployment of additional u.s. troops to the region as follows last month's attack on the country's oil facilities . we are sending troops and other things to the middle east to help saudi arabia but are you ready saudi arabia at my request has agreed. payout for everything we're doing for the white house will send the military equipment including 2 fighter squadrons in addition to 3000 new soldiers the u.s. will also increase the number of patriot missile systems and provide riyad with the defense system washington says it's all to counter the threat from iran after last month's attack on saudi oil refineries and meanwhile iranian oil tank has reportedly been hit twice in attacks off the coast of saudi arabia a fire erupted following me incidents along with an oil spill in the blaze has
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since been put out a little contained to iran condemned the incident this to geisha is conducted by the national iranian tanker company indicate the iranian tanker has sustained damage after being targeted twice and how far away intervals from a place near its shipping route in the east of the red sea over responsibility for the act including the extensive environmental pollution in the region follow on those behind this dangerous adventurism well we've got some expert analysis on the latest development from attorney at law specializing in the middle east studies could as well as former pentagon official michael miller. from my point of view we're not sure who did it but i think it's an accident it's the americans that are probably really behind these 8 of these we are the english we're not sure but we can we can almost be sure that it's not something you love. and then you can response to it and to destroy it that has been set down from the will decide. and
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so it just it just goes on and this is just me is he on electoral college to say now i see. people but i'm try to make peace i question the use of fads and patriots against the drones you need a low. they're there and they're very difficult to pick up by stealth drones which was the basis for the attacks that occurred. a month ago or so into saudi arabia and you need a low low frequency radar system so i question the type of equipment that's going in and certainly they need. i was surprised that the saudis hadn't put. defense systems around their oil installations in the 1st place but be that as a may it's meant to show u.s. support for the saudis and the that equipment went in that the saudi request and of
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course are paying for it so that means more coin in the u.s. coffers so i think that the it's meant to be very defensive in nature my concern is that reintroducing u.s. troops as you point out $3000.00 additional american troops that. this is the reason why some of bin laden decided to launch an attack on 911 was the introduction of foreign troops on saudi soil which is the home of 2 of the 3 most holy sites of islam and i and i'm concerned that this could create new problems for inadvertently for the united states by reintroducing u.s. troops on in saudi arabia. the 1st ever man to walk in space died legendary soviet cost more than x. a lot of was $85.00 it was back in 165 feet marking
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a major milestone in the history of space exploration a lot of had an illustrious career he commanded the soviet half of the historic apollo so u.s. mission in 1975 the 1st joint space mission between 2 superpowers that's when a soyuz capsule docked with an american apollo capsule for 2 days in space with astronauts and cosmonauts switching between each of those units. well nasa has expressed condolences on the loss of lee off it interrupted a live broadcast from space to remember the cosmonaut.
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yeah. you will. be meeting you. must look at your solution since you have to. get them through. you do know there's a. shoulder and says .
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i am. only off was also a writer and artist producing more than 200 paintings the picture thing is adventures in space his name was given to moon craters as well as streets and schools in russia where all money went to the cosmonaut and moscow parties so fisherman interviewed alexei all of several years ago he described what it felt like stepping into outer space for the 1st time what does the earth look like from the outside. go up we've got a blur. when i got out of the spaceship and stood on the shuttle edge i said suddenly indeed the earth is round we left the spaceship at a height of almost 500 kilometers from the nidia point to the horizon i could see a circle with a radius of almost 2750 kilometers yeah i could see 5500 kilometers which is half the earth it looked like a globe or
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a very good map and some parts were covered with clouds and it was so quiet it was so quiet i could hear my heart i could hear my breathing it was all because of the earth all of a sudden i heard attention attention someone has gone into space and is floating weightless lee. a bad bad. bad bad. and it was even more surprising to hear legs a please come back soon but that we are waiting for you on earth it was lynn and britney of speaking. it was a mixture of joy grief and sadness little is something absolutely extraordinary will join you get all this took some 10 to 12 minutes during that stimulus how long did the flight take with what says just sort of 26 hours. its length was not the main objective it was impossible to surprise anyone at that time the question was
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whether it was possible to live and work in outer space. i was to solve this problem. ok and what's right is documentary taking a space walk on our website of a special project on space exploration r t $360.00 on our you tube channel that's it for this hour the see what i would back in 30 minutes time there with the latest global news headlines we'll see about that . so i wish my youth. was so they did so.
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with. you. oh.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle on this edition of cross talk we demystify serious kurds almost all of the criticism launched against syria policy is not rooted in facts actually that criticism is driven by false narratives and the inability to admit the international proxy war to overthrow the damascus government has failed the sooner all american troops leave syria the better for syria and the region. talking syria i'm joined by my guess omar well coffin u.k. he is founder and director of the good osis a think tank in britain that focuses on syria and the middle east in beirut we have more awesome and she is an academic and journalist and in dublin we cross the mike rather he is coeditor of b s news dot info right in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it let's go to beirut 1st you know i read the reactions very
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closely to try for a partial withdrawal i mean he tried it before and he failed and now he's done it again in lieu of the another illegal and the invasion of syria this time by turkey i mean i was just aghast on that characterization of what's going on in syria right now and western audiences have been given so much to some from ation and false narratives it's very difficult for them to even understand what's going on except for war must go on endless war and i've been a critic of donald trump for many things but this is the right decision it was the right decision a year ago go ahead in beirut. definitely and i'd like to remind the audience that throughout this campaign before he became president he was always talking about pulling out the troops especially from syria were his narrative back then before before he became president was actually in there to have that was different that what we have heard of it was
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a narrative of who created isis why is isis there to begin with the role of turkey in bringing in isis to syria why should u.s. troops go to syria and the start of all of this he was not supporting this he was actually put in this on the shoulders of barack obama being a disastrous u.s. foreign policy what he's doing right now is actually just going back to his previous as a president to his campaigning days he's keeping promise of pulling out troops from war zones that are not bringing any benefit for the u.s. foreign policy or for troops for that matter and what he's doing is actually brokered a deal with turkey which has been going on for a while now we would just seen the fruits of this deal right now but again you are via the public as is misinformed in the west and this is why they are very much in shock as to why don't trump will put out the troops well in fact trump is doing a great deal of help for. to begin with for the syrians who have been battered by the war against some of the global.


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