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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 19, 2019 2:30pm-2:45pm EDT

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when in syria britain wanted to get into a war on syria since 2016 the conservative governments here have approved or nearly up to up to a 1000000000 reaching a 1000000000 pounds worth of arms sales to turkey what do you think turkey does with the weapons against the people of a job or in northern syria well i mean significant i mean not only to the members probably the weapon. user is a very sophisticated who know. sharon this who want to kill. those who are using ready for that this moment as i say the british defense secretary says turkey needs to do what it so lives asked to do to defend itself an urgent one of course you know has been threatening the european union with sending 3600000 refugees that turkey has taken
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in since the war began in 2011 do you think that threat means the european union countries will continue to support turkey against your people. or opinion it should or should take some and some steps and talks just by blackmailing europe blackmailing accomplis and their. media and so i think this is a person. for everybody who. just like to say. well we invite the turkish ambassador to london on the show i'm sure mr de one would deny the visa hitler meanwhile though a you or members of the p.y.t. still getting money from the cia and the pentagon or when did not stop when did their money stop. any. any panic room anybody there were
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in the middle. of. this question. because maybe they're americans and we have a lot of money. those weapons fighting and the money. thing. i mean we hear. from our young people how many american soldiers killed in this wind and the why didn't. i think these would. other places i mean upwards and so solemn muslim thank you well here in europe protests are taking place across the continent from those who support catalonian independence in spain division they join in france here in london extinction rebellions autumn uprising reaches its finale today after 2 weeks of sustained civil disobedience despite peaceful protests being banned by the metropolitan police this week one man who is down of the protests is the star of
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the smash hit t.v. show game of thrones room flynn he joins me now via skype thanks for coming back on the show what do you make of a extinction rebellion then just middle class hippies dancing on drugs according to british media that who you hang around with. well i am i went down for my 1st experience of x r on monday and i was. i went we were right in the city of london and they were making a specific protest to the banks and the banking institute's of our country and the world where so much investment in this chapel and investment is part of the problem you know this investment in many of the things which are causing such devastation to our wildlife and our habitat and our climate there was a whole whole selection of people that. and yet
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whatever wild no class to be there were fewer of those i'm probably not far away from my myself now and it was palpable essence of. peaceful protest of respect. fall where they were further police that were around them. and any disruption being cause i mean the way i see it is that the disruption any disruption that is caused is being caused in the government have to take responsibility for that because they were we wouldn't be out there if they were making the changes the have to happen and in a way they've committed themselves to even if you just went by the climate the parish climate agreement 2015. the i.p.c.c. the ice the c c c which is the british climate change or independent group or
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climate scientists who sent the british government are no way near making the changes they need to make in order to on a just that house agreement which as far as most of the science is concerned nowadays is way too late anyway so i think protest if i'm free if we don't protest we just cannot watch the disaster on fox but the home of the media media is more interested of course in the fact of the middle class proponent on the demonstrations and certainly if there were mentions of the deadline on fossil fuel emissions very little on the fact of the 2050 deadline government deadline. is completely misguided and indeed the surveys you're saying mean that it may be in 7 years so. even that having other value you know the i.p.c.c. the i.p.c.c. having said 12 years have said. that if the major political steps aren't taken in
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the next 18 months by the end of 2020 we don't stand a chance to get to drop the drop that's needed 1.5 to keep it up 1.5. degrees. raising the temperature when bended in a very deep system and very we've got very deep habits and ways of being in our culture and we know there are press a lot of press is geared towards the party politics of the time the identity politics of the time is something that is becoming increasingly clear that the system systemic lee wrong with the culture we're living in the you know in a way those are gifts of the kind of man political matters that we've been witnessing now. in this country and in america there is that gift is that it's
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waking us up that much quicker to how this system is way beyond its sell by date but instead of this they have been covering the demonstrations in hong kong is just they haven't been covering so much the concerns and the pictures in the same way of the protests here in london in the past few days yeah yeah now listen but as i was saying though it's very nice kind of inevitable. in a system supported by the press a lot of the press will support whichever political divide there are let's say they are so much more independent like yourselves journalistically there are much more some much more independent release but a lot of it is just in matched in that sense system of promoting and protecting those who are going to do was the most famous the pictures on twitter of members of
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the public attacking extinction rebellion people upset about not being able to get to work every major policy change as involved violence we're obviously not condoning violence here acts are is explicitly a nonviolent strategy we've got to hurt their stark examples of of ones with violence we've got our historical examples of huge change without violence you know if you think what would what would it what would it what don't have happened in terms of india and its freedom you know without again the peacefully protesting and and by corner they are going to say are crap. we didn't know we didn't know that early in what was going to fall down you know what we forward you think you know if you think about the protest against apartheid i don't think it's the violence that brought the plight apartheid to an end something it's like there's a truth that becomes
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a kind of undisputable one and and if enough people and a consciousness or nothing nothing consciousness changing realize ation and that's what i feel really hopeful that exarchs hartle and this isn't i don't think i don't think those guys climbing up the train was a bright idea you know it's the people on the train using public transit or the ones who as far as lawyers and as far as i understand it actually extinction rebellion have also conceded that that wasn't the best action that they took part in but do you expect fully then that future actions media coverage will center on trying to divide the public from those taking part in the demonstrations. do i expected to well i don't know i think there's a bit of a mystery there i think it's unknown and i think it depends i mean were there you were there did you see the public being angry at the people around you as
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they were protesting for against climate children not at all knowing that i had i guess there was so much love in that square and i felt it and at least as well. it was one of the most extraordinary days i've had and one of the most encouraging of my life i have to say and it's like i used to i used to think i wish i would have been alive for a young you know teenager in the sixty's because the excitement of breaking free from its certain type of not just conformity. and culture you know which is restricting our own freedom in our joint. union. and community and i feel as excited about what's happening now you know it's more scary experience it is a very real threat but this is the gift that comes with it which is for this consciousness shift which is i think we're all looking for a shift in terms of how are we going to lives you know you do that in relationship
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to this extraordinary gift of a planet. earth to us. again. and keep that's it for the show we're back on monday 63 years to the day britain runs the even effectively crush article of your rebellion in kenya according to the kenya human rights commission 90000 kenyans were executed tortured or maimed with 860000 said to labor council he was that's why a social media see them. thinking of getting a cute puppy once we got in there she. said you know it's still trapped in this evil why are you going to need a crate with him he will just start freaking out again he want is pretty much anywhere near it thousands of breeding dogs i paged in the interview lane conditions on people i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in cages
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outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the courtier and the rain the snow the funder nothing they have no protection. thank you but you. know it's ok. across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and most of the puppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are in stores even giant good businesses are involved like. there has been a shocking amount of organized opposition to adverts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial breeding for so many most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural industries that have nothing to do with jobs by dog. there are no official statistics in india concerning children who have been lost or separated from their
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parents some are just amazed that every 30 minutes in the country a child goes missing. a lot of. money in the last. minute oddly. the national team and rights commission stated that $44000.00 minors go missing every year while the police quoted. the united nations children's fund has described the situation as genocide and various sources suggested in india there was several 1000000 missing women and children. this is a stick of water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles
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of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad what's there the litter box are throwing us away industry should be blamed for all this way. the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. on. the mountains of noise only grow.
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by a 6th day of protests after being rocked by another night of violent unrest over the jailing of separatist leaders. in the eyes of the right 322. to the next 306. showdown in the british parliament sees m.p.'s dealing. with getting dragged it done by delaying. deal but the pm vows not to seek another extension. explosion has killed 62 people in afghanistan.


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