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6. gregg's it could be delayed again is the u.k. parliament. asking for an extension. signed it. would be. like. without a little tough love you know what tough love. a little tough love. takes
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credit for causing its offensive against syria but. the fine print. washington is. not hearing this is. 7th nights of protests over the jailing of separatist leaders they were sentenced by the supreme court on monday. crowds to be venting their anger on the streets of the city.
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i. catalonia president kim torah has condemned the violence and called for talks with the trid spain's acting prime minister says that won't happen until torah or issues a stronger message about the rest of his many coaches has been following events. well people of barcelona are protesting and taking it to the streets again there are taking part in this vast demonstration now for the 7th day in a row these crowds are descending into plastic at the lumia which is located right
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and the heart of the council capital now it's a quite a peculiar thing about these protests that they all started in a rather friendly matter but then and we've seen that in the last 2 days in a blink of an they turn very violent at the very end late in the evening now they have consul lonny a is calling for people to come forward for dialect and also telling that violence is not really the right past so we've seen before there are so many different radical allemands within these crowds so. rather a very calm protest this can turn into a very violent very up scene burning scene that in the blink of an hour i well we spoke to different people both for and against the end dependence now some told us that they demand their democratic rights to be respected they demand and now their
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referendum to be housed in catalonia as soon as possible and demand the use referendum to be legal others believe that the ex-president of consul on your car list put him on should come back and face the crisis in his homeland but whole are condemning the violence that we saw on the streets and i can tell you it was these were obscene scenes really that we saw now barcelona is protesting since monday after the supreme court in madrid geale separatist leaders for terms from 9 to 13 years for their role in the $27000.00 cattle on independence beat and tonight it seems that the protest will continue that the mood is still. within the crowds and as i've told you before they kept telling us that these are these movements these protests will only go on for quite some time here.
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protests elsewhere in the world thousands of marched in hong kong in defiance of a police ban and yet again violence erupted protesters smashed the shops and inside of metro stations and started fires and to beijing rallies have gripped the city for months with unrest being a frequent feature authorities recently introduced an emergency law that banned facemasks china denounce the protesters the separatists and accused foreign countries of meddling in the situation. president of the council has confirmed that he has received a request from the u.k. for a break that extension by mr boris johnson was forced to send a letter asking for more time that after a votes didn't go his way in parliament but he refused to sign said document vote in total boris johnson sent 3 letters to brussels there's the 1st one the one he didn't sign that asked for the break that extension that's from the u.k.'s ambassador to the e.u. same of the 1st letter was from parliament not government and then there's
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a 3rd letter from johnson himself where he describes any potential extension being damaging and urging the e.u. to help him get the deal into force. says that he will now discuss the complicated situation with the leaders before deciding what to do it all comes after british m.p.'s have voted on saturday for an amendment to delay their approval of boris johnson's e.u. divorce deal the deal that was heavily criticized by the opposition. you cannot trust a word that he sighs. i mean this is break up voting for a deal today won't end breaks it it once delivered certainty and the people should have the final say the prime minister has returned from brussels to present a deal that he knows that we all know is actually who are seeing. the visa means deal he knows that if given the option the people were checked his
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bad deal i don't choose to remain in the european union yeah what i heard was a man who said this country who wouldn't know people don't trust and he keeps a trust who gave who would trust the british people if we want the business people to trust what he agree with me we should have a referendum so people can judge this deal for what it is and then we can have a general election after that. was the vote was underway in westminster there was a huge protest outside parliament against critics it organizers of a rally calling for a 2nd referendum claimed hundreds of thousands were marching in london we quizzed analysts about where brags it could be heading. the problem is not brussels the problem is our own people in westminster who have deliberately set out to undermine the british government who deliberately set out to make sure the deal is as bad as possible out of deliberately set out but democracy i say shave off the steel is
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a bad deal but it's not a catastrophic deal a catastrophic deal is what you can never escape from and what you saw to resume a backstop you could never escape from but whereas with boris johnson's deal whilst it's bad you can't escape from it and it does give future british governments the ability to a bad and our relationship with europe i think what will happen over the next week or 2 is that we will have a clearer view not of the divorce because i think that that's fairly separately but of the future relationship and i think that's going to be the real battle there are no doubt there will be attempts at amending the legislation going through parliament to for example try and have a referendum to confirm the agreement so there'll be lots of shenanigans but i think that in the end this deal with slight amendments will be what the parliament
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will agree. the pentagon's claiming a ceasefire between turkey and kurdish forces in syria is being broadly maintained despite both sides accusing each other of violations and court agreed on thursday to suspend its military operation for 5 days at the talks between the turkish leader and us vice president mike pence although donald trump was quick to take credit. sometimes you have a lot of fight. like 2 kids in a lot you gotta let him fight then your problem apart president there are no one was a gentleman he understood it but without a little tough love you know what tough love is really without a little tough love they would have never made this deal turkey's going to be happy the kurds are going to be having isis is going to be unhappy. the 5 day window is to allow for the withdrawal of kurdish forces from a designated area on saturday as one vowed to quote continue to crush the heads of
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terrorists if the kurds don't leave to the same has been to clear fighters from a so-called deep saying stretching 30 kilometers into syria the kurdish political leaders said that they welcomed the pause in hostilities but will not accept a turkish occupation additionally there is disagreement over the wording of the deal between washington and ankara. today the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease fire in syria. this is not a cease fire a cease fire was established between 2 digits of my policies we oppose in the operation for the terrorist to lead the safe side we can end the operation only after the terrorist elements be the area vice president spoke after a high level delegation of u.s. officials met with the turkish president in turkey pen says that there will be a pause in military operations for 120 hours to allow the u.s. allied syrian kurds to withdraw and it was also agree that kurdish militias will lay down heavy weaponry if the terms of the deals are fulfilled turkey will finish its operation there in northern syria or that area will then be controlled by
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syria's army at the talks look as if it was a little tough just judging by the faces of the vice president and president airline before the meeting pretty somber and a little hostile but one week ago turkish forces crossed into syria leading to president trump earlier this week to take decisive action and call on turkish forces to stand down to end this violence and agree to negotiations the u.s. had been slapping turkey with sanctions and threats trump even writing to air to one telling him not to be a fool on this one will trump promise to lift sanctions as soon as the turkish operation is over the president even called area one now a friend the deal to me is reminiscent of the days of european colonialism before world war 2 when european powers would get together and they was conspired amongst themselves to divide out the sovereign territory of another country we have a similar situation here in syria where the usa is not an invited party
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in syria where turkey is not invited party into syria these these 2 countries are in syria illegally in violation of international law and the un charter will it work the answer is it might but my guess is that the. the s.d.f. will take this window of opportunity provided of 120 hours to move out of the way of the advancing turkish army once the s.t.'s leave the area the turkish army may decide that their military objectives have been made and the government may in fact withdraw the turkish army back to the turkish rentier and which case the syrian government would start to reassert its sovereignty over that part of syria. to keep began its operation earlier this month after the u.s. withdrew its forces from the area we managed to get access to one of the bases upon the by washington these are pictures from that and we spoke to an advisor to
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president bashar al assad who told us the incursion is an act of aggression against syria itself. you know it's really not done karajan it isn't a good action it is horrible and the russian i gave it says syrian sovereignty syrian territory syrian people and what they speak about this safe zone just imagine if any country would like to have this if go on inside another country there and how the international community is again is this invasion and i've begun lying about his objectives and about his bed this is and that about what he wants a. 1000000000 dollar deal signed gifts exchanged glances president putin visits saudi arabia look back at a high profile meeting after this short break.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. period dramatic development only. exists i
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don't see how it will be ready. to sit down and talk. in the saudi capital riyadh this week on his 1st visit to the gulf state in over a decade the president held talks with king solomon and the crown prince and they signed a long list of deals 20 agreements with over $2000000000.00 was signed in. space. and advanced technology there were also some gifts handed out with the russian they to presenting. the receiving a painting in return and it breaks down the current state of relations between the 2 countries.
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saudi arabia and russia is a remarkable example of how 2 countries could be great partners or friends and foes at the same time everything that riyadh gets itself involved in and the middle east be it about iran yemen or syria gets full support from washington and you do realize that and all these cases russia is on the different side of the barricade. but when the russian leader in the saudi crown prince get along so well in person by the way they are the authors of probably the most famous high profile high 5 in
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the world the chances that the dialogue could work well always be very high. my natural time is between saudi arabia and russia have a pretty good student community in areas we consider russia to be friend. bilateral ties were established of a 90 years ago in 1926 the soviet union was the 1st foreign country to recognize the young kingdom we value your efforts to boost our ties but surely we do have to bear in mind that the 2 countries are the world's largest oil producers are they competitors you know in this case opec plus partners so all kinds of oil and gas and issues related to the energy sector are on the agenda especially after the drone attack from last month on one of saudi arabia's most important oil refineries
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which could the country's output by almost a half and almost put the region on the brink of a real crisis. yemen's who the rebels said we did it washington and allies almost immediately blamed it all on tehran it was feared that a u.s. led strike on iran could have been eminent the incident even led to vladimir putin suggesting that saudi arabia whose army is almost totally dependent on arms imports from the us should buy a russian made air defense missile systems it's another chance for mr putin to sell
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those but even without them 2000000000 dollars worth of contracts are signed between moscow and riyadh. a lawyer representing donald trump's reelection campaign has sent a letter to c.n.n. warning of their intention to sue the network this over allegations of bias against the president a c n n spokesperson called it quote a desperate p.r. stunt comes after an exposé by a former contractor for the t.v. network turned whistleblower his material was published by project veritas an american nonprofit watchdog and it includes secret recordings of editorial meetings which reportedly reveal a crusade against trump and bias within the outlets at the highest levels when i came to work at c.n.n. i mean it was my dream job and that dream actually just turned into
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a nightmare i decided to wear hidden camera to secretly record the 9 am rundown hall meetings and it's basically run by jeff zucker the president of c.n.n. and c.n.n. was just pumping out propaganda it's basically me wanting. the news to be what they used to be news and not a infotainment or a game show or chasing the ratings i like c.n.n. purports it to be facts 1st and that's clearly not the case. has been looking at the lives. hate is a hell of a thing it brings out the absolute worst in all of us none of us is immune
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to it from little timmy at the kindergarden who's livid that bobby played with his favorite toy the jeff zucker the president of c.n.n. . all that against. number one is on every day just hammering trump in some way shape or form or republicans in general the only thing that varies is how much power you have little timmy for example might call bobby a rude word mr zucker on the other hand might subvert the global news corp betray all impartiality the ideals of journalism and misinformed millions all because of a petty grudge that's how powerful hate ease. these
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revelations board was courtesy of project veritas a conservative activist group and this is just part one that's after a c.n.n. employee a technician at their washington d.c. bureau spent months wearing a hidden camera at work spilling the beans so to speak and providing recordings of called the stations at that news network carry added a dream to work in journalism at c.n.n. the spread news and then you found out how naive he was how things really work at c.n.n. it is one of 2 on whether i'm like hey if we if we have to cool let's just say we left if we lean right. let me know but again it just tells back nothing i just want people to have the information of make up their own minds now which if you didn't
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see the hints about what was going on i mean is there any surprise that these revelations if you watched c.n.n. rode it to impeachment the impeachment of president trump a formal vote to open an impeachment probe revelations i should say in the impeachment inquiry the beginning of a new phase in this entire impeachment course it takes 2 to tango and 2 to feud just like little timmy and little bobby there is and trump can you give us a question. you know if you get what i mean i get to give you a question you speak out if you are shaking do attacking our network i just want to ask you sir i'm changing from fake news though doesn't that under very fake i know but aren't you. know this doesn't mean everyone at c.n.n. is a propagandist there are plenty says kerry who want to stick to journalism not opinion who want to shaft about being dragged into zat because you.
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hear. it's like it's too. late. to. be everything. all the time know every one of the major everyone in the know can be a summer day carries 1st stream didn't pan out but he hasn't given up hope he's optimistic that what he did will help set things right to resurrect journalism. this is all to international appreciate company join me for updates in half an hour. financial guy i don't buy i've caught up with you. i almost
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cried. at last some of my ex from the future crack up was kaiser. there are no official statistics in india concerning children who have been lost or separated from their parents some are to estimate that everything 8 minutes in the country the child goes missing. what. do you think. the national human rights commission stated that $46.00 miners go missing every year while the police quoted. the united nations children's fund has described the situation as genocide and various sources suggest that in india there are several 1000000 missing women and children.
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rap rap rap rap rap rap rap rap. rap rap rap rap. rap rap. rap. take a c. in terms of its revenue model registers dogs and registers litters so it's involved in a transactional rule is. with those breeders and obviously the ones producing the
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most dogs are the largest still breeders so why is it going to crack down on those large scale breeders and sacrifice the revenue from a rigorous program that stops people from confining animals denying them vet care exposé them to extremes of even cold if they're going to lose revenue the american kennel club prides itself on being the only purebred registry in the united states with an ongoing routine kennel inspection program with a dedicated team of field inspectors casey says that it inspects kennels but they don't make any of those inspection records available. they say that they've got rigorous standards but they really don't know what those standards are real terms they say that they kick people out we don't really have a comprehensive record of when they're doing that or what the consequences are of even if they can still keep breathing and they can still keep operating so what's
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the value of their inspections program there in force and efforts for all we know are completely meaningless we don't know what they even inspect for when they go into these facilities because they don't make their inspection records public quite frankly if they were meaningful inspections there would be no reason not to make them public. while the a k c boast of a rigorous inspection program in 2011 only $1500000.00 of their $59000000.00 in revenue was spent to employ just 9 inspectors across the entire united states. big you see is a group that says it's the dog's champion but in practical terms. is consistently leading the fight against efforts to establish humane dog breeding
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standards in the states at the federal level. over $5000.00 kennel inspections last year. the american kennel club. we make all this possible because you make us possible. just or your dog the only us registry that matters isn't a g.c. dot org and or ever we advance that sort of legislation and radical not far reaching just basic fundamental anything that a pet owner would think is a minimal standard of care the casey opposes it since 2009 the a k c as opposed over 100 different bills regulations or ordinances that protect dogs in 2012 alone the a k c opposed to nebraska state bill that would require commercial breeders to have regular on site visits by a veterinarian a louisiana state bill that would prohibit all dog owners from stacking crates
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a rhode island state bill that the a k c deemed dangerous that would make it unlawful for dog owners to keep a dog confined in a pen cage or other shelter for more than 14 hours a proposed ordinance in shelby county tennessee that would make it a violation to leave a companion animal unattended in a vehicle for more than one hour when the temperature is above 70 degrees or below 35 degrees why is the american kennel club the dogs best friend opposing this legislation that says that once a year you've got to have a vet examine these dogs or you can't breathe them every single cycle or you can't have more than 50 breeding females at an operation why would a group pose that well they were there because they're making money from those large scale operations. while the public does not have access to a k c inspection reports many pet stores across the.


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