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missing women and children. the headlines this hour catalan separatists and supporters of spanish unity confront police in very different ways as protest. for night night running. british charity is demanding the u.k. take back the children of terrorists who left the middle east i guess the baby issue. some of them will be very dangerous this is bringing back problems. also. sponsors both. members of the u.s. congress want to ukrainian national guard regiment added to the list of terrorist organizations i wish to ledge links to white supremacies attack in the way.
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that i welcome just going i am here in moscow you watching international separatists unrest in barcelona shows no signs of dying down during a night of protests rioters vandalized the police van with paint although supporters of spanish unity who also took to the streets police flowers. picks up the story. i. battleground to barcelona for days or rather nights the city has been reliving the same scenario from a peaceful march to violence in the flash of a stun grenade. spearheading the end rast story these guys they aren't hiding from the cameras. quite the opposite they're
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waving flags and dancing they're not the main force though think of them as cheerleaders but these guys well they are the real deal they hide their faces behind masks and ballack lattice they're ruthless and violent to their arm to put stones but tolerance grenades anything they can use to wreak as much havoc as possible their main focus the police. and police are facing a difficult task and every night they put themselves on the line every night as like a battlefield. and it is necessary to distinguish the 2 types of protesters the 1st ones are just demonstrators and they're nonviolent but there's a group of youngsters who trigger all these violent incidents that we all saw in the photos there's this relentless security these violent protesters use dangerous
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weapons they threw molotov cocktails and bottles with acid at us it is a new situation for us we haven't faced this on such a level before so yes we feel threatened both spanish and catalan authorities confirm that there are radical elements that hijacked the protests you could have their moment in a minute i think that the independence movement signed sists has always been peaceful democratic a nonviolent and it is demonstrating that yes radical groups which we've condemned have created some scenes which we've just like to know mostly and which we reject and we condemn. what if you're not going to believe should know that they have the backing of citizens because the guarantor some of the most precious which is the defense of public system civil rights so thank you for your work and thank you for containment in the face of big strew mists provocations. while thousands of barcelona citizens marching affray night. condemn the recenter violence and even
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try to support the local police forces this is how the building of barcelona pity's quarters looks like this moment of the citizens of the city continue to bring the worst at the gate and a show of support for the work they have been doing for the past days are fun rest and some have even taking it further and put up posters on the walls which state clearly thank you just one of those i also support the catalan police and i want to say the majority of police support the constitution that i as a cotillon and spanish citizen want to see you think you have to all police who work in the bus will have a lot of friends who work for the police and i support them so far the radicals have refrained from calling for a direct assault on police like in hong kong but with such overwhelming support hope pretty it will never come to that i do not question r
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t reporting from barcelona. the north macedonia has called for early elections after the european union rejected starting talks on its admission to the blog 1st despite the admission conditions having been met or france is among my crawling was alone among the 2018 does and opposing the balkan country starting accession talks with you scott taylor has more details. powerless the city of love unless you move faster during a which has just been dumped by president not crawl the balkan countries been dealt a bit blow off the e.u. said no twits joining its club and like any wrong it's the e.u. is going to look back with regrets surely a great injustice was inflicted on us in brussels the european union did not deliver on its promise i'm disappointed and angry but what makes this rejection all the more painful is that northwestern has been gunning to be brought into the fold
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for a long time and has made several significant sacrifices to that end all and it's worth mentioning by the e.u. itself for example just over 10 years ago it officially recognized kosovo off to the left as declaration of independence from sabia precisely because it's the position of both nato and the e.u. but perhaps the biggest compromise it made was when it changed its very identity to brussels e.u. member state greece has an ancient region called macedonia and was a bit miffed that just across the border another country was using the very same name taking the high road muster don't you decide to lay the historical dispute to bed. itself with the e.u. by adding north before it simple but brussels was playing hard to get over all the muck or was off to 7 hours of wrangling behind closed doors the french president
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vetoed opening talks on the issue the only one of $28.00 members to do so and he used the classic it's not you it's me phrase before we decide to enlarge the e.u. we need to reform ourselves the 4 out is potentially significant prime minister saw it is now calling for a snap election more crucially given it's true. called. cost there are concerns over whether this decision will potentially jeopardize a place in the region this is not a moment of glory for the e.u. to refuse acknowledgment of proven progress will have negative consequences including the risk of destabilisation of the western balkans with full impact on the e.u. but that like any decent gentleman who's just not quite ready to close the door on his love interest well ladies and gentlemen i introduce mr donald to us i would like to send them
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a fish. the lord to give. i fully understand your frustration. because sure did your share. of so also not last joining the e.u. is still in the future of north macedonia but while brussels works on itself maybe the balkan countries should ask the question what anything have to do be good enough for those bureaucrats in brussels. r.t. paris. french publisher has confirmed it will reprint hitler's mind can't plan to have it back in bookstores too from next year back in 2015 the company 1st announced its intentions to republish the autobiographical manifesto of the nazi leader but the move sparked a wave of condemnation hitler began writing the book while serving time in jail and it outlined his ideology and plans to take control of the world the publisher
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revealed the new version will feature an additional 1000 pages of explanation and also analysis is how french people have reacted to the news. i think the idea is rather dangerous because if a book is reprinted it will be freely available and this work is dangerous because reading it requires specific knowledge to interpret it in the right way especially historical knowledge but for me there dish is more positive than negative because it is part of history a significant one which should be remembered in order not to be repeated in france the publishing business is private so the publisher earns money in this way i don't think it is. on the other hand that's how business works. it's just a source of information and it's good that people could realize how crazy hitler was on the circulation of such a book should be limited we live in the difficult era when all those far right
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ideas exist does and good for democracies so the idea is to reprint the book is bad . and anyone who is interested in his various ideas can easily get access to them there are archives libraries where you can go there is no need to disseminate this information in the bookstores of paris to lose or london. u.k. charities demanding that the government comes to the rescue if young children born to i saw fight is british origin it is the authorities to make use of turkey's current ceasefire in its operation in syria to transfer children from the region. we have an opportunity in the next few days to repatriate them to bring them back home these are children in 85 percent of them across these camps are under 12 and. more than nearly half toddlers so they are not they are innocent children they are not responsible for the crimes that their parents have committed and we need to
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separate. the children claims that 60 british children and i trapped in northeast syria where the turkish operation against so-called kurdish terrorists is underway the figure is twice that previously reported in g.a.o. reports that many children are under 5 years old they all believed to have been born to parents who left the u.k. to join islamic state. earlier this month the british foreign secretary dominic robb stressed the unaccompanied minors and orphans could be taken back to britain but he failed to mention what would happen to those who still have one or both parents u.k. is believed to have started working with various agencies including the red cross to transfer some children to britain through iraq some 800 british citizens traveled to join islamic state earlier this year the u.k. home office sparked controversy by revoking the citizenship of some of the why it's a bicycle fight is one of them. who left the islamic state back in 2015 as she
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blamed the u.k. government for the death of her 3 week old son earlier my colleague neil harvey are spoke with sides of the debate for their views. one of course has children they are completely innocent and almost certainly they don't at this moment pose any threat i think the difficulty comes with those that are with their parents who have made the deliberate choice to go to these places and are potentially really very dangerous themselves i disagree britain's position. citizenship i think that is totally rabbits the actions written cup dictate not. right and i think now citizenship should be restored we 100 brilliantly the system if those parents have committed to friends let's put them through as a colt's i do think as was mentioned before we've got some brilliant legal system
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that's going to protect the public well it just won't do that there is not going to be enough evidence to deal with the with the parents there's not going to be enough evidence because the people that have witnessed atrocities are going to be dead in iraq and syria so let's be honest we're we're going to we're going to know very little about some of these people actually whether they are kids from british parents is another part of this we have to be careful because it's ok same we should bring these people back book actually would you like them living next door to you know you probably wouldn't do and i think we need to make sure that we've got the systems in place and the lock up those people for as long as we possibly can that are a danger to us but the children of course should be treated differently and should be given every. chance to to get themselves back into civilized society if one is more complicated maybe one parent is still alive or both parents still either of
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the so-called i sold child what do you do do you do you bring these children back and say you deserve a better life or do you just leave them to their fate. no you can't leave them in there were also. you know especially in that area because they would be in danger of being radicalized let's bring them home cook them to counseling give them the back up in the cab that they need let's be quite clear that if these people do come back the vast majority if not all of them will not go through the court system they will be released into society some of them will be very very dangerous since it in fact some of these children we call in them children depending on your a you know what you consider a child their age range but some of them will be very dangerous that this is bringing back problems i do have concerns but i also realize that house response abilities and we handle our problems on the rest of the world we don't know how
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secure those holding facilities are and you know we britain must take responsibility and it is not doing that at the moment as real dangers wherever these people end up because they are radicalized most of the youngsters will have been through some kind of radicalization pace they are going to be very dangerous and it's all very well us bringing them back but some of our live next door to them and someone may well end up dying as a result of one of these people coming back. meanwhile turkey's president is meeting his russian counterpart on tuesday to talk about the situation in syria the crossing live to sochi just after the press.
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join me every 1st week on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to the world of politics sport i'm sure i'll see you there.
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again i ne syria will top the agenda today when russian president vladimir putin is turkish counterpart in the resort city of sochi a 5 day pause in turkey's military operation against kurdish forces ends today with president saying he will decide his next steps after the meeting so let's get more on this from trying to hear the sound in sochi 1st good morning to media saying clearly could have a bearing on what happens in syria next. andrew good morning well everyone who is somehow involved in that chess game near the turkish syrian border will be waiting for news to come out of a lot of our putin's residence here inside on tuesday actually to be fair it's even
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more complicated than chess because in this game there are way more than 2 players just think of everything that was happening before the trip of top read on to saw earlier this month turkey once again went to war with the kurds in syria by the way who were fighting eisel for years along side american troops but all of a sudden the american president donald trump told his soldiers to get out leaving the kurds face to face against all the might of a nato member and their guns now here's one of the latest things the american president said on the crisis. i worked with the kurds with a good relationship with the kurds but we never agreed to be in a protected kurds respond with them for 3 or 4 years we were ready to protect the kurds for the rest of the mud but the kurdish forces weren't along for
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a very long time because they got themselves into an alliance with the damascus government of bashar al assad which is backed by moscow and by the way russia has been very careful with making moves or statements about what turkey is up to and like the american officials for example in one of his latest remarks the most senior u.s. diplomat mike said that the u.s. is ready to take military action if the situation in syria requires that now the question is is it really possible that somehow america will be able to go against a nato member like now having said that though we have to remember that it was the u.s. vice president mike pence who convinced turkey's time on to announce a 120 hour ceasefire with the kurds now guess when that cease fire
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expires on tuesday just when turkey's type radeon gets together with russia's president vladimir putin worry some but fascinating times yeah crucial talks taking place today down there and so she thinks he will be coming back throughout the day that was a need to try to get. my members of the u.s. congress according for a regiment if ukraine is national guard to be recognized as a terrorist organization the so-called as a battalion has reacted by calling it an attack on ukraine on quote a small. and maybe yet another story of militants once friendly to the u.s. and now finding themselves on washington's terror list congress is urging the state department to do so with the as of battalion and 2 other the far right paramilitary groups while the subcommittee leading the charge is looking for support on both sides of the political spectrum i'm baffled as to why my republican colleagues have refused to sign on to this not only on as over italian national action and nordic
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resistance movement directly connected to inspiring attacks in the homeland direct purveyors of anti semitic ideologies that inspire attacks against jews the state department has yet to respond but their contemplation is understandable given they fought washington's battles in the past but these guys are not your every day soldiers.
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these neo nazis were supposed to be confined to the imagination of russian propagandists so why the sudden 180 while washington was only fine with them when they were all the way in far away ukraine and those guys have since come to the us remember this i. think the. nation was in shock such a large gathering of the extreme right a protester killed. but there were other events lurking in the background that got barely any media coverage the organizers of these right wing riots actually flew to ukraine and were trained by the as of battalion on august 1st 2018 and instagram user tagged right brand clothings account in a post containing a photograph of rise above movement members during their trip to germany ukraine
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and italy meeting with simone young the leader of the international department for the national couper which is a political party in the ukraine that was founded in 2016 out of a regiment of the ukrainian military called the azoff battalion only a year later a u.s. soldier was charged with planning a terrorist attack he was planning to join you guessed it as of battalion smith was reported to have disseminated guidance on how to construct improvised explosive devices and to have spoken about his desire to travel to ukraine to fight with the ukraine based violent far right paramilitary group as of battalion once they come knocking on the us his door they become a lot scarier some of the more radical groups including these the ones with nazi ideology are not really happy with lister's lenski as they're putting a lot of pressure on him not to go forward with any kind of status for their going boss any kind of reconciliation that we're free to an end or in the standoff with
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with russia show i don't know why they suddenly these congressmen who are by no means. unsupportive of ukraine as a as a tool against russia they are not happy i'm sure with any kind of an issue for mr boucher lansky why they would undermine people who up till now have been their allies in ukraine so there are a lot of paradoxes that. don't go to that with that report so that's how things are looking this morning here not just going up to 830 here in moscow or back again at the top of the.
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seemed wrong all right old roles just don't all. meet new world but you get to shape out this day and become educated and engaged with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. so there is no variety in any of the characters that make up global violence anymore everything is that 00 is is predominate every single conversation that comes out of the mouth of every financial writer in the press and on television is 0 every security is now based to 0 and the entire mix of this phantasmagoria of the global finance is is all blending together into one huge void of
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worthless. the world is driven by a dream shaped by. the day there's thinks. we dare to ask.
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this is boom boss broadcasting around the world and covering all aspects of our global economy in the 21st century and in a weirdo and i'm christiane washington has a look at what we have in store for today china is heading back to the w t l with the u.s. in the crosshairs todd horowitz of baba trading standing by to delve into the details of the case and what if it fell for the future of trade negotiations. close to 1.2 percent this is so most. still. who must pay to visit his i.m.f. world bank meeting on saturday where some of the most prevalent monetary minds gathered to discuss the global trade slowdown among other issues let's take you there and later. stufflebeem the other for all the things that need to be done to fix this problem more major drug companies have reached settlements to avoid trial
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for their alleged rules in the u.s. opioid prices are to correspondent rachel joins us to take us through the deal and what it means for all the remaining cases time to get in because there's this mindset let's go. china is seeking $2400000000.00 in retaliation or sanctions against the u.s. for noncompliance with the ruling in an obama era tariff case. appeals judges said in july that the u.s. did not comply with the deputy a ruling and could face chinese sanctions if it did not remove certain tasks that break the watchdogs rules the u.s. subsequently failed to comply with the recommendations and ruling within the specified period and no agreement on compensation was reached the u.s. claim that it did not view that as legitimate and that the judges had applied the wrong beagle interpretation and that china was a serial offender according to reports so the us just decided to ignore the ruling decision of the day because it didn't like the outcome of the case so now china is
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requesting authorize ation from the d.s.p. to suspend concessions and related obligations at an annual amount of $2400000000.00 the u.s. could challenge the amount of sanctions sought which would send the dispute to arbitration and while all this is happening the u.s. is working a different angle with to hit china back with the transatlantic fight over the aircraft subsidies at the door between the u.s. and europe may allow for the e.u. and us to come together to draft rules for industrial subsidies to take into. as a way to force change in china all it needs now is a final resolution to the air bus fight. the international monetary fund's latest world economic outlook report has downgraded chinese growth forecast to 5.8 percent for 2020 lower than the 6 point one percent forecast for 2019 while trade tensions and uncertainties all add further downside pressures to the chinese economy there are still many supporting factors for chinese growth the coming
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chinese economy is shifting from a rapid high speed growth stage to a slower but higher quality development stage and a growth rate of 6 point one percent would still be among the best in the world's major economies others say given its population market size and labor quality and industrial base and the late stage of chinese and just realisation stable growth measures should be guaranteed to not be fully stimulated in order to avoid risks of debt inflation and structural inflation well with what all of this we bring back tot horror which chief strategist trading welcome back to our. kristie yeah no on the latest growth figures we just cited some of those for china on the global forecast 429000 the i.m.f. forecast is now at 3 percent that would be the lowest level in that figure since 2008 and that highlights an.


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