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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 18, 2019 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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israel still continuing to violate un security council resolutions and in the past few days fighting has intensified between the so-called largest prison camp in the world gaza and illegally occupied israeli settlements israel's ambassador to london has not got back to going underground successive representatives have never been available for interview on this program joining me now from ramallah is senior palestinian official and former chief negotiator and prime minister of palestine and israel shaath now bill thanks for coming on the program so the idea of says they attacked underground rocket launchers elite launching stations underground terrorist infrastructure and military forces of the islamic jihad organization your reaction to the renewed violence in gaza and the occupied territories and israel this is a pure cold blooded murder this is an assassination i mean this is this is not this is not a warfare this is a deliberate assassination of the of people in their homes.
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with them that wives the brothers their children. this is the specialty of this release so who. and his wife where they are not terrorists as the israeli says and where they are not therefore justifiably killed by the israeli government there is no justification for a cold blooded murder of somebody in his home and his wife they did they if if he if he were to be caught in israel the red handed he would have gotten a maximum of 20 years of prison not a and not assassination and murder with his wife were you surprised israel also shot missiles into damascus to kill. abu son jory as well yes. that's that's a nation continues i mean it that it goes. to gaza and then from gaza to
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damascus and vice versa and you need don't see the international community are roused by this by this murder you don't see a quick a condemnation and some sanctions imposed upon israel this killing really has taken some highlight because it hits leadership but daily this israelis are killing individuals are killing people and killing brothers sisters wives husbands. and continuing it there are keep the illegal occupation of our land and. building colonial settlements on our villages maybe we don't see that international condemnation because european governments and the united states. believe that islamic jihad is a terrorist movement dedicated to destroying the state of israel well the reality
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is that israel is a terrorist a government that is that they catered to destroying the palestinian homes rights people you wonder who i mean really who is the murderer and who is the victim i mean they are the occupiers we are not occupying their country they're occupying ours will britain and the united states continues to arm israel of course the i.d.f. on twitter says that rockets that hit including the one that hit gaza's palestinian independent commission for human rights they were actually misfired rockets from palestinians in gaza nothing to do with israel at all the that's that's possible the question is that israelis do not account for the murder of palestinians to anybody i mean at best you get a united nations resolution but you don't get any real sanctions you don't read you don't get action that stop america from providing lethal weapons that these aliens
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can use to kill our people you don't see really punishment for what they're doing with our country and the colonial settlements they are building this is the problem of course that does not apply to russia that don't apply to china other than this don't apply to india that does not apply to many countries but the united states particularly with mr trump and and its leadership has gone all the way to arm and to encourage mr newton now to continue his murder and his murderous campaign against palestinians but you say it is possible that it is indeed palestinians wrongly firing rockets that's why palestinians palestinian independent commission for human rights may have been hit because amnesty international has condemned the attack apparently. by israel could it be palestinian misfiring i don't know i doubt it in fact at the time when the israelis are saying
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we have attempted to to murder to assassinate these 2 political leaders in the gaza strip and in damascus at a time like this it's very difficult to really say that it's possible that another rocket rocket that hits a target was was misfired rather than intended to be fired by the israelis media in nature nations is showing attacks on israel for instance instead a rot rather than ghibli to ever sterol to because is it actually israeli illegally occupied land under security council resolution 446 an area that used to be called knowledge this is colonial acquisition by force by a country that is equipped with atomic weapons and quipped with. the highest technology the murderous weapons by the united states we're not really
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talking here about. a national liberation movement we're talking about a colonial country that is occupying all our land nuclear whistleblower mordechai vanunu can no longer talk to the media and of course israel has never admitted to having nuclear weapons i should stay but your new prime minister dr mohammed. what is his background i mean he's been tweeting in amidst the current violence for protection from the united nations i mean why does he think tweeting for protection from the united nations is a worthwhile activity at all well i mean looking for international support based on the charter of the united nations and international law is not wrong. i mean. at the end it's only one of the. vailable weapons we have to protect us from the israelis it's not very effective but at least it's one way of
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gathering international support for you against the israeli might. mr doctor is an economist and he's dedicating himself to rebuilding and construction and economic development of the palestinian territories as much as more economic independence from the israeli colonial economy across our borders the one looking at the palestinian media pictures of crying children and dead bodies would say is not effective at all what are you telling and advise ing president abbas when it comes to the latest violence the latest killing of civilians in gaza while i'm in he is a man dedicated to nonviolent struggle there are precedents like in south africa
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many other places in which nonviolent action. was able to turn around colonial powers and. it has led sometimes to international support. and i think that's what president abbas. really intends to do he thinks that. responding with more violence will bring in a cycle of violence that will cause a lot of harm and we are no match for the arsenal of military capability of israel well some people would say the cycle of violence has been getting for years and your prime minister now saying he is conducting intensive regional and international context. this aggression can you not see why the arab world shrugs its shoulders when president abbas of the palestinian
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authority says things like well look we are living in a in an era in which international balance of power is totally tilted towards the united states we are living in a mono polar world. compared to the world before 1991 it was a bipolar world that was the soviet union who stood up against colonialism and supported national liberation movements but today. we're probably at the end of a period in which the united states has the. highest capability of controlling and of using its power in the whole world and you have the arab governments and arab leaderships having really suffered from american occupation of iraq and syria from lots of problems involving the
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dash and other organizations that have been financed by the united states in fact. i think this balance of power will change eventually and the world will move towards a multi-polar world in which europe russia china and others can provide a balance to this overwhelming american power which has led to gross misuse of power in our part of the world where the united states and britain still continue to deny they aid. despite arguable evidence to the contrary just finally while the killing of your people continues are you pleased that the european union says calling to a court of justice verdict they may start labeling fruit correctly and big. united defying products made in israel israel's illegal settlements of your land that's correct and we think that's a step in the right direction we would
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a very much like to see a total boycott of products produced on occupied. territory. and in colonial settlements but at least the european union at one time took the position that it will at least differentiate between products produced in occupied territory and products produced in israel proper and this labeling thing was instituted but it was not implemented and very few european countries did implemented and now we have a supreme court ruling that it's illegal to sell products that are not labeled i think it's a step in the right direction. thank you often the break we asked for when you came home office minister and privy council to the queen woman baker about the british monarchy royal robbery of the public put us as netflix is arguably sanitized the crown it's video streaming devices around the world all the
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symbol coming up about to of going underground. kind of financial survival today was all about money laundering 1st to visit this confession to 3 different. oh good this is a good start well we have our 3 banks all set up here maybe something in europe something in america something overseas in the cayman islands or do we know all these banks are complicit in the rights of congress to decide to give mccall and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got a nice laundry watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. luxury automobile again for max hey you know what money laundering is highly illegal don't
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be a close watch guys record. tough and the full entire system i found a way to go through a suit because ballack itself mukti about. closing this way got to dog it so hard not to think of the mother disappeared just look at them look like they cower and i know from the start then if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights in his way. through our you can call the fee on this bill frist woody allen called the ability to put a claimant on the. what i think is this is the fans that is a constant. thought
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. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. welcome back within 24 hours of the crown's season 3 starring in the vehicle and then helena bonham carter hitting video streaming devices around the world but how true or sanitized is the netflix series on the need the glitz and glam of the crown is a myriad arguable royal robberies from a nazi sympathising juke and tax avoiding princes to relationships with that sex traffickers they are stories the british queen has tried to conceal from the public which pays our way but joining me now is former u.k.
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office minister and privy councillor to the queen norman baker exposes the british want to see for what it is in his new book and what do you do what the royal family don't $22.00 know norman welcome back to going underground so and what do you do it's not a job you do what that's on the queen would say yes companion volume to the new netflix crown season 3 that doing such good business can you really understand any of these things without reading the book. i think reading a book will offer to give you a greater insight and it's a sensible piece of work at some but you will work and in contrast to the way that the media often deals with the royals which is a kind of rather pathetic way of wondering what kate's wearing today or what toy prince george's playing with you know this part of our constitution were entitled to have a serious analysis of what it does why does what it does how much it costs us i mean people are talking about the general election campaign whoever wins the general election m.p.'s will have to give an oath in parliament 2 of the monarchy
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explain the curious meaning of serving the monarch and the importance of that oath well we are all subjects in this country allegedly not citizens and to we owe our allegiance to the queen in person her heirs and successors whoever they are included people like prince andrew apparently this is not sensible for a mature democracy when an m.p. like yourself future minister takes an oath i understand the way you did the oath was likely different hand the official recording of parliament will it raise the truth of the earth yes i mean many people are let elected to parliament hill republican by nature and they adopted from tactics i think tony banks a former labor m.p. used to cross his fingers when he was given the oath. others will gobble through its. others for example in my case i gave my own oath which i believed in which was to uphold democracy and serve my country to its best my billet and when hand sought
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appeared the next day my oath was not there but time agarwal those was if even the official recording of parliamentary proceedings erases the truth of what happens when it comes to the moment he had difficult was it to write a book about the monarchy as regards papers that are kept secret by the government and so on well i mean obviously i did write a book and i'm still here to tell the tale but they didn't make it very easy for. my privy council luthern the privy council says i can access the queen and prince charles if i wish to do so will i try to act as prince charles and i was fobbed off a dig into the royal archives which was some major challenge in windsor castle where they allow i think it's 6 researches at most any one time and there's no access to automatically there it's a matter of privilege when i went in there there's no there's no there's no list of files no index as to what you can see so it's a question sticking a pin into the piece of paper and see what comes out and nothing about the present
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monarchy present monic and her writing is accessible at all so that effectively as she took the photo in $92.00 there is a 67 year ban on material being released from there all archives there's not absolute ban all material from other the queen prince charles or prince william being released egypt's new public interest there's no public interest test even for those for you individuals now we can get a public interest test applied to the rest of the royal family but it's still quite hard to get anything out and you know the answer to the whole family always when there's a problem which is arises is not to deal with the problem is to paint over the rotten wood or cover it all up that's what they've been doing for 100 years well i want to get on to the members of the royal family today in the 2nd bit why it is important in this book you draw some pretty terrifying nazi counterfactuals if. if there are family hadn't gone the way way it has
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how their support for hitler against stalin could have changed the history of this country well absolutely well look i mean the fact is that before the war the aristocracy in this country including of course the royal family and most of the conservative party that was in government wanted to do a deal with hitler because they saw communism as a bigger threat than nuts years and they didn't like hitler to be fair well i think like hitler at most and didn't but they were bred to tolerate hitler and the deal they wanted to do was that. hitler left the british nation and the british empire alone i went eastwards in terms of his their labor and run that was a deal they wanted to do and after the 2nd world war the royal family lead on the government here at the at the government labor government who put a shooter amount of political pressure on the americans not to release information but whatever gates had been doing with the nazi regime we spent we used up
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a whole lot of political power and influence trying to prevent matters to do with the royal family being released after the war that was not the priority in my view for this government in 145 the priority was to rebuild the country rather protect whatever he ate it been doing and when it comes to hiding history perhaps predictable because rupert murdoch is known as a republican that it was the sun that exposed the picture of the young queen in the queen mother giving nazi salutes you say probably at the behest of anybody who was there and the queen was about 7 or 8 so it was early thirty's so it was before the whole of the full horrors of naziism were apparent i don't of course you don't blame the queen for that she was a young girl she was 7 and she was with influential adults uncles and between mother was an adult was the queen mother was i doing in this is near to the queen is entirely an instance of that is not her fault in fact i feel rather angry on queen's behalf. as you say already go but the queen mother jolly well knew didn't
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she she was not old she knew what was going on and she gave a nazi salute now how would have appeared in the war we were told about the queen mother and the war histories b.-o. brushed she would take the stand and short of face and everything else how would east end reacted had it in a photograph of the queen mother giving enough to salute b.b.c. i.t.v. the mainstream channels here loathe to talk about the nazi connections netflix's the crown they do mention it a little tony benn gave his last television interview for this program and in these us in the view he was going on about this royal prerogative. why do you think that when i turn events or that is so important when it comes to secrecy and britain going to war with other countries well the really there are 2 issues here that the 1st one is a is one where the queen's name is taken in vain if you like the role prerogative which implies that the queen or someone in the family has stopped things it isn't
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is a prime minister of the day who says this is a role probably the royal prerogative is a prime minister's prerogative and the queen is no alternative but to accede to these requests from her ministers we saw that with the purgation quite recently when the queen whatever she was about it personally was obliged to advice of ministers and perot politics if i was a little off of course unlawfully it turned out that she had no alternative but to do that however the other issue i raised my book is something which people have not heard of by a large coal queens consent and in the prince of wales consent now that action 2 ways and one a proper member's bill is brought to parliament. that has to be queen's consent for any bill actually before the proceeds now of course the government bills is never an issue because the government a says the queen let this proceed but queen's consents been used sometimes by politicians to stop a bill for what is what about iraq in 1009 there was stopped from going forward by queen's consent because of the ministers said to the queen don't give consent
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that's completely undemocratic but the other issue for the royal family personally and it's a queen should send could be refused when it affects them personally and what happens is as the between the palace and minister and that has that of course happens and an legislation is changed to do with the person circumstances of the monic and have family that's quite outrageous what is the scale of housing benefit that the queen in the royal family get because you you talk about the thord some of the money the taxpayer pays look it's not just what they pay it's also what the queen and her family of accumulate. over many years nobody of the queen prince philip her family her sons and daughter their sons and daughters is worth less than $20000000.00 the queen under the direction of winston churchill the prime minister's sign decided that the queen as a newborn it would not pay tax on investment income. that's
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a gigantic handout is probably cost the taxpayer is a tax rate for the mail on sunday i think. it probably cost taxpayers close to a 1000000000 pounds in lost types think i'm just not one change leave it in the mail on sunday load rather mia of course in this book one of the lord rather me is their alliance for with hitler today people have been talking about why newspaper like that is more interested in meghan markle the american actress married to prince well larry than say prince andrew the queen's well lou to be fair i mean the express the mail the telegraph before the war or all cheerleaders for hitler. and it's embarrassing for them to admit to the fact that prince george likes giraffes or something i mean who cares and why is that it's their business it's not our business to know that what is our business is the fact that buckingham palace is being rebuilt effectively 3 to 7000000 pound of public money when
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a batter of 3 or 4 years ago we were told you to 50000000000 that's our business but you won't find that the papers very much or we need a whole program that will go up prince andrew and geoffrey epstein yes leslie of the new reports the gay sions of. assassination in a u.s. prison and so forth but you can understand why prince charles would want the fact that he sought the advice on his marriage to diana from jimmy savile you can understand why a things like that would want to be kept secret. because they would be seen in a bad bad light when in fact they were. presumably the palace it's a completely innocent well i don't think prince charles was no is no way responsible for what jimmy savile date and his intolerance of the in that sort of ghastly behavior that jimmy savile in indulged in but the fact is he should have bad judgment this is our future king he should bad judgment in relying on jimmy
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savile for marriage advice and being very close to him and being a star defender of them even when it was known to other people that jimmy savile was a was a bad lot well obviously they're also allegations about how the queen hides her wealth in tax havens yes but when it comes to the removal of the monarchy in this country rather than the barricades or anything you just finally you talk about the national anthem and a slight change that is good in recent years about the national anthem itself in british life is that is that what maybe the bonjour at least that this sign that the monarchy is on the wane in though that i think what is happening is that people no longer have the autumn of the deference which of all family wants to have the national anthem is no. going out of fashion no other country is father can tell has an anthem that relates to the monarch in person but have got many of got one the keys but if you go to sweden or you go to belgium when you go to poland the
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national anthem is not about the person and a national anthem should be there to unify the country that's what not national anthem should do we should make every single person not country proud of their country but it sure like our national anthem you have to be both someone who believes in god and someone who wants to monitor you now you know many people do want those 2 things but not what he does why should you have to subscribe to do to beliefs in order to enjoy and support national anthem no mega thank you and that's it for the show will be back on wednesday 74 years since the start of the nuremberg trials against 24 nazi war criminals nazis is public image was built. by the likes of the just the winds and when he went to germany to shake hands with jill thank you but that's right social media don't forget to subscribe while you travel.
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the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person those with. no dares thinks. we dare to ask. i. beg. that you think this.
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yet and belong to me soon enough to stop the song to. put a monument can you still cool. to see disc a granny. he thought. must. cargo form of the illuminati more formal coach. than a suspect. message will. be. sent i don't want to be too dark to know little.
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discardable much of the brain. around accuses the united states of hypocrisy for supporting bass protests by a few. people of iran almost a year and a half ago the united states is with you. people will not be taken advantage of by outsiders and put the economic pressure on nations. alleged russian interference is said to be unquantifiable in a still classified the u.k. intelligence report has russian media outlets including r.t. also gets a mention. so violence in hong kong enters a new phase with a vicious standoff at the university of hong kong protesters use homemade.


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