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tv   News  RT  November 18, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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in a major policy over a hole the u.s. declares that it no longer views israeli settlements in the occupied west bank as illegal. the establishment of israeli civilian settlements in the west bank is not per se inconsistent with internet. iran accuses the us of hypocrisy for supporting mass protests sparked by a hike in fuel prices. and alleged russian interference is said to be unquantifiable in a still classified u.k. intelligence report as russian media outlets including r.t. also gets a mention. whether
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you're watching r.t. international i'm resigned at oakridge welcome to the program. the u.s. secretary of state mike compare has announced a major policy reversal regarding israeli settlements in the west bank saying they do not necessarily file it international law. the establishment of israeli civilian settlements in the west bank is not per se inconsistent with international law conclusion that we will no longer recognize israeli settlements as per se inconsistent with international law is based on the unique facts history and circumstances presented by the establishing the civilian settlements in the west bank or decision today does not create prejudice or decide legal conclusions regarding situations in any other parts of the world. announcement comes 8 months off to washington recognized israeli serenity over the golan heights that territory was seized from syria in $967.00 of formally addict in 1901 under the trumpet
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ministration the us has also broken with international consensus in deciding to recognize to root slim as israel's capital both decisions were strongly condemned including by the un. well israel's prime minister meanwhile has praised the united states latest move claiming it quote writes a historic wrong. i will consider a true pompeo and the trumpet ministration announcement only galatea of communities in judea and samaria there is no dispute about the right of the jewish people to the land of israel this is an appropriate response to the european court decision and the boy could attempt against israel well with 600000 illegal settlers already living in the west bank which is home to 3000000 palestinians we asked political commentator i may order on what the implications of this latest decision will be. this is of course a very. discriminating way of conducting diplomacy and the united states
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has chosen to act unilaterally disregarding the united nations security council even its allies and the western allies do not see eye to eye with washington on the stopping so obviously it will not be a precedent and do night it states will probably be isolated obviously this is going to please the right wing in israel it is not going to change anything if at all it is going to give more strength to those extremists in the palestinian community who say that diplomacy is not durable for statehood and that they must act violently and therefore israelis should be against this policy announcement and not for it. the president of iran has
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moved to quell mass anger over 50 percent hike in fuel prices has some rouhani said on sunday the government will compensate those west hit however that has been trouble in at least a dozen cities with buildings found in ice and pictures of iran supremely bent. well we've heard something coming out of europe finally and germany was the 1st european country to react and essentially berlin has said it has called on the reigning in government to recognize what it called a legitimate plight of the people it is legitimate and deserving of our respect when people courageously aired their economic and political grievances as it's
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currently happening in iran the iranian government should respond to the current protests was a willingness to negation dialogue while this statement is bound to rough quiet something more feathers i should say into iran because from the beginning of the op he of all the rain in government has been saying that this hike in fuel prices is a lesser evil that its economy has been backed into a corner and the other option is for the country's economy to crumble under the weight of the u.s. sanctions indeed the american penalties is something that iran has been citing as the key reason for all the economic trouble and hardship and these really unpopular measures the general public that iran has had to go for. but a bilin is not the only one siding with the protesters washington itself was in fact the 1st for a nation to come out forward and side with the protesters which despite all the
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violence and rioting and looting and even deaths washington has called a peaceful protest. as i said to the people of iran almost a year and a half ago the united states is with you the united states supports the iranian people in the peaceful protests against the regime that is supposed to lead them we condemn the lethal force and severe communications restrictions used against demonstrators but we certainly stand by the people of iran what you're seeing today is them standing up. to their government saying that you know we demand accountability such comments have been met with outrage and iran for instance the leader of the country has said that he won't allow any outside force to hold his country hostage by sanctions i don't know how people will not be taken advantage of by outsiders economic pressure of our nation. really of the country's economy runs economy of course has been in somewhat of a freefall of a nosedive since these sanctions were imposed against it its currency its national
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currency has lost some 60 percent of its value the inflation hiked over 41 percent by this tobar and it's not only the energy sector or or the nuclear sector that has been targeted by sanctions no the country's health care system has been targeted and has suffered badly from all the penalties for instance iran has been suffering from a severe shortage of life saving medications and just to give you a reminder as to what the where these sanctions came from last year donald trump decided to unilaterally withdraw from the runs a nuclear deal that move was met with criticism by all other sides who signed the agreement back in 2015 those sides include the european union and russia and iran too but when it comes to the european union an american ally they while criticizing washington's decision they have failed to take any action they have failed to
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pressure to make washington come back to the negotiating board. sign the deal again and so this is what really didn't stand world with the 2 iran and iran has drawn accuse the european union of not being as committed to the nuclear deal as the claim the are and this recent reaction that has been that has started to come out of europe with this recent bird statement from berlin this is not going to give iran any more whole pool or any more trust in europe as its partner. meanwhile monday the international atomic energy agency said iran's reserves of heavy water have exceeded the level permitted under the 2015 it nuclear deal to iran has condemned european signatories to the treaty for failing to deliver on their promises to boost trade with iran after the u.s. withdrew from the treaty and reapply it sanctions since then iran has been scaling back with its compliance with the accord professor of political science from the
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university of tehran hammad massai believes europe didn't want to maintain the deal in the 1st place. the europeans wanted to keep the deal in place but they were unable to stand you know american pressure their companies weren't able to really invest in iran because of the us hegemony in the global economic order perhaps the europeans didn't want to keep the deal in place from the beginning rather the europeans were playing the a good cop bad cop strategy against iran in which the americans were the bad cop and the europeans were the good call when the u.s. decided to leave the nuclear deal it was the europeans that convinced you want to stay in the euro and they promised that you know they would shield the van from the sanctions and as a result of that iran actually stayed in the deal for a whole year without backing away from any of its of the geishas because of those european promises in reality none of those promises materialized so i think there
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is actual the actual possibility that the europeans weren't sincere in any of the promises they made from the beginning. and other news this hour russian media outlets r.t. and sputnik allegedly named a still classified u.k. parliamentary report on moscow suspected interference in the $26.00 in brics it referendum the claim is made in an article in the british newspaper the sunday times the report apparently also states though that the impact of supposedly russian meddling is unquantifiable explains. well over the weekend the murdoch owned sunday times published an article with a headline saying revealed the russia report although this so-called report itself hasn't been released but this times claims to have got access to it and seen what's within it and as far as they're concerned met much of the focus is on sputnik the
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news agency and also r.t. and goes on to describe some of the numbers behind artie's online activity in the lead up to the 2016 breck's it referendum social media analysis revealed that articles published by the russian sites had 4 times more social media impact before the breaks of vote than the official leave campaigns more than 260 articles posted by r.t. in sputnik in the 6 months prior to the referendum was shared so widely on twitter that they could have been seen up to 134000000 times so would appear journalism equals interference now the cross party intelligence and security committee they're the ones who have been investigating the so-called alleged russian interference and they're the ones who of drawn up this report but the government led by boris johnson vaguely accused of sitting on this record and not releasing it earlier this
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month and that's led to heavy criticism from members of the opposition by secretary tell me that it is unprecedented but we should have had no response o'toole explaining why any further delay is required in this case this is nothing less than an attempt to suppress the truth from the public and from the parliament and it is an affront to our democracy if the report is being called for and written and should be in the public domain then what is it got to hide people will be justified in drawing the conclusion that the reporters findings are compromising or worse for the governments and the 2. now the opposition say that there could be information in that report which is damaging to the conservative party and that's why they haven't released it but number 10 deny any wrongdoing saying that they are following all normal procedures now those of us who have been following u.k. politics are used to open interference from u.s.
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politicians going back to iraq obama telling u.k. voters to vote to remain in the referendum to donald trump just recently telling niger frauds and boris johnson to come to some kind of leave alliance which it appears could have actually taken place now yet another u.s. politician has decided to wade into this latest row i'm dumbfounded that this government won't release the report about russian influence because every person who votes in this country deserves to see that report before your election happens reporter like you and others should be absolutely relentless in trying to get to the bottom of it now that report hasn't been released in full yet and it's likely that it will be and so after those that actions are held on the 12th of december. now the violence in hong kong has entered a new phase there's been a fierce standoff at the university of hong kong with police trying to eject demonstrators from the campus some being met with fire bombs and there was an
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unusual change in the choice of weapons for the protest is some of them have been equipped with homemade one police officers like was pierced with an arrow during a confrontation around a barricaded university there were also reports of the rioters hampering the emergency services china meanwhile has warned a continuation of the protests could lead to a dreadful future for the hong kong. oh. sorry. it's ok. if you're. rich. we go. well since june anti-government rallies against plans to allow extradition to mainland china have escalated the bill was withdrawn 3 months later but the violence has continued with people demanding full democracy and an inquiry into office actions which they described as police brutality since the protests started some 4 and a half 1000 people have been arrested for unlawful assembly taking part in
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a riot and carrying a weapon former u.k. police officer peter cook and believes the vast majority of the actions by the whole called police were lawful as the city was being threatened. the boss annoying news that there is any use of force it can be complained about and he's complained about as police brutality to say occasional instances of high use of force which maybe are excessive not sure of the ins and outs of phone calling law but i suspect it's fairly similar to u.k. law in terms of a reasonable amount of force being used to quell riots and disperse protesters who are causing damage or threatening injury and so the vast majority of full speed news by the police would be lawful would be reasonable and in most circumstances. denmark has imposed checks at border crossings with sweden after
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a series of shootings and bombings in copenhagen we'll tell you more about that after this short break. spoiler alert this edition of the program is not about the trump impeachment drama instead we focus on ukraine and why are the corporate media is so misleading about the military coup in bolivia. there was an imaginary goes an enemy out there called russia during the russia gate hoax meanwhile. way the other 5 g. technologies coming out of china and other technology of china time is actually leapfrogging ahead of the us economically and now here's the the way the currency war so now that period of focusing on russia it would be is just
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a waste of time which had been focusing on the actual rival americas very dominant in the us now is the time to. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you. welcome back a british university staff union has declared white people are able to be black if they say wish you see you has a long history of enabling members to self identify whether that is being black disabled. or women you see you a new congress and further and higher education conferences policy and gender identity has been developed over many years. well this isn't the 1st time the idea
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of so-called trans racial ism all racial fluidity has surfaced. again you change your race if you ask rachel dollars are the white woman who spent the past 7 years claiming she's a black woman she'd probably say yes. as a construct again as a fluid understanding ansley lennon has a reputation as a leading figure in british rock fare to the director was even awarded to a grant reserved for people of color i just want to play with just a little white and i asked him specifically i said you know are you we go we are you we go we white or you biracial or you black or white he says i am biracial as it is that what is on your birth certificate he did not answer genders are determined by your chromosomes race is a social construct not a matter of genetics judge do is simply taking that wisdom to its logical conclusion born a white male named adam we lurch i do know adenoviruses a filipino woman and i think it's very important that the 2 lived experiences
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are treated distinctly i am a transgender woman and i am not qualified to comment on race. how somebody identifies is primarily a matter for them and whether or not that is recognized by the legal system is an entirely different question i believe it's about lived experiences and it's important in my view to troll a distinction between your live to experience and what the law and the state recognizes it's not for any other person to pass judgment on the lived experience of another if however one wishes to access for example services provided for a specific group of people that could them become an object matter where the state steps in. officials in denmark have temporarily imposed checks of border crossings into sweden the move was prompted by
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a spate of bombings and shootings around the capital copenhagen among them was the bombing of the tax agency in august the danish justice ministry claims the perpetrators have travelled from sweden evangelists obsessed reports from the border. denmark has drawn a line in the bridge behind me they have put checks to stop and search anyone coming from sweden after copenhagen has seen more than a dozen explosions in the city this year alone the danes blame it on rival gangs mostly from sweden and hoping that these checks will put an end to it the explosion at the tax agency and the double killing in her leave are examples of the serious crimes that can flow across the border from sweden we will not accept that to counter the threat of serious crimes by the crime we are now strengthen improved section of the border with sweden by introducing temporary controls and strengthen police efforts in the area then mark and sweden are both. area members of the or is
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on bridge used to be a free passport bridge for nearly 60 years but not anymore for at least 6 months it is this bridge that the danish authorities believe perpetrators crossed into then more causing all the explosions. but as bombings become a worrying trend in the usually safe country here in sweden criminal gangs are on the rise according to official statistics there have been $38.00 more explosions this year than 2018 but it's only the explosions gun related crimes are fast becoming a concern too during the ninety's the average were 4 per year now nearly 40 and the public puts these incidents down to immigrants but the teligent chief says it is
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not correct to link newcomers to criminal organizations in sweden they do not they . make it an official accounts of who uses sweetest and who is actually an immigrant so in sweden they do not notice it. but we make these counts in denmark and we can see that there are a lot of those who are. they are 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants the people who are arrested or from the street and who did this these attacks in copenhagen are also a 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants and of course it would be normal to show that there's if there's a problem with the 2nd one 1st generation immigrants and that is social why we do this in denmark because we have to know. what the problem is before we can do anything about it from the famously soft approach that once worked well in sweden the government has gone on 180 degrees by announcing a plan allowing police to have greater stop and search powers but also making it
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easier for them to search suspects houses and access their devices and all this with the backing of sweetness officials we welcome that denmark is taking action to fight crime in the orissa and region i have respect for the danish government strengthening border control you know that to keep criminals on a short leash the country of little mermaid bicycles and label had its fair share of violence in the past in the ninety's this quiet country saw bombings and shootings by rival biker gangs but no checkpoints were introduced well whether you blame it on the migrant crisis or log borders in europe are becoming real again eventual us obsess for r.t. . now you might have noticed a new feature we saw today certain stories have a queue all code alongside them on the soapbox including the screen and you can use that to get more information on any of the stories you see so if you get a chance to give it a go and that's your update i'm rise on
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a low could not be bang came with more news in around 30 minutes time see then. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by frank person with those great. military thinks. we dare to ask. tough and the pull of paris to my fellow waiter both the food. bank itself
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moving to get on the plaza this way got to dog so hard not to think of the mother disappeared the moment the look of it i was and i don't miss donnithorne if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights his way to. the floor you can feel the feet will sound this will persuade you that you do have all the ability to put a hold on the. what i think is this is the funds that is a compliment. the
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problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented. within a decade my country was ruined. it lost a quarter of its manufacturing. a 1000000 people emigrated and public debt kept rising.
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in 2015 a government claiming to be a left wing promise to put an end. however it's agreed measures that tie the country up until 2060 and started mass privatisation. voters on the lift became depressed because it had succeeded with what the right hadn't. the right was depressed because they knew they'd lost their is on death row. in this country of mass depression however there was one word that awakens the political fervor of the. venezuela. some. of. us. love to support it because we see.
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it is very good send them off the b.b.c. . on another human as well again a good moment though. when a european country went through a crisis why were its politicians worried about toilet paper in latin america. i flew to caracas to find out. during the 11 hour flight i read all sorts of articles warning me that caracas is one of the most dangerous cities in the world.
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if i wasn't murdered as soon as i got off the plane i'd be kidnapped. or die of hunger or disease. will rot in prison. venezuela's capital is indeed amongst the most dangerous cities but so are dozens of cities in mexico brazil low colombia. however the people there do have fun like we do they exercise much like us. children eat ice cream and some women carry refrigerators for some reason. surprisingly nobody tried to kill kidnap or imprison me when i arrived.


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