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tv   News  RT  December 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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2 states meet the russian foreign minister in the white house challenges the u.s. to publish its correspondence with moscow on claims of meddling in the 26. demolished them across. the us president claims the russia collision case was also an attempt to overthrow. protestors in france take a stand against pension reforms that the speech by the prime minister.
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thanks for joining us you're watching on t.v. internet. in a rare visit to the united states russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has held talks with sex to state my pompei but underneath the smiles and the pleasantries it was clear the 2 locked horns on several issues. from the outset it became clear how much room for improvement there is in the relations between russia and the united states for instance one of the cases election meddling the secretary of state my campaign has been very adamant that any interference in america's relations is unacceptable by a foreign power to which russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov stressed that all such accusations still exist in the realm of speculation. it was for meddling or not is suggested to simply read the moon reports we read it there is no proof of any collusion. also has repeatedly said that russia is ready to release full
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transcripts as to what was said by the russians and by the members of the trump team via a special communication channel that had been established back in 2618 but according to the russian foreign minister those attempts to make those transcripts see the light of day have so far been stopped by the trumpet ministration. to do the ration of donald trump which suggested our colleagues to dispel all baseless suspicions let us publish that close journal correspondent starting from october 26th seen 2 nov 27th so it would become all very clear to people unfortunately the current administration refused to do so. we all ready to publish that correspondence and already talked about that. not. just choose to publish a repeated for a 4th time to publish that data that would show how russia responded through the special channel which was designed for reviewing threats on some of the networks
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another bone of contention between russia and the united states is the i.m.f. or rather the absence of the deal now and both parties of both ministers have kind of clash this to how they see the moving forward for instance the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has again. that we could use that the countries could use the start treaty that had been signed back in 2010 but mike pump a 0 has voiced his concerns and has made it clear what the united states don't like about that deal it can't be the case that that can be the sole focus that's agreement that was entered into many years ago when powers were very different on a relative basis around the globe. it was at the time than the weapon systems the threats were very different than they are today to the risks to strategic instability today are different it's no longer just missiles just bombers just submarines just warheads there are many other tools which can create strategic instability so we believe not only do the conversations need to be broadened to
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include the chinese communist party as you start mr president spoke again about russia's preparedness to run the agree on its extension to alleviate the tension for the global community the instrument of loans control between the u.s. and russia will not be destroyed the simply not enforced we're prepared to do that even today on the other hand circular labral has reiterated that russia has been making unilateral steps of good faith for instance the russian president had previously said that russia wasn't going to deploy any weapons that had been found under the i.n.f. treaty in europe unless washington or its allies decide to do that 1st but it wasn't all negative there are some points where russia and the united states do see eye to eye on where they do see each other as valuable partners syria afghanistan north korea all those asked but all those political crises see russia and the
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united states working together and both countries and seem did their best both ministers at leas did their best to try and move that train forward as much as they could. virginia state senator richard black thinks that the talks come at an inconvenient time for president trump. keep in mind that. all of this is taking place with the backdrop of the impeachment hearings and it has been one of the strategies of the administration to appear to be as tough with russia as possible and it's very unfortunate but that's just the the domestic policy ramifications of this there's only so long that you can continue talking about russian meddling and so far the only evidence that i've seen is that there were $100000.00 in facebook ads that were placed some of them for hillary clinton
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some of them for trump and they were placed out of russia well i'm going to tell you $100000.00 did not buy you a drop in the ocean in terms of facebook ads so. the democrats will continue to insist that the russians meddled the republicans are and can bend i don't think i don't think it's an issue that's particularly relevant to the american people. the u.s. house judiciary committee has a 2 specific charges against president on some paving the way for impeachment but the chief not let made the announcement. the 1st article is for abuse of power it is an impeachable offense prison should be engaged in an unprecedented categorical and indiscriminate defiance of the impeachment inquiry. this gives rise to the 2nd article of impeachment for obstruction of congress well the
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articles of impeachment have been drawn up against donald trump accusing him of obstruction of justice as well as abuse of power these articles of impeachment are not expected to go very far with the senate under the control of republicans now it seems the democrats have moved full speed ahead on from their trump russia collusion allegations which was the basis of a long investigation which seems to have disproved what was widely believed now they've moved on to these allegations about ukraine that are the basis of the impeachment and articles of impeachment that were recently drawn up the investigations that cetera however as folks look back on the long tramp russia collusion investigation we now have a very important report that was just released the horowitz report from the department of justice inspector general looking into the investigation of donald trump for allegations that he colluded with russia now the report it has some contradictory information and findings it does not and not seem to show that the
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department of justice acted in appropriately investigate. interrupting that report but we are going to return to our top story and go live to washington d.c. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has just met with the president of the united states donald trump and is not giving a live news conference. ability for what is happening in the world would of this if you were noted that there is a number of acute problems. with the situation that we have today on our hands is quite complicated especially so because of what is happening inside the us but both sides both countries are determined to see progress on the tracks where we can achieve progress to the benefit of each other we can apply more effort in order to achieve real results which paid special attention to the show such as. you and to the state of affairs in the arms control area as well as the area of
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nonproliferation. that we have here is. very difficult we have only one treaty in plays and i mean. we got a new start a new start treaty but we confirmed with little or a proposal to extend the treaty and which we believe that children it is important to extend this agreement over the. years for that of a putin of russia suggested earlier this year but in your mind you see it was a little girl we also should be mindful of the situation which emerged because of the developments around the. treaty. with. you what was written. was appreciated the go with them with a certain weapons have been banned as the by the i.n.f.
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treaty an ability to discuss this issue with our u.s. colleagues would you of course if they're interested in that if they're not interested in the need talks and they have nothing to do but let me put in sad our security is guaranteed as we also remember about. our responsibility to keep these american has been plays in order to. be able but you also when you retain. in place the stability and security in the world and it was the u.n. resolution was adopted by 174 votes no one voted against this is solution and all western countries including the united states voted in favor of this resolution you know that is something that it gives us hope because there is that understanding that we need to prevent the whole system from columbus ling's and washington understands that most of these motions were used as for are the areas we
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do you have no tracks in which we can carburetor for the sake of security and stability in the world i mean the dialogue and the mechanism which i am plays they are up and riding with the mechanism which tackle the sheer syria never got in the korean peninsula today we agreed and we need to make certain steps in order to prevent the situation in the persian gulf from spiraling. pretty accurately to show you that we also need to apply absolutes in order to this that will solve problems which is our peer because. america's unilateral withdraw from the joint comprehensive plan of action those who are due to school so that we discuss the konami cooperation as well though because our trade. is growing and this year we expect to see a rise of. 25 percent compared to. the 2016.
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or however where this stands the conditions of these growth is not the limit of the sanctions still plays and there is greater potential for cooperation especially so because the big. this community is a war and the loose. operation and that's probably why i'm ready for your question . thank you. from the wall street journal i cover the white house we're very interested to have any information you can provide about your meeting specifically with president trump if you can elaborate specifically what was discussed with him versus secretary and how the meeting was and especially if if he if there was any discussion from your and your interest from your end to know about the impeachment inquiry and how it will impact foreign policy we oppose the look natural when you. will you label it much will you laid
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before the press conference i mean for the very beginning. you're being able to rebuild iraq. everything that i've been saying i've been saying about that meeting in the white house we haven't discussed anything besides that. have you had an opportunity to stand another invitation to dollar trump to resilient the anniversary of the victory day in moscow you know the answer. to that of military action in your opinion. what is it possible to hold the full form of meeting between the presidents of russia america and you know another question if i may u.s. congress. agreed on a military budget which. possibly. the sanctions on the.
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north stream projects if that happens and the congress is quite determined to follow through how much can that impact the completion of the projects. that were put in invited donald trump to reserve the. day celebrations in moscow. on the 9th of may that happened during their meeting in soccer in japan and today i confirm that invitation as i started by the president and trump is currently considering that invitation because we do hope that if. arises and the talks will form the other 2 talks with him and see you as for the military by churches with the congress is engulfed with that desire to do everything it can to destroy our relations. to the last bit of a bill that is something started. at the time. i
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can tell you that we are quite accustomed to attacks like that we know how to respond to them how to shield the mob but neither was ignored stream or the turks stream are going to be stopped by that. that is not going to happen. i mean you want people to want you of course america. but when mr horowitz glad to see in moscow mr lavrov good to see you to you my question is that for all those you had the opportunity to talk with my pump. i don't know trump you had a private conversation did he complain about the democrats who started the impeachment process and in your opinion is it. that don't know trump received you today at the white house and that is the very day when the democrats started the next stage of the impeachment process thank you. but i responded to the 1st
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question i said that all the topics that we discussed i have already given them to you was nothing else besides that it was. shadows of the congress meeting you never asked about that. much will you go to those now do you really think that you started to take that day because they got to know that i was coming i don't know. thank you very much. to be. in your discussion about syria with the president trump and compare you have you noticed any new position that would precipitate the political solution in syria and i mean i ask you about your assessment of the situation in lebanon and iraq. which the position of russia regarding what's going on in lebanon
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. where you observe that it's my go. to discuss the issue of syrian settlement with. our positions are similar and we confirmed it today that there is no military. solution to this problem we need to advance and includes a. international dialogue and to. make progress on the track we need to use the political process and i mean the constitutional committee which started operating in geneva we need to find ways to engage the kurds in the political process to see that can be done by building bridges between them. where the central government of syria that's what we believe is a good way out we discuss that and we recently show them that this is the only reliable way to ensure that their interests are a matter that means the interests of the kurds and other ethnic and religious
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groups inside syria. with america we have a channel for communication or you know it's mostly existed between the militaries as part of the de conflicting efforts we also have other contacts in place between the foreign ministries. of the situation in lebanon and iraq but it's as if our position is as follows we need. the crises in these countries but that can be achieved only through national dialogue and every. religious group should be involved in that process as for lebanon. the fundamental principles of the constitution should be observed that is of principle importance and we believe that cisco is necessary to prevent a situation the one that the use of that with or with new groups would be excluded
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from the pool or was under the pretext of forming some technical bodies that actually call authorities that will be able to go in far from the traditions existed in the country. which allowed the country to. guarantee unity inside. iraq we express our solidarity with the iraqi government who have to battle the around and of the terrorist groups and at the same time can sort of the police force the consolidation of the society as it. is seeking again balance of interest between every ethnic and religious groups or between the shia and the. sunni. and of course we know that kurdistan is another issue here. is a dirty iraq not so long ago i visited baghdad and there a bill and. during my visit to express our solidarity with the efforts
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carried out by the government of iraq and i hope that sort of neither lebanon nor iraq will see any interference of destructive forces from abroad and i hope that every stakeholder will. does its best to help the sides in these 2 countries to see do you see the nation that is the way to stabilize the country and the whole region of us. mr lavrov thank you so much for finding time. to talk to us at the end of his very long day. of work in the state secretary. today. that the u.s. despite all the differences of opinion is determined to expand cooperation in the build of the fight against terrorism and we do want to fight against drug trafficking could you please give any details on the discussions around these
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issues did you achieve any. agreement on that maybe the bilateral working group would come back to life before maybe some other car peroration board take place i mean you cooperation between the law enforcement bodies the un to put in the prompter of the president putin the president drums of your compulsions woosh you. supported the proposal. to. cooperate on the anti-terrorist track which group that agreement came at the meeting in helsinki last year or so we had. plays during their bomb at least ration time and then after all the end to russian decisions made coffee ration was put on ice together with lots of other mechanisms which you. bring in
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we was a little we renewed our dialogue in that form. we have regular consultations at the level of foreign minister. deputy the state secretary. will be doing on the russian side will. mr mollett of every foreign ministries in charge of these affair is john sullivan in the works. on behalf of the united states. he is about to be recorded to do the goats who dominate is the ambassador to russia hold that really got to be replaced as part of that working group because of he's new capacity for you. both. diplomats are working hand in hand with it as well as the law enforcement's possible to take part in the conversation in order to find a comprehensive solution to common problems that is
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a very problematic area i think you understand. thank you high. it looks like the start treaty you haven't made a lot of progress with us you had floated the idea that maybe moscow would be up for an extension less than 5 years did you put that proposal forward to. and president trump did you receive anything pathetic response to that and my other question is about north korea what sanctions should washington left. to be lifted so that the talks between pyongyang and one. thank you should do there were some of the. as for new start. we proposed that the treaty can be extended in any way possible that's what we told
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washington that's the bottom line of our discussions on that issue as for north korea should we believe the sanctions against that country while we are. which have too many of them probably. because you know that the unilateral sanctions have also been adopted in addition to the un security council that is the sanctions. everybody's aleutians put in place by the security council put forward but it's also an idea that a political process should take place and probably it's time to be flexible. when you probably wish there are certain humanitarian issues so these 2 ships and so on the matters are with the issues which are here because of these sanctions but there is one example i discussed with my pump and he promised me to look into. the . well to food are going to this because it's not his that's for what will be in
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charge of food and agricultural with us to be sure that he had a project to deliver humanitarian aid to north korea it was all legal all transparent and the material i ate in no way violated the u.n. security council sanctions and in no way. had to deal with the unilateral sanctions imposed by the united states. however all these are guys ation try to find a contractor. worked with us though with which to transport this military in aid to north korea and these attempts to move them were supposed to by us but people are futile because everyone is too. scared to. car parade on this track on military in the 8 years of the sanctions even though these were tearing the 8 is not prohibited by anything. and i hope that our u.s.
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colleagues understand that this problem is there and i hope that they're the stand that we need to stimulate. north korea to start negotiating and by the way he has already made a step forward to the. all. and no positive reciprocal actions on the part of the us have been observed so far we are ready to continue developing the plan of action which we. came up with together with china and we understand the interests of the u.s. and north korea we hope that this plan will help the sides to renew direct talks and we hope that there will be no wow to me terms. i said it and i will say it again which it is unrealistic to expect of career to work with the do everything
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that america wants to look at is a message board completed it's to nuclearization and only after that it will get some benefits i mean we've got a lifting of sanctions and security guarantees it's unrealistic to expect that from north korea and determine that our u.s. colleagues used to nuclearization of the career this term is not really accurate it's not. correct because all the agreements which are there they have to deal with they did nuclearization of the korean peninsula which is different. we will continue to. urge decides to renew direct talks but these. species stage they should both sides should be moving towards each other and the north korea has already made such steps and now these steps they should be responded to by the other side and t.v. channel might bump today sad that the white house is going to make huge
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statement to make operation with russia in the next couple of days or weeks. but did he mean can you shed some light on this while daewoo discussed. how the arrangements reached by the 2 presidents being implemented i mean the arrangements reached us in helsinki earlier put him proposed to. set up. council for consultations business dialogue which would bring together leaders of private businesses sam to people on both sides and that council would be supported by by moscow and by washington and that council would be. so you move. helping to find problematic mutually beneficial projects for both countries and our colleagues that you put they support the idea in
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principle and the plans for the dollar trumps instructions they are forming their team and they're probably going to announce that probably that is what my pompei i'm and thank you. my question is this you've seen president trump in action for 3 years now do you think that he is a reliable partner for russia someone that you can count on to do what you want him to do what he promises that he will to you and also in light of the impeachment. and the pressure that has put on the ukrainian and u.s. relationship what sort of web page do you think that gives russia in its conversations with ukraine about ending the conflict between your countries thank you. and the shipment sure. that's in the woods as to how we can assess all those trumps actions and his work while it's up for the
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american people to decide on that if you go as for the relations where russia we have 0 doubt that although trump sincerely believes that there is a lot of benefit of us for america for american businesses in operating with russia . it is also beneficial for the whole world to have good relations between russia and america. gives right to libya and these relations with the new world. they should see no place for concessions or looking down as someone these relations should be based on the balance of interest. to work with russia and again benefits for both sides that's what we think about donald trump we do know that some in the united states have a different opinion and they are doing what they can to stall.


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