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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  December 11, 2019 7:30am-8:01am EST

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our president's sense of self accomplishment title when but while democrats republicans and their pundit lackeys have been busy lobbing sound by hand grenades at each other these 2 warring factions and u.s. policies politics did find something to agree on this week the military industrial congressional complex as military dot com reports that to the tune of a 738000000000 dollar bill house and senate negotiators have reached a deal on a defense policy bill aimed at avoiding a government shutdown creating a space force and getting rid of the so-called widow's tax yes my friends right on the heels of discovering lie after lie after lie about the longest war in u.s. history through the afghanistan papers your republican and democratic representatives in congress just handed billions more of your tax dollars to the pentagon. and they wonder why we are always watching all x. .
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it's. like you know that i got. to. welcome everybody to watch in the box i am so i rolled and turned joining me today to discuss the articles of impeachment being brought against president donald trump and the war budget being approved without a starter is the former united states representative out of florida alan grayson alan always a pleasure thank you thank you and your opinion i'm very curious as a former democrat house democrat has the as the case for impeachment been made against president donald trump and in your view. oh i think donald trump commits impeachable offenses roughly once a week and i think that this one is long overdue it's clearly not just
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a misdemeanor but a high crime to take $400000000.00 of the public's money and use its try to bribe a foreign government investigating a political opponent that sounds like a high crime to me it's an abuse of power you know one of the things i want to ask you to is it's interesting when you look at our history of impeachment you know we haven't we have not i mean recently nancy pelosi in a c.n.n. town hall was asked why she didn't impeach u.s. president george bush for the lies about w m d's and the iraq war years here's what she said to that question the intelligence did not show that that that was the case so i knew it was a a misrepresentation to the public but having said that that was a. in my view not a grounds for impeachment that was they won the election they made a representation and to this day people think people think that that was the right thing to do. you know it's interesting to me why is it so easy for everyone because
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we look at look we brought impeachment against bill clinton we brought now and you know we're bringing impeachment against it against donald trump why why was it so difficult to bring impeachment against george w. bush when my opinion i feel actually committed crimes against the nation that maybe clinton or or donald drome. well historically what you see is that the impeachment is easier when it's there's a clear corrupt purpose when there's an improper intent as there is in trumps case he's trying to help his political campaign and using the public's money to try to do it in the case of george w. bush it would have been difficult i don't think that you could have made the case that george w. bush knew that what he was saying was wrong i think dick cheney knew that what he was saying was wrong and i think that dick cheney could have been impeached but the democrats decided against my views expressed at the time that everybody should lead bygones be bygones there is one case in history where some impeach was considered
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after someone left office but typically that's not the case one vice president was almost impeached and avoided it because they couldn't bring him to trial fast enough to to meet the end of the term so i think that once the term was over once bush was out of office it became verboten if you will to consider that i agree with you completely especially on the cheney cheney front because i think there was a lot of people that should have been held accountable for that and i think that's one of the reasons kind of many people look today and say ok we see this kind of infighting you know you did you know he did use public money to threaten ukraine you know to him that quid pro quo and there's definitely a case there but i think when you look at history i think a lot of people are single cash but what we can get trump for this but we can't get like george and we can't get some of the other cheney and some of the other people that have been probably far worse damage to definitely the world stability and for the lives that we've lost in that war it's kind of a sad thing. why do you think this impeachment process is going to go are we going
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to see you know i mean the senate is never going to actually impeach him are they. oh i think it's quite possible today in kentucky a democratic governor is being sworn in he says that within 24 hours he will sign an executive order restoring the vote to convict and felons and kentucky 27 percent of all african-american men in kentucky cannot vote because it disqualified as convicted felons is going to be a huge swarm of new voters next year who are going to be inclined to vote against mitch mcconnell and that's going to worry him the fact that a democrat won for governor in a state that trump won by 30 points 3 years ago indicates that the sands are shifting away from mitch mcconnell and he may feel that it's going to come down to trump war him if he doesn't get rid of trump then he's going to have trouble getting reelected and if mitch mcconnell turns against trump's lucky to get 20
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votes in the senate that it's going to be something like 80 to 20 against him that's that's going to be real telling to see if the republicans will actually have the you know the guts to stand up to one of their own president sitting up there this could be very interesting to see as things move forward you know honestly most of them hate him that much i can tell you the he just basically. put this bs slaps them i won't use the whole 5 letter word he be slaps them over and over and over again and he's taken some of them and made examples out of by publicly humiliating them i mean you know sometimes that ends up working for him like in the case of lindsey graham but in the other cases they just despise them and if you asked if you would administer the sodium pentothal and ask them how they really feel about donald trump they would definitely agree with rashid to label the m.f. you know it's one it's interesting because from the outside not in the loop not having bet in congress and so from the outside looking in it it seems that the one thing
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that congressional democrats republicans do seem to always agree on these days is the war budget. you've spent many years in congress why is that seem at least to us citizens so easy to get these 2 parties to agree when it comes to giving up billions upon billions to the pentagon especially granted it came out early this week i'm sure the deal was already done but when you suddenly have like the afghanistan papers come out and say the pentagon has been lying to us over and over again as i was well as various administrations. oh my goodness why is that even news my the only one who remembers the main that got us into the spanish-american war what about weapons of mass destruction that got us into the war in iraq will what about the tonkin gulf resolution that got us into the vietnam war that seems to be the way the pentagon does business it's been about 70 years since we actually had an honest war in this country and it's almost to be expected. but when i
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was in congress i was one of the few votes they could not count on for the defense authorization act what's happened over the past 50 years or so is that the republicans hit the bash the democrats for not going along with the defense authorization act and the democrats fall right into that trap it's sad to see because it really does kind of boggled my mind because you know the kind of in 2020 of the n.d.a. as it stands democrats gave up on provisions that would have kept trump from attacking iran you know they they didn't didn't they didn't suspend the sale of u.s. air to ground missions in regards to giving it to saudi arabia to use in the war in yemen yet they just handed over money to create the space force which is kind of ridiculous to me. you know why why won't they stand their ground is it really just because republicans kind of like you said make the case that while your guys are being peaceniks i mean is it really just that. you know it's one of the great
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tragedies of our time that this is happening with the one thing that we are able to agree on with the soviet union. all through the cold war is that it would be disastrous to militarize base you know the force that a relatively small object lands with when dropped out of orbit is actually similar to the effect of a small nuclear weapon you could have thousands and thousands of them nudged out of orbit heading for cleveland heading for cincinnati heading for el paso and it would cost very little and this is the $1.00 thing that we were able to agree on with the soviet union and trump has managed to screw that up it really does blow my mind and it hurts because i'm just sitting there going like i mean really we have to militarize space at this point like i know that most of our satellites and most of our you know hardware up there is generally brought up there through you know military contracts and things of that nature but really this is the last you know stuff i hope frontier and we're going to put weapons up there before we actually
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decide to put peace and pulled put coalitions of all nations together. it's horrifying and it shows that trump has absolutely no scruples he has no moral compass whatsoever if it's stupid donald trump will do it that's so true alan i want to say thank you so much for coming on and thank you again for your time served in congress or one of the true good ones out there and always a pleasure having you on the show sir thank you so much thank you to. all right everybody as we go to break watchers don't forget don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics that we have covered on our social media and be sure to check out watching the hawks the pod cast which is now available on spotify apple music and everywhere you listen to your favorite or so favorite pod cast coming up we have the latest on the russian foreign minister surgery surrogate lab robs a visit to the halls of power here in washington d.c. and then offered the walk ins breaks down society's hunger for celebrity the now
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. that. the russian prime minister sergey lavrov journeyed to washington d.c. this. week for the 1st time in 2 and a half years his last visit back in may 2017 u.s. president donald trump was knee deep in controversy during his last visit which came on the heels of the president's firing of been a p.r. director james komi and now my friends it seems trump has found self once again
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deep in the middle of controversy during the russian prime minister's visit with articles of impeachment being filed against him or to america's great blog and joins us now from the russian embassy with more on this story rachel bacon for coming up. thank you for having me and i just wrapped up the press conference here with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov after his closed door meeting with president trump so 'd i want to ask what was the i mean one of the biggest things that they were talking about at this press conference were released going into it with the big you know rumor mill one capital was was the future of arms control treaties between russia and the u.s. you know what was said about that was not brought up at the press conference. gray that seems to be the hot topic in all of this that we've seen lavrov talk about earlier this press conference with secretary of state my pompei oh and just now and as we have seen the future of nuclear treaties between the united states and russia has kind of been up in the air over the last few months ever since the united
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states announced that it would be pulling out of the i.n.f. treaty now president trump has said that he's open to going forward with other treaties but when last i have talked about it today he pointed to the fact that there is one major nuclear arms treaty that is still intact or between the united states and russia and he pointed to the fact that moscow has said that they are ready to extend the treaty which is the new start treaty and he said that the ball is essentially in washington's court on this that they've said they're ready to extend the treaty with no preconditions as it is and no discussion however when it comes to washington side of things they haven't said whether they're ready to do that or not yet one pompei or commented on it he simply said that they are going to continue discussions and that they're not ready to say yet whether they're going to a. specifically or come up with a whole new treaty all together but he also said that they do want to include china in the mix at the end of this so it's not clear yet if there is some agreement that they came to today specifically but it does sound like they're going to be continuing dialogue on that so now obviously any time any time
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a member of the russian government comes here to the u.s. obviously the 1st thing everyone's going to start talking about is accusations of election meddling so let me ask you rachel were there any mentions of election meddling during this press conference and how did that play out if there was. absolutely i don't think they could have gone through it without it and you know it's actually something that a lot of the mainstream media reporters who are here at this press conference they all wanted to know about election meddling about what had been said about that in the white house actually came out and they claim that during that closed door meeting between trump and lavrov that trump specifically warned him against any election meddling in 2020 and we also saw the pomp a.o. said today that the u.s. is really standing firm on the sovereignty of our election but as for a lot of response to that he said you know russia has come out and said that it was to see this proof of this election meddling that the united states has claimed as he said that they continue to ask for proof and they've said that they're willing
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to comply with anything that the u.s. specifically when it comes to those accusations of election meddling so he wouldn't say whether or not there was a specific hard warning from trump during that meeting but that of course was something that was talked about not only among those officials but also here with the reporters after the press conference so i want to also bring up some other aspects the kind of crossover with the u.s. and russia relations you know what about countries like syria and venezuela where they brought up in the issues that are currently going on in both those countries how did that play out today. where they were and we've seen a lot between the united states and russia especially when it comes to this country like venezuela over this last year. pompei was one of those people who was completely in support of opposition leader. venezuela he was in support of him taking over the government and when that didn't quite work out with the so the coup that we saw a few months ago i was still a little bit better about that bring that up today and he said that they are
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continuing to push russia. to go against mature and as we have seen russia has been one of the countries that has stood by president nicolas maduro on that log continued to say that they want a solution by the people in venezuela and the same seems to go for syria where they both said that they are pushing for more peace in syria that they want the agreements that were made last month of regarding the military offensive that turkey attempted to launch and then the united states and russia came in and put a stop to it they have said that they want to continue those peaceful measures and pushing them now the one thing that was not brought up that was really interesting in all of this where those claims that were made by the trumpet ministration that it was going to keep some troops in syria in order to guard the oil fields because they felt they were able to seize. power didn't mention that today a lot of didn't make any comments about that but in the past russia has said that they are troops in syria at all because those troops have not been asked to be
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there by the syrian government looks like the dialogue is going to continue between both sides right now we haven't seen if there were any concrete agreements that came out of today's meeting well least both sides are talking rachel blubbing thank you so much for staying up to that wonderful press conference and giving us the story always a pleasure. thank you. well my brother the world of social media celebrity made pop culture headlines recently with the brutal beat down of calvin penya in a miami restaurant now who was killed and you know you may as well you know is actually known as brother nature a 21 year old social media sensation was known for taking pictures of himself with an. as wild animals yes takes pictures of themselves with animals currently has almost $2500000.00 followers on twitter $2700000.00 on instagram and over $86000.00 subscribers on you tube now the big event is that according to complex the
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restaurant less than was read say in miami said the incident started when brother nature confronted a restaurant patron who'd been taking a video of him with a p. male friend things then as skule to the new a viral video beat down of a viral celebrity which for many as you can see here i mean look at this isn't the same as if. freddie this brings up a very disturbing questions about our social media culture and the need for viewership at all costs joining me to discuss social media celebrity worship is author and editor at large for salon dot com dee blackens this is a fascinating story you actually sent it over to me and said like this is something that i really want to talk about because it opens up kind of a pandora's box of a lot of issues the what what about this incident with with brother nature. strikes you so much and got your mind going what people need to know about this so the 1st thing. 5. initial reaction and i had a match myself because i don't know this guy but when i saw
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a clip come up and down months later see of him being pounded on i said my god who would do this to brother nature like his brother he hangs with the deer 6 pitches with ducks in you know whatever he's a you know he's funny he's a good kid why would somebody do that and. you know i remember he had some scandal before he said some really really negative bad things was 12 so now the issue. with judging these kids and try to hold them accountable for things that they did when they were like 1112 years old then we see these kids apologize and grow up and become the people that are supposed to be and then we get upset when we see something happen to them in regards to how did the situation escalate it i don't people say it was actually him the contrast the way that the situation i don't want to see any where you get beat up on camera unless you know getting a check for it which brings up another issue is probably going to check that is because now he can ride the wave of internet fame. and use it as
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a victim play to be a bit maybe even get like next week's documentary or something so there's not a number of things that really bother me but the main thing that i wanted to touch on initially was this whole idea of my own reaction because before i even had the facts of a story the 1st thing that came in my mind is who would do that to brother nature and then us then he showed the guy and the guy has this twitter account where he's like the super villain you know has like the big super villain head in latham and you know it's like this is a bad guy when actuality there potentially both were bad guys in a situation because what we know now about the story i want to you know what makes this kind of i mean we've seen it now rise really fast in the last 1015 years the kind of social media celebrity culture these influencers people like that why is that culture do you feel this it's so different than like let's say the culture that we're the sled because. we're used to you know the movie stars the rock stars the folks who come up to that side but now we're suddenly have the social media
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culture where it's like some kid at home suddenly makes a hot video deer end up in his backyard and now suddenly this dude's got. thousands and millions of followers it was my idea of i don't have a back and no i'm so glad you actually question because when we were coming up on you know in the eighty's and raised in the ninety's the rock stars in the basketball players in. the movie stars were part of the world where we couldn't participate we couldn't play we were little kids watching wanting to be these big celebrities one day all wanting to have that power and influence one day these new kids. they can get it from social media they can play they can actually be the star so they don't have to look up to celebrities because if they do something creative or edgy enough online they can be the stuff you just read a study xstrata article. from last year where. a guy who manages viral people and it has said that. if you have a 1000000 followers you can get $10000.00 per post right brother nature
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has $5000000.00 combined so imagine what he's getting so you know it's not only the fact that he's popular and he gets a gazillion lights on all of his pictures you know every life he can exist but he's getting money from it it's really fascinating too because it's not like you know when you're a musician or an actor or at least like you're say when we came up you had you know your celebrity was kind of cultivated and created by p.r. companies and like big corporations and you don't want to do and you didn't want to work yeah now you have social media you know you like you said you have these kids come up and there are stars for playing a video game at home you know they don't need the p.r. machine and the corporation they're in a i am in the machine you know do you think that will have the one adverse effect on you know kids come and go but a minute or so left will that have an adverse effect in some capacity of kids coming out you know right now is extremely dangerous because people have gone wild things for attention and it's not good when
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a lot of young people see other young people get attention and then i get that attention no duplicate and try to be what the other person is and it kills creativity and i think i think it's dangerous and i think it's a good thing there's a there's and i think we've got to be recognize that a society would be prepared for that the walk it's always a pleasure having the wrong sort of thank you thank you. all right everybody as we finish up today sometimes there are stories that sound more like the beginning of a horror movie than a news story this is definitely one of those stories let's go now to the state key laboratory of stem cell and reproductive biology in beijing where recently the world's. 1st pig monkey kind marrows were born yes i you heard me right pig monkey kind marrows with the ultimate goal of the mentally growing human organs and animals for medical transplantation scientists that the laboratory introduce genetically modified sign a mole gets monkey cells into pig embryos 5 days after fertilization and then was
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apparently get a pig monkey hybrid now while most scientists and researchers believe that the idea of creating crime areas for organ transplant won't ultimately work apparently apparently that hasn't stopped them from giving us really terrible nightmares about crazy pig monkeys. that's really happening it's really happening all right everybody that is our show pre-debate remember in this world we are not told that we are loved about so i tell you all. i am tyrol them to keep on watching all those hawks out there and have a great day and night but. impeachment mania has dives drawn on both sides of the political divide the i.g. report clearly demonstrates the f.b.i.
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abused its powers when targeting trump world the judiciary committee is hell bent on impeachment articles ideological obsession the name of the game. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark side. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results deiced on what they think you should be seeing if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more road we give them the sooner we all hang.
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each simulating civilization would be able to run using a tiny fraction of its resources. hundreds of thousands. millions of runs through all of human history almost all. beings with our kinds of experiences with them to simulate that once rather than none simulated ones the conditional allowed are good we should think fearful of that one of the simulated ones. when there is only mr johnson. and i just got out of prison for. 41 guinness. 72 years old. i got arrested for too many for some of the. filth like this everything was taken out of.
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my work in the hospital it was. meant to snow man that looks a little bit like me. i would rather call about. homicide want to come. now. we're tough you this unites us so you're going. to go to stone. to numb the front of the clothes trying to frighten. us no good something wrong due to .
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a powerful blast and gunfire. reported outside a major u.s. outpost in afghanistan the very same back room air base that donald trump paid a surprise visit to less than 2 weeks ago that news comes as a damning report comes out shedding light on how top american officials have been routinely distorting facts and figures on the war in afghanistan and an attempt to convince the public the drawn out war is winnable. also this hour the french government revealed more details on controversial pension reforms that have sparked mass strikes. and the u.s. president says he looks forward to more dialogue with russia after meeting foreign minister sergey lavrov at the white house visit however triggered morse.


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