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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 30, 2019 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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iraqi foreign ministry is to summon the u.s. ambassador in baghdad after sunday's airstrikes on iraq and syria which left dozens dead the u.s. has called it a defensive operation against iranian aggression. iran nuclear deal is as good as dead if the e.u. countries pound to u.s. pressure that's the message from iran and russia who's talked about some held talks in moscow. and wiki leaks founder julian assange claims he's dying in the u.k. prison plied with sedatives and subject to 23 hours of solitary confinement a day. those are the headlines will be back here next hour with another round up and stay with us for the kaiser report next here on r.t. international.
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i am max kaiser out being new there were. wow i'm feeling it 2020 should be a whopper stacy yes this is our last day of 21000 we're heading into 2020 we have a lot of predictions that means because of course no beginning of the year is a true beginning of the year without some predictions i think 2020 could be a year for giago we saw coming into the end of the year these uprisings across the world so will we see pitchforks and billionaire taxes was going to have a banner year they global insurrection against banker a patient for sure because the is an agenda is a folks are going to give up they're going to realize that there's been
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a rigged game from the beginning they have no chance they're not going to make as much as their parents did life expectancy is falling in america and the environment is collapsing and they realize they've got to fight their way out of this or they're going to perish so they're going to there's going to be pretty gnarly to use a millennial term i think there was a generation x. term i remember that and i ok from my childhood so i think it is indeed a time that people in the younger generations and they have the vote now they are the millennial and they have the power and i think you saw that in the terror this year in the billionaire boomers because they came out like no other fear i've ever seen on them we saw jamie diamond leon cooperman michael bloomberg bill gates lloyd blankfein they all came out terrified of this billionaire tax i the notion not that attacks might pass but that the millennial realize that they have some odious wealth well if the prevailing sentiment will be that the boom the billionaire
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boomers wealth was not earned. it was stolen by the cunto in effect by their dismantling of the rule of law by the dismantling of regulations by their. co-opting the political process by their engagement and all kinds of nefarious underhanded techniques they have stolen the future and now these millennialism genesee folks are going to have to act they are acting and ray dally oh billionaire hedge fund manager out of connecticut he f. course has also ended the year of $21000.00 with many many warnings that the pitchforks are coming he sees the obvious he's talking like a hedge fund or he's not being creating you know he's not screaming like leon cooperman he's not going on television and crying and saying they're going to take my money he's just saying i see what's coming is fascism and communism this always happens every time the wealth and income gaps like this and like it was in the 1000 and in 1000 twenty's thirty's and see what's coming so he sees what's coming the
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uprisings around the world were reported by gary young in the guardian he said something interesting which i think sets us up for 2020 he said and so the decade ended as it started with demands for systemic change of course it started after the financial collapse and all those uprisings that we saw in 20102011 led primarily by the young and hundreds of thousands in the streets of chile hong kong indonesia haiti proust sudan lebanon israel iraq and the us as resistance gross economic inequality state repression bigotry and sexism political cultures have become more polarized with no systemic response to the financial crisis that would prevent it recurring and no punishment for those who caused the world sits on the brink of yet another one there is more oil on the streets and more sparks to ignite them the next decade promises to be more combustible than the last even though the u.s. doesn't want to admit it that they have an empire and it's an empire primarily of debt that there are some potential disruptions to. supply lines rare earths for
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example that power a lot of the high tech economy are in countries and territories that my society to secede from america's empire and that's going to upset those supply lines the oil markets and the oil conflicts of course are going to be disrupted to supply lines the i see that a lot of the. retail chains that sell extraordinarily cheap stuff to poor people prices are rising rapidly because of the trade war with china so as we've said on this show the poor in america don't notice therefore because the costs of their stuff when they go to the discount store gets cheaper and cheaper so their lifestyle never doesn't really get horribly worse because even though they make less money the cost of stuff gets cheaper while china enter america go to trade war the cost of stuff at the local discount store starts going up and now suddenly you really are poor there is a trade war and the trade war is ongoing and it is not stopping and tariffs are
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taking effect and tariffs are taking effect against china taking effect against europe so those costs are rising but as gary young points out there is oil on the streets on the streets where the people are protesting and it's just like one little flame one thing whether it's a market crash whether whether it's yet another bailout for bankers something is going to ignite it and it's all ready to go up in flames as what he's saying that's what the oil is in the streets is is the anger and it's the income gap is the more importantly the wealth gap and it's this sense that there's an injustice being done upon the people because of the fed intervening always always always all the central banks around the world intervene on behalf of the bankers and who intervenes on behalf of the people but the i.m.f. sticking them with debts and the austerity freaks so that's what we've seen from through the past 10 years and there is a sense that despite market all time highs despite booming markets despite the
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apparent joy for the. one percent that there is anger ready to ignite and i think ray deleo as i said he sees it just as a you know a cold hearted analyst you don't become a billionaire being warm hearted and fuzzy and hysterical again he's saying that it's all debt field so that there's 200 trillion in debt approximately on the planet and so if those supply lines are cut if they if there's a boil on the street it combusts and suddenly some countries unable to buy u.s. treasuries anymore or they go completely dollars ation then that means higher interest rates and then you have a totally did dollar rise to a globalized world and it's all against all that's my next topic because i have an on that document i have on your lap i have q.e. and negative interest rates will they or will won't they go negative this year our guest michael hudson this past year he said that rates are going to go as negative as 25 percent if they want to maintain this central bank run system they will have
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to take interest rates down to 25 percent negative he says is that going to happen or will the whole system collapse will will that basically this generation and see will they have to will they tear it down otherwise the rates are going negative well negative interest rates are an obvious form of financial oppression so i think that you know that the t. shirt that says the beatings will continue until morale improves right so even though you've got billions of people on the streets protesting there because of negative interest rates are going to keep going into negative territory destroy try to make the situation better because over the past 40 years their solution to the problem of deflation caused by money printing has always been a print more money so they're going to now go negative interest rates which just causes more deflation in that will of course create more social unrest and but they're not going to stop the fed does allege they're going to stop the intervention in the and the repo market in march but we know that will continue
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because. the bankers control them they just throw a hissy fit let the markets crash by 20 points that's the new crash never used to beat a 1000 points now it's just 20 points is a crash so the other big story i saw from $29000.00 i think is the single biggest story is that when mark carney had said that the dollar is days are numbered and that we have to think of a new settlements layer so do you think 2020 could be see the 1st emergence of a viable settlements layer we have bitcoin and gold gold has historically been the unit of account globally in trade and then it was displaced by the dollar in 1971 but people seem to be sick and tired of the u.s. dollar not only from the trade imbalances that naturally arise from it but the fact that a spend weaponized since well especially since 20082009 so do you see that happening right to the world of a split between the u.s. japan and israel on one side versus russia china iran and
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germany on the other side to the us when we will it's going to be obvious in 2020 germany is going to go outside of the us fear of influence that's the big swing state and the son of a layer on that side the german china russia side will be outside the u.s. dollar that will be a crypto block chain oriented they'll settle their own pay most of their own rating agencies ownership their own debt and the u.s. will struggle that means the u.s. dollar is no longer the settlement layer and that removes their exorbitant privilege of the united states to exercise control 'd so therefore generally that would indicate that there's going to be more perhaps military confrontation against china we're seeing at the end of 2019 a real emergence of a phobia against russia being diverted towards china now so we're seeing a lot of xenophobia towards china that could be conflicts you know obama is the one that started it with the asia pivot now we could see military conflict our friend dan collins has said that could be coming of course. there's another issue that
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could cause a lot of unrest in america and as far as i could tell right now it looks like 2020 we're going to see trumpery elected it's 'd pretty crazy for me to see the u.s. domestically acting like it does internationally all the time i like coups and overthrow and you know basically intervening in the electoral process so i can't see. them allowing it to happen that chung could win but on the streets on the street level you see that there isn't much the poorer for any of the democratic candidates other than bernie sanders and bernie sanders we know you know is revealed at the end of the year that apparently somebody who knows insider knows that obama says he will intervene if it looks like bernie is going to win the nomination the democrats aren't going to win. so i mean strong points remember trungpa success is because a democrats can't seem to get out their own way right hillary clinton ran the worst
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campaign in history so trump on the democrats did learn anything from that and they're going to run another equally her ific campaign in 2020 and they'll lose again trump is not like. the genius politician of history he's just a guy who happen to be there when the democrats decided to impel themselves on their own stupidity exactly but i mean his policies are pretty much the same continuation of obama. on foreign policy and things like that like i don't even understand what the whole thing is but nevertheless like there seems to be some sort of i guess the conflict emerging as we said between the billionaires and the rest of the economy is that you see like preparation for some sort of conflict domestically so you saw that t.v. show that got polled where you know they went like posh people from new york city went hunting maggots or it's then there was another one a new series on amazon prime also doing the same thing guys wearing red hats are
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shot at and chased down and hunted down by you know social justice warriors so it's just like it's a weird it's a bizarre thing to watch lake that this is happening and it's seems like it's propaganda getting us all ready for conflict here and i don't think that's a good thing so. when he said he was out i mean off off off broadway. the white house which is broadway right it's the difference between the lion king on broadway starring dollar trump versus social justice wires in the woods hunting down lego wearing hats somewhere on 6th street populated by 3 audience members and so finally let's see the tech unicorns the tech unicorns were starting to blow up at the end of the year we saw we work basically collapse essentially into nothing the soft soft bank which was the big funder of a lot of silicon valley is that going to go away or will it take us all to mars will be rescued from the disaster left more. air pockets and of that evaporation
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more of these instant vapor like an enron was a great rigging of this is just 180000000000 in the day we work 46000000000 disappeared of the day essentially we do see a lot more of these multibillion dollar black holes i think in 2020 which is kind of you know keep keep keep your keep your eyes open for that was jolly good for teaching time for somebody to light it i enjoyed it and that it's time to hear from general salon say that the best prognosticator and conviction guy in kingston new york don't go away. with hopes and to. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject.
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so when you were the president. wanted. to go and. see what the 3 of them or you could. interested in the war. room and bridegroom. the dairy thinks. we dare to ask.
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meaning air wow that went by quick quick enough in my view anyway welcome to 2020 and i'm here with caroline today the trans journal maestro the seer of thinks the new york the fastest growing hipster town in america today the new york times calls it joyful the washington post go to kingston see gerald in his live surroundings it's gerald welcome back had been. well you recently saw on the kaiser report jerrold that interest rates will go to 0 or negative this year in the u.s. what does that mean for the global financial system which is on a u.s. dollar standard what are the consequences of the u.s. rates going to 0 or negative will we see the negative interest rates in america in 2020 gerald celente i believe we will because the presidential reality show is going to be heating up and trump needs a strong economy and a fake strong economy but nonetheless and the only way they're going to keep this
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thing going whose is more monetary methadone shot into the system and as the dollar goes down then these other currencies are in so much trouble because the lower the interest rates the lower the dollar moves so won't hurt all those other foreign currencies because they go down strong anyway right so the trade wars especially u.s. and china but also between the u.s. and e.u. heated up in 2019 so is trade war is going to heat up again in 2020 in our view you have said the past you have currency wars lead to trade wars lead to hot wars we're certainly in a trade wars period a 2nd to get more pronounced in 2020 jerald the trade war according to the. international monetary fund. is saying that it only affects about 8 percent of the global jihad point 8 percent of the global g.d.p. so i don't think it's going to have that big an effect i think it's more of a global slowdown that has nothing to do with the trade wars for example look at cost sales in india india is not involved. than a trade war where they down they were down
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a couple of months ago 41 percent look what's going on around the world it doesn't have to do with trade wars look what's going on as i had mentioned all these hot spots around the world whether it's chile whether it's believe the a colombia or algeria lebannon iraq spain france with the yellow vests one country after another has nothing to do with the trade wars it has more to do with the global economy is slowing down and all of that cheap dough that they pumped into it isn't working anymore ok flash round are any of these coming back in 2020 bell bottom pounds. maybe you know yes we got yo yos and every politician out there is a yo yo so they're not going anywhere without cuisine yes ok you heard it here 1st now let's without any hot wars on the horizon hot wars in 2020 were the hot spots japan looking hot and i see what's going on the hottest spot is the united states against venezuela and iran those are the hot spots and if things break out in iran
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it'll be the beginning of world war 3 and you know listen to what einstein said i don't know how world war 3 will be fought but i know world war 4 will be for with sticks and stones so the united states saudi arabia israel's going after iran and its economic warfare that the united states is committed against iran with these sanctions the same thing with venezuela those are the real hot spots and by the way with venezuela and what's going on now with in south america which show les and el salvador and nicaragua and honduras and all these colombia bolivia with all these hot spots heating up and venezuela going down you could you could have a war breaking out in in south america as well you know that's going to expand and go north so this thing is really big and it's going to get much worse a human wave of people are going. be leaving countries around the world as i said
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to escape violence corruption war and poverty what about china with the economy finally crash people of waiting for an apocalypse for the past decade and never happens china what are your thoughts well china's held back a lot on pumping more cheap money into the system it doing a little bit at a time and i think they're going to continue to do it they're going to escalate doing it because of the problems going on in hong kong i mean hong kong is now in a recession and this is the this is the hub the banking hub of asia and china needs it so this is really hurting china a lot so i believe china is going to dump all the dough they can into the system this year to keep propping up but i don't think it's going to work and you can see great devaluation of the currency the yuan and they're going to blame it on the trade war and have nothing to do with that because as you already know was china's g.d.p. as a 30 year lows the numbers keep coming in on imports and exports in the keep going
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down again they've overbuilt look at the look at how they expanded in such a short time in 1960 had a grand total of $900000000000.00 in debt today they have over 40 trillion dollars in debt and a debt to g.d.p. ratio of over 300 percent so they're going to do all they can to prompt this up i don't think it's going to work in a sense thing it mentioned hong kong the finance arm of asia and also london the really the finance of europe both undergoing some political upheavals with bragg's it and all the protests going on in hong kong so where does the finance go or does it become completely distributed in decentralized are we entering into a period of many a multiplicity of currencies arising with crypto currencies and local currencies and tanks and there's a local currency now are we moving away from the big 'd centralised finance soul centers that have been really characteristic of the last century or 2 centuries be you. mention about it being independent you know all these movements i just talked
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about who's the leader of any of them. none they're all independent movements and that's to say to go to start seeing globalization is breaking down as all going to become independent like you just saying there isn't going to be the centralized this is the bank this is the system again put the global nama connection together all of these riots and all of these protests going on without a leader the independents and that's what we're going to see more that's what people want they want their independence and you know i think you really nailed it with the banking system it was kind of where the summit in collapsed. and but it's aim to be picked up by america american ok md very soviet oh yeah in the last 10 or 15 years what the interest rate policy is dictated by the pull of bureau i mean it relating price to 0 or negative interest rates or price fixing jamie diamond caught racketeering by manipulating the price of gold and they or they hate the free
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market they hate price discovery they hate capitalism they you know you have now the leader of the free world in america acting like khrushchev i mean while in russia putin is more like i somehow or he's out there building roads building bridges and building in the economy they learned their lesson in russia they don't want to go back to the soviet union why did america base that the side that you know what the soviet union was actually the model for us that's what the way we're going what happened and what it why why are they doing this i think it or well predicted it he said that the liberals would become the next fascists and that's why you have the fascist government is the merger of state corporate powers and you mention about jamie diamond manipulating gold prices they don't want gold prices to go up because it shows. the valueless this of what they have you can talk about trends you talk about or well it's all about all this huxley he did brave new world and these are 2 dystopian novels from the previous century that are considered classics or well had kind of
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a soviet like centralization hawksley had. a centralization based on a solution nation like you see with social media that was the you so much was the drug that everyone took to become perpetually in by and in hallucinating. it seems like we have a combination of both we have both the soma of social media with the dictatorship of the liberal fascists is that a fair characterization i think is perfect and look look how they brag about how artificial intelligence and all of this is a whole internet world created by the geeks is going to lift a sawyer look how much. we've gotten and how we haven't gone up we've gone lower with it everybody's a dick i don't carry a cell phone you know i did research on this going back to 1994 when i worked for the cellular telecommunications industry association and i knew about radio frequency radiation and all the dangers of the people who dictates to them and you seeing more and more people living on sound bytes they're not looking at the
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current events filling future trends they're getting a little little sound bite so the mentality is going down so to the lifestyles and the cultures oh the new report that just came out in the united states how heart attacks are rising so we dramatically i wonder why because could be because the obesity rates in the overweight and all the junk food that people are reading so look at how we've gone down since the internet's gone up oh and they keep bragging about artificial intelligence great maybe as good as a lot of fish will flavor. you how about the passion of the soul how about the spirit of the heart no no no we don't have any of that and will prove it because nothing's changed from steve jobs to suck a bird the only thing this chase they t. shirts went from black to blue. they artificial intelligence and algorithms that drive the social media platforms are in their words nudging us to click on that ad to click on that like
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a to be part of the crowd and to view those advertisements and this is in china taken to an extreme where they are on their 5 year and conferences where they planned out they are giving more and more to artificial intelligence so the entire economy is being artificially intelligent lay planned and everyone gets a social score if you spit on the street you can't get a loan if he is you insult the president you are can't get a passport council is that going to go global in 2020 and we all are going to be basically subjected to this type of social scoring on a day minute by minute. basis it's going to increase far beyond we could ever imagine and it's going to get worse because we're forecasting a global revolution as we're already seeing all these protests that i mention going on around the world so in order to bring down these protests in order to control them they're going to put more and more pressure on us to own every piece of our mind body and spirit and watch everything that we're doing and control us in every
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way it's going to be a real war against the people against the militarized governments that are going to become more and more militarized and high tech to control the people so finally u.s. presidential politics what are your thoughts on 20 twentieth's. well as it stands now if the election were held we believe that donald trump will win again and the trends journal again was the 1st magazine to reach colma winner in may of 2016 it's all about the swing states and if you have if you have a list with warren or bernie sanders where even a biden they're not going to take the swing states again only if the if the economy doesn't crash because there are wild cards out there and anything could happen it is no wild the caudate the trump card but as it stands now we would say trump 2020 all right thanks so much for being on the nearest segment of this guy's reports out salon to have happy new year is. off to
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a great start yeah if you want to drunk tweet us it's kaiser report if you want to accidentally send us the private case to 1000000 bitcoin it's a look at the address down underneath your screen until next time i. it is a long held tradition on cross talk to take stock of the year that is about to pass we have a look at what moved us what changed and what gave us concern $1019.00 the good the
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bad in the uk. but if she warned you and i do. wish that there was more of those. new species she me we need to you. in the news i mean that is without in such a ball. a lot of you will see as it fights about who can teach us both. what they were days doing so.
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the united states agriculture sector contributed over it trillion dollars to the gross domestic product in 2017 along with $21000000.00 jobs making up over 10 percent of all u.s. employment and with over $2000000.00 farms running currently you'd think that would equate into job market profits but it hasn't at least not for some. was. where i was in the 1930 s. the us posted almost $7000000.00 farms and in the mid eighty's hundreds farmwork was responsible for over 70 percent of the total u.s. workforce now farmers only make up about 1.5 percent of the u.s. labor force and according to the u.s. .


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